Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Karen Hudes and The Vatican... What is going on there?

Q. Will you do a reading on 'Ms. Karen Hudes', former World Bank Attorney and whistleblower. It appears she has worked tirelessly and passionately exposing and informing. She's a force in uniting the international community from diverse key positions to work for humanity together. There are endless interview videos of her and she has her own website showing all her communications over the decade or longer. She knows the laws and history of the banks and Vatican. I've never seen anyone bring her up here before.
A.  I see Karen Hudes as a woman that was very intelligent, but was very unaware of how the world worked until she became involved with the World Bank (was more like a follower than a leader). Once she became affiliated and started really "see" the operation, it started to become clear just how interwoven and how connected these groups were.  It was as if a few controlled the many, but the "many" were so convoluted it was difficult to trace them back to the "few" (and by few I mean the Powers That Be).  Being on the inside gave her the perspective of just how few main groups there were- These "few" were intentionally hiding in plain sight.

Then I hear the phrase that "when you control the money, you control the world" and that is exactly what these "few" were doing.  It bothered Karen so much that she wanted to expose this manipulation to the world, hoping to open some eyes and give the people an opportunity to take back control (or at a minimum expose this small group for what it was).

[I really do have to take a minute and tune into her connection with the Vatican...]  I get that one of the controlling groups can be traced back to the Vatican.  I get that much of the Vatican is viewed as sacred, and that feelings is tied to location, people and their faith.  There is a feeling of "being chosen" or "guided by light" tied to this place. Not everyone shares in these elevated feelings, but the "powers" to this place do.  This feeling of superiority that the "powers" are trying to enhance also lend to control by fear.  

I hear something about the Vatican being lined with gold.  It is as if people have paid high prices for both protection and communication with a higher power (and it feels like in a forced, almost extorted, way).  I ask- Protection from and communication with what?  I get an other worldly race... and I want to say ETs. I also get these ETs aren't here to hurt us (they feel neutral), but their existence and communication with the Vatican is a powerful thing (makes them feel like a powerful thing)  I also get there is some kind of portal that exists near (or in) the Vatican in which these ETs travel. (And Karen is aware of this, and the manipulation the Vatican uses because of this).  

The images stopped there... if there are further comments or questions to push me further I am happy to address them and do a follow-up to this reading...It feels like there is so much more, but it just stopped flowing...  Thank you.


Rusty Bojador said...

Hi Lynn what ET forces did you see? Are these the grey aliens?

John Casey said...

Three cheers for Karen Hudes!

Also, an interesting "coincidence" in the History Channel running a new mini-series about Texas revolutionary history called "Texas Rising".


Raymond G said...


I read the last paragraph a few times to make sure I did not miss anything.

Are you suggesting that the Vatican knows about ET's, communicates regularly with them and that perhaps nations or people pay protection money to them for the privilege of speaking with them ?

Is the history of communication with the ET's among the things they are hiding in the Vatican Vaults ?

Ryno said...

How worried are the PTB about her exposing them and have they tried to "take her out?"

The part that really stood out to me in this reading was "There is a feeling of 'being chosen' or 'guided by light' tied to this place" and “controlling by fear.” This definitely sounds like the Grey's/SHET-I (NOT the Zeta Reticulians)and Ra/Marduk (Annunaki and son of Enki/Prince EA) group as described by Truman Cash in "The Eye of Ra.” The symbols of and around the Vatican overwhelmingly point to this group as well especially the obelisk (which symbolizes Ra’s/Osiris phallus) and is surrounded by multiple Eye’s of Ra in St. Peter’s Square (which symbolizes the womb of Isis). I think this same group are behind many of the "mystery schools" and secret societies on Earth and they do it intentionally so they can’t easily be tracked as PF mentioned.

You also mentioned “the Vatican being lined with gold.” No surprise there. Homo Sapiens were created to mine gold for the Annunaki so we have this innate desire that was “built into us” to accumulate and highly value this precious metal above all others.

But hey, don’t just take what I said above without looking into things for yourself. We all need to wake up and remember who we really are. Only then can the human race truly free itself.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rusty: They didn't look like greys. All I could see was a glowing light (looked like white light) and when they talked or opened their mouth light came out.... It was strange...

@John: That is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

@Raymond: Yes, I did see it that way. It is one of the mysteries they hide in the darker quarters of the Vatican.

@Ryno: I get they have tried to take her out, but somehow she feels to have a protective force around her.

Thank you for all your other comments too as you raise some good points to think about.

Rainbow Warrior said...

I've seen videos where she claims the other species associated with the Vatican are the ones with the elongated skulls. Are these the light beings you are referring to? Interesting! I considered light beings higher evolved/higher vibration but if they are associated with the Vatican, which is highly corrupt, I'm bringing to wonder about all of this now. Perhaps this is a good segue to the question I posted for the blog request but Lucifer is considered the "shining one/mornings star" or bringer of light. What gives? Thanks, Lynn!

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

Karen Hudes often talks about gold ... that is somewhere kept secret... that is for humanity and that there is some documentation to prove this. This money for humanity will set people free.

"Karen Hudes has an amazing revelation about secret U.S. gold. Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash. The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.” What does Hudes say to her skeptics that doubt her story of 170,500 tons of gold in Hawaii? Hudes says, “I say you are totally kept in the dark and that the mainstream media is controlled by this network of control that is totally documented by the Federal Institute of Technology. You really ought to chide yourself that you are deliberately kept in the dark. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s wealth is hidden from you when so much else is hidden from you.”

Can you see if this secret gold is real, if we, the people will ever benefit from it and will this gold help the planet when the economy crashes?


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rainbow: I do see they have the elongated heads, and the Vatican tries to mimic their appearance (as a way to be closer to them??). They are light beings, but I also want to use the phrase "they are like a dirty little secret." I think this will be a good segue to a reading on Lucifer...

@susan: I do see it as real.. When the economy does crash, I see it starting to reappear.

Baku Matsumoto said...


170500 ton Gold is huge!!! Much larger than FEDRAL RESERVE official holding.....

Is US gov planning to make a hyper inflation during crash?????

razi09 said...

Thank you for this reading! An Attorney doing her job does restore your faith in humanity. She's a refreshing fearless lady.

With her knowledge of dual bank documentation, amounts of people aligned, supplying her w/ more reinforcement, our military (or pockets of them) telling her they are 'ready to go' .... why is there no audit, coups, take-out? Is a plan still being organized?

I too believe there is much much more. She's in a position to know it all.

siketa said...

I have a feeling that it is approaching very fast...lots of Intel is coming from different sources and they all describe almost the same scenario...
The victory is near! :)

Love and Light to all of you!

razi09 said...

1) Was it really Marcos to have the gold foresight a long time ago as Karen Hudes said?

2) Do UK laws of the 1500's financially bind and bleed us to support the vatican? Every single one of us.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hi, all. This is as good a place to put this as any.

THIS is DISCLOSURE by David Wilcock. (Or a link to it.) It's three hours long, but all amazing. Hope half of it's true.


Wilcock tells all. He beat the govt to it.

Ma'at said...

Good stuff.

I'm curious about the Wilcock matters. He's quoting the Russian guys' discovery and solutions. But David ignores Nassim Harrimein, at least in the first of the download. Nassim has been publishing and talking since 2001.

Anyway, who's on First doesn't really matter. Leibnitz and Copernicus simultaneously discovered calculus.

Things are changing fast, and the cabal is struggling to keep up.


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: The dollar will plummet, and gold will rise.. but I also get that somehow gold value is reset to a norm too (can gold value fluctuate??). Gold will still be higher, but it doesn’t reach an extreme value. I get if it did we would be trading with splinters of it…

@razi09: She is trying to bring it out in the open, but is being treated like a traitor to discredit her. I see she has a bit to go to truly bring this into the public eye where it can be heard. (Media is highly controlled).

@siketa: xoxo

@Dada: Thanks for all your info and I look forward to digging around to try to find the David Wilcock working link… When links are removed that most definitely proves there is truth behind the words.

Compassion Spread said...
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