Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gobekli Tepe

Q. Hello Lynn, 

Have you ever heard of Gobekli Tepe? It's an abandoned community in Turkey, estimated to be about 10,000 years old. It was discovered about 20 years ago and has many characteristics of other ancient sites. It has numerous concentric circles similar to those found in Stonehenge as well as carvings and details similar to those found at the Pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, Easter Island and Peru. There are some suggestions that this is the site where Noah disembarked after the flood. Who lived there and why was it built? What happened to them?

A.  This location does have a very sacred feel.  I am getting an image of this place being fully built.  The concentric circles appear to be separate circles, with hallways connecting the circles in certain intervals.  There was a protective roof as well, and these concentric circular tunnels looked to have certain areas reserved for temporary sleeping quarters (I will explain in a minute).  The surrounding was green and lush, full of vegetation.  I hear that water ran through this location (possibly underground, but it "looks" to be a stream above ground).  

I get the history of this location is unique.  It looks as though Egyptian (what I am being shown??) priests and priestesses would travel to this location.  It was created upon a ley line, and the monuments look to coordinate with planetary bodies.  I get they would go there to hold ceremonies / rituals during certain times of the year.  Health, prosperity and bountiful crops / vegetation would be the focus of the rituals. There was a belief in astronomy, astrology and spirituality, and this location looked to be a place where those elements were incorporated as one.   Occasionally an outside person would participate in the ceremony (especially during times when an important birth was near or an illness was being overcome).

I get a weather event came, and caused the lushness to dry up.  Looks like a flood came over the land and took several years to recede back, leaving the land baron (and partly buried). 

I cannot connect to Noah being there.  I see Noah landing more on the south eastern part of the Mediterranean on a mountainside.    

And that is all I get for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond said...

It's amazing that people who lived thousands of years before us knew so much about sacred geometry and ley lines. If it was so important to their lives, I wonder why it fell into disuse? Was the flood that destroyed their city the same one that is associated with Noah? Does Gobeki Tepli have any relationship with Easter Island, The Pyramids, Macchu Picchu or other ancient sites?

Many thanks for your blog Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I do get they are all interconnected. In my mind when you connect these strategic, spiritual places, they will form a geometric shape. Hugs-