Monday, July 10, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Edward Snowden - Real Whistleblower or Limited Hangout?

Q. In the years before Edward Snowden there were several whistleblowers who came out with similar revelations about the surveillance state (Thomas Drake, William Binney, J. KirkWiebe, Dennis Montgomery, Sibel Edmonds, etc.), but they never got the mainstream media attention that Edward Snowden has received. Not only has he been covered by all the mainstream newspapers (which are all 100% controlled by the PTW) but he has also been turned into a pop culture icon through Hollywood movies, documentaries and books.

The closer you look at Edward Snowden's escape story, his cut-and-paste CV, and current behavior the more it becomes obvious that he is a manufactured character to give people a sense of hope, justice and change while feeding the public with carefully manufactured leaks.

Why would he get so much media attention while so many other legitimate whistleblowers got and are getting ignored, ridiculed or killed?

A.  I hear that the PTW (Powers That Were) are handling this very delicately.  I get when things eventually happened with Snowden, it went down rather quickly (and unexpectedly).  The PTW regrouped after the initial leak, and because Snowden was viewed as both a sign of hope and truth, they could not take him out (the way they wanted).  It would put people everywhere into a revolt, so it was better to slowly allow things to surface that could be managed.  This kept the hero alive, even though he was living under a microscope of some very powerful people.

Q. Why has he never revealed any real damaging leaks about the deep state, 911, human trafficking, political blackmailing, A. I., the military-industrial complex etc.or at least commented on these topics?
A.  I then get that the truth is always in plain sight, but we have to look with our eyes (wide open).  Snowden has resources on the inside, some are genuine, and some are manufactured by the PTW so they can control his information (content and flow).  

He is very aware of the wrong doings of the government, but he is careful what he releases (also has limited documentation).  He also has to keep some things withheld as insurance so he won't be killed.  I then hear that discussing the privacy invasion was more broad scope, but when you start to reveal things such as 911 or human trafficking, there are some very important political people that would be brought to their knees (and it is certain death).  He is constantly teetering a dangerous line..

Q. Does the NSA really have neat power point presentations about the scope and complexity of their surveillance system on their servers for download or were these flashy files created by some organization for deliberate leaking?
A. I get the information was accurate, but the information was put into a more user (or rather reader) friendly visual application.

Q. Why does he promote old school privacy advice such as using the Tor browser and encrypting your communications when the NSA is known to intercept any communications before they get encrypted by having default hardware back doors in every device within the Intel processors and batteries?
A.  I get that since this isn't the most common protocol, communication done this way isn't on their radar.  Also, the NSA may get the information, but it is either tagged or coded in such a way that it sits in a data base unless specifically recalled (and there is an abundance of information).  The information many times gets buried. 

Q. And again, how was he able to steal documents and escape from that same all powerful surveillance state if they can track anyone anywhere instantly (through his laptops, phone, voice analysis, browser fingerprinting) and kill them remotely via satellite? Even if he was helped by someone as you suggested in a previous reading?
A. It happened fast!  He knew how much time he had, and had some trusted contacts in other countries.  He was able to get this information while he and his contact still had clearance (and I get his contact used some kind of VPN so geographically he could be ahead of the game), and then they vanished.

It was easier at this point to make an example of him, labeling him as a traitor, rather than kill him and start a series of riots.

Q. What is the background story and meaning of the photo of Ed Snowden with CIA director Michael Hayden?

A.  I get when this picture was taken in 2011 Snowden was planning what he was going to do.  He wasn't for certain exactly what, but he knew he had to shed the truth somehow.  Then, I hear the phrase "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."  Snowden was keeping his soon-to-be enemy very close.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Q. Considering this fool-proof system how was he able to outsmart the most powerful intelligence agency on earth?A.  I get this man is brilliant, and he helped to design (or troubleshoot??) much of the system.  It wasn't easy, and timing of everything was critical.  I also get something about him replicating someone else's ID???  It was like he "appeared" to be in several places (or even no place) at the same time..

Q. Regarding the photo: What was so special about Ed Snowden's and Michael Hayden's relationship? Not every little data analyst Joe gets to have a professional photo shooting with the director of the CIA.
A.  I see that he wasn't just a"little data analyst,"  he was a go to resource.  I also get that Snowden worked on some very high level projects in the past, so Hayden knew his name.  When Snowden saw him at the gala, he took the photo op.

Q. Is it true that Ed Snowden and Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) are cousins?
A.  (Wow!) I could not connect to this. (But, this doesn't mean it can't be true, I just couldn't see it).


Robert Schoen said...

I think the same frustration, waiting for the other shoe to drop, that some feel about Snowden can apply to Julian Assange, as far a people waiting for answers or proof of how corrupt things are. Do you really think the same corrupt corporate media that keeps beating the drums for WWIII with Russia is going to release such earth shattering news when it's finally exposed? It's already out there and the real test will be how far Trump will go to prosecute those who've basically been running this country all along.

The best thing Trump has done is his constant "fake news" mantra, because that becomes the new reality and even those who hate him now start to begin to realize how they've been manipulated and lied to. A lot of people woke up during the Bush Jr. reign but then fell asleep during the Obama years under the illusion he was a "progressive," I find it extremely painful to see street protests and riots by those who seem to be so easily lead to work against their own interests.

Change won't come from a whistleblower, it will only happen when people start learning to think for themselves and wake up to what's been going on all along.

John Casey said...

Yes, we need to boycott CNN, NPR, MSNBC and the Post and the Times. Just step away from the propoganda, and keep labeling them as fake news.

My feeling is that someone like George Webb, with his videos, serves as a useful vehicle, complementary to Snowden and Assange, to put information out there in a way that bypasses the corrupt legacy media. True, it doesn't get much attention, but he (or his persona) can foil false flag attacks and reveal detailed information about black operations, such as the kidnapping of Braverman.

By the way, I would recommend Sybel Edmonds' novel "Lone Gladio" as it is both a decent read and reveals all kinds of details about how these operations work.

Denise Christensen said...

@Robert and John--I agree wholeheartedly that we need to turn our backs on the fake news. While it pains me also to see people, especially family members, continue to be duped, it excites me to watch the legacy media being brought to its knees. It's only a matter of time. Each day brings a fresh attack by Trump and many others who are working to bring down the apparatus of the PTW. Each one of us can be whistlerblowers in our own small way. As an example, I hadn't heard of George Webb until I read John's post. Now I will add it to my list of alternative news sources. Thank you!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and info. I too agree that the "fake news" is causing way too many problems, and too many people are free thinking enough to do their own research (or even listen to their own gut instincts). Truth is sometimes really hard to accept..