Monday, May 15, 2017

Random Short Q and A

More flat earth questions: (I know this topic is really out there, and for some takes a certain amount of thinking outside the box to consider, but please just consider the possibility.. The concept is out there, and seems to "tickle our brains" at very random and curious times..)
Q.  How does the flat earth idea change the mainstream concept of the solar system? 
A.  I get in this paradigm the earth, shaped more like a disk with a firmament dome top is sort of like a planetarium.  The stars and planetary bodies are viewed through the firmament lens.  To some degree, this system feels very earthcentric.  I also understand that most of what is "really" seen through a telescopic lens looks like a blur, and what is passed on to the public contains CGI techniques.  What we think is based on what we are told, and not experience.  I am left with the questions to ponder over, "Why do we not see satellites and other space "stuff" when we view the moon?"  "We see the space station pass, or do we, but nothing else?"  
Image an inverse "flat" earth and firmament with a central tunneling system.
These two halves, would make a spherical "whole."

Q. How does the inner sun in the hollow Earth work if the Earth is not round?
A.  I hear that a flattened, or disk shaped earth doesn't have to be thin.  It can still be miles deep.  As I try to understand this, I once had a vision and watched people go into the center.  They went into the hollow earth (at the north pole), the came through the center and exited on the other side with its' own firmament.  This, in theory would make the earth a flat disk, surrounded by two semi spherical firmaments (creating a circular outer firmament).  The path to and from each side earth would be the entrance/exit at the north pole.  Based on what I saw there is the side of earth that we live on, a hollow center (with tunnels, portals, ET bases, etc) and a flip side (inverse) to earth.

As I type this I am getting gentle nudges the inverse side of earth houses the next, 4D version of earth.  There are requirements to incarnate or even travel there, but I am not being shown those details (yet).  

Q. Can you do a reading on Emmanuel Macron as the president of France? What will happen to France in 2017?
A.  I see a division of the people, and he feels pressure to regain trust.  I see social groups breaking out to protest his ideals as well.  The biggest challenge I see for France is keeping the economy going due to an influx of people.  The immigration feels very unmonitored (for lack of a better term), which causes other problems.  Many citizens look to question if they should leave the country (but many can't due to financial constraints).  It also looks like France struggles to keep and retain talent (doctors, engineers, etc)  
A. It looks like a combination of economic troubles and government (internal and external) control.  The economy is highly unstable, and what food was available looks to be hoarded (out of fear).  What is available is getting bought up, therefore there isn't enough supply for the demand.  The government (out of fear of a complete takeover because starving people are desperate) looks to be doing what they can by releasing slow amounts of food.  It looks like eventually another country will come in (US??) and take over (because of natural resources), but I hear they are waiting on things to totally fall apart to "buy it up for pennies on the dollar."

Human body:

Q. Who do humans have 10 fingers?
A. I get that the ETs that seeded earth all had three fingers and a thumb, which they viewed as inhibiting.  Because humans were initially bread to be slaves on earth, they were created with four fingers and a thumb for dexterity and to more effectively preform physical (manual) labor.  This trait was proven to be effective (a good upgrade) and it was kept from race to race.

Q. Do eye colors mean something? Why do we have different eye colors? Why are some colors more common?
A. I get that earth was seeded by the Pleadians, Cat ETs and Dog ETs (the later two from Orion).  Other ETs were present, but weren't part of the geneticists that did the creating (and other experiments took place, but didn't always stick).  Each ET used some of their own DNA (created humans in their image), and each root DNA was associated with a different eye color.  Over the years, the DNAs have merged (blended), and other variations have emerged (hazel, two toned, or even different colors in each eye).  Some genes have even proven to be dominant (such as brown eyes), and the more we blend, the more that color will show itself.  It isn't that brown is more common, it is just more dominant (and overrides other colors).

Q. Why do men generally have more hair than women? Do beards, mustaches, and armpit hair serve a purpose?
A.  Hair serves a very important purpose for men.  It helps to protect our largest organ, our skin.  Armpit and other body hair (like legs) prevents friction, protect against inclement weather and was needed especially in the early years when men had to be hunters and protectors. As years and environmental situations change, men and women look to have less and less hair overall (when compared to earlier humans).  

Q. Can you do a reading on the WannaCry ransomware that locks users' files unless they pay in Bitcoins? It has affected many users and companies in different countries. Is this caused by the NSA?
A. I see this more like a ploy by the PTW (Powers That Were) to cause problems, evoke fear and see if they could write and execute a virus of this magnitude.  It doesn't feel like the NSA, but rather a darker group formed from ex-NSA employees or affiliates.  They don't even necessarily need the money, but it is a test to see who will pay, how they react and are they smart enough to detect the source.  It truly is a psychological test of all demographics and locations.  Where are the weak spots, who can be controlled and how to manipulate the masses?.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


wendy tascione said...

Lynn so now im wondering were we on a ball earth and we blew it up or jumped to a hologram or computer simulation so now we are on a disc?

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Wow! I had an idea come to me one time when I was kind of daydreaming and it was two halves of Earth, with two flat Earth disks and their firmaments, put together with a major portal thru the North Pole...Even with inner cities and tunnels thru the 'middle ground' Just as you described! I actually sketched it out in my journal then stratched it because I thought it was too radical and extreme... My mind automacially wanted to link it with the Lord of the Rings, cuz of the phrase, middle Earth and all, lol. Anyways, I will dig that sketch out and keep it! Thank you for this info!!!

Beloved Shiningstar said...

What does our solar system really look like? (since everything we have been shown or told is fabricated by ptw)

Is there really water above the firmament? I'm only asking because I'm curious about space being filled with water.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Wendy: I think anything is possible, and different times lines have different experiences. I see earth as a living thing, and can go through changes and time line adjustments too.

@Beloved Shiningstar: Oh, wow! Thank you for sharing!!

I do see the firmament filled with water (as above, so below)... I need to really think through the whole solar system- would be a good post!

A Fox said...

If you see water above is that to push us back to earth if we do try to space travel?

They Live said...

If I can add to the short Q&A on a personal level as I feel quite concerned. I've been having vivid dreams of Zoe Kravitz, in the one I just dreamt I was at a gathering where her mom Lisa Bonet was performing. I sat right in front of Lisa and Zoe was sitting next to her. After speaking to me/singing, Lisa then gave me a gift- a black top. Zoe, Lisa and myself all had on white. I know these colors represent alchemical colors.
Are they attempting to use me as some sort of sacrifice or any other sinister reason or is this a positive thing?
Many thanks for any help you offer.

Watchand Knock said...

Why do native speakers from peripheral areas CRINGE when they hear common expressions to the natives os central countries (example UK versus US or German former Colonies versus Germany).
From an outsiders perspective when we hear some expressions we associate a person "full of hot air"! I recall my dad who had lived many years in South America saying about the Neo-Germans: "when I ask a question to somebody in the "town-hall" some bureaucratic type of question, instead of admitting the "don't know" the clerks now answer "sorry I'm oversked"".
Similarly a UK person recently commented on a blog: "All I know is, every time someone says "reach out to" i/o call or email, I visibly CRINGE."
Why is there a (overall) tendency to say things in this way?
(I'm asking without any reference to this post or somebodies comments, just taking the chance to pose a random question). Thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@A Fox: I get it is for the same reason that a caged animal wants out when they realize they are cages, or a dog wants the opportunity to run off his leash... We as people don't want to feel trapped.

@They Live: I don't see this as a negative thing or any kind of sacrifice. I would maybe ask your guides for more clarity, or even try to meditate on it and see if you can get any more insight.

@w=WatchandKnock: I get it has to do with the impression that was left based on how the "government" wants history to be viewed or felt.

Conrado said...


What species of ET wanted us as their labor force and slaves?
Doesn't is sound very low vibrations?

They Live said...

@Lynn thank you so much!

My Picks said...

So we are "trapped" or being "contained" in some way on purpose? Is this the only planet with this firmament or did other species overcome this too?

Jesse said...

Hey Lynn I was wondering if you could do a reading on the origin of BLUE EYES

I'm so curious to know what species we came from or if it was a mix of species that created blue eyes, Thanks! Love & Light.

Chatty Cathy said...
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The enlightened one said...

Lynn is putting much at stake by claiming the Earth is flat. It's indeed a very bold statement. I would not be too surprised if it's true though.

Concerning the hairiness of men, it should be noted that white people in general have more hair than non-whites. For example, many native Americans lack beard or body hair, except for pubic hair. so do many Asians. The indigenous Aino of Japan often have facial hair, but they are also thought to stem from white people that lived in Japan even before the current Asian population lived there.

Metushelah said...

Maybe Homo Capensis

Metushelah said...

I have always wondered if we lived on a flat disk, why we cannot see the sun and moon all the time. Or is our flat earth still rotating around the sun like a Frisbee. Odd.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I realize this is a really long YouTube, but even if you have to watch it over several days the following really will give you pause.. I just finished it up last night (based on a recommendation from someone else).

Anonymous said...

It draws one attention how each side of the flat/sphere earth debate is unwilling to check the other side’s points, but let me try giving a domestic airflight example.
When returning from Pacific ocean beach holidays (date Ocot 21 equinox when day and night are equally long) a US-east-coast-resident resident will face a over 10 hours flight between Honolulu and New York. This (UA14) flight departs 2:40 pm and will arrive next day at 6:10am in NY. Therefore. From his windows seat, he will be able to appreciate the blue ocean cenery for 3 hours approximatelly before it gets dark. Once he’ll arrive at 6am (and recalling its an equinox night trip) all of the remaining flight hours (7:30) will be in darkness.
But on his way to Honolulu (assuming another equinox day flight trip) at the beginning of his holyday season he left NY at 7:50 am and landed in Honolulu at 12:59PM (UA61).
Therefore before take off in NY he’s had 2 hours of daylight, and after he landed in Haway another 5 hours. Therefore he had an extremely long day 17 and a half hours of daylight to be more precise. While on his way back home he’ll face just 7 and a half hours of darkness.
Please explain this with your flat earth model!!!

Sean Nash said...

Flat Earth thing. Back in 2002 I had a thought and visual during a meditation. Maybe this can help with this topic and Lynn please do comment. During my meditation of no thought, I get this thought pop in my head-" why does the earth spin and how?" Not something I think about but this was during my meditation. I'll type as best I remember. It was this: the land mass of earth is like a flat ring rotating with the core. Antarctic ( South Pole) is a frozen land mass. The North Pole is just frozen water. Therefore, two people on opposite ends of earth, their feet would not meet each other's feet if say they fell trough the earth at the same time and met . The illusion of this thinking that they would is Optic! The earth shape, though, is a globe due to having two magnetic (frozen) poles. Therefore, you could call this form-'stretched'. When a person leaves earth's atmospheric lens cover and views the earth from outside this lens, the illusion is the curvature. Also from land view is a curvature . Outside looking in through the atmospheric lens is the illusion of the curve of land mass and water. A ring around two bodies of water and poles. The land mass is a level ring and the earth is a globe shape. Flat is not flat in terms of an ending at each end either but a level ring of land mass rotating around a centre also having 2 bodies of water at each end without having any disconnect . If the atmospheric lens of earth was stripped away , the illusion of curve shape is no longer. Understanding this leads to understanding Gravity. Historically , earth was a unipole or say monopole- singular as opposed to the current 2 poles. That is the flat earth controversy from history being debated today. Lynn, perhaps Ed could explain this for he worked with unipole magnetic frequency. Tesla did also.

Alex said...

There are too many 'flat earth' readings lately. There's no way to prove who's right and who's wrong. Can we move away to other more interesting topics?

The enlightened one said...

@Sean Nash
So are you saying Earth is like a ring like a donut, with a large chunk of ice in the middle?

At least that would make some sense with regard to explaining how Earth was created. It seems like a more natural form.

Serene said...

Too bad we can't zoom out into space 100 miles so we could know immediately for sure. In the meantime we have to rely on Video to tell us what kind of vehicle we're really riding on.


Within the Grand Illusion lies each individual illusion. We live in a free will zone therefore "to each his zone". In my personal zone I could not care less if illusion earth is flat or sphere. I will never travel into outer space so it matters not to me.

Serene said...

When I meant rely on Video, I meant the public in general when they want to look at photos of the planet, not those that know any highly reliable clairvoyants.

Diane Hamilton said...

If we all create our own realities what does it all really matter or should I say, there really is no matter.

Sean Nash said...

To Enlightened One I would say I mean more like the vesica piscsis. But yes like a donut as being the land mass. When we look at our eyes looking at our face, our eyes are a slant shape due to the eye lids. But our eye ball is totally round in of itself- see the vesica piscsis. So, flat and globe both apply just by what effects the view- illusion versus reality. It is all by what lens; this is the thesis I speak of. This effects both views from outer space and from on earth. The earth is transitioning to a uni or mono pole again in my opinion- hence the melting of the Arctic.

Sean Nash said...

When it comes to satellites, to my understanding, they are positioned according to the curvature of earth to earth spin ratio. Satellites are put into position at a spot. Once at the spot they are in a free fall but at a perfect angle and elevation to the spin of earth. So they appear not to move but are at a balance of descent to spin of earth. They don't just fly around up there moving to and fro to my understanding. By physics as I said they are at a consistant geographic location- though not perfect, hence the many satellites up there- need more coverage. Satellites look stationary but they are actually in constant free fall around the curve at a gravitational balance. To my understanding.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments.

Sean, thanks for the explanation. I need to think on the satellites.. I did see a YouTube that hypothesizes the all or most satellites antennas are land based (on towers, etc) and that is the reason the receiver has to change directionally in more horizontal motions versus being pointed straight up to the atmosphere. I know it is a lot to take in (even I am not sure what I think).. It is hard to dismiss the bias we are taught growing up. :-)

Thank you for all the input and info!!

Sean Nash said...

Thanks Lynn. To my understanding, the ground based antennas are because the energy and signals are land based and not from satellites-hence the angles of the dishes. My satellite example was not saying otherwise. I was attempting to explain satellites orbiting. To my understanding, cell towers and dishes signals are all land based. The signals don't travel through the air but through the ground from ground to ground towers. Satellite phones and tech are different. Wireless technology is ground to ground not ground to air,air to ground. It is through and by the earth that wireless connection works-to my understanding. like lightening strikes- lightening is met with an ark from the ground(as in a tree) with the lightening from above to create a strike . Not just lightening striking a land based thing randomly. The tree sends up a rod and the sky lightening is attracted and they meet and it is a 'strike" . This is how wireless technology works-send/receive. Same idea as Tesla has said and is his wireless power energy concept-fee energy! Free wireless energy is of earth based-no wire connections needed- cell phones operate with same principle. Land based signal travel trough the earth not through the air or from satellites. Towers are just boosters required due to the signal bend by gravity . Like this example; We see orange and red predominately at sunset and sunrise. This is because these colors are of a greater density than other colors. So, they 'bend' more due to their density of gravity. Wireless is of similar science. Scientists don't fully understand gravity nor lightening or even electricity-theories at best. You can research this fact just by google. Understanding those 3( Gravity, lightening, electricity) are one and the same. It is all Perturbative of equilibrium. It is like attracts like. Proximity is important to this effect. Gravity is of all things that are made of the same things (matter matrix)-equilibrium! This is the wireless principle . If we were to utilized the curvature, or say bend, through natural enforcement of gravity through polarities, boosters would not be needed but just directed so to speak. This is why Tesla chose Colorado Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs(1899-1900) for his wireless power experiments. Lightening is very active there . In the movie The Prestige where Tesla lit up light bulbs placed in the ground wireless at Pike Peak was a true thing he did! Wireless power is through the earth . Anti-gravity is not negating gravity( you said something before like this also--through gravity). It is changing, altering the perturbation relationship between things of matter- the equilibrium. Phew!I am done now. This is all just my opinion.

Sean Nash said...

Tesla at Colorado Springs. Master of Lightening.

Metushelah said...

Alpha - numeric: simple answer, we live on an imperfect globe, it's only flat in our neighbourhood.

Alice Liu said...

Regarding Flat Earth w/Dome, Simon Parkes just discussed the confusion surrounding it on his Sunday program. (47:30 mark)