Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Five for Friday #42

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Friday Five #42 — SPECIAL MIDWEEK EDITION — which was supposed to hold the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything, but instead opened other doors. As always, Da-da's questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Note that we’ve added two images to the list as two were fakes, and since many have asked for the fakes to be left in… voila.

Image #1: The Sinking of UB85
Q: What sank UB85? This is a German WWI sub that was sunk off the coast of Scotland by a British destroyer when the ship discovered the sub on the surface and sank it (the crew escaped), but… the captain of the sub claimed that they were easily sunk because they’d been attacked earlier by a “sea monster." True or a salty tale?

What Lynn Saw
A: I get that this captain was really embarrassed and outsmarted, and that the boat was indeed sunk by the destroyer. I see a malfunction of the sub itself causing the problem that made it surface; something in the engine room turbine blew, but it was due to the negligence of the captain and crew. Looks like they pushed the boat too hard and it broke. Sorry, no sea monster.

Image #2: Angels in the Romanian Outfield
Q. Is there really an old underground ET base beneath the Bucegi Mountains in Romania?

What Lynn Saw
A: This does feel like a base. Let’s see… whose base? I see good energy and biblical references. I get this angelic presence. I see these beings that are all dressed in white, very flow-y fabric around them; they float, almost like gravity doesn’t fully affect them, a foot or two off the ground. No wings. Pale skin, blond hair, light blue eyes. As I try to get more information (like their name), they sort of turn their backs on me and float away, so I’m guessing I’m not supposed to know more. Then I’m asking, what the purpose of this base, and I keep getting this phrase from Nanny McPhee:

There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me, but do not want me, then I’ll stay.  When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go. It’s rather sad really, but there it is.

It’s like we didn’t need them anymore, so they left. There were no hard feelings. It’s a very spiritual place. [What historical things were these being involved with, can you tell? And they've gone home, right? Any idea when they left? And did they travel by ship, or by “thought"?] They did go home on a ship. They were involved with some kind of writings that have the feel of poetry; not sure of the time frame, but we’re talking a few thousand years ago.

Image #3: The Floating Golden Sphere That Never Was
Q: Speaking of Romania, here’s an orb tracking some hikers in Romania. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
A: Feels fake. 

Image #4: Lost in the Smithsonian
Q: This is a coin that a farmer pulled up while drilling a water well in Chillicothe, IL in the 1800s. Some have estimated it to possibly be 200,000 years old. How old is it really, and what culture minted it? What happened to this civilization? Any idea what the images are supposed to represent? And where is this coin today?

What Lynn Saw
A: I hear something about this being pre-Incan. The top pic depicts beings they interacted with, beings "from the heavens.” How old is it? I get it’s more like 1200-1400 BC. The bulk of them ended up being the Inca. The coin is in the Smithsonian’s “black room” [the museum’s slush pile], a kind of secret room. [Hmm… makes you wonder what else is in there.]

Image #5: As Real as a 2067 Jefferson Nickel-Penny
Q: Speaking of coins… this is a fake, right?

What Lynn Saw
A: Yup.

Image #6: The Antarctic Thing From Another World
Q: Antarctica again. You said the upper pic was indeed real, and showed a craft that’s been down for a while, with some kind of permanent magnetic damage to its drive [I'd asked earlier]. Was it downed by the Sphere Beings? How long has it been down? As for the lower pic… is that another ET craft, or is that part of “The Base”? Do you see the ice melting or cracking anymore and showing more of this portion of The Base?

What Lynn Saw
A: I get yes on the Sphere Beings downing this ship. I get an image of this ship turning an incredible electric blue when it was operational. How long has it been down? Not as long as you’d think. About a decade. That lower pic looks like part of The Base; I hear that more of it will melt and be revealed, but it’s going to be a slooow process. [Whose ship was it that was downed, can you tell? Reptilians?] It does feel like a reptilian ship that went down (but the name doesn't sound like that). Same energy, different name.

Image #7: The Ancient Book of the Gangster Kings
Q: Here’s what looks like a book, found in coal by some miners, I think in the UK. How old is it? And IS it a book? If so, what’s on the pages? Who lost it?

What Lynn Saw
A: I get that it belonged to a king. I see that he had messengers who would go in small groups to smaller kingdoms and this was a ledger of sorts, recording amounts paid for loyalty and protection. [Jeez, some things never change.] I see this group on horseback and they’d traverse a lot of land. At times they’d have to shelter in caves, etc. Looks like at one of these overnight camps, someone robbed them, but didn’t want to be caught with this book, so they hid it deep in some cave system. Doesn’t feel like a common king. It feels really old. [How old?] I’d date it between 200 and 400 BC.

And that’s it. Join us next time for Episode #43!


John Casey said...

Thanks, as always.
[Hmm… makes you wonder what else is in there.]
That's the understatement of the year!

My Picks said...

I love this series as much as the past life one! thanks!!!

Buddhist Lady said...

Wow. Very interesting read on the Bucegi Mountains in Romania!!! I must admit...I'm a little leery of accounts about the discovery of fantastic tunnels where Illuminati, the Pentagon, and Romanian secret services are all involved. I'm most leery of someone who magically breaks an energy barrier by some sort of sympatico.

I do believe that military satellites have probably discovered an anomaly within these mountains. The TV show, "What on Earth," examines geographical or visually different anomalies "discovered" by satellites the U.S. military has in orbit--though they always end giving a "rational" explanation debunking any magic or alternative explanation with the discovery! They are "training" the viewer's thinking!!

However, I have a hard time believing the story that the psychic involved here with the Illuminati gentleman somehow enabled entry through two energetic barriers. I'm actually hoping that these barriers exist today and that no one has been able to gain admission to the rooms!

Robert Schoen said...

Great list. I was just thinking about the Bucegi Mountain chamber and the Romanian . Sphinx. They said it had a protective force field guarding the entrance and that when a psychic was able to open it, a similar one in iraq also opened. this is an interesting video on it

John Casey said...

Ok, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Antarctica story. When you refer to "The Base," what exactly does that refer to?

Also, love the Nancy McPhee quote.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments everyone! The Base is actually an ET base that is housed there.