Monday, January 22, 2018

Ego, Celebrities and Trump

Q.  How is a healthy ego? We often see people in business, celebrities, etc. around us with huge egos and also people who do not love themselves.

The ego, which in astrology is related to the Sun and the fifth house, is necessary but, how can we balance our ego to have healthy relationships with ourselves, with others and with society?
A. I get that a healthy ego is one that is in balance.  When the scale is weighted in one direction your ego can become too large and you lose the ability to be truly humble and empathetic.  An ego that is too low creates self doubt, depression and negative feelings around self worth.  

The real question is "How to put your ego in check or balance?"  Work at being of service to others while also put effort into being service to self (without guilt).  Giving to others and helping people balances out time given to take care of yourself.  This practice or thought nurtures your subconscious and aids in balancing the ego.

Q. An interesting question came up in my mind as I came across things that happened to various celebrities and sportspeople that have went public against President Trump. Examples of events include a celebrity's home being destroyed in a hurricane, their acting career being derailed by sex scandals, an athlete getting injured or suffering a poor performance, etc. All of these things happened in some form a while after their negative comments against him emerged in the media and Trump supporters have labeled these happenings part of the "Trump Curse." Is there truth to the Trump Curse being legit or is a lot of that merely a coincidence?
A.  When I tune into this I see that the negative events these celebrities experienced had nothing to do with Trump himself (or his administration).  It is more about putting / spreading negativity which brings it back into their life (the Law of Attraction at work).  It's ok to have an opinion (everyone does), but it is what you do with it, and how you express it that matters.  If you don't like something or someone, inspire a positive change, like focusing on finding a good running candidate for your party, volunteer, create opportunity (that is a positive focus for the greater good) which brings positivity and light into your life. 

As I scanned the attached article (link above) to tune into this question, I see that a sampling of Trump supporters also made unfair judgment saying these celebrities deserved what they got (as a side note, I get the journalist crafted their words to allude that the few people interviewed were representatives of a large amount of Trump supporters, which is not true, and this is jut more anti-Trump journalism tactics, so keep this in mind as you read the article).  This isn't a matter of "getting what you deserve" but rather drawing the negativity back to their life.  The Trump supporters that did agree with the statements most likely drew some form of negativity back to themselves as well.

I'm left with hearing "Some that oppose Trump want to blame him for all the wrong doings and events they see.  This comes from a place of emotion and not logic."  We are dealing with The Universe striving for balance and the Law of Attraction which are both powerful forces to be reckoned with.  Much more powerful than Trump. 

Q. Hi Lynn, some people believe that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. Do you see truth in this, or a connection between the two? Thank you.

A.  When I focus on this I don't see Trump as Hitler reincarnated, but I get an image of them standing side by side and hear "they are parallel?".  They I see the image as if I am to compare the two.  Both have GOOD and BAD qualities, and many of them are similar.  I also get that the lines of GOOD and BAD are many times blurred. ???  I am watching a listing emerge like some kind of written contract:.  
  • Ego.  Both had large ones.  That translated into self-confidence and helping them to be successful at achieving their goal.  It did; however, look to prevent them from being humble.  It's like they know the hard working people around them, but have a hard time truly relating.
  • Vision.  They see what they want, and have the drive to get there. 
  • Intelligence.  Both look to have a high IQs 
  • Political Correctness:  Neither one has or values it.  They will say what they think and not think twice.  You know where you stand and what they think.  
  • Poor "Poker Face":   Again, they don't hide what they think.   Very direct.
  • High Expectations:  Don't accept less than the best
  • Value Logic over Emotion
  • Both Oppose/Opposed the PTW (Powers That Were) and will be vilified for it. 
I can't seem to see anything else.  The print is too small and blurry, as if it is the "terms and conditions" portion of the document. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Robert Schoen said...

This post introduced me to the "Trump curse" which I had to look up on Bing (Google filters so much) Came across this site,
which lists many celebrities who vocally opposed him, but many of the "curses" are not so spectacularly correlated timing-wise as Ophra's house burning or the skier's back injury. Also there are so many vocal opponents that if the curse was true, all news media and Hollywood would be shut down. Maybe these more published mishaps are a cosmic hint, because the cursed pop culture figures are off my radar and haven't died (except for the tragic death of the "Bernie Baby" who shouldn't count) This is quite different from the "Hillary Curse" in which at least ten deaths in the last year and a half, such as that of Seth Rich, have befallen those who either opposed her or could be called on to testify against her for her many crimes.

The Trump/Hitler analogy also rings true on many levels on all the examples Lynn points out. I would add to that list that both dramatically revitalized the economic engine of their countries and both were rabidly and unfairly demonized by opponents with political agendas that hid the true villains who both had interests in starting wars for destabilization and profit.

Anyone not following the Q Anon posts is missing history taking place. [ ] Jerome Corsi does a great job analyzing the bread crumb clues posted by Q that reveal what Trump is doing behind the scenes to take down the deep state. [ ] Yesterday Q revealed that NSA picked up an email written to Podesta and Donna Brazille that Soros was informed that the voting machines were all programmed for the 2016 election to assure Clinton's victory There are many good citizen journalists on Youtube that give excellent coverage such as YouarefreeTV and Destroyingtheillusion.

SamV said...

@Robert, thanks for sharing the link to the anon + Q posts - I'd been curious how to keep up with them (been watching Jordan Sather/Destroy the Illusion and also Tracy Beanz, but they are delayed somewhat).

I agree with your assessment: there's a lot of history being made (and going down!) - and it truly appears to me the real Forces of Good are making inroads into the malevolency that's been infecting our world for a Very Long time.

icqgirl 2 said...

Negativity can be difficult to transcend from. I could be loving and forgiving one day, then slowly get sucked into pettiness and ranting when enough people do acts which are unkind, deceitful, etc.

We read about being one and the same all the time, yet acts which enforce our separation make us forget.

I guess experiencing this, as part of the 3D, is part of what we're here for.

Cheryl said...

That Newsweek article. . .my first thought was what Robert already alluded to, the Clinton murders. So many have been killed for decades, going back at least as far as Vince Foster, who was killed in 1993. What a coincidence so many were murdered (or "suicided") right before they were expected to testify against the Clintons.

Old soul said...

As a descendant of Eastern Europeans who lived through the horrid war under that maniac, it infuriates me that some think to compare him to out president. I don't care if H was against PTW, he's a vile human being who deserves hell.

Amanda C said...

Lynn, can you do a post on the Qannon phenomena that has erupted on 4chan and has since taken off? It relates to Trump defeating The Powers That Were. I can't tell if this is just purely a distraction or if this is legitimate. I also couldn't tell if Trump is really for the American People or if this is another ploy to get us further into conflict nehsiticty and ultimately a lowered vibrational gut tells me that although he has his flaws, he is for the people and is trying his best to eliminate all the corruption. what do you think?

Denise Christensen said...

Thanks, Lynn, for the interesting reading. I would add to the list that both Trump and Hitler are nationalistic. However, in Trump's case, I believe he is more interested in protecting America from the globalist plan of a NWO than in issues of race (despite what many of his detractors claim). Although it's hard to assess what Hitler was truly like in his actions (because of biased historical accounts), I get the feeling that he was a lot more unbalanced in his ego and unable to control his emotional state, whereas Trump seems generally upbeat and self-satisfied.

Having said all that, I also think that comparing the two leaders is really unfair to Trump and those in the media who call him another Hitler should be ashamed of themselves for stooping so low.

The enlightened one said...

Another similarity between Trump and Hitler is probably that they both came from darkness (ties to the elite, etc) but manifested as light (helping mankind). Both are rebellious in nature?

I also believe both have/had a naive side, a fondness for childish innocence?

Differences would be that Trump needs to proceed with greater stealth and caution, while Hitler could be more open about what he wanted.

Another difference would be that while all Americans reside in America (and thus are easier to protect), the Germans at Hitler's time were spread out in many European countries, and so it was harder for Hitler to protect his fellow countrymen. He invaded Poland in an attempt to protect it's german population from the onslaught by poles, instigated by the Jews.

Unfortunately, the British bombing of german civilians, as ordered by the maniac Winston Churchill, made peace impossible. Not even Hitler's patience was infinite, and even he finally struck back against the British with the same coin.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the great comments. I will need to take another look at Q Anon- this really seems to be picking up speed!

Thanks again. Hugs-

haydeeally said...

I was afraid to post this but will do it anyway:
The main psychic (always hitting it true) in Spanish language, sees this:
Dear Lynn, do you see something different?

The enlightened one said...

Please let us in on what she said... those of us who doesn't speak Spanish!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@haydeeally: My Spanish isn't great, but I wanted to see what I could pick up.. Unfortunately, they took the video down already. That usually happens when you are onto something..

The enlightened one said...

The reason the video was taken down could be that it was "stolen" from Deseret Tavares official youtube channel.

Can you find the same video on her official youtube channel?

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the reading...

Old soul said...

"He invaded Poland in an attempt to protect it's german population from the onslaught by poles, instigated by the jews" Your "Enlightenment" needs more light. Sincerely, a Pole with the factual knowledge of history.

Mark Noeth said...

Have to agree, the Jew comment was a bit much... I googled that Q Anon, they sound like Steve Bannon on steroids. Everything was evil Democrats this or that. I guess it is evil to want to have a clean world and everybody equal. I find overly wealthy people evil. Anyone who worships money just has bad programming and needs to be fixed...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone. I do appreciate the comments. I know this is a tense topic that tugs at emotions. I just ask we refrain from name calling and watch our language. I enjoy the thought provoking discussion and expanding our thought, so try to think in those terms as you approach this thread. So much of our points aren't what we say, but the way we say them. Please be mindful of that. I want everyone to have a voice BUT you do need to think about how you convey your thoughts. Thanks. Love and light-

Brian Planton said...

If you think Trump has anything to do with hitler you have been brainwashed. I am a psychic as well. All evidence points to Trump is fighting the deep state and the powers that be, trying to free us, not a fascist.
Look up pizzagate and pedogate as well to see how evil the left is and how trump isn't anything close to that.

joy said...

I'll just relate what I saw.
The day after he was elected, I opened YT for additional info about the election.
There he was.........Pres TRUMP's close-up photo looking at me. But, there was this
pair of eyes looking thru TRUMP's eyes, playfully eyeing me..... .
....I said, "What are you doing here..?" I said it before my conscious brain could identify the intruder. It was ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. That was it, I got back to 3d fast.
Hehhhh..............What do you think...? Who do you think TRUMP is..?
:) :) :)