Tuesday, April 4, 2017

(Thoughts On) A Message From Veronica

Q.  Below is an email newsletter to which I subscribe.  It is free.  I have been getting these emails for a long time, and I am sure I have read at least a hundred of them by now.  They are messages received by a medium from the other side from an entity named Veronica.  They are usually positive and upbeat and they give advice about coping with daily life by staying tuned to the positive and higher energies.  I am forwarding this one to you because it has a markedly different tone.  It feels a little disturbing and I wanted to get your thoughts. 
"Fear not the new energy as it comes in. Welcome it.​​​​​​​"


"For those in the physical, a time of transition moves energetically through the space with vigor. For many it feels uneasy. A sense of imbalance can be terrifying. It is important though to remember that it also signifies improvement in all levels of reality. Steadfast focus within will soften the harshness until the energy settles into a more harmonious moment.

Turn to face whatever your changes that may be manifesting. Realize that evolvement requires courage. Reach deep within while the energy winds of change do their work. You came here to grow. To do so one must be willing to walk through the necessary shifts. There is really no time to lament loss. Often a purge is what's needed to make room for the next level of advancement.

Decide to be a leader. Decide to be an example of braveness that encourages others to do the same. Illuminate your inner light during this ascension so that the way is brighter for all. The darkness can only increase if you let it. Shine beyond the parameters of the current situation. Fear not the new energy as it comes in. Welcome it.

The global transition and all who are in it depend upon those who truly acknowledge the light within.  Be one with that light."  ~VERONICA
A. I see this as positive and informative. We are all approaching trying times, and as we evolve and shift, we are bombarded with all kinds of energies. They range from high vibrations to lower vibrations. These energies will prepare and strengthen us as we move along our path.  Our 3D physical bodies cannot handle a huge wave of energy all at once, so we get a constant bombardment of little waves to prepare us.  

I see her saying not to fear the energy, and be prepared because it may not always feel good.  I see some (more sensitive people) feeling very tired, foggy or even flu-like.  You don't have to enjoy the entirety of the process (especially when it doesn't feel nice), but accept it is happening and will lead to better things.  You can purge or clear what feels lower so the higher vibrations are what "stays around."  Be open to the shift, and allow the necessary changes so you can embrace your new, higher vibrational reality.

Use the upcoming change as an opportunity to strengthen yourself (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically).  If you trust in the change, and realize it will be in your highest and best good, it will be an amazing experience. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Caroline said...

Lynn, what is the most effective way to purge and clear lower energies? Many thanks!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Arrg. This has been going on for three years! Uncle!

Diane Hamilton said...

I get the Veronica News Letters and always find them informative and positive. I'm glad to hear you agree Lynn.

The enlightened one said...

I would recommend you try the Andean shamanic method called "samin chakuy". It is one of the basic techniques and is probably described in most books on Andean shamanism.

I can't find anything remotely disturbing in the letter. Would the questioner be so kind as to explain what he/she found so disturbing?

wendy tascione said...

I honestly think we are now going to be shown or know for sure that children have been abused, torture and sacrificed and maybe by possessed/ archonic beings. AS A nation we need to face this truth help expose it and demand it stop in order to heal. ALSO FACE the trutg that our govts are responsible for wars and 911. When we see this evil exposed it will be hard on humans but it has to come out so we can ascend.....i may be wrong but i feel that this is what the clearing os about.

Mark Noeth said...

I don't understand the light and this ascension stuff, it just isn't part of my agenda. I do enjoy reading the posts here... First paragraph maybe addressing mass immigration everywhere or the China build up... Second paragraph maybe addressing getting rid of psychological baggage or possibly some kind of purge in the near future. Our Alcomy researcher was given some information, I can't verify the where and when. It isn't in the states so we wait and see for a wile... Last paragraph maybe saying people need to "put on their big boy or girl pants" and help others in doing so if you prescribe to this agenda... It isn't an overly dark message for those of you that want this.

Serene said...

About Veronica, been reading her posts for years. IMO a high level entity. The messages focus on being in the moment and taking time to see through all the muck, which is typically heavy and dense in our reality. She reminds constantly that we are all simply playing a role to experience a particular lesson and we are eternal spirits. Her channel, April Crawford has authored a few books as well. xoxo

Kalamota Kook said...

I think the dark element of the message the questioner perceives is probably the sense that the big stuff is a-coming. That things are about to get even uglier for the unawake, and ugly too for anyone trying to look on from a place of compassionate detachment. It has of course been building, along with the Ascension energies, for some time now. But various chanellers and messengers I have seen and heard say that the split between 3D and 5D living has reached the fork in the road, which portends a very difficult time for those who haven't chosen to make the change.

I think the general warning is not to become sucked in too much emotionally with the great tragedies and turmoils that are going to ratchet up. To stay as spiritually clean as possible, not to lose sight of the future positive potentials that are also in process alongside the scary stuff. I apologise if I have got the questioner wrong, but that seems to be the prevailing message about the current time and that's what came to mind when I read the question.

It is also the view of the astrologically minded that April is going to be - already is for some of us! - extremely challenging, a rocky ride. Nothing stable, a push-pull maelstrom where we are being stretched in all directions. I read a very useful summary at Power Path here:


I've already had a struggle to stay afloat this month, and I found that guidance a relief (I became embarrassingly angry which almost never happens now - not so much April Fool as April Rant-A-Foam). The advice to ride the storm out is similar to what Lynn says here. Keep your eye on the light, or 'the door' as Lena from Power Path calls it, don't get dragged down, don't get involved with the 3D turmoil, don't expect any resolution for a while yet, just stay grounded with nature and your spiritual practices. It's just a bad patch of turbulence on the journey to a better place.

Also remember that a lot of the truly vile happenings that will emerge are not a new horror, but were embedded around us all along out of awareness, like the paedophilia trade as Wendy mentioned above. Shining a light on the dark stuff is the only way it can be cleansed.

Enlightening Life Your said...

I write a lot on this topic and my writing is always positive and focused on self awareness, self empowerment, and becoming energetically congruent, one of my areas of expertise. One thing I have long noticed in my 15 years of being a leader in this area, is that people expect 'spiritual' information to be nice, gentle, and rather 'airy fairy'. That's not my style so I don't write that way and we need to change how we look at this topic. We are engaged in an epic battle for our energetic sovereignty and we need to give this topic the energy it needs, which means standing up for ourselves and for our planet. We do not need more channels that spout platitudes about nothing in particular and all sound the same way. We are the creative ones with all of the power - why do you think so much effort is expended to control our energy? Think about it.
It requires a tremendous amount of courage and energy to do what we are doing in the world and it is our time to shine now. We can no longer hide behind spiritual platitudes, we need to stand up for our truth and get our head out of the clouds so we can have our feet firmly grounded in the reality of the world we want to live in, and then start creating it together.

Ma'at said...

2017 is a 10 01 year. That means some really new beginnings, and some really revelational (apocalyptic) information is going to come to light. We've been in denial for two generations, if not three, and it has become pathological. Under a Hillary admin, we'd have been able to hide a little while longer. With Trump, we cannot hide anymore. I think that is a good thing, because 4 to 8 more years of denial and we'd lose our civilization. Let's rip this bandaid off and lance this boil before we as a species and societ become septic.

We can no longer abandon and wall off our shadow sides. It demands we pay attention to it. The only way to resolve it is to run right into the eye of the storm, grab that tornado by the tail and hang on.

The next year and a half is going to shock the hell out of most of us, even the ones that have seen it coming and been called whack jobs and insane. We've given up our careers, because we do not want to enable it anymore.

My Astronomer friends are telling me Leo/Virgo/Libra is going to be wild. In like a lion, order out of disorder, and balance. We are in for a wild ride.

Namaste', and remember. We came here to watch this. Grab some popcorn and your beverage of choice. This actually can be fun, once the bandaid rips off. :-)

The enlightened one said...

What do you mean by "10 01"?

The enlightened one said...

@Enlightening life your

I have always wondered why you spell your alias with "life" before "your". Would you mind "enlightening" us on this subject?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

These are wonderful comments and great suggestions for the shifts of energy. Meditating and visually purging has been helpful for me. As you become more aware of the change within yourself, you can even force it to move a bit (or at least recognize what it is, and know it will eventually leave). :-)

Hope said...

Sorry for my ignorance, Lynn, but what do you mean 'visually purging' ? How do you visualize it?

What about listening to 432Hz? Does it help?

Thank you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hope: I do a lot with visualizing what I want to happen, and mentally forcing (through my own will) energy, negativity, etc, to leave...

Buddhist Lady said...

Da-da--you are too funny!!

Very cool--I don't know this Veronica, but I'm signing up!!! As I mentioned, been reading Cassiopaen transcripts and revisiting Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn because of references in the transcripts. I'm chillin'.

I gotta agree with Wendy. I think something will happen which will make all hell break loose, and people who haven't had the opportunity to tune in will be utterly enraged to learn that child trafficking and assault has been so rampant and initiated by supposed leaders/movers/shakers; will be utterly enraged to learn about our false flags and manipulations to ramp up war (along with the huge profits a very narrow % at the top reaps from these endeavors while the common citizen is sent to war like cannon fodder); and will be utterly enraged to learn that technology and advancement exists which would enable the everyday citizen a higher standard of living but which has been suppressed. Indeed, perhaps rage will develop simply because of the realization that so much knowledge and information has been suppressed.

Buddhist Lady said...

Ma'at--hell yeah!!! "We came here to watch this. Grab some popcorn and your beverage of choice." Ride 'em, cowboy!! Yaaaahhhooo!!!!

John Casey said...

I'm with Dada, these "flu-like" symptoms can be a real trial, and I've only been experiencing them for six weeks or so. Trying to keep my eyes on the light, but I will sure be grateful when some of this passes, especially it is brings some larger-scale resolution to the world's exploitation and secrecy issues.

Ma'at said...

@ The Enlightened One

2+1+7 equals ten, 10, numerologically speaking. Which equals 01. A 1 year. And a digital communication. Ones and zeros.

Ma'at said...

BTW, I've known April/Veronica for 17 years, and I know them to be as genuine as 24 karat gold. They were the first medium pair that I ever met, personally, and were part of my enlightenment.

icqgirl 2 said...

Veronica says similar things as Neale Donald Walsch (or whoever is coming through him), author of the Conversations with God (CWG) book series.

Um. A new CWG book came out recently, aptly titled Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species. (I have been itching to share the existence of this book on this blog all week!)

Being in the threshold of a grand and wonderful phenomenon makes me feel all tingly inside.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you again. This has been a good discussion!!

Cheryl said...

Lynn, how do we purge negative energies within a country. I'm from S Africa and need all the help with corruption in government. What can we do as individuals to unite and purge darkness out? Thank you for all your interesting readings. Love & light x