Monday, December 4, 2017

More on Medical (Group Post)

As I approach this post on various medical issues, I do need to disclose that I have not been trained in medicine and I am not a doctor... I hope you find some insight, and if you have something to add, please feel free to do so in the comments.  We all learn from each other.  :-)

Q. It seems that most diets don't actually work long term. As soon as you quit them, you gain the weight back. What is the actual best way to eat that will retain your natural, healthy body weight?
A.  Diets work short term because you are modifying your intake and being mindful of your choices.  When you quit the "diet" you are essentially not being as mindful and attentive to your intake.  Keeping weight off requires a change in lifestyle (could be clean eating, increase physical activity, determine if there are emotional connections to your eating, etc).  Then, I hear the phrase "if you always do what you always did, you will always have what you had."  

It is also important to realize that people are unique, and a way of eating for one, may not work for another.  For example, a person that is diabetic or ADHD may do better on a Paleo based diet, and others feel better eating vegan.  Do research and experiment until you experience what makes you feel your best self.  

(This really is individual, and I am happy to schedule a reading or refer you to someone to help you gain some insight.)    

Q.  Is drinking one cup of coffee without creme every day beneficial? A side question: Long term wise, is it better health wise to drink one cup of coffee without creme every day or to not drink it at all?

A.  I hear "in moderation most times a cup of coffee is fine."  Coffee is a stimulant, and also contains caffeine, so be sure to drink lots of water to flush out anything the body cannot use.  If you notice you are having health issues (upset stomach, or acidic pH induced issues) refrain from the coffee until the body heals itself.

Long term, as long as you are not having health issues, I cannot see where a cup (not a pot) of coffee a day is harmful. 

Q. Is drinking one glass of red wine every day beneficial? A side question: Long term wise, is it better health wise to drink one glass of red wine every day or to not drink it at all?
A.  I get the darker the wine the better as it is rich in antioxidants.  A glass of wine also has a thinning effect on the blood and makes the circulatory system feel to operate more efficiently.  Many people with cardiovascular issues have inflammation, and even though the red wine doesn't calm down the inflammation, it does allow the heart of pump with less stress (because the blood is thinned). 

I cannot see any long term effects as long as it is limited or combined with other medications (such as coumadin). 

Q. Hey Lynn,  Can you look into C60? Its a type of carbon used as a lubricant in factories. They tested it on rats to see how dangerous it is and the rats got really healthy and lived way longer than they normally do. A lot of people are experimenting with it to good results and it seems to remove toxins, slow aging, and help the body heal itself in the process. Not legal for human testing yet, but a lot being done with animals and many humans are taking it and reporting results online. Can you see what health benefits it has and if there any side effects to humans using it? Thank you.

A.  I did a reading on Carbon 60 several weeks ago.  It did feel healthy if used in moderation.  Please see the following link to my previous reading.

Q. Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest surviving plants with few known ancestors it has shown the ability to survive extreme radiation. It has a lot of known health benefits. Could you please look at the plant's history, reasons for it to withstand radiation and potential health benefits. Thank you.

A.  I too see this as a very ancient tree, coming into existence shortly after humans were created.  I hear that "everything we need to heal ourselves can be found in our environment."  This plant was put here to help serve that purpose.  I hear that it survives because "source" commands it due to it's valuable health properties (and there really isn't anything else like it).  It is potent, and should only be taken in small doses over short periods of time, but can have profound effects regarding "re-syncing" the mind and body (crown and heart chakra ??).  It looks to have profound effects on the functions of the mind and the heart..??

Q. Hi Lynn - love your insights and appreciate all that you do. With gratitude, respect, and awe for the time you set aside to truly assist us all in our ascension by sharing with us what it is you see from behind the veil.

My question today is about UT - urine therapy. What are your thoughts on this. I know it's been around for centuries and is still practiced today all over the world...and am fascinated by the whole concept. I know it's clean, contains stem cells, vitamins, nutrients, and so much more, and is considered to be the 'fountain of youth' hence the image of the little boy urinating in a pond....seen in statues all over the world. 

I've been following a few people online who do this and are super healthy, vital, youthful, etc. (Changa Charanga) Their hair turns back from grey to its original color, their skin - back to how it was in their teens, and internal organs - amazingly healthy. One of the men had cancer and was in a very bad way and chose to start 'looping' - drinking all of his urine (even polluted urine from chemotherapy at the start). He did this for 6 weeks then went back to the doctors who couldn't believe that his cancer was gone.

I'm slowly getting over the 'icky factor' myself in terms of drinking it...but have started at least to 'age' it....apparently it increases the stem cells radically...and is more potent in terms of its healing potential. Still not sure how I'm going to drink it, even knowing the facts, but slowly getting there. I do wash my hair with it and there's no odor or weirdness around does feel pretty natural. 

Have been wanting to put this out there for a while. Heard that in some states in the US - people can be fined if they drink their own urine! Makes me realize how potent it actually is! :) 

Would love your input when you have a moment, thank you so much again and Happy Holidays! 

A.  When I tune into this, I get that the main purpose of urine is to eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body.  Capturing it and reintroducing it into yourself puts those elements back into your system.  There are some beneficial elements, such as vitamins and nutrients that pass before they were absorbed, but they are also combined with toxic elements too.  By drinking your urine you do give your body a chance to absorb those missed vitamins and nutrients, but the urine excreted becomes even more potent with toxins each cycle (and by consuming it you are providing an opportunity for your body to absorb the toxins along with the "good stuff.")

I do get that people have healed themselves by drinking urine, but the healing was more about the intent and visualization of health and healing than the urine itself.  (You are all strong enough to manifest healing, you just need to believe you can.)

Externally, I see no harm to using urine.  In fact, I see the pH being good for creating shine on your hair (I get it is similar to apple cider vinegar???)

Most importantly, do what resonates as being beneficial to you.  If you do chose to experiment, I get that pale urine is better to start with versus dark  If you start to feel bad, stop and drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins (passing pale urine is a good indicator that you are flushed out and have proper hydration).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

From a former fatty. What you said sounds handwavy and almost completely useless. Let me translate it into terms that are more useful. You need to be able to answer these two questions: How many calories did I eat yesterday? How many calories are in what I just finished eating? If you can't answer either, you won't lose weight. Don't bother with the gym, don't bother with the special diets, just focus on being able to answer those two questions.

The only time you need gym is actually pretty late in the game, when you're almost at a healthy weight anyway.

Bee E-lightened said...

Wow ok, the gym is not mainly to lose weight, its for oxygenation to your cells which in turn allows you to burn energy quickly. The gym never hurts. Weight lost has a lot to do with metabolism.

Christina G. said...

I got an intuitive hit as I was reading the urine topic. It occurred to me that the reason why people were experiencing "good" results is because they were re-introducing toxins back into their body, which has a short-term revitalizing effect because your body is "waking up" to fight the poison. Sort of like the hair of the dog that bit you, or "bee sting" therapy. The unique thing about this toxin therapy is that it's unique to each individual. It's almost like a prescription for poison, tailor made for your body.

Christina G. said...

In the past, I have lost weight fairly quickly through dieting AND walking. The more I walked, the faster the weight came off and the easier it came off. If you just diet, you will "plateau" often. Walking definitely speeds up the metabolism.

Buddhist Lady said...

For those trying to lose weight, you might want to look into intermittant fasting. Once your stomach shrinks and your taste buds cleanse and renew themselves, what you eat becomes a whole new ball game!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Very insightful .

King of Pentacles said...

Dear Lynn, I guess some of us are looking for ways to have a regular chocolate consumption .... fat and carbohydrates have changed their relative importance the recent years, and sugar is really bad right now. But where and what is the truth? For office people... What is the ideal diet? No meat, no carb? No chocolate...

The enlightened one said...

Do we have a volunteer to try drinking his/her own urine, and then report back to the rest of us about the results?

Judy Koons said...

Thank you Lynn! @King of Pentacles-If you have no health issues then low fat with lots of fruits and vegetables are the way to go if you want to keep your chocolate. It is when there are health issues that we have to get much stricter with our diet. The best part is if you stick to the majority of your diet being fruits and veggies with any animal products and grains as a side you don't have to worry about getting too many calories that contribute to extra weight.

The challenge is that most people believe that weight is mostly dictated by calories and something misunderstood by most diets is that the liver plays such a significant role in weight gain. By keeping the fats low and hydration up the liver has a better chance of keeping up to everything going on.

@ Christina G.- I agree that there would be an activation by the body when taking in urine and the body would try to deal with toxins like Lynn said but the biggest reason for feeling better would be from high levels of adrenaline concentrated in the urine. It is like a steroidal effect that is similar to eating animal products and some meds-short term feel better, while increasing toxicity!

I know you love homeopathy Lynn, something I have put together lately is the need to replenish cell salts so the homeopathy works more effectively. The call salts are present in celery (juice gets you more) and raw spinach. Some of the other leafy greens contain them too but not in a concentrated amount.

Cheryl said...

Lynn, this is awesome. Thank you!

My 2 cents regarding losing weight. . .I've always been a little (or a lot) chubby my whole life (I'm now 52)--and it's always felt like I was in a constant struggle to get my body to be smaller than it's wanted to be. Well, 4 years ago as I started "waking up" and devouring every hidden truth on every subject, I learned a ton about health and how our bodies REALLY work. I lost 55 pounds, and for the first time in my life have been able to keep it off! Not saying this is for everybody, but here's what I did. . .

I basically cut out all processed food and ate (and still eat) just real, organic (if possible) fruits, veggies, nuts, eggs and a little meat. No sugar, alcohol, bread, gluten, dairy, soy, MSG, other additives, and more. In terms of weight, I think giving up the sugar, bread and other non-nutritious carbs was key. I also did/do intermittent fasting. I eat a small breakfast, a big salad for lunch, and then that's usually it for the day. I added no exercise, although once I lost the weight I started running regularly just for overall health. Now I'll warn you, it is REALLY hard to eat only real food living in everyday America. You have to be really committed, not bend to peer pressure, and not let negative jabs from others bother you.

Now here's something interesting. . .A couple years ago I was on an anti-parasitic medication that I had to take twice a day with something like 20 or 40 grams of fat. I must've double or tripled my caloric intake, but get this, that made me lose weight! That taught me that low-fat diets aren't necessarily the way to go for weight loss.

Also, I'll give Lynn a plug here. . .I had a session with her several months ago and had some questions about some small, niggling health issues. She had what seemed like simple dietary changes for me (like cutting out corn; it was causing inflammation for me) that really worked!

Christina G. said...

For those of you who advocate a no- or low-animal diet, what is your blood type? My observation is that the people who thrive on a "vegan" diet (for MANY years) have type A or type AB. Type B does not do as well on no-animal diet, and Type O does not do well at all on a no-animal diet. This is just my observation, but your mileage may vary. Type B and O often report that they don't feel right after being on a no-animal diet for long periods of time (like after many months or a year or two).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Owen: Much of weight is calories in versus calories out, but there are some other (spiritual, emotional, stress) factors too. You are right though, we do need to be mindful of our choices when we get serious about losing weight.

@Bee: You are right. Physical activity of any kind really doesn't hurt (as long as you are at a healthy enough point to do it). Blood flow, stress reduction, and overall cardio health are some benefits.

@Christina: Interesting point. I had not thought of it like being our own special "poison" to jump start things...

@Enlightened One: If you would like to do that, there are probably people here interested in hearing your results.

@Christina: I would have to agree here too. I have O+ positive blood, and I did a very strict vegan diet for several months. I got to where I was eating lots of beans, nuts, etc and couldn't seem to have any energy (I also do lots of daily cardio for spiritual and physical reasons). I broke down and started putting meat back in my diet- not for every meal, and not even every day, but it made a HUGE difference in my overall feeling. We are all unique and have to find what works well for ourselves.

@Buddhist: That is a good point. I know there are ancient technique that study fasting. I really think it depends on the person, but it is definitely worth looking into. Lots of info out there on this!

@King of Pentacles: You really have to look at your daily metabolic burn to know what is a healthy calorie intake. If you (based on your level of activity) only burn 1700 calories a day, then plan your consumption accordingly. Drink lots of water, and eat a balanced diet. To cure a sweet tooth, try dried fruit. If that doesn't help it, train yourself to eat dark chocolate (sometimes you crave something more than fructose). Just think, calories in should equal calories out in order to maintain, BUT not all calories (as far as the body goes) are treated equal.

@Judy: You are amazing, and from working together in the past I know you have lots of great info on this topic!!

Thanks for the great comments!

Trish said...

@ Christina G...Yes, Christina, I agree with you and think that you are possibly right on with a couple of your ideas about meat and blood type. I have O type blood and have been a vegetarian for 26 years (i'm 48). Just speaking for myself, I feel like the quality of my blood is not quite as strong as it could be if I was still a meat eater. I know I could feel heartier (and warmer) with meat in my diet. The couple of times my food accidentally got some meat juice/flavor on it from cross contamination and i ate it, my cells literally have tingled with joy. But because the thought of eating meat is revolting to me, I am now careful to make sure to get enough vegetarian protein (beans, nuts, eggs) and take a vitamin B12 supplement daily. It's not quite the same effect as eating meat, but it helps to keep my blood from becoming too deficient (weak). Thanks for your comments.

King of Pentacles said...

Thank you😁

King of Pentacles said...

Thank you!

Judy Koons said...

Thank you Lynn, I feel the same way about you and the work you do. Fully appreciate the readings you have done for me.

Without discrediting anyone because we all have our own pieces to deal with. The thing to do is get to the cause(root of things) just like Lynn does here on this site. So many fads and misinformation. After all a
system is by nature there to perpetuate itself.

One of the things that can be happening when some one has been an animal product eater is the combination of detox steroidal effect. Eating animal products contributes to high fat in the liver and blood and also contributes many toxins to the body via bio magnification. When a person stops eating animal products detox starts and it is not always comfortable and can be exhausting sometimes for many months or years based on consciousness around it. Then going back to meat there is a high quantity of animal adrenal reintroduced causing a short term 'feeling better'. I am not saying this happens in every situation because nothing happens in isolation in the physical body. (Or anywhere else for that matter.)

For anyone on a high animal product diet the thing to watch for if your liver is not functioning well, and most are not when dealing with high fat content, are the kidneys from improper protein break down. That is why we are finding so many ketogenic followers with kidney disease these days.

And funny enough the weight whether low or extra all comes back to liver and the other contributing factors going on.

I do not have any beliefs about meat of no meat I just love to see people express great health!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you, Judy. Lots of good info to think on. Hugs-

Majestic Boho said...

Hey guys - re the urine therapy treatment - I highly recommend checking out this woman on Instagram - she's been drinking hers now since her twenties and is now in her mid 40s...certainly doesn't look it!

I might be game enough to give it a try!

Majestic Boho said...

Oh - it might help if I included the link!

Amelia said...

Different people react to different foods differently. For instance, people with high levels of cortisol do better with a diet full of whole, organic fruits and veggies, protein, and other foods with a low glycemic index, while other body types can properly metabolize a diet full of grains, simple/complex carbohydrates, and animal proteins without concern of weight gain. Not all calories are created equal, and if all the focus is put on calories in and calories out, you are missing the larger picture of true diet health and balancing the system.

Yet still, with thyroid disorders permeating the population more now than ever, the type of foods eaten will be irrelevant to weight loss (hyper) or weight gain (hypo) until the thyroid is stabilized and the gut healed.

Amelia said...

Balance.. Everything in balance.

Amelia said...

Lol. This may be your funniest comment yet. I do not volunteer. Nor am I curious!

Amelia said...

Thanks for sharing Judy! I have heard SO many great things in terms of drinking celery recently through my own healing journey.

If you don't mind me asking, do you drink celery juice yourself? If so, do you mind sharing the best way to impart it into a regular diet for someone who's not really a fan of celery, but is already fairly inclined toward incorporating most fruits and veggies into their diet, and in fact, prefers them?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Majestic: Thank you for the comments and info!

@Amelia: Thanks for the comments! I agree we are all different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Everything is in balance. (I too have heard that celery is wonderful for healing. I tried doing it, and can't seem to get past the taste / texture, so if there are any tips out there from those that have tried, please let me know.)

Hugs to you all! - Lynn

Judy Koons said...

Lynn try doing celery juice with apple and cucumber to get all those amazing cell salts so your homeopathic work better. And then as you can handle it just start cutting back on the apple and cucumber to the degree you still like it and can sustain it!!