Friday, May 6, 2016

Five for Friday #33

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to magical mythbusting Five for Friday #33. Here we go.

Image #1: The Tablet of Thoth
This is the "Tablet of Thoth," allegedly written on an emerald tablet. Is this real? Did the Egyptian deity (ET) Thoth really make it, or one like it? What does it say? And if it’s not the real tablet, where IS the real tablet?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this is a copy of the original. The writing or the message was valuable, but they needed it in portable form. The original is inscribed on a wall in a cave, in the bottom of a pyramid. It took a long time to be able to copy this. It looks to have been copied by a devout team of people, people of purity, like monks, but long ago. Thoth (it was pronounced like, 'Taught') WAS an ET and he did make the original. What does it say? It's like a contract. It's basically saying, 'I will teach you, I will educate you, so long as you're willing to learn, but when you decide to quit reaching for higher knowledge, when you decide you know more than me, then I will stop.' [Which pyramid, can you tell? When was the replica made? What language is that? And what is Thoth trying to teach?] I get an image of the three Egyptian pyramids in a row; it looks to be in one of those. The replica was made right after the original was made. Languagewise, it's some kind of ET language. Nothing like we speak today. Thoth was teaching a language to unify the ETs with the humans."

Image #2: Weird Meteorite of Vellore
This is a meteorite fragment found recently in Vellore, India. Is there any significance to it? Looks unusual.

What Lynn Saw
"If they were to test this fragment, they'd find that the properties are unlike anything found on earth because the gases present, when it was being formed, were unlike anything on earth. It's not like anything that's near us, like the moon or one of the other planets. It came from very far away. This is going to mystify scientists, this is so different. It seems like this belongs to the sun's sister system. [Was its falling here just an accident?] Yeah, it was an accident. I can't see anything special tied to it (unfortunately)."

Image #3: Antarctic Laser

Here’s what looks like a laser being beamed into space from near Macquarie Island station on Antarctica, recently. What goes on here? Is that going up or coming down?

What Lynn Saw

"Antarctica is a great location for communicating with ETs. The atmosphere there is very clear. When they want to communicate, they send these beams up, coded in binary. They're communicating with ETs that can be found on or around the moon. I'm trying to see what they're communicating about. Seems like a test, like 'Are you getting this? Test test, is this working?' The response has this pink color to the beam when it comes back. [Who's communicating with the ETs? The cabal? The "Breakaway Civilization"? And are the beings on the moon good, bad, or neutral?] The Breakaway Civilization on Antartica is doing the communicating; they're affiliated, but not run by the cabal. The moon has a combo of good, bad, and neutral."

Image #4: Bond, Hitler Bond?
Ok, let’s get this over with: WAS Hitler a British agent?

What Lynn Saw
"Actually, no. He was connected and rooted with Germany; very German through and through.
[Ok. Is Angela Merkel really his daughter?] I really do see her as related, but she had to go into hiding so she wouldn't be killed. She was raised by extended family. He did keep in contact after he fled Germany, but used some kind of code name." [Krikey.]

Image #5: Merlin!

Was there really an ancient magician named Merlin? Who was he really? Was he human? What kind of “powers” or ancient wisdom did he possess?

What Lynn Saw
"I see him as a man. He was a master of herbs, a homeopathic genius of his time. People came to him with an illness and he could heal them. He understood reiki, he understood the universe. He wasn't a magician. He was a healer. He could do wonderful things, but they labeled him a magician because he often used certain words or phrases while he made this and that medicine, which people took to be spells, but it was way beyond that. At that time, anyone who was as different as he was was viewed as magical. He was primarily a healer. Being in his presence was a big deal. He was a higher vibration and could seem terrifying to people of lower vibration. [Where did Merlin live? Ireland? Wales? Some part of the earth that's not there anymore? What did he really look like? And can you see where he’s buried?] I hear something about Scotland/Wales. He looked sort of like what a wizard would look like (long beard, shorter, thin). He wasn't buried. I see his body being burned at sea. [Was Merlin a contemporary of King Arthur, as the legend states?] Contemporary and eccentric."

BONUS: When is a Flying Cow NOT a Flying Cow?
When it's a fake... which I’m guessing this cow-abduction photo is. Or is it? Poor fake photoshopped cow.

What Lynn Saw
Yeah, this is fake... BUT, it's allowing me to see what a real abduction looks like. A real abduction would look like a thin beam of light connecting to the cow, nothing extraordinary, really. The cow would then have a slight glow about it, and then the cow would basically disappear, teleported kinda like on Star Trek; the beam of light sucks it up like a straw, then rematerializes it onboard. It's more of a quick disappearance." [Beam me up, Bessie.]

Aaaand that's how the ancient emerald laser burger dematerializes. Join us Friday after next for more elucidation in episode #34.


siketa said...

Thanks! "Tablet of Thoth" is my favourite... :)

Ice said...

Three pyramids. Could they be the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt?

The three pyramids are, by decreasing size: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Which of these?

Ryno said...

Is the Emerald Tablet made out of real emerald and why emerald?

I'm curious as to how the the "combo of good, bad, and neutral" E.T.'s just sorta coexist.

"Hey, what you are doing in the Universe is really terrible but man, this moon rock is some really great stuff. Let's all share it!"

They Live said...

Nice "Five for Friday" as always 😊 :-)
I'm happy to learn Thoth is pronounced "Taught," and learning about who Merlin really was.
Speaking of E.T.'s have you ever watched the cartoon Steven Universe? It shows some truthful things regarding them(a certain group in particular) and their thoughts and feelings towards humans.
If you ever get the chance season 1 episode 31 called "Keep Beach City Weird," and season 1 episode 40 "On the Run" are very telling.

Robert Schoen said...

I loved learning about the Emerald Tablet, only sad it didn't have a more earthshaking message. It's almost like the Ten Commandments. Does this mean the Cheops pyramid was never capped? or is there another flat top one of the three? The funny thing is the language on it looks more human than Heiroglyphics, which always struck me as alien.
I'm blown away by the Merkel/Hitler connection, our own version of secret famous ancestry of leader has it that Barbara Bush is the illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley, which would ex[plain a lot! Great group again, and I like the cow image!

Cathari said...

I do not think anyone has ever made the claim that Hitler was a card carrying member of the British secret service, nor that he was a conscious and willing agent of some overarching British policy, however one can make the claim that he was used and manipulated at various points in his political career to serve British geopolitical interests. Those who espouse this view can make rather convincing arguments, but usually always these are arguments with a strong Left political bias, or a strong taint of Right Wing conspiratorial bias. Personally, my own gut feeling is that he was honestly concerned with the fate of his people and culture, and totally devoted himself to the preservation and advancement of those people....and the larger Western Civilization of which they were a part. He did seek a peaceful collaboration with the British Empire in order to launch a crusade against Russian Bolshevism, but the Churchill factions and their masters rejected such proposals, thus leading to the outbreak of war in 39. It is interesting to ponder what might have occurred had some other faction been in power in Britain at that time. Imagine the war being a European coalition to crush Communist Russia, rather than a Anglo-American/Communist alliance to crush Germany. Anyhow, Hitler did admire the British Empire in many respects, yet also was fully aware of it countless flaws.

Serene said...

Gosh I'm I related to Merlin the Magician? (chuckles) Just kidding. (No, seriously....)

John Casey said...

Thanks, you two. Another great installment.

So what do the breakaway folks on Antarctica talk about with ETs?

Pathphinder said...

Lynn, thank you for the readings...

A Man Called Da-da said...

@JohnCasey: That's a good question. Perhaps the diplomatic situation on the earth is getting more and more open, and thus more complicated. Once the communications floodgates are open, you have to wonder how the myriad (250+) ET groups will communicate with 7 billion clamoring humans and idiotic talk show hosts. Perhaps the ETs have already identified folks they'd like to work with, not to mention creating an organization that works.

joy said...

I read somewhere that Toth was NOT really a good guy.
and ,as the usual.....we could not put ourselves under a teacher-chela relationship
without a contract. It is a contractual understanding that the master would teach the chela everything he knows, (and he knows 99.9% of the highest truth) In return, he gets to OWN your LIGHTBODY after death. While under his tutelage, he could give you fame, wealth, glory, power, etc.... In return, after death, he owns you hook-line-and-sinker. Lightbody is a premium commodity. It can be used to augment the teacher's weakening lightbody or it can be used for youthening and life-extending elixir...the leftovers could be stored in a vial for future use. Ask Saint Germain, the wonderman of Europe, who never aged.

Are you all entertained 'nuf...?

The ETs that are "out there, watching over us" are (as far as I know) OUR INCARNATIONAL SELVES.

Hannon said...

@Cathari The whole Hitler being connected to the banksters, when in fact he was their worst nightmare, originated from Antony C Sutton, who wrote this book about it

Sutton is a good writer, and exposed a lot of cabal activities over the years, but he like many others, kind of had the attitude that nothing big ever happens, unless the cabal planned it, and he like the rest of us, soak up some disinformation, from time to time. All the other personalities that promote Hitler being a Rothschild or British agent, are just rehashing this book, and usually not even crediting him.

Anonymous said...

Stasi's documents reveal German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler's successor - she was born in 1954, the official date of her birth is July 17th, however per documents available in the archives of the Russian KGB, Merkel's real birth date is July 20th, 1954. Merkel has the same birthday as Adolf Hitler. (...) It was Dr. Clauberg who brought Eva Braun from Western to Eastern Germany, as she was initially selected as a surrogate mother, the one that will carry Hitler's child.. He worked on artificial insemination which resulted in the birth of Angela Merkel in 1954.(...)
After Merkel's birth, Russia, USA and the Vatican made a deal that the Catholic Church who already had great relationship with Germany's Lutheran Church would be the appointed guardians. At that time, Merkel's birthdate was tweaked by three days and given a name Angela Dorothea Kasner. For a fake father was chosen Horst Kasner, a priest at the Lutheran Church, while her mother was certain Herulind, a German and English teacher.(...)
After the death of Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church on April 20th 2005 appointed a well known Nazi, Joseph Ratzinger who took the name of Benedict XVI. Is it really a coincidence that he was appointed on April 20th, Hitler's birthday?
In 1977 Angela Kasner married a physicist and changed her last name to Merkel. She was appointed the new chancellor of Germany shortly after Joseph Ratzinger became the new pope, as per the three page agreement between the US, Russia and the Vatican.(...)


Unknown said...

Using the chance of eventually also getting a bonus pic answer (, there is this (scary) tale of a flute player who was able to hypnotize rats and kids. Later Mozart wrote an Opera on the same issue enhancing the magical capacities of the recorder ( More recently a rock band again treated the subject in the music called the whistler ( The Question is: Can a skilled musician hypnotize with a flute as others do with words, in other words is there some truth to me medieval tale "The pied piper of Hamelin"? Thank You Lynn!

Cathari said...

In response to Hannon:

Yes, I am familiar with Mr Sutton. I have a few of his books.

I think the most prominent figure pushing the "British agent" theory is Lyndon LaRouche and his circles. His ideas have changed and gone through various metamorphoses over the years, but his Hitler as British agent idea seems to have remained intact.

He usually also claims that Hitler was deliberately set loose by the British against the USSR as part of a mutual destruction plan, with Phase I being the Soviets being defeated by Germany, and Phase II Germany defeated by the West. That plan, he claimed, went awry when the Brits saw they could not control their Frankenstein Monster Hitler. So they shifted the time table to having Germany crushed first, and the Soviets second. The 1949 introduction of Atomic weapons by Stalin set the timetable off again, so we do not see the end of the USSR until 1991.

Michele dg said...

Read the emerald tablets a 100 times. There are layers of information. Tap into the energy of Thoth, very patient kind strong. I have HUGE synchronistic happenings since studying the tablets. Thoth recommends we live an extraordinary life while we are here.
Its become my motto.

Unknown said...

@ Cathari: just on a side note: when you refer to Frankenstein Germany do you mean the post war state created by the winning allied forces? In case you don't know, the paragraph 130 of the actual german constitution, denies its citizens the right to talk about theyr memories of what happened during the war. Recently a 80 year old lady was imprisioned for recalling (during an interview what her husband did in the camp of Auschwitz: where Jews just worked! You probably also know that a representative of the only country killing prisoners with ciclon B gas went to Auschwits to examine the gas chamber facilities. His findigs where the chambers are, for several reasons inapropriate to degass people with this product ( BTW, if you scroll back Lynn's postings, you'll find that she saw people being introduced to something like gas chambers in Auschwitz in order to be treated with a medicinal gas against flees and stuff... (I'm not saying Hitler's regime was very deomcratic or concerned about racial minorities, but the overall condemnation of the germans who lived then does seam inapropriate, specially due to this bogus paragraph 130 which denies them the right to defend themselves.)

A Man Called Da-da said...

We've already covered the Pied Piper in the Friday Five. Search for it.

Cathari said...

In response to Jao Gomes:

No, I was describing Hitler as an individual. However, that is not my personal view, but the view of Lyndon LaRouche and his various international organizations.

And yes, I am very much aware of the strictly enforced political-correctness in the modern German state. My own view is that the German people have been conditioned since 1945 to feel guilt for the alleged crimes of the National Socialist state of 33-45. The Judaic power structure is far too powerful both in Europe and America. The Germans need to liberate themselves from that yoke or they will go extinct with the rest of Europe...assuming present trends continue in immigration policy and low birth rates.

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Wow everyone! Thanks so much for the comments and info. Lots to think on (almost a whole other reading). I appreciate all the questions. I may do some followup readings. :-)

Hannon said...

Oh yeah, I've heard LaRouche ramble on about Hitler and the NSDAP(Nazi). As far as I'm concerned, the Nazis saved Europe from communism, while they took on the banksters, and we should be honoring the Germans for sacrificing themselves to save Western Civilization. As bad as it can be under the crap we have now, Soviet death camps are far worse, and actually existed unlike their so called Getman counterparts, but instead, we're taught endless lies about them from the time we learn to speak :-)

joy said...

I agree with you 100%, Michele Dg.
Thoth's writings are a chockfull of good stuff.
I have studied most of these master's messages. Impressive.
THAT was part of what I was saying.....These ETs (ITALICS) WILL GIVE US 99.9% TRUTH, LOVE, POWER, fame, MONEY, TRANSCENDENTAL EXPERIENCES. They are kind and loving and always giving..... THEY TRULY WANT their messenger TO EVOLVE BECAUSE THE BRIGHTER his LIGHTBODY...THE BETTER FOR THEM.
But, would be much better for us if we "follow Spirit without hesitation"
instead of entering into a contractual obligation of giving away our existence for FEW CRUMBS.

There was a weird story I read somewhere a long time ago about Kwan Yin, the Boddhisattva of Compassion. She spoke of her experience of a long time ago,how she disappeared for many centuries....She said it started in one instant, when she was engulfed by A most powerful darkness that she blacked out. When she woke up ,she was inside what appeared like a glass container. THIS was when she could ALREADY command the atoms and molecules to obey her commands. She could not disperse the atoms that make up the prison She remained in that prison awake alert and helpless for many eons of time. Finally, a person within her incarnational line, in our time, managed to break her prison and release her.
I thought about this for many many years. How is this possible..? Is the dark force more powerful than the light..? then it dawned to me. NO. that the Light and the Dark force are equal in strength. IT IS IN THE PLAYING. Kwan Yin lost by not understanding THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF AGREEMENT....the game of GURU-CHELA agreement. She was released (her name is Mila)by breaking that particular agreement.
Whew....what a hair raising story.
Aha...who was Kwan Yin's guru..?

Cathari said...

In response to Hannon:

I totally agree with you on your last comments.

I found a few LaRouche quotes on the Hitler as "British agent" idea:

"Adolf Hitler is the exemplary model of the runaway British ally or agent. A mere British agent is automatically promoted an agent-of-influence, as Hitler was, by being sponsored into a leading position in a non-British government. The mere British agent as such, as Hitler was during his initial period as a fascist spokesman, can follow the specific interests of his controllers. As such an agent is promoted to positions of greater influence in a non-British nation, it is impossible for that agent to ignore the implications of the enlarged constituency. The agent then becomes an agent-of-influence, who must attempt to bring his nation into postures to British advantage, but within the constraints determined by the interplay of conflicting forces within the enlarged constituency he has acquired.
In the Hitler case, following the 1936-38 crisis within Nazi Germany, two principal considerations resulted in Hitler's becoming London's runaway ally. From London's side, its interests demanded Hitler's taking courses of action from which London must disassociate British responsibility even to the point of the 1939 declaration of war upon the Nazi regime that was still, at that moment, London's breakaway ally. On the side of the Third Reich, the runaway ally became rapidly an institution that lawfully ran out of British control, such that the former British instrument became Britain's deadly principal adversary."

"Hitler was not a 'born leader of men'. He was a creation of the British cult society of Bavaria, ruled by the feudal Wittelsbach family, and a protege of the British-allied cultist and geopolitician Major-General Karl Haushofer, groomed to carry out Britain's project to march Germany to the east."

Cathari said...

Although I admit my ignorance on the subject of the so-called Emerald Tablet of Thoth, I think it is relevant to raise the question of the historical personality named Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes was the founder of what is best described as the Third Post-Atlantean epoch, or the Egypto-Chaldean Age of Man. Hermes was not a mythical or mere symbolical figure, but a human being of advanced spiritual knowledge and experience. He was also a former pupil of the original Zarathustra, in a past incarnation during the Second Post-Atlantean epoch. Along with the Hebrew Moses, who was also a high Initiate of the Egyptian Mysteries, Hermes was one of the leading and most influential figures of that time period. Whether the Tablet has any direct connection to Hermes, or is perhaps a distant echo of some of his teachings, I do not know. My gut feeling is that they are a more modern concoction of ideas attributed to him or some warped conception of who he was. Personally, I have a difficult time with the E.T. connection. The E.T. ideas seem to me to be far too materialistic an explanation.

Raymond said...

Was / Is the Emerald table actually made of an emerald colored stone or was it just given the name because it was associated with something of the same color? Any gemstone or semi precious gem large enough to be carved on would have to be one of a kind.

Unknown said...

While apparently the past is the main focus in this discussion, near future seems to hold some surprises, at least from the Cassiopean perspective! Independently wether you guys believe it or not, ere's the link to the transcript of yesterdays session:,41701.msg648988.html#msg648988.

joy said...

Before I check Cassieopeia 's message, I would like you to know. This has been going around and around inside my head,lately.

(this is nothing but INFO only or entertainment only)

WHAT I have that we will undergo a CHANGE before this year is over. As early as November. What I saw is the "sacred fire" coming from the Great Central Sun that will burn down everything that is FALSE, including our very false identity.
It will be an awesome flash. In Quantum Physics, it is called "WAVE INTERFERENCE" Everything that we have placed as blockages to make us human will burn and this will release us as full sovereign spirit Beings. We will finally leave this horrid experiment called the 3D matrix. WE ARE GRADUATING. This post-graduation time of our lives will be MOST AWESOME.

The truly malevolent entities and those who never awakened ,... will disappear from our reality...they're also freed to move into their preferred parallel reality world. Don't worry about them, they will not have any record or memory of us. Let them go.

As in all prognostications (prophecies),NOT everybody will see or experience this CHANGE CONSCIOUSLY. ...because the future is actually made up of countless probability lines, so that WHAT you choose in every NOW moment,...will determine what future timeline you will gravitate to. So, you'll hear about this and that prophecy that never happened. You never know. after graduation, check into the parallel timelines.

It appears that the probability timelines are whittled down to TWO. ,....with perhaps countless variations within each, as we continue to fine-tune and upgrade our consciousness .

Cathari, Thanks. You're correct. Am familiar with THoth. Although I don't subscribe to reincarnation, I have many memories and problems related to "my atlantean adventures" Hmmm....not a joke to have lived in Atlantis. That was the time to densify the planet.

Cathari said...

In response to joy:

Reincarnation and the Laws of Karma are at the very basis of all human activity and striving. To not recognize such is to create a world conception false to reality. To leave out these two pillars of a proper esoteric edifice is to live in a system that will eventually crumble as time and evolution move forward.

We all lived during the Atlantean Epoch at some level of being, for that time period was long and vast and key to human spiritual evolution. And, yes, I agree that Earth was densifying during the final stages of the Atlantis Epoch. Previous to the Deluge, the entire Earth, and all things within it, were constituted differently than in the present era. Matter itself was of a different substance....not as dense, one might say.

This physical world/plane we are currently experiencing is certainly not a very pleasant place on many occasions, and I would agree that it is quite "horrid" at times and in certain locations. However, I do not understand this graduating process you are describing. Are you saying this will be something sudden?

John Casey said...

Since the topic of Angela Merkel has been broached, it might be useful to know exactly what means of control the Empire uses to keep her, and other EU puppets like Hollande, etc., in line and working against the interests of their own people.

Is the control simply damaging information from her past, such as the information mentioned here, is it threats of the economic destruction of Germany (an example is the VW "scandal") or is it part of a larger control system, a Skynet-style AI-driven system?

Cathari said...

In response to John Casey:

What do you mean by the term "Empire"?

I think it is an error to view the control of a leading personality merely in terms of technology, which is a materialistic conception. Is technology used for the purposes you suggest? Yes, indeed, it is. However, the essence of control is beyond the physical level. Personalities such as the evil Merkel are tools of beings, both human and non-human, who are discarnate and working from the higher worlds/planes. These are beings who's task it is to destroy the European Folk, and the clairvoyant potentialities latent within that Folk. On the physical/exterior level, it is the destruction of a race, culture, and civilization. On the higher spiritual level, it is the elimination of the spiritual potentialities of a Folk Soul which is capable of developing as a force to rise up out of the material consciousness. There are dark forces at work, very dark impulses emanating from the higher planes.

Buddhist Lady said...

Wow, Da-da. 7 billion clamoring people and idiotic talk show hosts. My head whirls...I'm in a fog. But you did make me laugh!

joy said...

Dear Cathari,
All my "reincarnation" memoirs came from deep meditations. I appears that I incarnated on the good side and on the bad side. The Atlantean epoch was the period to densify the planet. The superbeings that carried this mission for SOURCE were called DENSIFIERs. It appears...I was ONE of them. and Toth , too. THAT Karma, the payment for the very bad stuff I did followed me in this lifetime. Of course, T'was not easy for me to say that I was 'those bad guys in Atlantis'....because I have no idea WHAT OTHER false karmas are going to be piled on me,if I did. I have to challenge everything in order to get a semblance of truth here.

Technically, I am not any of my incarnational selves anywhere. They are/we are all aspects of the SOUL, ( like a lotus flower with its thousand petals) and as such, anyone of us could tap into those aspects, and believing(without questioning) it was his/her incarnational self.

About our Graduation out of this 3D Matrix.
A little history from my perspective.
We have been working towards this EVENT for almost 30 years now. So, it is not a spur of the moment thing.
Ok, 29 years ago, we all received an order from SOURCE,that it was "Time to close the Game, We are ascending the physical plane, and a new Universe, a new game is afoot". Prior to this, a group designated by Heaven as, "ASCeNSION SPECIALISTS" came, embodied as humans and started the NEW AGE . This is called INBREATH of SOURCE.

NEW AGE is the age of Light. Light is information. Light began appearing in many aspects of our lives.Computers, bar codes, laser beams,electromagnetics, quantum physics. Then we moved into the Photon Belt. Gamma rays wavelength was beamed into our planet and everybody, including Earth started to mutate. We started from carbon-based bodies, and will end up with silicone LIGHT BODIES. Our very DNA knew it was time to go home. The ASCENSION SPECIALISTS (the 144,000) came with particular job to do. Most came to dismantle every conceivable human dysfunctions. Some introduced new ways of healing, new ways of relating, new ways of governance, new this new that. Some opened up the energy system of the body and started seeding light into each and every one within their genetic lines. Humanity's LIGHTBODY was re-wired,strengthened, new ascension codes from the Great Centrl Sun were installed. If we are going to ascend to Light, we cannot use our carbon-based bodies. It will combust....hence the necessity of converting our dense, carbon based bodies to LIGHTBODY.

It appears everything is prepared. We are done here. We are graduating. It looks to me that this SACRED FIRE is SOURCE itself, Prime Creator, the EIN-Soph infinite, the INEFFABLE.
We now know in Quantum physics that WAVE INTERFERENCE is the basis of all healing. When an energy wave (that has a higher voltage) hits another energy wave with much lower voltage, the higher voltage wave will move in to reinforce,equalize and perhaps
strengthen the lower voltage wave, so that whatever is constraining the lower voltage wave,...has to drop, or burned down. THATs basically what will happen to us. We're being released from all blockages.


Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Thank you so much for all this. So much great info here!! Thank you for sharing!! Everyone has such great info to share, and really makes going into these topics more thought provoking. Your comments add a lot and I am very grateful for the time and energy spent to share info and other sources. Thank you!

Cathari said...

In response to joy:

Forgive me, but I am a bit confused. In a previous post you stated: “Although I don't subscribe to reincarnation, I have many memories and problems related to my Atlantean adventures.” This confuses me because it appears contradictory. How can you have had Atlantean adventures if you were not previously incarnated in the Atlantean epoch? Correct me if I am wrong, but are you trying to say that you do not reject the concept of Reincarnation, but rather subscribe to a particular model of the Reincarnation idea which is unique relative to more popular versions??

I just want to emphasize that discovering our past incarnations is no easy accomplishment, nor is that quest without countless obstacles and potential delusions. There is the false idea, which many people cling to, that in our former lives we were the same personality as we are today, but simply living in a different body and historical time period. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we were to look upon a former incarnation right now, we would be viewing a complete stranger with a totally unique personality and inner life. What reincarnates is what might be described as a portion of the highest aspect of our being ( There are many terms used to describe this higher self…for the moment I will call it the Higher Ego ). What develops between birth and death is a Lower Ego/Personality. So in reality, the individual who we think we are right now, is only a tiny portion of a much larger being who periodically dips a portion of itself downward into the material plane in order to acquire new experiences and faculties.

Would I be wrong to say that this is somewhat similar to what you stated with this statement: “Technically, I am not any of my incarnational selves anywhere. They are/we are all aspects of the SOUL, ( like a lotus flower with its thousand petals) and as such, anyone of us could tap into those aspects, and believing(without questioning) it was his/her incarnational self.”

joy said...

Dear Cathari, Thanks for your intriguing comments.

How can I have memories of my past incarnational selves...I simply don't know. My guess is that SOUL picks and chooses what memories are to be implanted into my unsuspecting brain.,to dovetail with the kind of experiences it wants thru me, the vessel.
DUH...........! I have enough of this. This is where the rubber meets the pavement. So, what I do is break these apart to find out if I was involved. My answer is always NO. Then I go to Heaven and argue, like a criminal lawyer. I have broken many strangleholds, I have dissolved many karmas. But these durn things kept coming, like automatically, but now I know how it works and I can laugh them off.

It appears to me that many aspects of MY soul incarnated in Atlantis. And I, being one aspect, presently in this time frame,could tap, or was allowed to tap into these incarnational journeys. Being veiled, I initially accepted them as a MODEL, to be reverse engineered.

"...if we were to look at a former incarnation right now.."....EXACTLY.....I called this an aspect of soul.


joy said...

A little caveat on what I said about our graduation from 3D Matrix.

In the highest level of creation, all of us, ensouled beings ,game-players here on earth,.. participate in the moment-to moment decision making of where we,and the planet are going. When we are asleep, we go in our Astral Body and keep tabs on the current flow of events. The bad guys are us,perhaps, they're our "incarnational selves" and they also participate in these matters. They are ONE with us,we are one with them. WE LOVE THEM AND THEY LOVE US.(how's that..?)... for there is nothing outside of SOURCE. The decision to graduate is at the that, it can be changed according to the fun agreements of the game-players. Ordinarily, when we go into these high-powered meetings, we don't remember because our brains were not wired to accept these realities. The human consciousness do not have the pictures and corresponding language to express these information here on earth. If you go there, you'd be in a dreamless state here. So, we'll see.

Cathari said...

In response to joy:

Let us go back to something somewhat related to Lynn's post.

You say that you worked with the "Toth" figure during Atlantean times in some form of collaboration in order to assist in densification of the Earth. You also say that these Densifiers are "superbeings". Thus you were , and perhaps still are, a superbeing.

On the one hand, you say you do not subscribe to Reincarnation, and on the other you talk of being reincarnated. You also speak of Karma, which are laws governing Reincarnation. If there is no Reincarnation, Karma does not exist either.

You also say that all of this information, which appears Sibylline in character, is derived from your deep meditations. So my next question is what kind of meditation are you speaking of, and how do you make healthy, logical, decisions as to the truthfulness and accuracy of what you are seeing, experiencing, and describing as memories?

I bring this up because a primary part of my own studies is the training in the capacity of objectivity in spiritual development and spiritual perception.

Joan of Arc, for instance, though she had very real spiritual visions of higher beings, colored her descriptions of those visions with her own subjective inner life and immediate cultural trappings. Thus though a clairvoyant of sorts, and certainly a instrument of higher beings, Joan was not trained in the disciplines of objectivity....leading to inaccurate understanding and distorted descriptions.

Clairvoyance in our modern time, and all spiritual experiences, need to be studied with the exactitude of materialistic Science. Objectivity and researching the accuracy or potential inaccuracy of ones findings, experimenting and comparing, but always having the quest for Truth as the primary goal.

Please share your thoughts.

joy said...

Dear Cathari, what I'm going to share is information only ,.. for entertainment purposes I don't claim these to be TRUTH, because there is only ONE truth in this 3D Reality...the real you.

In the level of non-duality, WE ARE ALL SUPERBEINGS. We are here to serve SOURCE, we mirror the things SOURCE wants to experience. WE ARE SOURCE.

Reincarnation and Karma do not exist in Non-Dual reality. These are illusions, make-believes, cut-outs..Here in 3D , Reincarnation and Karma are painfully real.
We are here in this point-in-time to dismantle them. We now know they are LIES.

When I meditate, I get into THETA cps (cycles per second of the brain) In this frequency, I can ask for anything,and get it..such as instantaneous healings, past life incidents related to the problem I'm dealing at the moment.For example , about a very attractive man,who is he in another life..? or how rich am I in another life..?
Will you bring me the crystalline master from Andromeda..?

The problem with many "messengers" such as Joan d'Arc.....was at that time, Ego has not been distruncated. Ego is the psychic player that nobody knew. Kingdoms and countries rose and fell because ego always messing up things. Now, that durn creation Ego is no more,well...almost. Ok, this is what I understand about ego. There was an article last month, that said, when the sperm penetrates the ovum, there occurs a FLASH (wave interference) You know, scientists, they don't have any idea what it was. This flash is the LIFE-FORCE, the LIGHTBODY being gifted to the fetus. Then, if you read more esoteric claims about the entrance of the "SOUL' into the fetus, you'll notice that it comes in a few months after the fertilization. THIS IS NOT THE SOUL. THIS IS THE EGO. So, if I keep saying to someone "Your ego" he will not understand me. because,...I'm actually talking to ego , THE fraud.

Ego is a psychic entity, SEPARATE, VAMPIRIC,NASTY, POSSESSING entity that fraudulently claims to be you, as SOUL. What I see is that there are two beings occupying the physical body....the false self ego,and the true self spirit. This is how this Universe was set up, so that SOURCE will experience everything it wants to experience INSIDE an illusory venue. We are inside an electronic VIRTUAL game.

Clairvoyance and other psychic abilities.....nah. am not interested in material science. we left that Age already. ...The Theory of Relativity. Material science without Spirit. We are now inside the Age of Quantum Physics...We are now exploring the SHEKHINA Universe. WHAT MAKES MATTER TICK.
E=mcsquared............Matter is energy. Matter is an illusory expression of energy.
We are energy. We are encased inside matter.Technically, clairvoyance and all other psychic abilities are hallmarks of who we are. But,'s a long story,...we were blockaded, we were not allowed to access these powers, so that ,(again) SOURCE will have this experience of being limited. Blockages are being dismantled as well.

Cathari said...

In response to joy:

First I want to take the following statement you made, and try to examine it:

"Reincarnation and Karma do not exist in Non-Dual reality. These are illusions, make-believes, cut-outs..Here in 3D , Reincarnation and Karma are painfully real.
We are here in this point-in-time to dismantle them. We now know they are LIES."

Non-Dual Reality is a term describing the domains above the Material/Physical domain. I think we can agree on that much. Duality is an experience/perception only existing on the physical plane between birth and death. Once we pass through the portal of Death, or once we depart the physical body during spiritual activities, we enter worlds in which our accustomed way of experiencing ourselves and the world around us is dramatically altered.

Although it is a given that incarnation only takes place in the physical world, and that Reincarnation and Karma are "painfully real," I do not see how you can state that they are mere illusions, lies, and make-believes that do not exist in the higher realms...and certainly I cannot fathom the desire to "dismantle" them.

The laws of Karma, and the laws of rebirth, which in so many ways govern the evolution of humanity during this epoch, are designed by the heavenly hierarchies in order than we might mature into independent, self-governing, self-conscious beings on the road to becoming co-creators with Divinity. We did not always incarnate in the flesh, and deep into the future our incarnations will eventually cease as new forms of evolution arise. However, this system is not something we mere mortals can dismantle, nor should we desire anything of the sort. Such is beyond are capacity anyway. Reincarnation and Karma are gifts of the gods which we should be thankful for.

Between death and rebirth, the laws of karma and reincarnation are weaving through our souls...sending us through the heavenly spheres in preparation for the next life. In that sense, they do exist in the Non-Duality reality, so to speak. This is not something that will cease for thousands upon thousands of years in our time reckoning.

Reincarnation and Karma are aspects of our existence which we should be striving to understand and work with, not dismantle.

Cathari said...

continued ......

Secondly, my reference to Material Science earlier was merely to say that the methods used, such as the striving for objectivity, accuracy, and experimentation, should be used by esotericists in their quest for Truth in the higher realms. Science is just as materialistic today as it was a hundred years ago. The only difference is that new discoveries and theories are opening up wider vistas of exploration. In most cases where science appears to be heading toward the Spirit, it is merely illusion. The danger here is in materialization of spiritual concepts and truths.

Third, when it comes to the constitution of the human being, I think we would probably agree, for the most part. The problem is more a difference in terminology, then a disagreement on fundamentals. You seem to be saying that the human being is threefold in nature and constitution: Body, Ego, and Spirit or Soul. If I were to take the threefold model, I would use the terms Body, Soul, Spirit. Body being the physical/biological, Soul being the Astral organism, and Spirit being the Ego...Ego used here not in the sense of a "vampiric, nasty, possessing entity," but rather as the highest aspect of the human being.

A more accurate concept would be fourfold: Physical Body, Etheric Body, Astral Body, Ego/Spirit.

The Physical is composed of the physical/mineral world, and gives us the experiences derived from the 5 senses.
The Etheric is composed of the elements of the Etheric world, and gives the physical body its particular structure and form, its life and vitality, and is the seat of memories.
The Astral is composed of elements of the Astral world, and is the seat of desires and, hate, anger, compassion, etc.
The Ego is a portion of the Cosmic Divine Ego, and is the core of the human being.

In the process of incarnation, the Ego is divided, so to speak, into a Higher and Lower Ego. The Higher aspect remains in the higher worlds, while the lower portion incarnates and develops into a unique personality between birth and death. The lower Ego, after death, eventually dissipates as a new incarnation is planned and designed. The Higher ego retains what is best from each incarnation, and in the process grows and matures.

I would like to understand better what you mean by SOURCE.

joy said...

Dear Cathari,

I oversimplified this thing about the dissolution of the ego. What I really meant is...when we ask SPIRIT to dissolve ego, Spirit will simply take it away from our reality. Spirit does not really dissolve it, but will SHIFT it into another parallel reality, so that it is no longer in our parallel.Gone. So, those of you who are not ready to give up ego for whatever reason, it would still be around, but not in the ascending positive parallel reality. You would still get to enjoy it in the descending negative parallel reality.

I am not here to learn anything. That is another LIE. If you have travelled the universes on your lightbody, you'll understand. There is nothing new under the sun,..anymore. That is why we are ending this Game of Separation and Limitation. I I am here as a job description. I have specific job or several jobs to do. I am tasked as a Pathcutter and Earthkeeper. These jobs were to prepare the Earth and humanity to jump into a higher level of consciousness. Am not here to become a millionaire, become famous, or powerful. I AM SPIRIT INSIDE THIS HUMAN FLESH. The physical, mental-emotional bodies although imbued with separate consciousness are strictly the vehicle we use to navigate this 3D matrix. When you rest/sleep your human bodies, you go out and visit your multidimensional families, anywhere, any timeframe.

In the Non-Duality level,ego,reincarnation and karma are gifts. Why, even being raped and murdered are gifts. IN THAT LEVEL, WE DON'T THINK LIKE HUMANS. GET WITH IT. It was useful,a necessary ingredient of the Game, but it ends here. It means, we are shifting these energies into another parallel reality.

SOURCE: This is the term I use interchangeably with PRIME CREATOR, or ALL-THAT-IS, I AM THAT I AM. Source of all things visible and invisible. Now, I did NOT say God, because what I understand in your religious indoctrination, God was originally a THOUGHTFORM that became self-aware thru the life-forces stolen from humans,thru deceit. SOURCE and God are NOT the same. I can't really describe SOURCE,it is not in my mental range, the Hebrews call this all-encompassing being as the Ein-Soph infinite, more of a SUPERMIND without a body, a mind that is boundless , endless, borderless, eternal,all powerful, all loving all wisdom that could create anything out of its own essence... day, I'll ask her myself.