Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cryptos and ZenGold Coins

Q. Hi Lynn,  I remember you mentioned a crypto currency backed by gold will soon be introduced. A group of Chinese people have been trying to launch their ZenGold Coins (not sure how much gold their one coin is worth though).  Another group of Islams in Dubai is currently offering their One Gram Coin (OGC) tokens, backed by 1 gram of physical gold stored in Dubai.  Their coins are to be launched after September 24, 2017.  I see they allow for their OGC to be bought by both USD and BTC.

Do you see one of these or both will emerge strongly as a new crypto currency backed by gold, and gradually replace Bitcoin and Ethereum coins?

As money is also our energy, should we invest in the backed by gold crypto currency, or should we purchase actual gold (and silver)?

Thank you. Sending you Love and light.

A. As I tune into this, the first thing I hear is "possessing real gold and silver is much better than possessing a symbol of gold or silver."  If it is possible to buy gold or silver, then you are the gatekeeper and know what you have and not a promise of value should you need to liquidate the "symbolic coin."

I do see both of these coins gaining popularity because they "feel" safe.  There is an implied assurance due to the tangible backing.  They don't look to replace Bitcoin or Ethereum, but definitely create some competition.  

There does look to be a Universal electronic monetary system that eventually emerges (once people are desensitized to the need for tangible cash).  This looks like it is still in the finalizing stages, and will emerge in the next 18 to 24 months.  It will be both trackable and traceable. Once this is released it looks like people will be penalized for using cash (as a deterant because it isn't traceable, but under the label of it being inconvenient, ie inconvenience charge.).

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Thanks lynn for the reading.

Cliff High of Web Bot fame has posted on his YouTube channel a 3-part interview that he did recently with Sarah Westall. It is a far reaching discussion entitled Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place.

Part One (58 min) includes discussion around cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications and why they are coming to the forefront now (still early days though). Clif states there are 1600+ versions in various states of development from Bitcoin and Ethereum to blockchains. Including for example one that gives one rights to buy high quality sand from Russia (will be important in buildout of the new belt and suspenders Silk road from China to Europe). He predicts that Ethereum will be an important backbone but things built on that backbone that address niche needs may become more valuable than the backbone itself.

Part Two (50 min) has much discussion around Antarctica and the build out of high speed fiber optics and the development of a supporting infrastructure there and speculation as to why. Also discussion around earth changes in the area that are impacting weather and the way the Atlantic and Pacific oceans interact, including recent significant tidal changes in S. America. Also much discussion of the Corey Goode ET al activities (“the blue chickens” in Clif-speak) that Clif now realizes polluted much of his Webbot data. Clif is working to clean that up and anticipates a new full Webbot report by the end of August. Because the data for his cryptocurrency stuff is narrowly focused in was not tainted by the data pollution and hence for the past few months he’s focused his reports on that where he feel he has reliable data. But he’s getting back to the full Webbot reports with one late this month and another likely around October. He’ll also produce a crypto focused report in Sept.

Part Three (49 min) goes in-depth into a discussion around longevity increases including a lot around the use of Carbon-60 of Buckyball repute to extend a persons potential life. Interesting stuff to explore. Since posting the last part yesterday (26-Aug) Clif has also made several tweets about sources for acquiring Carbon-60 if one is so inclined (Clif says he’s been on it now for 19 months). I had not heard this aspect before and found it insightful.

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