Monday, August 10, 2015

Real, Fake, True and False (Quick Answer)

Q. Hi Lynn, here is a picture that has been getting around.  It is a strange, light cloud dancing.  What do you think it is? [Note:  If you are offended by bad language, you may want to watch this on mute.]
A.  I get this is a UFO and the sun is reflecting off of it.  As it moves about, it is cloaked, but the reflection of the sun creates the bright flashes and movements.  

Q. Hi Lynn, well here is a phenomenon that just happened in my own backyard so to speak, in Narragansett RI.  A woman was sitting on the beach and got thrown out of her chair by an underground explosion. They say it was hydrogen build up from a corroding cable buried there. What is the real cause of this?
A. What I see is a pocket forming underground.  There are buried electrical cables, and those cables look to be degrading.  As they degrade, and the salt water seeps in, the salt not only makes the corrosion worse, but serves as a conduit for the electric flow.  So electric in not only flowing in the wires, but charging this salty water.  Because this underground pocket looks to not have a fresh air flow to it, the constant electric in the "bubble" starts to create a pressure mixing with the stale air and water.  Eventually it pools up so much it explodes, and that is what shot the woman across the beach.

Q. This happened in Greenwood, Indiana USA. I was out riding my bicycle and a storm was 
Then this strange light caught my eye so I pulled out my phone...  
A. I see this as an opening to a portal.  There is intense energy 
surrounding this.  I get that something is traveling through it here, and 
what you see is what it looks like when it is opening.  I also get an 
image of a watch, and see that if you were near it, time does something 
very strange.  The watch hands looks to move erratically.  There is also a 
a strong magnetic pull near this source, and I hear that the "G 
forces tied to it and more than the human body can handle."

Q. Hi Lyn, Wondering what is going on with the (apparent) wing of missing MH370 
which they say has been washed up from Indian Ocean? I remember months ago you
 could see this happening and that it would be fake. Is It? Cheers.
A. Yes, I get this is fake.  When I was doing the updates I got that evidence would be fabricated to put closure to this.  Too many people know the truth of what happened, so by "creating" debris, the people that want to believe what they are told by the media and government will have something to cling to.

And that is all I have for this short answer session.  Thank you.  


siketa said...

Cool! :)
Lynn, I'm almost sure Da-Da has already sent you one of these....

Can you please comment?


Alex said...


Where does that portal lead to? Can aliens withstand the G forces?

Watchand Knock said...

@LYNN! back to the "missing person" post: May I ask if the the number plate of the truck was yellow or white? (for example Luxembourg plates are yellow and contain an L, British number plates are also yellow and sometimes have curious letter/number (L2) associations:

When you say truck do you mean a pick-up like this ( or a bigger vehicle (I'm asking because "truck" in GB-english usually refers to big load vehicles).

Thank You!

Anonymous said...


Thank You! for the Real,Fake True and False(Quick Answers) today .


They Live said...

I posted this in your last reading, I wanted you and others to know about this movie and it's message.
In reference to spiritual ascension, a movie which speaks on the physical and spiritual plight of humans is Wreck It Ralph, an animated movie about arcade games and how they interact with one another. It shows how entities can travel to other worlds via portals by showing characters of different arcade games visting on another through different wires of these games. They are all able to meet up in a main portal which connects to all the other portals.
The main character, while discovering his true purpose, happens upon a game world called Sugar Rush where all the characters of that world have had their memories wiped by an evil shape shifting entity who took away the royal crownship of the main character, a girl who he made an outcast and is hated by the other characters of that world. She accepts her status and living situation which is among garbage and is trapped in her world unable to travel to other game worlds because she is a glitch. She, however, wants to be able to race in a car race her game world is based on but the evil game entity won't let her.
In conclusion, Wreck It Ralph finds out about the shape shifting character and what he has done. Ralph, with the help of another character from his game world, helps build the girl a car to race in order for her to cross the finish line and reset her game, it is HER responsibility to cross as Ralph and his friend can only assist. She crosses the finish line thereby resetting her world, reclaiming her crown and having everyone's memory returned. The shape shifting game entity goes into a light Ralph activates which the shape shifiter becomes mesmerized by. Though he vocally says to other bad game entities he teamed up with not to go into the light, they are all too mesmerized by it and leave the game world.

Wreck it Ralph= High vibrational entities assisting us in reclaiming our true positions.

Shape shifting game character= low vibrational entities who have enslaved and imprisoned us.

The game Sugar Rush= Earth

Characters of Sugar Rush= Humans

Aracade= The universe

Games within arcade= different worlds/galaxies

Game portals= portals of different worlds/galaxies

Messages: as Lynn had said, do not go into the light. Also it's all a game.

I know that was long but I just watched this movie yesterday and was amazed with it's premise and message.

Robert Schoen said...

I always wondered about the woman on the beach that got lifted off. Strange they were telling the truth for a change. The portal in clouds was also impressive. I think more and more of these events will be seen and recorded with phones. I saw a colored light in a cloud a few weeks ago that seemed time to be seen after having just read about something similar of Lynn's blog. They make their presence known under the right circumstances or to make other aware.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: Thanks. I will have to check these out.

@Alex: I can't tell where it goes, but yes the ETs use it. Their UFOs insulate them (there is some kind of gravity regulator inside them).

@Watchand Knock: I just saw the letters L2 like how you would see it in a fuzzy dream. I couldn't really make out anything else on the plate. The truck was a pick up truck, but older and baby blue (very faded) in color. It was the same type of truck in the pic you provided, but image it about 18 years old.. Older but working.

@Erin: xoxo

@They Live: You are so right! I have watched that movie with my kids, and I see your point exactly. There is a lot of symbology in it.

@Robert: I was surprised too. It is rare we are told the facts. :-)

Love and light to you all-

They Live said...

@Lynn :-D

Nick said...

Damn your good Lynn!
A veritable nugget of gold in the sea of wannabes and misinformation dross.

@They Live, the media in it's weird paradoxical role in informing and misinforming goes all the way back to the Crusades, when the propaganda, was pictures of pitchforks and small humans as an emotional boost to the bloodthirsty cause.
In the present day of the last 100 or more years, the cocktail of predictive programming / fear porn / fantasy amplification and truth telling is quite the puzzle.
Strange when commenting on the state of declining IQ / dumbing down and brainwashing really, if you think about how HG Wells "Bore of the Worlds" .. was broadcast in UK in 1938 and folks thought it was real!

One of the reasons I am full of myself ( ;-) ) .. is my parents hated TV and so as a ankle biter, I never watched any TV, EXCEPT a couple of times, the neighbours invited to me to sneak over and watch some Dr Who - it was the Silurians episodes.
Which gave me the absolute hellish nightmares.
Then later as a researcher of all things I first read Robots Rebelion by David Icke and at the time, I couldn't tell ( and still can't ) the relationship between these meme's and the super water tight information war and the way humanity is farmed.

As an adult, when I watched TV - apart from what to me was just obvious brainwashing, I was fascinated by how adverts would reveal their true nature, in images mainly but sometimes in the words themselves.
As I write this, I can't even remember an example - last time I saw this happening - it wasn't even an ad on TV, it was a poster fundraising for Child Cancer ( which is obviously yet another scam ) and from a distance the most boldest largest words were 'Child Gets Cancer'.
In other words, the subconscious is the issue when dealing with all hypnosis by the PTB.

Which is why discernment is king.
Which is why it's neat to have Lynn here able to do some BS detection.
Which is why I don't do any sort of lamestream media now at all!

Nick said...

Whoops, forgot to add some stuff.
Medial is 'middle' in medical jargon - that is to say 'media' = 'middle man'.
I was also gonna mention the protocol.
We have to consent to the plan.
It appears to be some cosmic law they can't force us into anything.
Hence the voting form = "you have my permission to _____ (fill in your favourite political scumbaggery).

Hence the media telling us through very subtle ( to the sheeple utterly hidden ) methods.
Way back in 99 a fren, who knows my passion and philosophy told me to watch The Matrix.
I told him I don't 'do' Hollywood and could count the number of films I had seen.
In my un-humble opinion it does 2 major things.
1) Its pure Christianity - so as to get intensely and deeply into the already well worn neural pathways.


a) Savior
b) Reborn
c) Judas ( cypher )
d) Prohpecy
e) Zion
f) Redemption
g) Morpheus ( Greek god of dreams )
For an entrée :-)

2) It shows the 'coppertop' idea - critters feeding off our energy.
What a prime example of showing us what's going on in a familiar little package.

Beware of AI?
Nope, know why?
Computers are a machine that has a GIGA function and they can't go rogue at all!
Garbage In Garbage Out.
Did you known, when you select "random' for a media playlist, you are calling a huge list of numbers like 1,3,5,7 etc.
The computer can NOT do random - as that suggests choice / intelligence.
So next time there is some fear porn story about AI taking over - you can walk away Renee.

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the new post today, they are really interesting.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!!! :)

The enlightened one said...

I am surprised that I am the first one to notice that OikJdS0hlk and the other video (the first?) are showing the same recording. The portal video seems to be missing?

Watchand Knock said...

Qucik Answer! Hi! French authorities deny that plane parts collected from Reunion Islands shores belong to MH370!,26638584,31470098.html