Monday, March 6, 2017

Fated or Accidental

Q. Hi Lynn, could you please help me understand a difficult question? 

For those people who died horribly from terrorist attacks such as explosion, beheading, shooting; is there a past life killing karmic tie between the terrorists and the victims? 

Or is it purely accidental because the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time? If it is purely accidental, why is the universe so unfair that the victims had to die that way?

A.  I see that when we incarnate, we decide what path, type of life and lessons we are to have.  Some of the decision is based on what lessens we need to know to ascend, some is based on residual karma that needs resolved. Every detail isn't planned, and free will is always able to pull you off your path, but the major influences in our life are already set in motion (unless you allow free will to intervene).  These major influences can be, but aren't limited to, your birth parents, family, childhood experience (good, bad, or indifferent), major relationships (friends and significant others that were part of your soul pact), children and some some extent, death.  Where it gets confusing is the free will of not only you, but those around you.  Someone else not following their path can effect your life and how your path flows.  Fate and your guides will continue to attempt to put you back on the right path, but it is up to you to follow those nudges.

I'm being shown the following example to illustrate this point.  There is a young woman, about 25 years old.  She is single, no children, and driving down the road.  There is another gentlemen, driving in the opposite direction, that had too much to drink, and even though that voice in his head said to NOT DRIVE, he ignored it (let free will override) and hit the woman head on.  A passerby saw this and rushed to her rescue (her guides put this man in her path to assist her so she could fulfill her life journey.  The actions caused by the other man's free will needed to be reset.). The woman was critically injured, nearly passed away before 911 could respond,  and the quick response of this man saved her life.  She recovered fully, and grew to have a husband and family (because THAT was her life path she agree to when she incarnated).  Things can get ugly when we don't follow our gut or intuition, but our guides, higher self and source will constantly help redirect you if you listen.

I don't see things as accidental or coincidence, but rather synchronicities and Universal messages.  I see these horrific acts as fated to happen, and the comprehension as to why may never be fully understood why we are in our 3D body (because we cannot deny human emotion).  I see the Universe not seeing things as "good and bad," but things just "are."  It is like we need to have war to understand peace, without the dark we cannot know what is light.  The goal is always to reset and maintain balance and harmony. 

I was led a little off topic, but something wants me to share this:  We are all here to learn and grow through experience.  Some of us become very connected to our inner and higher selves, allowing a tremendous amount of growth to occur.  For those of us that learn, process and work through some of the major themes set in motion during this life (for example, some people need to work though abandonment or relationship issues), you can change your predetermined fated path.  When you conquer something major, you no longer have to be put in scenarios where you are challenged by that "major" thing.  But, if you do not conquer it, you will see the scenario come up over and over again in a variety of forms until you address it.  You do not have to feel plagued by a challenge, you just need to deal with it in a way that is for your highest and best good.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Chatty Cathy said...

Although I read about this concept in the Law of One and the information rings true to me I have difficulty with it. The idea that we cannot know light without the dark and good without evil and that the universe puts adversaries in our path so tha we may overcome and grow. But this also must mean the little solace we may get in knowing that murderers and p*dophiles will be punished in the afterlife is just a pipe dream IF they are only fulfilling a necessary role to maintain balance. Makes me wonder if the universe actually punishes evil doers for playing a necessary part in the Game.

Buddhist Lady said...

Great question and response, Lynn!

I have read a good deal of the Seth material and Law of One, too (I have more to go). I was fascinated to read in one part (somewhere) that, sometimes, while in Spirit and planning another life, if we are closely associated with another energetic entity or Life who requires a specific lesson, we offer to die prematurely or in, for us in 3D, a horrible manner for the enlightenment of that other Energy/Spirit. We do so out of infinite love and compassion for that Energetic Being.

I was also fascinated by the "Hidden Hand" dialogue, who professed to be among six-dimensional beings who "offered" to incarnate on Earth as Elitists/PTW to propel the growth of souls needing lessons in 3D at this time. Seth and Ra always speak of the necessity of each--the negative and positive; the Yin and the Yang; etc.--for those incarnate on Earth to learn lessons.

However, when someone does us harm, as Lynn said, our emotions control us for quite a while in most cases. Just part of 3D. How wonderful...but very supercede that condition and see the situation with a love and compassion available to us here in the Earthly Realm. And saying this, I want you to know that I ain't no saint!

Ralib Allen said...

This also quite confuses me because while I get that we come here to learn lessons fro spiritual growth and to settle karmic debt, you also have said before that reincarnation and going into the light is a trap set by the reptillians to make us forget and stay trapped on the planet. So do we really "have" to incarnate in a physical body to learn lessons?

joy said...

hehhhh..........I like that, so 3D (no offense) we always try to explain things we don't understand from this 3D point of view. Thanks,Lynn.
Lessons, reincarnations, soul traps,..oh, karma,soul growth. big learn love and compassion. Who really SPIRIT knows. SPIRIT made these our lifetimes a teaching lessons (NOT for me, for sure, because my LESSONS LEARNED is emptied or hidden from me everytime I learn something)
Ponder is said that the ALL-THAT-IS, THIS NON-DUAL CONSCIOUSNESS that is the life essence of this material a QUANTUM COMPUTER. Hah..? the one we call GOD is a quantum computer THAT BECOMES MORE ALL-KNOWING, ALL-POWERFUL more immortal, more of everything there is... thru our experiences..? So....ummm.... THIS QUANTUM COMPUTER is the guy that is setting us up...and we sort of,...blame the whoever we tag as this case the REPTILIANS to be doing us harm.
no wonder LUCIFER revolted. He must know something.Nah,.. he is part of this QUANTUM COMPUTER., SO are your teachers, your SPIRIT, and everything else we can think of..
Yep. Chatty Cathy...makes me wonder too,...If this QUANTUM COMPUTER actually punishes the evildoers..I suspect, does, not for revenge or justice,..but for its learning curve....(to become more all-knowing)

Sean Nash said...


You gave such a great insight here about this and example!!. I can totally relate to what you say here.

My back is fine now and I am back on my path. Largely in part to what you say and do, you have helped me see it and be it once again.

Much appreciation of you from me.

Me too said...

How do you know you conquered something major?

A Fox said...

I understand why we come here. I don't understand why we all feel the need to come here.
Why do I have to "ascend" if when we are in spirit form we are pretty much all knowing and all information is available to us.
Why can't I lay around in nirvana & ecstasy for eternity. If we always existed why aren't we fully ascended ? How can we have to grow if there was no beginning of our soul? Doesn't growing or moving up mean there was a beginning and an end ? I don't understand why we all feel the need to come here and torture ourselves.

Alex said...
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Alex said...
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Buddhist Lady said...

You guys made me laugh!! Yikes!! Quantum computer?!! I'm not a big fan of that image really boogles my mind! I'm not a fan of current techno because I think humans haven't developed the wisdom to use it appropriately and many rely on techno for spiritual sustenance rather than the opposite.

@ Me too--I speak only for myself. I feel a situation is "conquered" when it no longer pushes your buttons. You have control or mastery over that area or portion of your life (I think what many Buddhists define as overcoming illusion or, perhaps, delusion) and don't attract or draw that type of person, situation, or event into your life anymore. I think this is also what Buddhism means by breaking an "attachment" in this (saha) world. For me, I feel/felt like my life was under a microscope, and I could see reality for the first time, i.e., the truth of the situation as it existed within my life. Once you know truth, you are able to make correct action. Many spiritual practices exist which help develop this clarity. I think this is why we have so many turns of phrases like Socrates' "Know thyself" or Plato's "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Actually, A Fox, I read in one of the Seth or Ra books that some in spirit life do, in essence, lie around in nirvana &/or ecstasy for eternity, but the drawback is that they don't evolve as fact, they stagnant. Evidently, the impetus of this Quantum Computer is growth aka self-actualization or self-realization. Go figure! And, believe it or not (supposedly), they quickly tire of not developing. Hidden Hand (supposedly of the Luciferian ilk, i.e., PTW/Globalists as known on earth), related that Earth was a perfect place and everyone was lying around in perfect bliss...but as Shakespeare would say, therein lies the rub. No one doing anything. (Who knows if this true? But it's entertaining!) Evidently, one of the quickest ways to develop and graduate to the next level of dimensionality involves a sphere of duality...which 3D certainly is! Of course, some spiritual beings came purely to assist with Ascension knowing full well how difficult and heavy this karmic-ridden world is. And, actually, if Dolores Cannon is to be believed, they are highly honored from their dimensions/planets for doing so.

Raymond G said...

If we agree to our experiences before we are born, does that mean that there are no wasted lives because we are doing what we agreed to do before we got here?

Perhaps we think the life is wasted but we are learning lessons we are not aware of. Am I too far off base?

Kalamota Kook said...

What a lot there is here - and in the great comments too!

"Things can get ugly when we don't follow our gut or intuition."

^^ If I could go back to my teenage self and give her just one piece of advice for the life she was about to embark upon...

In response to Me Too, Buddhist Lady's explanation has other names and phrases as well, which all describe the same process really. It's what people call blind spots. Freud called it Repetition Compulsion (one of the things Freud got right, away from all the abuse-denial crap). Jung called it the Shadow - all the parts of ourselves we are unaware of or ashamed of, tend to come at us from the outside world. If we don't realise that the issue and answer are within us, it keeps happening under different guises, until the penny drops and we see how it's just reflecting a pattern in ourselves. It's another step forward in awakening.

Once we 'get it' the repeating scenario stops coming at us, although I have found we still get opportunities to recognise a situation and choose differently. 'Ah yes, I used to fall for that type of person/ get into a rage/ play out that story. And now I can calmly walk away.' The most obvious example would be a repeating dating or relationship pattern - you keep ending up with the same type of person with the same issues, say 'Never Again!' and then go straight back into another relationship with the exact same issues. Why does it keep happening? Something you may not want to admit to yourself is magnetising/manipulating that scenario into being. Most likely something awkward in your own family history. Once you realise, and you see it, you start to attract different people to you who don't act out the lesson for you, as it's done. Really, spiritual development, maturity, consciousness-raising, all of this is simply the process of becoming aware of what we have suppressed about ourselves. We become more and more whole, and a lot more happy with ourselves and others.

I understand why people baulk at ideas around Karma because it can seem callous or unpleasant to dwell on reasons. Is tragedy ever 'good'? We find it hard to view the wider picture. I have just this week been re-bingeing on Nick Drake (If you don't know him, pretend it's your birthday and open this) -

His destiny was to be a musical genius, but each of his three albums sank almost without trace. He plunged into a black depression, feeling like a total failure, which ended with an overdose at the age of 26. Years later, the rare albums that sold began to influence other musicians, and even though he's now seen as one of the great singer songwriters and guitarists, most people continue to never have heard of him. But his influence on subsequent music has been extensive.

Anyway, as part of my Drakebinge I reread a passage by Jungian astrologer Liz Greene about Nick Drake's chart. It was understandably very archetypal, he was the eternal boy who never fully emerged from the great mother into a separately embodied existence (friends called him 'spectral' and 'transcendent'). The transits for his death were astonishing though - a tight quadruple conjunction in his house of endings, trining exactly his birth Sun and Uranus. The transits spoke of something beautiful and joyous occurring, right time right place right outcome, which sounds bizarre or even offensive from an earthly perspective. But it seemed that in his case, his work was done and it was time to go home. Mission accomplished. It was incredible how different his death seemed in an that context. The reading had originally been for his family, and I wonder what they thought of it.

Kalamota Kook said...

When I read about the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland last December, which got to me unusually deeply for some reason, I wondered: when people die in one local incident like a fire or a train crash or suicide bomb, do they transition together as a group, and rise as one soul-group collective, or does each person go through their process entirely alone to the other side? Do collective tragedies leave a collective imprint in the location?

I apologise, I never realise how long my posts are going to be until I hit send!

Kalamota Kook said...

Sorry, me again.

If the things I wrote about Nick Drake and archetypes and astrology sound out there, all the themes, including the manner of his (lack of) fame and death, are all there in his lyrics - there's even a line about him still being in the womb - which make his songs even more spine chilling. I'll shut up now.

Hope said...


How do we know that the decisions we made were due to freewill and not fated decisions (because THAT was our life path we agree to when we incarnated)

Perhaps it was fated that the young man caused accident to that woman, like a wake-up call to him to take care of his drinking problem and a wake-up call to the woman that life is precious?

Another example (from a friend). She was told that if she gets married, she will be divorced. So, she has vowed to stay single.

So, by remaining single, does it mean her freewill has changed her fated married life or did her guides send her the fortune teller to convince her to stay single?

My question is, how does she know which was her actual life path she agree to when she incarnated? Single or Married?

Much thanks!

Charlie the Tuna said...

I do not believe in karma, I do not believe we have to make up for our actions while here on our prison planet. Nope, I am not buying into karma. I used to think karma was real, but as I have aged I have learned it is nothing but hogwash.

Just my opinion.

Alex said...

@Charlie the Tuna

Not believing in karma is the same as not believing in justice and Newton's third law. Or do you think that god created people so that they can be imperfect such as blind, paralysed, extreme poverty, short life without any good reasons?

Eva Witte said...

Charlie the Tuna, since you have 'learned' that you don't believe that karma could not be true, are you using your gut instinct or have you been told by others that it could not be something that happened. I sometimes have dreams that I consider that are either other timelines or something I learned in a past life or like a prediction for the day that follows the night in which I dreamed and it often reflects what I will be experiencing emotionally and helps me to understand and prepare for the situation that will arise and I become aware of choices I need to make having the right reaction and intuition to have a good outcome.

John Casey said...

Outstanding post, Lynn. Muchos gracias.

Sean Nash said...

My understanding of Free Will is of the Souls choices individually and collectively together in one big orchestrated Play. Not so much as Free Will of the human mind. There are potentials, fates and destiny's. Human biology of physical manifestation is the vehicle by which Free Will is experienced by Soul in this realm of frequency forgetfulness of true Source.

Free will is for and by the Soul. The human mind is difficult to explain this to. Awareness is the key. The Key is remembering in the physical that we are all members of One as Soul. The play of Forgetting in order to experience Free Will is completing . We are Re-Membering as while in Physical of the Soul's Journey. It is about Time and is about Time. Time in forgetfulness and it is Time to Re-Member now. The who, what , where , when and how is the Free Will Play. We physical, are the actors of roles in it all. All in perfect divine order!

We will all celebrate how so much fun this was to experience! LOL

Just my opinion.

Buddhist Lady said...

Cool discussion!

Raymond--just gut feeling. Supposedly, no life, in which we accept the challenges, is wasted. Evidently, in some of the "after life" books, you can get a D- or something and have to repeat. Then, the Team of Elders wants you in their office right now! (Just kidding!) Who knows?

Kalamota--well done!

Charlie--the best explanation I've heard of karma is simply energy balancing. One life you have great power. One life you don't. You learn both sides of the equation and come up with the "=" or answer on the other side, which is greater than the sum of the two parts. Tao.

Language. Our eternal problem. I always liked the expression: "The peace which surpasses all understanding." Seemed to indicate we couldn't reach "there" from "here" because of our limited mind, spirit, language, etc.

BTW, I think everyone on this board gets an A+.

Buddhist Lady said...

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Wikileaks "Vault 7":

Raymond G said...

Thanks Buddhist Lady!

Craig said...

When I had "terminal" cancer, I just decided that I had more to do. I didn't really know whether I would live or die but knew that thoughts are things so I continued with my alternative medicine and diet. When I asked a psychic what happened, she said I kind of rewrote my karmic record. So that's what free will can do. Obviously I needed to actually continue to learn or I wouldn't be here today.

My take on all this is that nothing is coincidence, no matter what happens. It's all free will energies colliding, attracting and repelling. I have been taught that anything entering our life is because we either allowed it or attracted it , subconsciously, consciously or by soul contract. Therefore there is no blame just a lesson. Hard to fathom for a society based on judge and punish. The evil is that is portrayed by certain individuals that agreed to play the part was allowed as part of a lesson for us. But even they have free will to choose differently.

Karma is not so much a literal tit for tat as a way for us all to feel what it is like emotionally when we have caused harm to another. Ultimately we are working toward the understanding that we are all parts of the same source and that unconditional love is the goal. It's just really hard to step back and see things objectively when you are right in the middle of it, emotionally involved, hurt, angry, etc. but that is part of the game. To know inside when something is pushing you to be able to handle a life experience with forgiveness and wisdom. We are all learning.

joy said...

Well, think about this......


if you believe and subscribe to karma, reincarnations,sins, forgiveness. or other teachings whatever they are, will go thru that reality.
I now think that these belief systems we acquired from different "high level teachers" are nothing but control mechanisms so that we will just go round and around chasing our tails.
So, what I have done is chuck them all into my garbage bin. and anytime "sht happens", I talk to my Spirit and tell it to take care of the garbage.
If course, I have to formulate a totally different model of reality so that I can walk out of it without any pangs of conscience.
It is like this. I chose that I AM SPIRIT, NOT EGO.. As spirit that is inside (essence of) the physical body,...I keep tab of my ego so that I can modify whatever behavior I have to modify to walk the path of Spirit.
Now, whatever will I do about those harm and pain I have done to others in the past before I found out who I really am...? The model that I see is that: I DID NOT DO IT. My identity is and has always been SPIRIT. The insane, demented, lunatic ego that is also occupying this physical body has been doing these harmful things to others, NOT all these belief about sin and forgiveness DO NOT APPLY TO ME.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. I AM SPIRIT, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THE LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS....on and on....
You see, ego was created separate from Spirit, by Spirit. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME frequency. ...and.......I don't have time to go thru all these hoopla that these prevailing belief systems want us to swallow., so every time my mind get into these hurtful memories, I simply "surrender" them to SPIRIT. "Take care of this garbage"
so far so good.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

So many great comments! I want to comment on a few.

I didn't realize that vault 7 was being released. You have me curious. I will need to look at that.

Craig: Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

Hope: We don't really know during our life, and I get it isn't clear until we are again in spirit. What I do see is when you follow your path you are at peace, feel complete and you are generally happy. Anything that misdirects you from those feelings are things you need to address.

Raymond: You are right. No life is a waste. There is ALWAYS something to learn (by yourself and those around you).

Ralib: No, you can learn in spirit and human form. It is just different in the way of experience. One feels more first person, and the other third person (that is what I hear??).

Me too: You will feel at peace. You will have a calm in your life while you either await your next challenge, or enjoy the happiness you earned.

A Fox: Our souls are complex. They want to evolve, and don't see this as torturous as we do in our human body. They see the greater good in all this, and even though life can be hard, it is worth it in the end. We are in a loop of viewing the human experience through 3D lenses.

Chatty Cathy said...

It seems the goal of this 3D experience is to achieve accomplishments and have peace and happiness, not letting the distractions and negativity put in our way hinder us from evolving out of the loop.

I'm seeing a strong parallel to the basic concept of a video game or some board games. The premise is that the "player" will continue to die and return to the exact same level with a new life until he/she masters that level. The player has to first circumvent every obstacle thrown in the way to win that level and ascend to the next higher level in the game.

Compare this to our real-life 3D game - the obstacles placed in our path are negativity and/or what we call evil, the achievement of passing each level is the feeling of peace and accomplishment we feel after obtaining our goal, and "Winning" the entire game is ascension to the next dimension, being 4th dimension for us. Perhaps they introduced us to the concept of play games to clue us in on how to win the real game. Truth, once again, in plain sight.

Buddhist Lady said...

Really thoughtful comments, everyone!!

Unknown said...

Funny story I have about karma. My hubby isn't a spiritual person and does not believe in it.

So he bought his first rental home and when the neighbors asked him to chip in to fix the fence he said no. 3 years later we bought our main residence. He wanted to get our fence fixed and the neighbor with the biggest side refused to pitch in. He came to me that day and said, well I guess karma does exist and now I feel bad about not chipping in with the rental home!

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the reading... unfortunately enlightenment for me is not a huge issue at this time.