Friday, September 1, 2017


Q. Are hieroglyphics in any way similar to our emoji's? And are emoji's now being offered to society to convey emotions in place of words as a transition to telepathic communication?
A. As I tune into this I do get that emoji's are similar to hieroglyphics.  I see that these pics trigger an emotion, and that emotion triggers a conveyed communication.  It isn't as much a telepathic response, but it is gut, internal reaction. 

I see two paths with the introduction of these symbols into the language.  In many ways, these symbols trigger an immediate response that are universally known and felt.  People submerged in our current culture know how to understand what these symbols mean, and an icon can replace many written words (I hear a picture is worth a thousand words).  

HOWEVER, on the other hand, I get that as generations go by, these symbols can become more subjective, and the true meaning of the message could get construed (if they are incorporated heavily in written or documented text).  Current messages will retain their meaning because they will be held to the current conscious mind's understanding, but anything archived can become less clear (just like hieroglyphics).  Emoji's will change and new ones will emerge, just like hieroglyphics advanced.  I get that hieroglyphics were once a great communication tool, but just as they became outdated and the true meaning of the message had to be analyzed, emoji's will do the same thing.  They (emoji's) feel as if they were introduced to confuse the language.

It is better to be clear, concise and direct with your words.  Emoji's are fun, and can add some flare to writing, but shouldn't be used in place of real thoughts.  I get that emoji's can lead to assumptions and misunderstanding.  For example, look at the emoji with the zipped mouth- is it fear, keep your mouth closed, can't speak, don't speak, warning of danger?  You have to decide (assume the intent of the message).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Haley Carey said...

Why are they yellow?

A Man Called Da-da said...

The original smiley face from "Have a Nice Day" was yellow.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I also get that yellow is significant b/c it relates to the solar plexus which is where much of our emotions are stored, processed, etc.

Robert Schoen said...

This seems a topic more relevant to 12 year olds but if emojies are the modern equivalent of hieroglyphs, God help us as to how we have fallen. Their true ancestor is the little heart that manyyoung girls used to dot the "i's of their writing.