Thursday, November 30, 2017

ETs and UFOs [Group Posting]

Q. Hello Lynn. I appreciate the work you do and always look forward to your insights. I was wondering if you would fill in the blanks or expound on the UFO abduction of Travis Walton back in 1975. Who were the "alien-looking" beings and what did they want from Travis Walton? Who were the "human-looking" beings that led him out of the craft? What was the purpose of their visit in Arizona?

A. When I tune into this I get that in a past life Travis had an encounter with a UFO.  He saw it from afar, and the curious thing was in that life there were no such things as planes.  He knew that he had seen and experienced something that was not from this world.

In his current life he looked to have a curious fascination with ETs and UFOs starting from an early age.  He didn't know where it came from, but there was some residual memories in his DNA, and questions that were never explained that sort of nagged at his subconscious  I see him reading, studying, even sketching UFOs prior to this current life experience.  

On that day in 1975, I see a UFO appearing, and the energy that Travis projected literally drew the craft to him like a beacon.  This looks like a very real illustration of the Law of Attraction at work.  He projected the thoughts, feelings and emotions tied to his UFO obsession so much that he drew it upon himself.

Who were the alien beings?  What was their purpose?  I get these beings were a relation (a cousin?) to the Greys.  They look very similar; however, they have rose colored skin (never saw this before?).  ETs in general find humans to be very mysterious, and these beings were no different.  Our human emotions are very perplexing, and I see them (Rose Greys) doing a medical experiment with fiber optic tools on a portion of the brain located behind the eye (approximately the 12 o'clock position).  The hypothesis was that specific emotions could be controlled or induced if this very specific part of the brain was manipulated.  I also get that after this procedure was done on Travis he had unusual emotional responses (like he may involuntarily smile at a sad event..??..).

Who were the "human-looking" beings?  I get these were human prototypes that the "Rose Greys" were working on perfecting.  When I try to determine if they are AI or a "being," I get they do not possess a soul (making them AI)   

Q. Hey Lynn! This question just came to me as I am always fascinated with UFOs, ETs and anything of the sort. I was wondering why most UFOs have bright lights? And how are these spaceships actually functioning and traveling from light years away?

A.  As I focus on this, I get many of these crafts are made of metal that is unlike many metal alloys found here on earth.  There may be components (like iron), but it is infused with other materials to enable it to withstand extreme heat, cold, radiation, speed, etc.  

When these unique crafts come into our atmosphere, the frequencies they emit reflect off of the metallic craft, and our eyes pick up on the frequency and translate it to a color.  For example, the frequency of red is 400–484 THz, so if a craft is emitting that frequency, as the metal reflects the frequency down toward earth our eyes see the color red.  

If a craft wanted to approach stealthily, it has to use a function that will cancel the frequency, but I hear they hate to do that as it is very inefficient and their mobility is highly compromised (can't make quick movements or take off in a random direction).  Most times they remain uncloaked.

How are they traveling from light years away?  I get that just because they are traveling FROM light years away, doesn't mean they are taking light years to get here.  They are portals connecting worlds and solar systems from all over.  As I zoom out the map of it all looks like a giant dot-to-dot page with hundreds (if not thousands) of interconnecting points.  I keep seeing images of the movie, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children to illustrate this, and the characters' ability to jump timelines and places from strategic locations, but "real life" occurs on a much larger and grandiose scale.

Q. There is so much talk about physical aliens and spiritual extraterrestrials, some of the messengers who talk about these things are almost exclusively positive and others predict nothing but havoc as a likely result of alien disclosure. In the midst of all these messages and channelings the following site seems to be ultra-realistic.  It warns for this coming contact with mostly predatory races and warns for a bleak future for humanity if we remain divided and deluded.  It describes us as alien slaves on this earth planet devoid of resources, scarcity of food and water and suffering under a totalitarian alien government.  Can you please do a reading on this 'New Message from God for Mankind' and on its messenger Marshall Vian Summers.

Thank you!

A.  I get that part of this message is true, and a portion of this is influenced from fears of the unknown (and some timeline variances).  He is right that people need to bond together, find commonalities and work in the greater good.  By doing so the collective consciousness is elevated which creates a barrier that negative entities (including negative ETs) cannot breach.  

We already have negative ETs on earth (this is a current event versus a future event), the Reptilian race, which has bread into the the main "families" that lead the PTW (Powers That Were).  The PTW (which is the human front of the Reptilians) were already working toward what Marshall describes will happen.  The good news is that the reign of the PTW is slowly coming to an end.  Much of the population is waking up, revolting and wanting change (and truth!).  As the collective vibration rises (and we are getting strong),the PTW are scared and doing what they can to keep vibrations low (fear, false flags, instigating social unrest, etc).  Stay positive and stay focused on the collective!  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-



Thanks Lynn for the work which you really do. Thanks once again.

1) The Friendship Case: Mass Contact Between Humans & Aliens

In the 1950s, Italy witnessed a case of mass contact between humans and aliens. The contact between the humans and the aliens was systematic and organised. More than 100 civilians from all walks of life took part in the contacts with the aliens. The contactees were not mentally unstable but included prominent members of the Italian society such as writers, politicians, academics businessmen, artists, etc. According to the testimonies of the individuals that came forward the extraterrestrials operated from numerous underground bases and were benevolent.

2) The Space Brothers

Is this "The Friendship Case - Extraordinary Story of Mass Alien Contact" real, did this mass alien contact actually happened? Thanks.

Robert Schoen said...

Great read, and especially enjoyed how the ships function and travel. They've been here longer than us so maybe we are the visitors, or at least the newly arrivals, to their world. An interesting way at looking at things, now if only we could get rid of those reptiles...

A Man Called Da-da said...

Please wake up, but don't be revolting. Always a good message. ;)

Melly said...

Curious, for the past few years, Lynn's reading on the future has been bleak, but now, we're shifting to a different timeline than what we were supposed to be in. I now wonder what's ahead of us? Pretty excited on what's to come. :D

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! Thanks for all the comments! I do plan on doing a future reading soon, and I am excited to see where we are headed!

The enlightened one said...

Some UFOs have lights in a circle along their rim as well. In those cases I would say it's probably for communication purposes.

Serene said...

Everyone please keep sending Positive Loving Energy all around the world. I send my Energy out to the East and grab it when it comes back around in the West, all around the world, including all those little tiny pockets. To anyone anywhere that needs help with anything. This also may help change the timelines into something more positive. xoxo

Mark Howland said...
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Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Serene: That is a beautiful message. Thank you.

@Mark: I don't see you have been abducted, but you have been visited. If you would like a reading, I'm happy to help, but for now take peace in knowing that you do feel safe. Even though you have made contact, I cannot see any harm your way.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Oh! How cool! The alien readings are always so fascinating to me! I don't know if I have been visited, but that would be so awesome, you're lucky Mark! <3

Cheryl said...

Thank you, Lynn! Very interesting stuff. For others like myself who are interested in aliens and the knowledge they might want to share with us, I just started reading this book "Alien Interview" about a nurse in the 1940s who was able to communicate with the sole surviving alien from the Roswell crash. Of course, you never know if any one source is true or not, but this one is certainly interesting. You can find the book online for free:

Amelia said...

Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to pop in to let you know that Lynn actually did a reading on the Alien Interview sometime last year..shortly after I had read it myself, so it was more than interesting, not to mention, affirming! Search for it in the tool bar when you're ready (might want to finish reading it first and develop your own intuitive response before reading Lynn's).