Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kundalini Energy

Q. Hi Lynn, A group of people who I am connected to, are experiencing various stages of growth on the spiritual road. However only 2 of us are experiencing symptoms of Kundalini energy....Symptoms include: Involuntary jerkiness or shaking in the body and feelings of cold in the body.....intense heat in the spine, or a particular chakra, as if molten metal were flowing in the spine ... Striking flows of energy, like electricity or internal lightning bolts .....feelings like snakes or ants crawling on the body, particularly along the spine, or between the feet and head. Emotional shifts and mood swings. This all becomes very tiring! 

I understand that not everyone experiences the Kundalini. Why is this so? It seems most of us don't experience any Kundalini symptoms at all on this journey..? Are we wired differently to each other? Or is it to do with our own personal journey? If so what does it mean? Someone suggested the 'jerking' could be to do with physical injury in this lifetime and blockages, but that doesn't sit with me. Why does that serpent move for some and not for others? Thank you.
A. When I visualize the Kundalini awakening, I see it starting at the root chakra, and moving upwards and addressing each chakra along the way.  It looks to balance and make sure each chakra is complete (balanced, relaxed, release of any karma residing there, etc) as it moves upward.  In the event a chakra needs work, the energy will reside there and force you to address those areas so you can continue and work on your spiritual journey.  

I also see the body as having several systems.  There is a "psychic" system (for a lack of a better term) that looks to run parallel to the nervous system.  Many psychic abilities will create this "jumping" effect over to the "true" nervous system in order for the ability to function.  For example, people that are highly empathic (can feel and sense things of others) feel sensations within their own nerves (like pain, irritation, tightness, etc).  This is an intuitive / psychic ability that is utilizing the human "nervous" system to deliver a message. (I am being told it is important to note that not all abilities use the nervous system, some are purely subconscious, but many thing manifest through our own sensations that are rooted with the nerves / brain.)

As the Kundalini energy awakens I see two main things happening.  One is that your chakras are "waking" up.  When you feel an area, and the feeling lasts, it is worth paying attention to it.  Meditating on that chakra to make sure it is balanced and isn't holding on to anything is a great place to start.  There is a reason that you are being drawn to a certain spot, and your higher self will know.

The other bodily sensations (hands, feet, "zapping," etc..) look to be the intensity of the Kundalini energy awakening and becoming so intense that it is randomly interfering with the human nervous system (the intuitive / psychic system runs very closely parallel).  These feelings mean that things are active, and growing more intense.

You higher self will know when you are able to experience this energetic shift.  You will not go through it if you are not ready (your system can't handle it) or if you have more ground work to do.  The level in which you feel it can depend on your level of sensitivity too.  Those that are more sensitive will have much greater side effects.  Meditating and other relaxation techniques (I see soaking in an Epsom salt bath) can be welcoming during this time of change.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-



A Man Called Da-da said...

Yes, I went through this jerking/spasming thing in the first three chakras about a month ago. Then, over the past month, it's worked up to each chakra, some requiring more time than others to work through. I also live right on top of a gaia portal, so it's a little different for me. It's actually a LOT different for me, as Lynn can attest. (There's a whole book coming on that.)

I didn't know about the "psychic" system. That explains a lot. I thought I was just being psychosomatic, but I was being psychic-somatic! Alas, being an empath isn't much fun.

A Man Called Da-da said...

AND now that I think of it, both my boys were telling me over the past week that they were feeling unusually HOT -- in their insides -- and kept asking for ice water and cold packs. (No, they don't eat spicy food, far from it.) I felt this as well a while ago. Must all be part of the Wave X experience.

The enlightened one said...

What are you referring to by wave-x?

Can you see this kundalini awakening as enabling certain psychic gifts/powers, such as telekinesis etc? If the kundalini is built up in a certain chakra to "fix" it, then you don't really have a kundalini, since it often refers to the flow of ditto, do you? How does it proceed to heal the chakras?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Wave X:

kris said...

Still really dont understand why some of us experience K. and some dont. Even to the point that the 'more spiritual and pyschic aware members' of our group have never experienced anything.. Very Interesting. Perhaps they dont have blocked energy /charkras

samferina said...

I was wondering why my right foot had a tingling itchy feeling one night while I was asleep it was so bad it woke me up and I kept trying to rub my feet together to stop it but it did t it was a very weird sensation maybe that was the K occurring

joy said...

Charles Cosimano does not recommend using the kundalini to awaken the psychic ability. He said it's a liability.

Gopi Krisna went psychotic after the kundalini awakened. Google his biography.

In my experience, kundalini moves inside my body like a serpent. It undulates.
It does NOt connect with the intellect. I have been directing it to my frontal luck. If you could direct it to your palms, it could heal instantaneously.

there are claims that this awakened kundalini is a step towards spiritual evolution, I cannot attest to that, however.....I'm still working on it.

joy said...

it is easy to awaken your kundalini.
if interested, i could tell you what to do.
let me know.
don't go around paying.

Anonymous said...

The kudalini's stirring into activity and the trajectory of the LBP are not --- ARE NOT --- one and the same phenomenon. These are two distinct phases or stages of the body's and being's metaphysic, and it is very misleading, not only for one's general state of health but, especially, for one's awakening state of consciousness, one's existential understanding, to mis-identify kundalini and LBP and not have intellectual clarity on either.
"LBP" (upper case) is "Light Body Process." I use lower-case "lbp" to stand for "Left Brain Portal." The lbp is part of, and within, the encompassing LBP process, and yes, the Light Body Process is exceedingly exhausting, unimaginably more so than the kudalini awakening. LBP is an ongoing process, moderated entirely and solely by the Divine Soul in her transcendent wisdom.
Whereas, on the other hand, the kundalini's awakening can be externally stimulated and thus artificially launched, the LBP is strictly a natural and absolutely spontaneous involutional state, a functional dynamic of the HD (Higher Domains, hyperdimensions, higher densities), a functional dynamic of the Higher Realms (HR) and the Divine Soul, YOUR personalized, individualized, divine soul in action in these lower timelines.
These two phenomenalities, the kundalini and the LBP, are very confused and confusing topics. Please go to Dr. Georgi Stankov ( and type-in LBP and lbp in the Search box (or you can spell those out in 'longhand'). As physician, scientist, physicist, meta- and bio-psycho-physicist, and as a gnostic (small "G")observer and mystic, Dr. Stankov's writings are the scientific spiritual knowledge, the modern and expanded understanding of existentials for our contemporary Time.
Remember above all, unremitting, dedicated work on one's internal baggage and ballast, on facing one's truth HONESTLY, and the devotion to the STO spectrum, are what spontaneously launch the psycheal ascent and the beginning of the LBP. There's nothing 'romantic' and egoically prideful about that; if there is, it ain't real LBP, it may merely be kundalini! Beware the 'glamour' out there, the pretenders and charlatans who talk through their hats, the well-named "vanity fair," for nowadays, everyone wants to be "spiritual," it's the latest attribute to claim, the latest fashion and fad ... .
Hope this hopes. Good energy ... Love mucho to all --------------

Anonymous said...

That should have been "Hope this helps." Cheers ------------

Raymond G said...

Many times when I meditate or shortly after falling asleep I will 'jerk' and my body shakes for a brief second. I always thought that is was my astral body leaving or returning. Is it possible that it may also be kundalini? That one or more of my chakras might be awakening? How do you know which chakra it is ? Thanks.

@Joy........I am always open to new ideas and I am sure others are too. Many thanks in advance.

tara said...

feel like what is happening to me too.

joy said...

Raymond G.........No , in my experience,...that is not the kundalini. This is a communication from HS. When you meditate, you slow down your brain frequency from Beta CPS to low Theta CPS. As you do this, your HS will also start harmonizing all the different frequencies of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Remember, your physical body is vibrating in the NOW, your mental body is tuned in the future, and your emotional body is stuck in the past. Your HS will gather all these vibrations and unify them as one smooth frequency. This is called the UNIFIED FIELD.
When your HS is satisfied, it will communicate this to you by jerking a group of muscle in your arm,or in your leg or torso or neck.. HS is ready for a dialogue. If you have anything to ask,this is the time. If you ask HS to keep you awake, HS will jerk you many times to keep you awake. No kidding.
what I do is , I ask first, I talk like a lawyer,I point out many aspects of my request, then go into meditation. When I get jerked, I know that my request is granted. Experiment on what works for you. Make your own experiences.

joy said...

To 063f,... One day I got ambitious and I actually decided to activate know the 90% dormant frontal brain cells (in China, this is called "the forbidden zone") Some people claimed they have already done what the heck..Instead,without meaning to, I activated this kundalini. Then, I thought I could coax this Kundalini to connect with my dormant brain cells. so far, no luck.

What to do.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the info and all the sharing. I learn so much from each of you.

I get that some people with feel kundalini energy, and some will not. It doesn't do the healing, but makes you do the healing (by tuning into yourself and higher self). If you are fairly balanced, or don't have karmas to work though, or aren't as sensitive to your environment, then you may not feel the effects of this energy as much.

You will only experience this when your physical and spiritual body are ready.

Slight jerking upon sleep (approaching a connection with your subconscious) can be related to this kundalini energy moving or it could be an astral travel situation. It is very individual based on the person.

Thank you again everyone. I love the openness and sharing!

samferina said...

@joy hi dear would love some advice on how to connect to the Kundalini energy thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn and everyone. I would like to share my experience about the kundalini energy. I have no knowledge about spirituality and was not on spiritual path when my kundalini energy activated. I am just an ordinary person when I read a book which drawn me to spirituality.

One day I decided to try the aura cleansing with energy practitioner. It was a remote healing session and while I was on the meditative state of our session, I felt a burst of energy came from the bottom of my back rushing through my head and extended over my head. I don’t know what it was and I felt that some of that energy left inside my body. Ever since that day until now, I still feel the energy running inside my body. Literally, it feels like concentrated dense energy inside that is pushing against the walls of my head and in my torso, it also causes muscle twitching in different parts of my body. Some of the energy became stuck on my upper back which developed my chronic myofascial pain and spine subluxations. I also got problems with my bone structure that it dislocates sometimes and feel they are becoming brittle. I became so depressed and all my emotional issues came to surface.

I feel when you are a “balanced” person, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, you will not feel much the impact of this energy inside you. In my case, I am not that balanced (actually, I came from a dysfunctional family) that I need to work on myself and continue the path of spirituality to live harmony and in line with my soul’s purpose. It’s like self-realization is a must. You know that life will never be the same again. Resistance to this path will just make myself worse.

It was in 2009 when I had my unexpected kundalini activation until I confirmed it in 2012 when I read about kundalini energy and its symptoms, adverse reactions when activated accidentally. Then this year, I recently thought of looking information about kundalini that is “outside the box” rather than reading info from other philosophies that I feel not resonating to me. I hope this information could help people answer their question regarding the subject as it answered mine. It says that Kundalini process takes 1-10 years to complete the opening. Well, I’m on my 6th year and I still have 4 more years to go. I hope things will be better. I’m staying positive that I will get through with this successfully.


Anonymous said...

Here are some excerpts from the article I read about the Kundalini from a Healer's perspective named Tatiacha Bhodsvatan.

"The Kundalini often misunderstood to be sexual energy, the Kundalini is the energy of creation. Once awakened it reprograms the DNA of the body to a higher vibration to prepare body and mind for a higher conscious expression of God. Long thought to originate at the root chakra, it is the first awakening of the elemental chakras. It activates the DNA creation center upon entering the root chakra stimulating the beginning of change. It is a spiral energy that affects every chakra as it moves through it.

It can take one year to ten years to complete the opening, and can open as early as one year old. The level of vibrational change is determined before birth, as well as the choice to open the flow or not in a given lifetime. It can not and should not be forced. A soul that has chosen to make a large vibrational jump can suffer strong physical symptoms to the awakening of the flow and attempting too big of a jump can be deadly. Heart attacks while at the heart chakra for example, are not uncommon.
When a soul comes into a life and they want to have tremendous spiritual growth, or the potential of ascension, they always plan to open the Kundalini energy flow, which is the first activation of the sacred sphere.

The Kundalini flow is divine energy that enters the body elemental from the higher self and moves up into the root chakra where it activates the DNA creation center that sits slightly higher and on the back side of the body from the root chakra. This center enacts the shift in vibration programmed in by the higher self while the body was being created in the womb.

It is always something we plan for our life and there are a few reasons why. First higher self must decide how big of a vibrational jump will be made with the Kundalini opening. The process can be very difficult if a jump that is too large is made.

Many people have died in the process of opening their Kundalini when the higher self either planned to large of a jump, or the person didn’t do the preparation before hand. What I mean by this is lets say your plan was to start to explore spiritual teachings at the age of 25 and then have your Kundalini begin to open at the age of 35. If you never started to explore spirituality at 25 that’s 10 years worth of growth and raising your vibration that never occurred. So when the Kundalini begins to open at 35 you are unprepared for the shift in vibration.

The Kundalini always begins at a prearranged time. This is one of the misconceptions in the Eastern Philosophy, the belief that you can do anything that will activate the Kundalini flow. It has been a major frustration of the Yoga community that some without any effort seem to open it while another can spend a whole life of practice and discipline to no avail.

A large vibrational jump can cause intense stress on the body. Many people recognize the "symptoms" when we talk about it, and realize that their Kundalini has opened, or know exactly where it is in the process. As they have some of the symptoms at each stage, that disappear as mysteriously as they began when the Kundalini moves up to the next stage.

You can read the whole article here.

kris said...

My jerking is sometimes so powerful (especially at night if I lay flat on my back) - that my arms can literally fling across my body - and FAST.... It was intense (every night)for a number of years, then settled down....Now its back again after a 6 mnths break. I have even had it in my jaw when I speak - mouth jumps wide open from time to time. My friend experiences the jerking while walking - especially A.M .

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for sharing your stories and info! This helps so many people to let them know they aren't alone!