Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Karen Hudes

Q. You have done a reading before on Karen Hudes, the whistleblower from the world bank. Your view was favorable toward her then about the work she is doing to try to correct the debt situation we are in because of the dealings of the global banking cabal. 

In the past couple of years she has been challenged repeatedly by "Judge" Anna Von Reitz from Alaska, who sees her actions as ultimately shielding the bankers and perpetuating a global control of finances under the guise of a new currency based on gold deposited in various places in the world. Von Reitz is saying that the USA was turned into a corporation that became controlled by the globalists, and therefore we just need to return to our sovereignty and be free of debt.

Hudes is trying to work within the system to release the gold back to the people, it seems, but she has been working there a long time. She was fired in 2007 after whistleblowing, but was reinstated in 2009. Since then it seems she has gathered quite a coalition that stand with her.

Who is right? Or do both have a piece of the puzzle, but are coming at it from different ways. It is sad to see two people that seem to promote freedom be at odds with each other.

A.  As I tune into her and the situation I get as she became more knowledgeable of the innerworkings of the world bank she knew she needed to make a change.  She could see the direction of the world, and how things were being manipulated.  As she began her career she was naive, but the more she learned the more needed to expose what was going on and call people out.  She slowly acquired information, and when the time was right she "blew the whistle."

Still being naive, she didn't realize the repercussions of her actions.  The PTW (Powers That Were) are highly integrated in the banking system, and they weren't about to let someone expose them, get an investigation going or ruin their agenda.   In 2007 she did lose her job, but that was just the start and the threats for her actions didn't stop there.  

She really made waves and got people talking.  The "more truthful" story made it to alternative media sites, and the PTW approved messages made it to the mainstream media outlets.  They (the PTW) wanted her to pay for the betrayal and also ensure that no one else would follow suit. 

It looks like the threats went on for a few years (I hear the phrase, "you created this now you are going to help fix it."  It appears that Karen (out of fear, manipulation, and powerful influence) agreed to align with the PTW in such a way that she is still outspoken and appears to be fighting for the people, but quietly aligning with the PTW (to get them off her back).  

I hear the way the PTW view people is you are either "useful" in helping them, or "useless."  She wanted to stay on the "useful" spectrum.  I also get that she has a middle man that works between herself and the PTW (sort of like a liaison).  When she "agreed" to work with this liaison she was given her job back in 2009.  

From that point forward she has been working for "both teams."  When I originally tuned into her, the desire to work in the greater good felt strong.  I now see how conflicted she is, and her actions don't match her internal feelings.  As Ann Reitz brings things to light, it looks like it really creates a divide in Karen's mind between what she wants to do, and what she feels she has to do.  She appears to be standing up and working for the people, while also doing things that helps the PTW.

Ann Reitz doesn't feel like she has been tainted, and is speaking out in a genuine way for the people.  Even though Karen agrees with her, she cannot say it.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Watchand Knock said...

Hi & Thanks for this post! "Slighly" off-topic but may I ask, what are the real reasons for US leaving UNESCO?

Ethereal Resonance said...

Much love and light, may she be guided in the greatest good of her soul path~

Raymond said...

Well, it seems like she is struggling to continue her mission; but at least we have one person on our side.

adolfo said...

I remember a long time a go,in a Catholic forum a guy talking about how as you become a leader of a country you are contacted and given a few options, either you collaborate to the PTW, or you are against them, if you go against them, they will either destroy your image, or make you disappear. I though he was paranoiac, but now I am not so sure.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the comments!

Watchand Knock: Great blog idea. Thank you.

adolfo: I don't think he is paranoid at all...