Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Missing 411 Material

Q. Are you aware of the Missing 411 material? It’s pretty interesting and should be pretty fun for you to explore. Essentially, this guy examines missing person’s cases that occur in national parks worldwide. There are patterns to the cases that extends back hundreds of years. It seems to be implied that whatever is doing it is supernatural or ET. He just presents facts and holds back on speculating on the cause.

He says that most of these cases occur near large granite formations. I don’t understand why…but it does seem that some ET craft can use granite mountains as portals. I also suspect that there are a lot of caves in these areas, which could be openings for all sorts of underground creatures that we’re not aware of. 

My guess is that there is a mix of causes. There a differing categories of cases. For instance, sometimes a small child goes missing and then is recovered unharmed at a distance too far for the child to travel on its own. Sometimes an adult goes missing and is never found. Footprints and scent just stop with no other prints around them….at times where there’s many people nearby. Sometimes they are found after a few days in the same area that was searched but dead. Sometimes they are heard crying for help nearby but nobody ever finds them. There are instances in which a person is on the phone and heard screaming and then no trace is found. There are many many cases for each pattern in multiple parts of the world. Very strange indeed...much to speculate on.

A. I have heard of this website through another reading submission I received many months ago (see below).  I also get that most times these are related to ET abductions.  ETs are drawn to specific areas due to accessibility, and in these situations abductees are (most times) truly at the "wrong place at the wrong time" (the phrase i hear). 

Granite (especially granite with pink hues ??) is a significant piece to this puzzle.  I get that the magnetic attraction that holds this specific composition of granite particles together is unique, and the bond is easily broken through more advanced technology to allow gravity to fall through the particles rather than get hung up on the outer surface.  Essentially, gravity doesn't have the same effect.  This magnetic shift starts a motion that allows a further chain reaction to occur which in turn opens a portal into another dimension.  

There may be caves, and underground bases, but I most connect with abductees being taken out via teleportation.  Humans are a mystery to ETs, and they want to study every aspect of us.  These ETs (look tall and light colored, very lean, and long, thin fingers) feel very detached from humans, and see us like objects.  

I see that many times when these people are taken, they are experiencing a parallel world, a world controlled by these ET.  They can occasionally hear things as they are happening in our 3D world, just as we can get glimpses of their world (I see it like trying to find the right frequency on a radio, but one channel being too low, and the next being too high, so it comes in slightly garbled, if anything at all). 

Governments are aware, but feel somewhat powerless.  To admit this to the public would assume a level of disclosure.  I see them turning their head, even though they know this occurs.  I get when disclosure comes full circle, something can truly be done (I get there are certain signals or pulses that can be given off to prevent the opening of some portals ??).

And that is all I have for this reading.  I will say there feels to be some underlying complexity (maybe a technical aspect I don't understand), so I am happy to address questions in comments.

Love and light- Lynn

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lynn:

The Missing 411 series writer has said he felt he saw a pattern to the disappearances of males in more urban areas - that many seemed to have German ancestry. Any impression about a reason for this? The writer also said it seemed almost as if (in the urban disappearances occurring near college campuses) some among our 'best and brightest' young people were being taken, then returned dead. Almost as if in mockery.

Also, the 'returned' dead bodies - simple discards, or perhaps an attempt to allow us humans 'closure' about our losses upon them being found? I.E. - why, if they are dead, return them to this layer at all? Or, why are some returned, but not all?

Robert Schoen said...

I reread the earlier post about the stairways in the woods and there's an amazing readers comments string there that goes into a lot of aspects of this type of abduction, but what I really found interesting this read is the magnetic properties of granite, that make so much sense. The way the Egyptians or modern sculptors carve granite is by banging on it with a hammer with lots of pointy prongs, as if to break apart which the magnetic hold of its different colored particles making it up. The Egyptian lined the pyramids with polished granite and all the obelisks were made from it. I wonder now if people living in buildings made from granite are more prone to experiencing hyperdimensional events.

The enlightened one said...

I heard in an episode of ghost-hunter series "Paranormal State" that paranormal occurrences are more common near mineral with electrically conductive properties.

Anonymous said...

Hi & thanks in advance for your answer !
Why would pink potassium Feldspar be more susceptible to gravity than quartz (also very abundant in Granites)? Caves are common in limestone and sandstone areas but not in granites (or are you referring to excavated underground bases?).
(definition of "Alkali feldspar granite, some varieties of which are called 'red granite',[1] is a felsic igneous rock and a type of granite rich in the mineral potassium feldspar (K-spar). It is a dense rock with a phaneritic texture. The abundance of K)-spar gives the rock a predominant pink to reddish hue; peppered with abundant quartz (commonly of grey color) and minor amounts of black minerals." Wiki).Link to Pic:
I'm referring to this passage of your post: "I get that the magnetic attraction that holds this specific composition of granite particles together is unique, and the bond is easily broken through more advanced technology to allow gravity to fall through the particles rather than get hung up on the outer surface. Essentially, gravity doesn't have the same effect."

Bee E-lightened said...

Bee E-lightened said...

Fascinating stuff. Please share if you had such/similar experiences

They Live said...

The E.T.s sound like the E.T. from the t.v. series Stranger Things. The same things occur in the series as with the abductees-the strange static noises, the E.T. being long and lanky, the abductees being transported to another world(The Upside Down)that is also connected to our world, etc.

Anonymous said...

Your depth of explanation is really extardionary in how it works.There are now materials that can be built synthetically by molecules. You talked about properties of granite. Can these properties be synthetically created. Can there be or are there such portals being build for teleportation.
I humbly thank you. There are few psychics that describe things in such detail.

Raymond said...

It's interesting that ET activity is often associated with Granite.

I think the pyramids were made of pink granite as well.

Before they decide to pass through a wall of granite, do they scan it to see if there is a cavern within it? Or do they create one when they break the bond?

If someone observed a craft passing through a mountain wall made of granite, would we be able to find the craft or the cavern they hide in if we chipped a hole in the mountain?

Thanks for your time Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments! Lots of info to look over (which is great!).

@kalibex: They return what they no longer need. I get they aren't always found (therefore they think they haven't been returned). The ones that are not returned are still alive..

@OpenID 0a5a8f96: Good question. I get the chemical compound of the pink portions of granite have weaker bonds that are easier disrupted with magnetic influence. That is why these ETs use this type of granite.

@Synoma: Yes, I do get this can be reproduced. I get is has and is being done.

@Raymond: They are able to pass through and know what is there. People would discover a cavern or hollow areas if they were to explore.

Thanks again for the all the comments. The info is great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lynn: Return what they no longer need, eh? There was one weird case where a guy disappeared for months, from the surface of one of the Great Lakes...then came to, no memory, not too far from his father's home - not near where he'd disappeared from. Wonder what happened there? Perhaps he got super lucky and his captors had a twinge of compassion and let him live...

Raymond said...

So, they return what they don't need?
Cool, it's good to know that even aliens recycle.

Anonymous said...

TKS! Very into the double check mentality I just verified the rock type of a well known mountain (Ibituruna peak) where many suspect that an ET base exists: it's (guess what) made out of GRANITE!

Darryl T. Barnes said...

What you are describing is consistent with a lot of material on the "tall grays". Specifically, the physical description and having a deal with the government. I've had direct experiences with short grays. I wouldn't call the experiences either positive or negative in nature. It's my belief that there are both relatively positive and negative versions. They do "teleport" into an adjacent room in my case, and then I slowly lose consciousness. I've never been "teleported out" to my knowledge. I had a girlfriend that was often with me when this would happen. She had additional experiences in which she would "lose time". I suspect that she was being taken somewhere for a few hours at a time. However, this doesn't need to occur in a remote area.