Friday, July 29, 2016

Short Political Q & A

[I have received a lot of political questions lately. I know there are a lot of things people want to know, but I think it is best to keep the answers short and concise with more of a discussion in the comments. Thanks, and love, light and protection to us all...]

A DNC worker, Seth Rich, was recently murdered. It was a robbery, but the killer didn't take anything. It is very suspicious. What are you thoughts on this? Here is the full story:

A. As I tune into Seth, I get an image of him walking. It is dark, and I see the moonlight. He feels calm, and thinking to himself, much like a person who is reflecting events of the day and really focused on his thoughts rather than paying attention to what was going on around him. I can almost hear him mumble, like he is really trying to rehash something that just happened. Out of no where, someone comes up to him and shoves him really hard in the small of his back, knocking him to the ground. He lands on his hands and knees, and then quickly jumps back up. As he turned and faced the attacker, he saw a gun aimed directly at him, and he was shot in what felt like a brief moment. The attacker (who was all dressed in black), looks to run and "peal layers of clothing off" to mask his appearance and blend in with those around him. 

As I put the intent to know who is behind this. I get that it was a Hillary supporter, and more specifically they are tied to a Super PACK that is associated with big pharma.. She had no knowledge prior, and very limited knowledge of the details afterwards.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you look at how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidencies would each be like for United States? Which one would be better in the long run for United States?

A. Let me create an outlined list:

Trump: More American jobs, Business breaks for start-up businesses, Decrease in social systems with that money allocated to infrastructure, Very tight borders, Reduction in foreign business on American soil, Tuition breaks for Americans going to American schools, Increase in tuition for out of country students, There is a shift from 4 year degrees to technical / certification and apprentice programs for post secondary education, Very challenging bi-partisan voting, Healthcare feels worse before it gets better, He is either loved or hated by foreign leaders (no middle ground here), Foreign trade feels challenged, Race and culture tensions rise, Cost of goods rise and Inflation starts to stabilize.

Clinton:  Increasing divide between the wealthy and poor, Gun control will be in more and more cities, Gun tax will come about, Foreign relations will be good, Inflation will rise; Social programs will grow, More standard benefits will be included in pay / Business growth will slow due to this cost, Healthcare feels very convoluted, Retirement age will rise, and Society becomes ultra politically correct.

Q. Well, after all the brew ha ha, what exactly happened to get Sanders to pledge his support (and supporters) to Hillary? Was he forced into it? Looks like he broke down in tears at the end. Was this all planned out before the primaries began?

A.  When I tune into him, I get an overwhelming feeling of sadness  He feels let down in so many ways, and not only just to himself, but for all the supporters that came forward to help him along in this journey.  He really had a connection to those that stood by him. 

Even toward the end, I see he planned to speak at the DNC, and thank everyone.  He didn't plan any ill will toward Hillary, but he didn't necessarily want to pledge to her either.  I get that if he did pledge, he wanted to do it in private and not use his support to serve as a way to encourage his supporters to go to her automatically (he wanted them to chose because it was right for them and not because he was advertising what he was going to do).  Even though both Bernie and Hillary are democrats, they had different perspectives on some important ideals, and that still troubles Bernie.

I see that Bernie had a very influential meeting with Obama, and I get the tone of the conversation was that "Bernie doesn't realize how hard this job is, and it forever changes you.  He told Bernie he was too good of a man to do the things that need done.  And, if he had it to do all over again he would really have to rethink his choices.  This is not an easy path to take."

The discussion sort of haunted Bernie, and at the same time Bernie got some "truths" that he didn't want to believe.  He has always said the system is rigged and corrupt, and I get that he experienced that in a deeper way than he ever could have imagined.  He was disappointed, ashamed and sad all at the same time, but also knew he couldn't talk about the private nature of the conversation (for his own well-being).

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you tell what is going on in this video of Hillary Clinton? It looks like a seizure.

A. I first get that this isn't the first or last time she has done this.  The pressure and stress of everything is so much to endure, that she is reacting with these facial ticks.  I see powerful people coming at her from all directions with money in one hand and demands in the other and it is too much, especially when some agendas conflict.  This is a very difficult path for her and she has to set herself aside and do as she is told to make it though.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and a protection of white light to all of you!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ed Dames Killshot

Q. Hi Lynn. There have been many predictions of possible solar events such as solar flashes or solar flares that could change the dynamics or life on this planet and/or the solar system.   Ed Dames actually claimed to remote view catastrophic results of the solar Killshot and also published maps of so called safe zones. There are also rumors or speculations of a Solar Flash that almost sounds metaphysical in nature. What are your views on this? And do you think being at higher elevations (Mountains)is a good idea? Thanks Lynn for your time.
A. As I look at one of his maps (I included it here in the post) and tune into it, I get an overwhelming feeling of accuracy as he has outlined it.  The one thing that really comes to me though is the time frame in which he is referring to.  I don't see this as one major event, and the earth is forever changed, but rather several events spanning over hundreds of years that create a new way we view earth.  Things look to take phases much like dominoes. 

I do see solar flares as a contributing cause as they hit the earth and much of the energy is absorbed in the crust (to later be released in the form of earthquakes- I hear "energy is not created or destroyed, but rather held or displaced in another way").  The sun's intensity combined with the release of energy in the form of earthquakes looks to be the main cause of the geographic change. (The man made HAARP consequences also play a role.)

I'm also drawn to the land mass that emerges to the west of South America. I do see these areas (I noted one by California too) of very fertile land rising, and they will be valuable to the ecosystem. 

Overall, I feel he is authentic and has been able to glimpse into the distant future.  He is able to illustrate what a distant earth with look like. (I just don't see it happening all it once with one event, but that over the next hundreds of years with many small events that add up).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokemon Go

Q.  What is up with this Pokemon Go game that so many people are playing?

Look at the Economist Magazine cover.  Is this game another example of how we are following blindly in the world of virtual reality?  Is this a secret weapon for PTB  / PTW? Are they recording all the housing, geographic location info with no cost to the information gatherer? 

A. I see this Iphone / Android game as a couple things.  First, it is a huge distraction.  I see the targeted audience of this game having a lot of power, influence and also vulnerability (like if they used their efforts for good, they could create so much positive change).  This upcoming powerful demographic could pose a threat if they created a shift that opposed the current agendas in play. That is why they are being manipulated and led down a different path.

We are also a society that is becoming more and more awake.  The collective conscious is on the rise, and [the word I hear is] "mind numbing" distractions keep vibrations lower.  I also see that subliminal controlling messages will be encoded into this game, which leaves the user vulnerable. These messages look to be delivered by a "flash" of an image. I keep seeing a screen of a map, and then a "glitch" effect occurs in which an image shows for just fractions of a second, and then the screen resumes it's map.

The last main thing I see is that this game makers earn revenue (by encouraging business owners to pay for a "hot spot" of Pokemon characters inside their establishment) while extracting data from the user.   I see a group of executives sitting in a conference room giving each other "high fives" and saying that this is simply genius.  People are disclosing where are, we know what they are doing, and "somewhat" controlling what they are thinking.

I do see the virtual reality visor and Pied Piper having relevance to this.  We have a section of society being led astray through virtual means.  

I am left with one final thought -Games are fun and can be stress relieving, but be cautious of what you are getting trapped into (and is the trade worth the reward). Sometimes the answer is yes, but sometimes it is no, and be true to that.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.   Love and light-

Friday, July 22, 2016

Five for Friday #37

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to a circular Five for Friday #37. Here we go.

Image #1: The Cambodian Stegosaurus?
This wee beastie appears on a creepy Cambodian temple. Is this highlighting some other animal, or is it really showing a stegosaurus?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm getting that this temple is reflecting a lot of history. It's trying to tell a story here, but... it doesn't feel completely pure. The temple has this dark feel to it. Feels creepy, like sacrifices where done there or something. As for the animal, my first thought is that it's a Rhino. [Are those things on its back just artistic decoration?] I think they were added like a decoration after the fact."

Image #2: Irish Haloes
These haloes are unusual. Anything going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing... I'm drawn to the whiteness of the sun. Our sun is evolving and changing, it burns hotter now, more intensified, more potent. As for the halo, it has something to do with the photographer's lens, either intentionally or unintentionally. It's not natural. [Do you see the sun getting back to its regular yellow hue soon?] I don't see the sun going back, just getting hotter, whiter and worse. I fear one day we won't be able to go outside, but that is several hundred years from now. [Can you see why the sun is getting hotter? Is it the region of space we’ve entered, or a new kind of solar cycle? Has this happened before?] I get it is her life cycle. Other stars have done this."

Image #3: UK July 2016 Cropcircles
The one at top is from 7/11, the one below from 7/16. (There were other cropcircles, but they looked like fakes.) These two, however, look like they’re telling us something (provided they’re real). What’s their message and who’s giving it?

What Lynn Saw
"It's showing me how the earth is changing in relation to the sun. The top one is talking about the sun and the earth. Then the earth is in alignment with the sun. Something big is going to happen at that point. They're not warning us, it's more of a communication. These ETs are incredibly frustrated with lack of communication with us, and this is a way of saying, "We're up here." [Are the crop circles mostly done by those blue ETs on the moon? And can they sense when you’re “scanning” them?] "I feel they can sense it, yes. Sometimes I see their face and they respond mentally with facial expressions. I do feel these moon ETs are the most vested in coming here, and they stay VERY close. [Are the moon ETs who did this positive?] Some on the moon are good and others bad, but positive ones did this, the ones who care and are fighting for us."

Image #4: The "Order of Pegasus" Skull
Danish workers on Sealand Island were digging a new sewer system when they found this skull, which the U. of Copenhagen has determined to be about 800 years old. Is this an ET skull?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, this is an ET skull. Looks like a typical gray, but that canine tooth is throwing me; most of them didn't have this tooth. Their skin has a cobalt blue undertone to it. Interesting, they have 3 or 5 tentacular flaps of skin like "dreads" at the back of their head, that swing when they walk. I'm getting that people captured this one, as they felt threatened by it. I see ropes around it. He died in captivity. The people were scared of this being. When he came down, the other ETs escaped and left but this one was captured." [What color were the ET’s eyes? And were the people scared for a reason, or for no reason?] "I see the eyes as black, but unusual too, like an iridescent film, almost like how oil will shine in a puddle. They had a sheen to the black like that. The people were scared of the ET's powers (looks like they were telekinetic) and they captured him because of that."
There's more on this from UFOSightingsDaily, taken from another's video:
The island they found the skull on actually has some lore behind it. It is the legendary home of the secretive Order of Pegasus Light, an alleged secret society of poets, sworn to protect a group of unbreakable alien artifacts... and an alien skull... allegedly left behind by extraterrestrial visitors from the constellation Pegasus. The Order of Pegasus Light was formed in the 1300's and has had some of history's most influential writers as it's members, including William Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, H.G. Wells, and Ambrose Bierce. In centuries past, the elusive Pegasus skull has been witnessed in Europe's Balkan Mountains, Paris France, and Munich Germany, before being transferred to Sealand Denmark.

Image #5: Recent SDO Activity
This image is showing multiple contacts getting in-between the sun and the SDO satellite. More evidence of the Space War going on? That’s a lot of ships.

What Lynn Saw
"Space War. I get that these beings are impatiently waiting for Disclosure. It doesn't feel malicious toward us, but they're battling over who gets to come here to be on this planet. The earth has a wealth of resources. Alas, some ETs see the people as a resource, some the minerals. The positive ETs are fighting off the negative ones. The good ETs are trying to reset the balance that was lost when they let the reptilians come in." [How many different civilizations are fighting? Are the positive ETs still winning?] "There looks to be around four main races active in this: two good, one neutral and one negative. Everything feels guarded and protected right now (almost like if you are here you are here, but getting here is sort of on lockdown). They must have a Trump wall building adviser on the board (that was supposed to be a joke). LOL."

And finally, as I was writing this up, I saw this crop circle that just appeared in the UK:

And that, as they say, is that. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #38!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Free Will and Impressions

Q. Hi Lynn, When you do personal readings for people and they ask you about a person of interest and want you to tap into that person to get their feelings does the person being inquired about ever block you because they don't want their true feelings known or even try to give a false impression? Remember you said you can't tap in to somebody if their free will doesn't want it ?
A.  Every situation is a little different, but this is the best way to explain it: When I tap into someone (and I will use a random example such as the murder of Princess Diana to explain this) I can see the situation surrounding her death and feel the emotions involved (panic, fear, adrenaline and at one point an overwhelming calm as if she just knew this was it).  I can see the world as if I am looking through her eyes (it looks like a blur of lights and sounds are muffled as if I was under water), and I often times toggle between first and third person perspectives.  

When I dig a little deeper to inquire who the responsible parties are, THAT person (because most times they root back to a very high profile person with some power) will block me, but I will get some strong impressions (but it is more like a very fuzzy dream, or something that you can't quite make out).  You get enough to know what you are dealing with, but not necessarily enough to know who exactly (having it spelled out) you are naming.  You may get a symbol, phrase or see an affiliation.  I focus on the greater good in every reading, and I have learned that once I go so far, it is best to share what I have, and leave the rest. 

In this same situation, if Princess Diana wanted to block me, I would not get a clear perspective from her view, but I have found that I would see the situation and circumstances that surrounded her death as an outsider.  It is a feeling of floating next to them and watching an event unfold, like watching a clip from a movie. A person can block me from their personal thoughts and feelings, but they can't stop me from being a bystander. 

Above all, I focus on the greater good.  There are some people and situations that just don't feel right to explore for one reason or another (that is why some questions take some time, or stay on my list for a long time).  During a reading if images start to stutter or it gets dark (like trying to see something at night) I know it is time to quit.  I realize it is not in someone's great good to keep going. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Monday, July 18, 2016

Black Chemtrails

Q. Lynn, the following freaks me out in an uneasy way. I have seen the black chemtrails where I live (Nevada)! What are they??!!

(You need watch only 1 1/2 minutes of the video since he, then, goes on to other areas concerning false flags, and he's pretty melodramatic.)

What Are Black Chemtrails?

I'm so freaked out....are the trails a beam?

A.  When I tune into this, I don't see this as a beam, but I hear that this is an experimental test.  What I get is that the dark chemtrails mix with the lighter ones, and create a chemical reaction in the air.  They (the government) is trying to find an even more effective way of controlling weather (in preparation for future military confrontations).  I hear there is a very specific half-life of the dark chemicals, and the concoction cannot be premixed because the "effective time" runs out too fast, and it requires the following lighter trailed chemicals to complete the reaction.

In areas where they are testing, I would expect to see really radical weather.  Specifically, I get that it will feel extremely hot (and something feels strange, such as it may say 80 degrees on a thermometer, but it "feels" MUCH hotter than that).  Then it comes to me that what happens is the "air temperature" in reality may read 80, but our inner body temperature reacts to the chemicals creating our body's response to "feel" much hotter (like it really is 90).  This is very taxing on our body, and I get we need to listen to our bodies and how they are reacting to the weather.  Everyone may have a slightly different reaction depending on their exposure and sensitivity.  It is always important to drink lots of water, and detox as much as possible. 

And that is all I have on this.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brexit, Britain and the UK...

Q. Hi Lynn, may I suggest that you do a reading on the murder of British member of parliament and pro-EU-campaigner Jo Cox, who died Thursday this week. 

Just before it happened she was heading for the library on Market Street, Birstall, West Yorkshire to attend to an advice surgery (a kind of meeting where people can ask their representatives questions). Just outside the library she supposedly saw two men arguing and tried to intervene. One of the men shot her three times, once was in the head, and then stabbed her repeatedly. Other witnesses have come forward saying they didn't hear a gunshot, so this may be false, though. 

Labour PM Marla Eagle tweeted that she heard the assailant shouting "Britain First", a statement she later took back. 

A 52 year old man named Thomas Mair with mental health issues was arrested by police. He is described as a loner, who has volunteered to tend to people's gardens. Media is trying to tie him to national socialism and right wing politics, e.g. the right wing party Britain First, by citing claims that "Britain First" was being shouted during the assault. 

Jo Cox's birthday was right before the EU referendum (on whether to leave or stay in the EU). Many say it may trigger sympathy votes in favor of staying in EU, since this was her stance. If UK leaves the EU, it may ultimately lead to the collapse of the EU. 

There are several interesting relationships concerning the date of her death, which has been pointed out: 


Is Thomas Mair really responsible for the attack? 
Who did it and why? 
Was Jo Cox's husband in on it, did he know beforehand?
A. I get that she was being stalked, and when the time was right her life was taken.  If it would not have happened this way, I get it would have happened another. People in powerful places wanted the UK to leave the EU, and those people wanted to stop any opposing votes. I don't see it as someone on her side using her as a sacrifice, but rather an opposing force getting rid of obstacles or people outspoken with opposite views.

Thomas Mair feels like a patsy in all this.  A mentally challenged person was manipulated to "think" they did it, when they really didn't.  I see this man as highly influenced depending on his surroundings, and he provided a good scapegoat. This looks to have carried out by a rogue special military force (looks like an emblem of a coiled snake represents them) disguised as average citizens that followed this woman to various events to look for an opportunity.  

I also do not see her husband as being involved.  I see there being a lot of doubt against him, but I cannot see that he had anything to do with the planning and execution of this terrible crime.

Q. Could you do a reading on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in the UK? Jeremy is a Sanders type character, but because the PTB do not want him, his party is trying to oust him.

A. I do see this as being true.  Everything he says is against what the PTW want.  He raises questions and has some socialist ideals that prevent the PTW from manipulating the people which translates to money out of their pocket.  Something about him feels like they cannot quiet him, but they can discredit him to the point that people won't listen (this has a very strategic feel to it like a lot of planning when into how to force him to lose momentum and support).. 

Lynn, A such fundamental world event as Brexit deserves your reading! No doubt that somebody was behind it. Was it done by Russia (Putin) in respond to European sanctions against Russia? It seems less likely that it was prepared by US. What overall effect Brexit will have for Europe and the whole world politically and economically? Is this step to the light or back to the darkness?

A. Brexit it huge, and I see some unintended consequences happening as a result.  

I get that the concern started to arise because the economy of Europe feels unstable.  Employment feels very challenged right now.  With the influx of refugees, I see that a destabilization is going to occur (if it hasn't already) and Europe in general will have to struggle with this issue.  There are too many people and not enough jobs and resources to be comfortable.  This then results in areas where crime will really escalate because they have no money and no where to go. On top of that I see inflation being a problem because they continue to print money with nothing there to back it.  

Britain saw this emerging and wanted to disengage from it.  Europe wanted to keep (Britain) them to help add stability, but Britain basically could see this unfolding and wanted out.  I also see that Britain felt it had a duty to the monarchy to insulate them from the EU and protect their assets (they somehow felt tied prior to Brexit).  I see that the monarchy was the real influence to get this accomplished.   I also get there is tons of gold in Britain, making them vulnerable in the event of another financial crisis (sort of like a variation of Cypress) and wants nothing to do with it, and that was the real driving force of this division.  

Now that Britain is out, they can work on making sure their economy is solid.  I also see as other countries fail (because this is really a no-win situation for them), powerful countries will go in and basically buy them up.  It is like a two-fold plan to cause a destabilization, and then go in to save the day, and in the end you end up owning them.

Now that Britain has made their exit, I see other countries/ states following suit too.  The image that is really strong is Texas breaking away and claiming independence.  Other places look to use Brexit as a precedence for future plans.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Physical and Spiritual World

Q. Is the world both physical and spiritual? Does it have a spiritual and physical nature. Is there is a nature that separates these two?  Thank you
A. The world is very much physical, spiritual and sometimes both. I see the physical world as tangible and can (most times)  be experienced using the five senses:  taste, touch, sight, sound and smell.  We live our lives in the 3D physical world which is objective.  The 3D world also focuses more on the conscious, rational mind.   

There is also very much a spiritual component to our world  The spiritual aspect resides parallel to our physical world, only the spiritual layer resides in a higher vibrational plane. Experiencing the spiritual aspect is done through an extension of our senses, that I want to refer to as the "Clairs."  These are clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (sight), clairsentience (feeling), clairscent (smell) and clairgustance (taste).  These experiences are very real, unique to the person experiencing it and subjective.  These (most times) require you to tap into your subconscious mind.

The blur comes in when something from the spiritual layer crosses to the 3D world and is objectively witnessed.  An example would be a spirit knocking over a book, shutting a door or flickering lights.  

I also get that every 3D physical thing has a spiritual counterpart. People, animals, even trees have a spiritual component that can be a life force or even energy.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, July 8, 2016

Five for Friday #36

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to an expanded summer edition of Five for Friday. Let's get started.

Image #1: The Beth She'arim Slab
While this looks like rock, this is actually a very old, nine-ton slab of fused glass (!) found in an Israeli excavation. Who made this and why? How did they make it? Who was this monument honoring?

What Lynn Saw
"I see these enormous black kettles, with fire beneath them, then huge amounts of sand and other ingredients poured into this kettle, where it's super-heated and stirred. It smells horrible and is super hot. Then they pour this molten glass into these set of frames. The creators look like Ancient Egyptians. It's honoring a sun god. I see this bright sun." [Is it honoring an actual person who died (with a body beneath it) or is it just a generic offering? Is it for an ET? And how long ago? How did they make the fire so hot, and what metal were the cauldrons made of to take that kind of heat?] "Felt like a generic offering. Someone taught them how to make this sophisticated material, and they're showing how they can build something advanced. The cauldrons feel like they were made of a black stone with metallic components/fragments. They used dust off certain rocks that made the fire so much hotter." [Coke?] "It feels about 3000 years old. It was for a bird-human hybrid ET." [Bird/human, you mean like this? The 'Sphere Being/Blue Avians'?] "Yes, very similar. I do feel they are related to the Blue Avians."

[Note the remnants of blue pigment on the face of Horus in the bas relief.]

Image #2: The Paris Effect
We know that some monuments are built on ancient sacred sites to leverage the natural telluric energy already present. Was the Eiffel Tower placed where it is on purpose? Does France’s national icon broadcast a natural positive energy field?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I hear something about ley lines. The Eiffel Tower was strategically placed there because there's a ley line near it. Its location is significant. It doesn't damper the energy, but instead acts as an antenna." [I’d read one person say the Eiffel Tower was somehow broadcasting negative energy, but that didn’t seem right to me. Paris is such an amazing place.] "The energy does feel positive to me. It's like a positive beacon." [Perhaps that's why we're seeing what we're seeing in the Paris political situation.]

Image #3: The North Korean PeopleMover
This puzzling pic from North Korea shows… a roller coaster of people? What goes on here? Is this an amusement park?

What Lynn Saw
"I get it's some kind of adrenaline thing. There's some kind of rush they get from this. Feels like an abandoned roller coaster." [Is this thing moving?? Or are people just walking around it?] "I get that people are walking on it, like a conga line." [Weird.]

Image #4: Egyptian SMART Meter?
This bas relief from the Temple of Hathor in Egypt looks much like an old fashioned monitor on an oscilloscope. Is that what this is showing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is an illustration of some kind demonstrating electrical force. You see two prongs on the left, with no force, and two prongs on the right, with force. It's a rudimentary drawing of how to make electricity flow."

Image #5: Area 51 Farmer's Market is Spelled B.A.R.F.
These are some kind of crops (under circular irrigation) being grown in Area 51, of all places. What are they growing and why? I’m guessing it’s not good.

What Lynn Saw
"In this area, where there's been all kinds of testing and pollutants and hostility, I get that Monsanto is testing some GMO plants to see if they can survive this terrible environment. I would NOT want to eat anything from this area, or this company. Horrific."

Image #6: Hurry, Wave-X Baby
I’ve been seeing these pastel energy waves (seen here in Chile) at night, going by fast and high up. Is this Wave X energy? And what are you getting on when the Big Wave will hit us?

What Lynn Saw
"I do feel you're seeing Wave X energy, a calm gentle energy before the storm. We get extreme pulses sometimes, like a woman in labor. I feel like we're in the onset of labor. I see it escalating and intensifying, but it's gradual. We're in the lead-up phase. I don't see it coming till a year from now." [Ug. Another year of headaches and palpitations.]

Image #7: Journey FROM the Center of the Earth
This GoogleEarth capture near Antarctica shows something odd coming out of the ocean. What goes on here? If it's an ET ship, whose is it?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is showing a portal that takes people in and out of the hollow earth. [So, is this an 'Agarthan' ship?] "The name Agarthan feels correct, but I can't get a really clear confirmation." [Do you see a time in the near-future when they’ll trust us? (They apparently don’t trust the surface population. Can’t say I blame them.)] "I can't see them trusting us for a while, what with our surface world so out of control."

Image #8: Star Wars, Episode #947
Speaking of surface mayhem, here are two recent sky explosions, the top one in Portland, Maine, the other over the Pacific Ocean. Are these due to the “space war” allegedly going on? If so, can you tell who’s ship got 86'd in each pic, and who the victor was?

What Lynn Saw
"There's definitely a space war going on. These are Reptilian and Archon-based patrol ships that are being shot down by the positive ETs. The positive ones are winning, slowly taking out the negatives." [Tick tock.]

Image #9: When is a Lama Not a Lama?
Ben Fulford paints a very negative portrait of the Dalai Lama. Does he deserve it? Is he really the reincarnation of the last Lama?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at him, I get that, at heart, he's a good person. He has good energy, is very spiritual. He has a lot of gifts in this life. He's not a true reincarnation, but he's very gifted spiritually. He may not be what people think he is, but he's not a bad guy. The problem comes in all the negative influences around him. It's not him, it's the company he keeps, the 'cloud' that follows him. He succumbs to bullying rather easily. There's a huge amount of influence around him that's not the best influence."

Image #10: Lynch/Clinton
So... what did Bill Clinton say to Loretta Lynch in their now infamous meeting? Was he telling her what to do, or buying her off? And… I almost hate to ask, but… who do you see winning the election now?

What Lynn Saw
"Lynch was told what to do and she was also bought off. The PTW (Powers That Were) don't want Trump, as he cannot be controlled. Now I see them trying to make him look like such a joke that everyone votes for Hillary. He needs to be very careful, as they're literally gunning for him." [This invokes an important recent post from Schrodinger's OTHER Cat on manifesting the Three D's... and no, none of this is endorsement of any political candidate, save THE TRUTH.]

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Random Short Q & A

Q. Hi Lynn.  Could you eventually comment on this too plz? A celestial phenomenon over the German city of Nuremberg on April 14, 1561 was printed in an illustrated news notice.  Apparently, in 1561 a celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg was seen.  It was a mass sighting of unidentified flying objects.  The link contains a contemporary drawing (film material for videos was very expensive then... ;) )
A. I do get a fleet of ships flew over Nuremberg, and many people did see just that.  Back then seeing flying machines were hard to discount, and even though excuses were made trying to influence people into thinking they didn't see what they knew they saw, people knew there was something going on in the sky.  

What these people witnessed appears to be some kind of an ET battle between a species (and I hear the term) called the "Nordics" and another species that I can't quite see (they feel weak, and they look to have been defeated).  The Nordics feel very strong and powerful .  They look to have a special connection to Europe and the well being of people there.  It feels as if much of the ancestry of people in that geographic area root back to the Nordics.  I also get that many years later they even helped to influence human leadership in Germany with regards to technology and success. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  I found this in a news article and would like to know what you think about it.  "Don’t have sex before marriage!  It was drilled into my head that premarital sex was wrong because it would create soul ties between me and all the people I had sex with. Almost like Voldemort whose soul split into seven pieces which attached themselves to every victim he killed, creating horcruxes."

A.  I see a lot of things emerging at the time the belief of sex before marriage came about.  Society wanted to control people so women weren't having children with multiple men. It was a way to know who the real father was since women ovulate at a different time of the month than they menstruate.  Many mammals bleed or go into "heat" when they are fertile, but women have the capability of hiding their fertile time, and marriage gave the man some insurance that he was indeed the father.  This helped the man to strengthen his obligation and was also important for lineage purposes (kings, leaders, etc).  The church reinforced this ideal by (in some religions) shaming sex and teaching that the purpose was only for procreation. 

It is true that sex bonds people at the root chakra and you do share each others energy.  It can be a positive, bonding and spiritual experience or it can be negative. It really depends on the partner and your intent (Is it mutual? Are you doing it to share each other? Are there negative emotions tied to it?)

Sex before marriage is a personal decision. From a universal standpoint, there are no "rules" as long as you are not causing harm (emotional, physical, psychological  or spiritual) to the partners involved.  Rules of who, why and when are based on society, cultural and religious views.

Q. Dear Lynn, Could you do a reading on how a real psychic power is acquired? Could this gift be passed down in a simple physical touch by a psychic person who strongly will and focus on it or be intentionally given to another "un-gifted" person who resonates or radiates "the right frequency" seen in an aura.  

A.  I first want to say the term "psychic power" feels very off.  I am being nudged to correct this to say "psychic ability or psychic intuition."  The term "power" leads to an emotion of ego, whereas ability or intuition feels more humbling and incorporates gratitude (which is extremely important when doing spiritual based work).  I am hearing a lesson that our language and word choice is very important because it ties to a specific vibration.

Psychic abilities aren't passed from human to human, but rather reside in all humans and need to be awakened.  We are all born with gifts, but some people have an easier time tapping into them.  People that have discovered how to use their abilities can lend advice, teach and mentor someone else, but they can't transfer their gift.

One of the best ways to awaken this gift or become more in tune to it, is by meditating.  There are many great guided and unguided meditations on YouTube.  Just remember to set protection, form your intent (maybe you would like to develop a clear clairvoyance), and enjoy your meditation. When you are done, be patient and allow things to develop.  Don't forget to thank the Universe and show gratitude and your abilities strengthen.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can 2 blue eyed parents create brown eyed offspring? Genetically we are taught blue + blue = blue every time, but Is there some kind of exception to the rule and if so how and how rare? I became curious because there is a girl on Instagram who's parents both have blue eyes but she and all her siblings have brown, she says they are her bio parents, is this possible or is there more to the story she's not aware of?

A. It is possible (even though rare) to have two blue eyed parents and a brown eyed child.  Our eye color is determined by how much pigment we have (less is blue, more is brown). We each have two sets of genes that control eye color, and occasionally we have a "broken or incomplete gene in the pairing."  If you have an incomplete dominant brown gene paired with a recessive blue gene (that is complete) you get blue eyes.  This looks like this is what happened to both parents in this story (giving them both blue eyes).    When they had children both incomplete (but still dominant) brown genes paired, giving their offspring brown eyes. 

[Science or gene experts please correct me in the comments if you know the true science behind this .  This was my take from a psychic perspective based on what I was shown].

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-