Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Mix Up

Human body:
Q. Is there a war against the natural feet structure? In the ancient times, people walked barefoot and their toes naturally fanned out. However, the shape of our current shoes restricts the flexation of the feet.
A.  I get that for grounding and spiritual purposes, barefoot is better.  The fanning was the resulted from people trying to keep balance and stabilize themselves.  I hear it isn't really a war, but it is because of our environment that footwear is needed.  Asphalt and concrete and not kind on the joints and hips for prolonged time.  BUT, if you are feeling off, a barefoot walk in a grassy area can be very therapeutic and balancing as energy wants to circulate through you in a loop (coming in at the crown, exiting the feet, while coming upward through the feet and out through the crown).  

Q. What causes flat feet (i.e., feet with almost no arch)? Is this good or bad?
A. I hear the body is a brilliant thing.  It wants to heal, and compensate for any issues going on, and is constantly evolving.  Most times flat feel result from poor posture, and the feet over-correct (go flat) to increase balance and distribute weight better.  The root of the issue is posture. This isn't a "bad" or "good" thing, it just is how your body has adapted.  

Q. Why do some races have more aquiline noses, while others have smaller and flatter noses? The same goes with cleft chin and dimples. Is this due to environment or some ET influence?
A.  Our physical appearance results from our genetic code (which ultimately stems from the DNA used by the ETs during our creation).  People sharing common characteristics most often times have a common ET species in their fundamental DNA makeup (from thousands of years ago). 

Q. Is there an ideal time and duration for sleep? Some promote polyphasic sleep, while some recommend sleeping 8 hours straight at night.

A.  I get that dedicating 7 to 9 hours (for most people) to sleep at one time of the day is best.  Even if you wake up 10 times and fall back to sleep, allot a block of time for sleep.  This is the time your subconscious goes to work, and it needs the downtime.  I see disrupting that (especially intentionally) to promote polyphasic sleep takes the body's natural circadian rhythms off balance.

Q. What causes post-partum depression and what we can do to alleviate it? Thank you.
A. I see it being caused by the emotional and physical trauma of giving birth.  When you are pregnant, you are one with the baby.  You feel him or her move, and they are a part of you.  Once you give birth, that detachment triggers an emotional trauma of something being missing (whether you enjoyed the actually process of pregnancy or not).  Some women adjust back to the pre-pregnancy state quickly, and for others it feels like a long process to the reset (emotionally, hormonally and physically).  

The best thing to alleviate it is to first acknowledge that you feel off.  If you can take a few moments (which can be a challenge as a new mom) to meditate and focus on your solar plexus (the location of your womb, and also a powerhouse of emotions) I see that being very beneficial.  Eating clean and drinking lots of water is also helpful to physically aid your body in getting back into balance.

PTW (Powers That Were):
Q.  Why does it seem like the PTW is concentrated in Europe (e.g., UK, France, Germany), then eventually in the USA too?
A. I get the PTW (Powers That Were) were formed from a branch of the Reptilians called the Archons (in my mind I see them as one of the most scary forms of Reptilians due to their high intelligence and complete absence of empathy) that were sent here by the Reptilian race to get and keep control of humans.  I see this group came together and saw opportunities to take control during early European times (as early banking systems were taking off).  I hear they later became better known as WASPs as the free thinkers could see what was happening (but this occurred way after their agenda started to unfold).  

When America was being colonized, the "WASPs" saw this as an opportunity to further expand their control, and basically influenced a country to unfold into exactly what they wanted.  Materialism and consumerism is at an all time high, which leads to dollars in their pockets.  Then I hear that the "PTW like to stay close to their food bowl, and that is what keeps them close to these areas."

Q.  Why is pedophilia common in PTW, like Hollywood and monarchies?

A. I get that when people are young, you are attracted (most of the time) to people your own age.  As you get older, your perception of attractiveness changes, and you reset your metrics of preference.  For example, when you are 10 you may have a crush on someone that is also 10, but when you are 25 you change your interest into other 25 year olds (plus or minus a few years) and a 10 year old is clearly a child.  There is a fundamental flaw in their DNA that doesn't allow them to shift their preferences to someone their age (it is rooted in the Reptilian DNA and surfaces if triggered) and they stay stuck in the younger child mindset.  

Miscellaneous:  Q. Can you do a reading about the Denver International Airport? It is a big place with some PTW signs. Is there a hidden purpose of this airport?
A. This is a very odd and mysterious place.  I did do a reading on this a few years ago.  I attached a link to it below, and I'm happy to answer questions in comments (please use this thread though to keep the comments in one place.)

Q. What’s with Hitler's view that the Aryan race as the master race? Is there something about the ET ancestors of this race? Or this was just the "winners" who rewrite history by twisting his stand against the Jewish powers?

A.  Hitler did have an ET connection, and interpreted one of the communications to be that Aryans descended from the Pleiades star system, so to honor them and keep the Aryans pure, they should only breed with other Aryans.   He did believe that to be an Aryan was an honor, and felt it was a superior race.  He also felt it was important to unite the Aryans to combat the upcoming Reptilians (PTW), and the Aryans were the only ones capable of doing so.  I cannot connect to anything from Source saying one race is a master over another, we are all beings, and are all given gifts.  It truly is what you do with those gifts.  This thought was Hitler's perception based on his communication, but it was not necessarily a fact.  

Q. Is the recent cold weather outbreak across the eastern United States natural or geo-engineered? If geo-engineered, what is the motive behind making eastern United States so cold?
A.  This actually feels natural and the extreme cold looks to be due to the earth wobble being off (true north looks to be shifting again..??)

Q. Bitcoin is becoming more popular as of 2018, and more people are now enticed to invest. Can you have an updated reading on this?
A. I do see Bitcoin and other block chain technology taking off during 2018, but it looks like the bubble will burst and ultimately a similar currency backed by tangible assets will emerge and take over.  This newer currency will be able to track transactions (transaction tax?), whereas the current setup doesn't feel to be as invading on privacy.  Watch for trends, and if the market seems to skyrocket (the pump before the dump), consider pulling out.  Pay special attention to this during the mid part of 2018. Listen to your intuition.

Q.  What is the future trend of the world languages? Will English become dead like Latin, but develop into several new languages? Will Arabic eventually dominate Europe and become the common language there?

A. I don't see English dying out completely, but as the PTW weaken (they sculpted the English language), it will lose it's dominance.  Then I hear the phrase that "He who controls the money, controls the language" and then see China the the Middle Eastern countries light up.  In fact, I don't see any language completely eliminated, but the Chinese, Arab, etc languages will become important for business (and be emphasized as an important language to learn).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you  Happy Monday!  Love and light-
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Deedubau said...

Hi Lynn,

I love reading your posts here but I'm having a hard time understand why your channeling are inconsistent with another person on the same topics from author Tom T Moore, who channels the earth spirit and his ET friend. For an example you saw that Sandy hook was a conspiracy I believe along with the boston bombers and the las vegas shooting, and Tom did not see any conspiracy behind them. He also doesn't see any of the weather related disasters linked to haarp because the technology supposedly isn't powerful enough for that.

I've seen both of you contradict yourself before. Tom asked his ET friend and the earth spirit to confirm who the zodiac killer is with different names and they both said yes. I believe you were asked twice about this ancient door that couldn't be opened twice and got 2 different answers on it.

It seems to me that it's not a good idea for anyone to take channeling 100 percent seriously because the results probably won't be consistent with different channels. Why is that?

Justice said...

Why would Arabic languages be important in the future? I thought the world is moving towards electric cars and solar energy?

Beloved Shiningstar said...

@deedabau- the false flag attacks has been confirmed by expert whistleblowers, etc. media just doesn't like talking about it. The Las Vegas shooting conspiracy was so obvious that people who aren't psychic could see that... maybe Tom gets some of the info right, but it's possible he is being tricked or confused by his ET friend. Lynn has been accurate about many things and I love her. Maybe try keep an open mind and read her blog for a while and see 😊

Buddhist Lady said...

How interesting!! "There is a fundamental flaw in their DNA that doesn't allow them to shift their preferences to someone their age...." I have read on a number of occasions that the Lizzies (who are here) are supremely intelligent and master geneticists. They may have even constructed their DNA in this fashion (since one of their most notable qualities involves complete lack of empathy)!

Ahh, me, too! In looking at the weather patterns, the cold has looked to me like the North Pole is continuing to shift and cause the frigid air and snow in the Midwest and East. Every, absolutely every, psychic or channeler who has written about this shift and the coming Little Ice Age has indicated that the Northwest will become permanently much colder while the West (where I I pay closer attention) will become dry, warmer, and warmer conditions progressing north as the pole slips toward Russia.

Deedubau--from the little I've read...the channeler and/or psychic needs to be careful to establish and maintain as neutral or "clear" channel as possible as well as set protection against harassing and misleading energies. In other words, the channeler's own life experiences and general psychic experience may shape the manner in which they interpret or understand the information being delivered. Evidently, "bad players" exist everywhere...including those announcing themselves as "enlightened beings."

The enlightened one said...

The part about reptilians and pedophilia was extremely interesting!
I think another reason may be that people who are pedophiles can be controlled, because the ptw have a hold on them. If they don't obey, the ptw will reveal their dirty business to the world.

I think the reading on Adolf Hitler was right on the money. The part about uniting the Aryans to battle the ptw rings very true to me. The ptw would probably want to destroy all races, but of course the white one is their highest priority, because it poses the greatest threat to them.

Of all psychics out there, I think Lynn is the supreme one when it comes to being able to set aside all preconceived ideas and prior programming, something which is require in relation to subjects such as flat Earth, Adolf Hitler, hollow Earth, etc.

The enlightened one said...


In order to get a clean channeling, of course the ego and intellect must be suppressed. The techniques developed by Dolores Cannon for example takes the subject into a very deep hypnotic state, which gives very clear and accurate channelings.

I would recommend reading her books, especially those in the Convoluted Universe series.

The possibility that Tim t Moore who you mentioned is a hoaxer (or that his sources are) can not be dismissed either, of course.

Deedubau said...

@Beloved Shiningstar I’ve been reading this blog for months and I think it’s intereeting but it’s also important not to dismiss other channelers and information for “expert conspiracy theorists” doesn’t sound legitimate at all. I do believe certain things are conspiracies out there but I don’t think it’s a good idea to assume everything here is 100 percent true. Many famous channelers have also said that you shouldn’t focus your life around believing in conspiracies because it’s not healthy and most of them aren’t true.

Raymond said...

I never get tired learning new things about Hitler. I am not a neo-Nazi but if you looked at where Germany was in 1932 and where it was in 1939 before WW2 started, the changes were amazing. WW2 ended 73 years ago and it still fascinates people.

I read Tom T Moore's blog from time to time. He was interesting at first, but about once a month he was being told by his 'Spirit Friends' that contact with aliens was right around the corner and that Tom was going to film the experience on board a spaceship with the President. He has a broad imagination for that one. And there are many occasions when he asks his friends a question and he is told that we have to figure it our for ourselves. I believe in channeling and I believe in Remote Viewing but it's difficult to believe everything Tom Moore says.

But, I think that discrepancies between Remote Viewers and Psychics might be the way they interpret the visions, unless they are told directly about something specific. Or, it could be valid at one point and something occurs to change the timeline. I don't know, just a guess.

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

johannes said...

LOL as if ET "friends" don't ever lie.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the great comments! I love this community that we have built. Hugs, Lynn

KarateGrandpa said...

i find your "information" on WASPS incredibly offensive and totally ignorant. im stunned and shocked. very disappointing. im not 100% sure that you know of who you are talking about.


Bee E-lightened said...

Truth hurts & can be stranger than fiction. Drink it with water

Mike Corder said...
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