Monday, October 9, 2017

Waking Up

Q. Hello Lynn, I hope you can use your ability to tell us what the PTW (Powers That Were) fears most, and what we can do to stop them?  The Las Vegas shooting has gaping holes in it. How can we best wake people up?

A. When I tune into the PTW, I get the thing they fear most is losing power.  They will do what is needed to maintain their power through influence, intimidation and fear.  It looks like over the years they have made an art of manipulating people into doing what they want under the guise that it is their idea.  Then, I hear the most effective way to control people is to it in such a way that they don't know they are being controlled.

As time progresses I see people beginning to expand their thought which involves questioning, learning and becoming more in tune with their intuition / gut.  This process lessens the implied control (actually tests it) and the illusion the PTW have worked to create starts to fade (I see it like the smoke clearing to reveal the secrets of a magic trick).  When the smoke and mirrors no longer have the same effect, the PTW have to revert to other techniques to lower vibrations and serve as a distraction.

Some of the false flags and manipulated weather events serve as political or economical strategies, but the secondary purpose is to keep people agitated, worried and arguing among themselves.   It is difficult to look inward, when external struggles and emotional iterations are rampant.  

To further add to the agitation and lower vibrations, there is a new agenda trying to make people feel offended about things that don't warrant the mental or emotional energy to be offended.  Things get picked apart, people get misquoted, and there are people associated with the media whose jobs are to keep emotions high. This agenda only serves as a way to keep people further divided, rather than creating unity.  There is strength in numbers, and the PTW does not want that.  Coming together raises the collective consciousness and allows people to see things more clearly, and the PTW wants to keep them muddy.

I see that you cannot make someone wake up before they are ready, but you can be an example to help them see an alternative way.  When some kind of news story breaks (which many aren't even news, just an exaggerated facts used to manifest a low vibe emotion), disengage and don't let it bother you.  Ask yourself if it matters, does it feel true and will getting upset help anyone?  You can even thank the Universe for your feelings, honor them, and let them pass freely. If someone "asleep" tries to engage you, shrug it off.  If enough people shrug this stuff off then it too will lose it's power.

When false flags, weather events, chemtrails, big pharma, etc come into play, stay informed, but keep your fear in check.  Use the information to your benefit, but you cannot live in fear (it just lowers your vibration).  The more people are informed, the more the truth becomes part of the collective.  

The collective consciousness is growing, and this terrifies the PTW.  Be patent with people, be a role model and allow them to open up on their own.  The wheels are in motion, and the process of waking up is happening.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Alice Liu said...

I post a lot on Facebook, but try to present things like I am teaching. When people respond reactively, I don't argue back. Instead, I point out logical fallacies, focusing on "showing" rather than "winning." A lot of people don't know how to process information, or even emotions, and need to be shown. I've seen people slowly become more open and flexible....sometimes the only clue is that I stop seeing them engage in the petty dualism that they used to engage in. Often, I find people who argue will spout out a non sequitur just to feel like they are right and to have the last word, and I let them because people need an "out" when they are in ego. This is not to say that I don't have my own issues...such as my impatience because I truly want to know WHEN more people will wake up and I don't understand why it is taking so long. Oh well, they say the gift of patience is patience. I better start practicing.

Empath Rving said...

Lynn, did you see the movie kingsman the golden circle?? I swear the movie gives some not so subtle hints to the Las Vegas incident.

dmele17 said...

Lynn you talk a lot about bitcoin and crypto currencies. What about the blockchain platform these run on? It will really revolutionize our society from a business standpoint?

SamV said...

Lynn, i LOVE this message - it's truly positive, and resonates strongly with me. Thank you for helping all of us be of higher energies and vibrations!

Darryl T. Barnes said...

In fact, feeling fear strengthens the dark, transmute the fear into love. Recognize the fear and then focus on opening your heart chakra. This is the "metaphysical counter-punch".

Cathari said...

It seems to me that this event in Vegas has become a critical high point in the awakening of the average person to the artificial reality the media and governing circles are attempting to shape and mold for our easily distracted consciousness.

And no matter what some may insist to the contrary, Trump has been a major factor in this process in recent years of knocking on peoples heads in order to wake them up to the manipulation of the masses by what my favorite Game of Thrones character described as "the ominous They."

The Internet is the key to all of this, however. Without the Internet, all alternative news and ideas would cease to spread or have any major impact. Thus the Internet will be the next target of those seeking to control the perception of reality of the masses.

The trends are clear. Freedom or Slavery. Which way will we go?

Chef KK said...

I've been reading Lynn and DaDa's blogs for several years, the adage to be forewarned is to be forearmed is how I treat all information. Just this past week, my partners son in law sent him the video of more than one shooter in Las Vegas, we were shocked that they might be waking up! I was forbidden to mention any of my woowoo stuff in front of them for fear they would think I'm a nutjob. So you never know when your time to awaken might be, I was 7, I am now 57 and thankful for the internet in finding a community that looks beyond the obvious.
Thank you Lynn for talking about topics that most people would shy away from for fear of being ostracized.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

@Lynn- Can you explain what is behind the illusion? Is it similar to the matrix movie? I keep hearing that phrase a lot, that an illusion/false reality has been imposed on us by the ptw. If the illusion was to disappear, what would it look like? (I hope it isn't people inside pods filled with fluids lol).

Portis said...

Wow, great reading, Lynn. Thanks for this. It seems humanity will only step outside the current paradigm very, very reluctantly and with much resistance. Still, I hope we will make some progress in my lifetime. Thanks again.


Jumpin Jupiter said...

@Cathari I agree with you - Trump may be a 'distasteful' President to some but in the higher view he is a catalyst for positive change. The internet is key and TPTW are in a dilemma; they would love to shut down the Internet but it is also one of their best ways to reach people now that everyone is ignoring CNN, FoxNews, Bill Maher and the Daily Show, and basically all of mainstream media. YouTube is violently shutting down channels that are telling the truth about analyzing the Las Vegas massacre. One completely scientific video that analyzed the acoustic files and thereby found evidence of two shooters cannot be shut down by any dreamed up 'community standards' or copyright violation, so they are shutting down all of the comments. If you make a comment, they will display your comment, but the comment count remains zero. That is how the internet and social media are handling inconvenient truths. This is censorship and gas lighting.

What they fail to understand is that we ALREADY KNOW if something is untrue, that is why we are looking for such media. Truth is shining like a beacon and the people absolutely know it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and sharing/1

@Empath: I haven't, but it sounds interesting. I will have to add it to my watch list.

@dmele17: I probably need to look at it again to see where we are headed. I will make a note of it.

@Beloved: I do see it like an illusion. We create our reality based on our thoughts. If we fear the chaos, then we live in fear. If we see things for what they are we live in a liberated mentality. We may not be able to control things 100%, but we can make the majority of our life a life we want to live. Don't give the power to outside forces, retain your strength.


Beloved Shiningstar said...

I see what you mean, thanks Lynn! I've been feeling much more positive and less fear orientated since I started reading your blog, that's for sure! I'm becoming much more aware of how my emotions have control over things. I try to channel it in different ways than I used to. 💕

MorL W said...

Wait...Does this mean that DNA is somehow attached to the soul, as well as the physical??

Cathari said...

MorL W:
My own thoughts as to your question:

It should be clearly understood that the Hereditary stream of life and the Spiritual stream of life are entirely different things.

Think of two parallel lines, one above the other. The upper line represents the Spiritual stream and the lower line the Heredity. We live in the Spiritual stream as spiritual beings, but periodically a part of us dips down into the lower physical world, that is, into the stream of Heredity/DNA.

We incarnate in, say, China in 4 BC. We cloth ourselves in the physical bodily sheath of a woman from a certain aristocratic family of a certain bloodline/DNA. After we pass through the portal of death, we return to the Spiritual stream for hundreds of years in Earth time. We then return to Earth in 1306 as a European man in a family of cobblers.

The point is that the stream of Spirit is entirely of a different world and governed by entirely different laws than the stream of physicality, the Hereditary bodily stream. They need to be clearly differentiated. DNA is unrelated to the human soul except as an aspect of the Hereditary stream which is used as a tool in cycles by the human soul.