Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Selective Censorship

Q. Can you do a reading on why they are cancelling Sense8? Is it the PTW (Powers That Were)?  Does the show have some truth in it such as "soul families"?


Other media sources such as Google look to also be censoring content?  Is it because there is truth hidden there that the PTW doesn't want out?

A. I get there is a cleansing being done, and it is being driven by the PTW that control the media.  Everything is being watched and analyzed, especially if the chatter tied to it gets too high.  There looks to be very liberal agendas, and anything threatening that agenda will slowly be silenced.  

Shows like Sense8 promote broader concepts and make people think outward.  Pondering things beyond our tangible 3D world can also connect people on a collective, spiritual or philosophical level.  When shows (such as Sense8) get a following, and refuse to redirect or incorporate the darker (PTW) intentions (for example, fear), they get blocked.

I get that alternative sites can be found, but they will require some effort.  I hear there is some legal basis that prevents them from being shut down, but they can be buried in the search engines (as not be accredited?).  I then get that those that control the media, control the masses.  The "winners" write the history, and in as little as a generation we can be psychologically "tricked" to remember it differently.

And that is all I have for this reading.  In closing I hear to bookmark your sites and backup your work.  Love and light-


Watchand Knock said...

Thank You! Could you plz comment on this news (really weird story or just a filler for the holliday season?) Tks!
"Schoolgirl has legendary holiday after pulling 4ft sword from Cornish lake 'where Arthur's Excalibur was thrown'"

Unknown said...

Already the PTW have found a way to silence websites they don't like: they seize the domain. Seizure of site happened twice already, to 2 White Nationalist sites. Of course, this sets a precedent that can be used on other, less controversial sites, and that is why it is such a dangerous development.

Many conservative videos, especially those dealing with the issue of mass migration, have been demonetized, and even unconnected, noncontroversial videos posted by the relatives of these people have been demonetized too. The message: "We will attack the income of your ENTIRE FAMILY if you speak out against our agenda!"

Conservative sites are deliberately ranked lower in searches, so they do not come up for casual readers.

Technical workarounds are being found and alternate platforms created, but if someone is kicked off the general web, they will not reach a wide audience.

When oppressive measures are first rolled out by government, they are typically applied to the most unsympathetic targets available, to create public consent for such measures. Once precedent is firmly established, the net is widened to include everyone else.

I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad one. On the one hand, it may be the PTW are running scared and are flailing out openly in a last desperate attempt to cling to power. On the other hand, the fact that they blatantly censor the internet and do not even try to hid their activities indicates some level of confidence that the public will not rebel.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn i thought the ptw are being taken out soon?

Kalamota Kook said...

I don't think the (little) lady of the lake story was so weird - I read that it was possibly an old prop from filming there a few years ago. But still really cool for the little girl!

I agree with what Unknown said above - Google/youtube are targeting not just the most extreme sites but any site or post that touches on perfectly valid mainstream subjects. They are shutting down debate and blocking information. This will very quickly seem like the new normal, and then they can progress with even further control.

The depressing thing for me is that I grew up in an age where older generations remembered what fascist and communist states were like, and my generation had been brought up learning the dangers of 'utopias' and being taught the mechanics and warning signs of totalitarianism via George Orwell. Now, a lot of young people seem to have no such knowledge of human nature or previous societies, and the school system doesn't teach how to think or reason or doubt, but obediently feeds them 'facts'.

It's down to the people who have woken up to keep speaking out about this until it reaches a tipping point.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@WatchandKnock: I do see this as just a story for entertainment. Interesting though..

@Unknown: Thank you for sharing.

@Wendy: They are very much threatened, but sort of resilient and ruthless. They won't go down easy.

@kalamota: I agree. It is sad when very real parts of our history are altered or forgotten.

John Casey said...

Oh, yes, I just watched the Sense8 trailer and that is for sure something the PTW do not want getting out of the box, not one bit. Looking forward to the day when their weapons are all taken away from them.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

This worries me since I am writing a sci fi novel that has a lot of the controversial conspiracy theories weaved into it-- how do I go around the ptw or protect myself from them?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Beloved Shingstar: I just emailed you, but wanted others to hear. Using a pen name and public places helps (doesn't completely hide you, but at least makes them work for it a little). Also market things as fantasy or scifi and let other draw their own "ah ha" conclusions. You don't want to pose as a rival, and the subconscious of people is smarter than they think.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Thank you for the advice! After you emailed me I was going to delete my comment, but then realized it could help others--great minds think alike! ;)

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Wait. What? The PTW are liberals? I'm considered fairly liberal, although I was raised in a conservative highly patriarchal Catholic family. I came to reject most of those beliefs, putting myself through college and challenging the notions I was raised with on. I would be considered quite liberal by today's standards (as are most of my friends and neighbors here in a Massachusetts). I'm raising my child in the Quaker faith and am a strong advocate of social justice. I don't watch TV, so I don't know Sens8. I don't like the trump agenda and am scared by his ideology and actions. The actions of White Supremists and other hate groups disgusts and saddens me.

I have been following this site for about 4 years. I've grown as a person and as a scholar over that time. Reading and contemplating Lynne's thoughtfully written prose has made me question (and subsequently alter) the way I teach my psychology classes. But lately, I get the feeling I might mistakenly be at the wrong party, so to speak.

Are wealthy democrats the PTW? Who are we-- the people on this forum-- who are we rooting for? Are the Republicans the good guys? Do most of the people on this forum see liberal people's as the ones who are shutting down some websites, for example? Are the liberals the bad guys?

Melly said...

@Resident Nah, the PTW don't care whether they're liberal or not. As long as they think which side can control people, they would support it. Since Republicans lately have a notorious reputation for being racist, crazy, etc., the smartest decision was to support the Democrats back during election.

If you're searching for someone to root for, I guess it should be us, the people. It's not a good idea to place all your hopes on a group of few individuals to control our fates.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

@resident- Lynn did a lot of readings on the ptw, you can look it up. Trump was their biggest enemy.. they were backing Hillary big time cuz the Clintons supported their agenda. Remember, Hillary wanted a war with Russia. If they can't control Trump, then they plan on giving him hell. There's hidden ptw in the govt as well as the royalty families. Lately they have been focusing on the democrats because they support their agenda as well. For example, The ptw wanted one world government, so open borders is their objective. They also want people controlled by the means of chaos and fear, hence the racial division and the hurricanes, etc. If you look up who is rumored to be the ptw you will see who they typically side with. I hope this helps.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Thanks, Belived Shiningstar and Melly, for your patient responses. It's all quite confusing-- and terrifying.

I've been reading most of the posts on this forum over the last few years, but felt suddenly stumped when we transitioned rather quickly, it seemed, from discussing the PTB to the PTW...

Since then, and since this current administration has taken over, It seems that paradigms are shifting so Rapidly. I find myself falling between them while striving to provide some sense of safety (and sanity) for my child (and myself)!