Friday, January 5, 2018

The Bible

[As I go into this, I know this can be a sensitive topic.  In no way is this a disrespect to any belief system.  Please proceed with an open mind.  I truly do have love for all of you.]

Q. I do have a question that is bothering me for a long time ....if you can please help?  Is The Bible written as a blue print for the human race?
A.  I hear that it isn't so much a blue print, but rather it provides the Christian perspective as to how you should live your life through stories and lessons.  By implementing the practices, good and bad, a harmonious society would be created, and the reward would be a place in Heaven.  

I also get that many things that start as something good can be turned into something else.  If you take the messages in the Bible in the purest form, there is a lot of good information.  Anything that extends beyond that (fear of a fiery hell or the concept of "all forgiving beings" that damn people to eternity for doing, or not doing certain things) are scare tactics used by some humans to encourage people to believe in a specific faith (and was exacerbated by the need / desire of wanting people to donate to their church and by early establishing PTW / Powers That Were).  

Q. So in the Bible it is written about the HARVEST OF SOULS.  In the end times and after that, the humans that are not ''ready to ascend to the 4D existence" or the humans who want to stay behind for some or other reason will go through horrific stages and all kinds of horrific experiences, namely the 7 years of tribulation etc etc etc by the (PTW)

What I cannot comprehend is the fact that so many humans do not have information available to them, like me now, that can gather this knowledge and try to learn.  How can the other GOOD PEOPLE OF THE EARTH like small children BE PUT THROUGH ALL THESE HARD TIMES? WHY?

A.  First, I get to take a deep breath and relax.  Information comes to people in all different ways.  If you are open and seeking it, it will find you.  Everyone is ready at different times, so it isn't something that can be forced (and can be frustrating for those that "know" and want to share it).  There is no magic website or book someone can read, but it is something within you that starts to wake up.  

As you wake up, things will be put in your path.  You will have opportunities presented, and it is your job at that point to take advantage of those situations.  It is also important to know that if you don't take a chance when you have one, another will be put in it's place (if you truly are ready).  Just like in the Law of Attraction, "what you seek you will find."  Don't obsess that if your opportunity passes it is lost forever, things return to you (if you want them too).  

Another way to help the ascension process is to determine patterns in your life (relationships, money, motivation, etc) that cause distress, and take action to break the cycle.  This is one of the biggest ways to promote personal growth, which leads to a bigger expansion of experience (and prevents you from re-living another life with the same or similar obstacles).  

There will be beings that chose not to ascend, or want to stay in the 3D.  I am reminded that it is important to realize these "good people" as you described aren't being punished.  The Universe doesn't see good or bad, it just "is."  Everything is in balance, and most times balance requires a contrast of some kind. When these beings are ready, mentally, physically and emotionally, to graduate to the next level, they will.

Q. People who are busy waking up also try to DE-THRONE the PTW, but if all these horrific experiences for humans are written in the blue-print of the Bible, what can we actually do to try and change or avoid it for the better? I DO NOT THINK IT CAN BE CHANGED. It looks like IT WILL BE UNFOLDING whether we want it to or not? 

A.  Nothing is an absolute rule.  The Bible shouldn't be viewed as a book of fear, but rather a perspective on life (a "guidebook" of sorts).  (Some) Humans turned it into a tool of fear, but that was not the intention of the Bible in it's infancy.  There are some things that are destined fate, and also an element of free will.  There are also events and situations that occur in cycles, that is why it is always said "history repeats itself."  We are in a cleansing mode and the Reptilian race (the PTW) are at the end of their cycle, and are fated to lose control by the people and situations that the Universe has aligned.  Through their (the PTW) own free will, they are putting up a fight, but ultimately they are just prolonging the inevitable.  2018 will be a big year.  Lots of power struggles and shifting are coming...

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Unknown said...

Thank you for this advice Lynn. Especially recognizing repeated troubling habits. I also like how you mention if you miss the opportunity the universe will create another..."if you're ready". People take the Bible too literally. I read Edgar Cayce. He talks about how Revelations is revealing an inner individual spiritual process involving the chakras as the 7 churches etc. The Bible is speaking on a spiritual level to the individual. Cayce read the Bible once for every year in his life...

bee said...

she is getting really good at nailing these, good job Lynn - love how you putting it together like you do. its getting better as you go , not like its ever been bad., lol your getting better at it..

Sooo coool ! never stop - looking forward

Mommy said...

Hi Lynn, Thank you for all you do. Your reading have so much insight. The Bible is taken too literally. This reading was very interesting. Love you Lynn keep up the Good work.

joy said...

Hi, Folks.
After studying the bible and all the religious doctrines that came with it...
( I apologize with what I'll say, because this sounds heretical and offensive. heretical to whom..?)

The bible was written to control us. To keep us docile by those who authored it.
These are a bunch of malevolent ETs who pretended to be kind and loving to us...because they have a dastardly ulterior motive to suck everything that we are..our life-force, our blood, in essence destroy everything we hold near and dear.

these malevolent ET beings concocted the idea that there are good beings (angels) and bad beings (demons)..........THERE ARE NONE. and gave us this "holy book" to guide us, so that if we behave as instructed the good guys will save us.

These are created from thoughts that were handed to us as truths, ...and we swallowed them hook ,line and sinker. we, in accepting them,...gave them life and keep them alive from generation to generation not realizing that they are nothing but illusory creations. I want you to hear me........the God , goddesses, archangels, angels, demons, Lucifer and his minions are all BOGUS, NOT REAL. THEY"RE ALL IN YOUR HEADS. The beings behind them are alive and kicking with glee at how easy they were able to program us.

This is a tool by which we have been all enslaved.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lynn for this reading..... We tend to learn something and then forget about it
and then has to be reminded again.....
The World and our lives are ""rolling"" so fast....hard to keep up!!
Thanks again !!

To UNKNOWN: Thanks for reminding me about Edgar Cayce....time to dust off those old books and read it again....he was a great man!

Unknown said...

Totally like what you said about forgetting and needing to remember. Like learning...its easy to remember when you practice it. You don't learn right away. Interesting thought. I also forget about Cayce. The readings are intense...and worth regular study.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the comments. I too have the utmost respect for Cayce. Thank you for the reminder. :-)

Buddhist Lady said...

For the person who asked these questions on I mentioned several questions ago on this blog, I recently read "The Arcturian Anthology." I've also finished the Barbara Marciniak books on the Pleiadians. They all want us to know:

"As a human being you are interglactic royalty. You have been seeded by many different intergalactic cultures. You have been given extraordinary gifts and abilities, although they are currently latent. They reside in unused portions of your DNA.

As an Arcturian I find it preposterous that human beings believe themselves to be so little and think of themselves with such disdain, and your religions are to be held accountable!

The lies perpetrated by many of your religions are an anathema to the elevation of life, to intelligence and to freedom.

So I would say one of the premier tasks facing you--if you are to claim your potential as true human beings--is to cleanse yourself, cleanse your heart, your mind and your cellular memory from the lies of your religions."

For an Arcturian to use an exclamation point strikes me as significant!

And I, too, Lynn, think your presentation and manuevering around this topic exceptional.

Hope said...

Is this just a weather phenomenal or an indication that 2018 will be a big year?

Taken at sacred site at Mount Wutai, Shanxi Province, China -

Thanks Lynn for the great read.

Robert Schoen said...

This made me think of the Bible Code, which used Computer programming to find encoded messages in the Hebrew original that seemingly foretold events like the Kennedy assassination, Hitler, and 9/11. This basically implied the Bible as it comes down to us was a holographic record of both past and future events, almost like the I Ching.

However, the bible as we know it, particularly the New Testament concerning Christ, was a highly edited document by the Council of Trent leaving out many testaments like that of Thomas and the Cathars. Was the Bible Code real, a faulty program in which the results were purely coincidental, or was faked to be used to promote disinformation?

Justice said...

I am surprised that Lynn give so much attention to debunking the bible without incurring the wrath of die-hard Christians who insist that there are no reincarnation, 100% free will ie. no karma, and promises of eternal heaven for bad people as long as you believe in Jesus.

The PTW did a good job in deceiving the masses by using god's name and inciting fear of eternal hell for good people who don't believe in Christianity.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Justice - I dont really consider this reading a debunking of the Bible, as if its false in its entirety but rather an acknowledgement that it contains both veiled and unveiled truths for those who have eyes to see as well as heavy doses of distortion and other untruths added over time. I see elements of karma, reincarnation and free will

For example Luke 6:45 recognizes.that we have free will to choose between positice and negative polarity (from Law of One): The good person out of the good treasure of the heart produces good, and the evil person out of evil treasure produces evil; for it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks”.

I think the positive, undistorted components of the bible were meant to steer us towards choosing positive polarity to limit the amount of negative polarity prevalant in society. This, to me, sounds controlling and anti-free will but perhaps they had good reason for attempting to maintain as positive polarity a world as possible.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Again, thank you all so much for the comments. I really appreciate you all taking the time to share. :-)

Justice said...


Quoting one or two general statements from the bible doesn't mean you can ignore the tons of lies from the bible. Many of bible statements are also contradictory.

Suppression of facts of reincarnation, karma and demonisation of homosexuals, psychics/witches and banishing good people to eternal hell just because they don't believe in your version of evil god are a few of glaring lies inflicted and spread by christians such as you.

tara said...

I am with Joy, Justice and Buddhist lady in what they say abut the bible. bible a construct of control.