Friday, November 17, 2017

ET Dolls

Q. Hello Lynn,
Thanks for the positive vibes you radiate.  Question: A lady in The Netherlands makes dolls depicting all the extraterrestrials she sees and talks with. There are about 60 of them on her website:

I am wondering:
1. Are these representations of real extraterrestrials?
2. Are these beings as positive as she claims them to be?
3. Or are these actually negative entities, demons even?

She also received several glyphs that she says are symbols for star systems that are the origins of all the different kinds of creatures she communicates with...
4. Are these glyphs what she says them to be, or do they have possibly a more sinister energy attached to them

Thanks. May the Force be with you.

A.  Aside from the reading, as I look at these they feel very artistic and well done.  I do have to commend her on her artistic ability...

As I tune into the website, and try to connect these dolls to ET's near and far, I could not seem to make the connection.  It appears that many of these are spiritual beings that she has communicated with.  There only looks to be a handful, and those "handful" have the ability to manifest in various ways.  Her inspiration looks to come from a supernatural place, and these various manifestations.  

These beings  used as her inspiration feel to be a hybrid of positive, neutral and "prankster" type vibes.  (I would have to break down each one individually to advise who is who..)  I cannot see a connection to any negative beings though..

Again, I don't see any negative ties to any of the dolls, but most definitely listen to your gut if you do chose to get one.  A "prankster" one can actually feel quite harassing even though it isn't negative or harmful.  I would also suggest you sage your doll to move the energies attached.  

Regarding the glyphs...  I feel apprehensive when I focus on those.  I hear the phrase "No one knows what they mean.." like it is a secret.  I then hear the most peculiar laugh.  They don't look like star systems, but rather words (but words we don't have here).  I don't feel the artists intent is ill willed in creating any of her work, but the intent of the ETs behind it feel disingenuous (not bad or evil, just dishonest).  

As a side note it wouldn't be fair for me to say whether to buy or not to buy her artwork, but just use your instincts and take a few moments tuning into the doll before you bring it into your home.  Clear the doll, and if you do chose to bring it into you home and things feel off, you may consider getting rid of it.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks! If I got it right your post indirectly kind of confirms the potential power of vodoo dolls, would you agree?

Actually I wanted to ask a distinct question: An Argentina Sub went missing in the southern Atlantic while on a trip from Ushuaia do Mar del Plata! Can you say what happened and it's actual location? ( I know it's off-topic again...)

Beloved Shiningstar said...

I thought this was very interesting!!! So if people see beings they think are ETs in dreams, or in person, could it be spirits tricking their mind? Or is that just limited to the location in her reading. When I translated the Dutch language on the website many of their messages resonate with what we read about when it comes to aliens. A good example would be butch who talks about how they use their mind to create their reality and we will eventually learn to love one another etc etc. I even saw Baal in there........ wth? Lol

Watchand Knock said... (what is its actual location?)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments and other reading suggestions.

Yes, spirits can trick you, so do what you can to keep and hold your protection. When in doubt, ask them who they are. Lowers entities cannot lie to you, and try to exist through your assumptions...


Watchand Knock said...

thank you

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Thank you, good to know! That advice is very helpful!