Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ET Life

Q. Hi Lynn!  I was wondering about ET life in the 3D realm.  They seem so advanced, but do they also do some of the things that are very human, such as:  eating, going to the bathroom, washing themselves, enjoying entertainment? 
A.  When I tune into this, and think about the different behaviors, I cannot see them eat, but I do see them drink a clear fluid that looks to have bubbles in it (much like carbonated water).  As I get clarity, I get that they water is infused with the nutritional vibrations that they need, and are then absorbed by the body.  It looks like the ETs (at least the Grey species I see) all need similar nutritional components, therefore, they all look to drink the same thing unless they become ill (in which case they would see the "ship health chemist" to obtain an "altered vibrational drink." This drink (which again looks like carbonated water) with the altered vibration allowed them to heal.

I cannot see that they go to the bathroom (again, I see images of the Grey species so this could all be unique to them, or this could be a way to explain to me how others do this as well).  It looks like because what they consume, they absorb, and toxins are excreted through their sweat.  They can get rather clammy, and their sweat can carry an odor.  I also hear that toxins they get in their body, or elements that cause illness are not from their food, but from their environment (such as Earth or Moon travel when they expose themselves to strange environments).  

They do wash, but looks more like a "rinse off" (the phrase I hear.)

As far as entertainment, I'm not seeing anything.  No space festivals or carnivals look to be happening.    

Do they also have family gatherings, special holidays, crack jokes among each other, get angry at their children, have sex etc.? Or are they all so very scientific, serious and detached from the physical and the emotional?

A.  I don't see too much social interaction.  They are rather detached, and feel that joking and silliness is somehow immature.  In watching them, it looks like everyone has a job, and they do it.  The absence of emotion (and to some degree ego) allows them to fall in line and work harmoniously.    

They do have a commitment to family, and tend to collect into groups (cliques based on family connections).  Anger isn't really in their range (they feel almost intelligent robots??).  They would feel it would be a sign of weakness to get angry, and it also is a waste of energy.  It feels like they are always moving forward with their thought (they don't revert to memories).  

Sex has a very clinical vibe to it.  It isn't for enjoyment, but for procreation purposes, and looks to take place in a lab (I'm being shown the lab, and NOT the act, which is still viewed as private, like a doctor's visit).  

Q. Are humans the least evolved species in the universe? Are we the babies with the lowest form of consciousness? Or are there more similarities than we think?  We hear so much about ET's and their missions but too little about their "ordinary" side (if they have one). Thank you!

A.  We do have one of the lowest levels of consciousness as a species that is in a physical form.  There are several beings that have very low vibrations, but they are hanging out in other realities.  I am, however, reminded, that "even though we are one of the lowest consciousness beings, we have no where to go but up, with every experience being an opportunity for growth."

And that is all I have.  Thank you  Love and light-

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A Man Called Da-da said...

Well... that's for the "greys," right? If you looked at ALL the ET species in our locality, it'd take what? a week? ;)

Weren't greys engineered? They're more like an AI than a spirit-based lifeform, right?

Chatty Cathy said...

Since, after Ascension, many of us will no longer be on 3D Earth, I wonder if those who go to fourth degree negative or fourth-degree positive planets then become categorized as ETs. And if our physical bodies remain the same or if we take on new chemical forms.

Unknown said...

"There are several beings that have very low vibrations, but they are hanging out in other realities."

Lynn, are these the creatures people are referring to when they describe demon-like entities that occasionally break into this dimension?

Robert Schoen said...

Your reading that we are a species on the low end of consciousness so that we have nowhere to go but up is truly sobering. However you don't have to be from another planet to see how stupid and destructive we are. I still am optimistic for the near future and can't wait for "The Event." I feel that when the Pleiadians and other races look in on us, they focus on those who are more spiritually evolved and only see our potential.

Sejanus said...

Small greys are biological robots, tall Grey is a different story.

I disagree about putting ET higher, they have technology and intelligence, but lower than human consciousness. Nobody in thia universe has more colorful life than human beings.

Sejanus said...

Always believe in yourself. Don't forget not all is always as it appear to be.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, it would take a week to break them down individually- there are too many to count. It is true that Greys are one of the lower conscious ETs. The reason they are a step ahead of humans is that they have mastered the ability to communicate telepathically and tap into subconscious thought (which humans are working on, but not there yet). When humans reach the 4D earth, it will be a different story.

Thanks again for the comments. This was an interesting topic.

A Man Called Da-da said...

But the greys, and other ETs DO feel (some) emotion, then, but they suppress it. Interesting.

I'll take a warm smile over mind reading any day. ;)

Serene said...

One of the things we humans have to do every day is create. In every aspect of our lives this exists. We have to decide how to dress, what to eat, how our homes look, what to do with our personal all involves creativity.

How do the ETs create...or do they? What is important to them? Do they understand themselves and the Universe as it is, or are they searching, like we are? xoxo

Raymond said...

I wonder what would happen if we drank their liquid energy. I realize that vibrations effect our health and attitude, but I never thought about it being used for food. I wonder if we could duplicate it for our own use, there is no need for the aliens to be selfish and keep everything for