Saturday, August 8, 2015

Earth Changes and the Effects on the Human Body

Q. Many people have been having strange symptoms.  It may be vertigo, nausea, exhaustion or energy for no reason and buzzing / ringing in their ears.  What is causing this?  What does it mean?  You have talked about the earth's wobble and effects on the weather.  It has got to be affecting the people animals also. Your thoughts?  
A. I do see that many people are reacting to our changing earth and changing energy.  It looks like the more "in tune" you are with you body, and the more sensitive you are, the more you will see these side effects.  

I see the energy change coming from two main sources.  The first source is very physically based.  As the "red comet" (Nibiru) comes closer to earth, it pulls on the earth's magnetosphere and shifts and tugs on the earth and her gravitational forces.  I see that just as the moon pulls on our oceans, the shifts in the magnetosphere pull on our human systems (much of which centers in our head/brain/eustachian tubes/nervous system).   The result is this dizzy, sick feelings and usually involves a change in energy levels as well (it can be exhausting for the body to deal with this, and sometimes ultra energizing because it is embraced).

The second thing I am seeing is that there are masses of people that are spiritually advancing (at the soul level).  They may be meditating, communicating with their higher self, feeling guided through inspiration, or having lucid dreams, but fundamentally they are evolving and expanding.  I get that this type of expansion can also include a symptom that creates this feeling of your spiritual self being disconnected from your physical self.  Almost like you are floating above your body, or your spiritual being is taller than your physical body, the two aren't in alignment.  ( I see it like a shadow.  Your being is yourself, but your spirit is connected to you like a shadow, but much larger).  To someone that meditates often it can feel similar to a mild astral projection, but experiencing it while of full conscious mind.  To someone who isn't familiar with that sensation, it can be like what people call "medicine head" when you have a cold. 

In both situations there is nothing to worry.  Try your best to stay in balance (drink lots of water).  Realize that you are evolving for the better and this is our human 3D body "processing" the upgrade.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

[As a side note, I have not studied medicine and can only provide an intuitive insight.  If you are having a concern, please do what resonates as being right within you.]


Nick said...

I don't have to believe anything about this - as I 'know' what your saying to be true Lynn.
35 years or so ago, I had just left skool ( is that how you spell it? ;-) and I was unemployed ( read that as going to the beach all day and enjoying being a young fulla hanging out with frenz )

Yet, despite every day being a holy day for me, one particular Saturday morning, I could feel the buzz in the air as all the slaves, oops I mean workers, were glad to have the weak end off.
In that moment it was an experiential reality, that the skin encapsulated ego was not that boundaries of my being.

That idea of such a powerful effect of collective mind influencing my own mind - stuck with me as my journey went on - then some years ago, I had a similar realization that;
Of course we are one and the same as the planet, how could it be any other way??
Which then translated to the sensations in the physical body as;
I didn't just give myself a sore neck / shoulder, I am responding to 'something' else.
Sounds wafty? Sort of, obviously not every stubbed toe is because the earth is having a bad hair day.
However It may be vertigo, nausea, exhaustion or energy for no reason and buzzing / ringing in their ears
Suggests something that all the veges and coconut oil in the world ain't helpin an iota!

I would venture the notion that this collective mind / planet mind, is in some extreme transition - and the interweb being the biggest catalyst we have had in the present civilization.

From my lame abilities as an Astrology student;
I see a purdy hefty signature in the form of an ol' taskmaster Saturn in the arguably heaviest sign of Scorpion in a extremely tense communication with the other big chappy , Jupiter in the royal expectation king himself Leo.
But wait there's more! Send no narcissism now!!
Pluto the planet associated with Scorpion. The underworld, death and the lesser used keyword of 'treasure' is in the ultimate in worldly structures - Capricorn.
Read that as upheaval of all constructs, personal and financial / cultural.
But wait there's more! Send no suicide notes now!

Pluto is square ( widely now, but still in effect ) Uranus ( pronounced U Rah Nuss ) in Aries - of which there is 30's style depression RAMifications.
Holy underwear change batgirl this is serious stuph!
But wait there's more, send money to under the mattress.

Neptune, the water ( emotion ) part of our psyche is pining for a connectedness.
Most are obsessively, frenetically struggling to get this connectedness through the Aquarian electrical world of devices - the net, the handheld apparatus / CELLphone.

Now that word is interesting isn't it? ( come to think of it, 'word' is like 'world' is like 'sword' )
As the play between the cells of the earth phoning one another in juxtaposition with the powers that be, who knew the cell towers would compromise the integrity of our actual cells )


How this ( above gobbledegook ) energy expresses itself is;
The soul-like urge to wake up, knows it's not playtime right now.
Playtime is addictive, fun, instinctive and we ( well those of us who are lucky enough to have had some ) want to go back outside and keep playing, but it's not happening so tension ensues.

You think that the dramas your going through right now, in your personal life is dang bad luck and they are the reason for your discomfort and struggle like wading through syrup?
*Errrrrrr* loud buzzing sound, wrong answer!

Forgive my long rant this stuff really is my fave subject and have being doing non stop without distraction for decades. :-)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Did anyone else feel really weird today? Da-da had a migraine and felt like he might shuffle off his mortal coil at any moment. Today was also 8-8-2015 (2015 adds up to 8), so Da-da felt 8-times-too-big for his 8-times-too-small cranium.

PimpMyBrain said...

i agree, yesterdy (saturday 8th) was quite heavy. But like i had a appointment with a "Magnétiseur" (sort of rekki practioner and medium in France) early in the morning, he calmed me down for the rest of the day. Frist time meet one of them and that was quite stunning experinece (even if all the consultation went smoothie and well).

I see two big meteorites this night, with strange red color again with 30 seconds separation. To starnge (big, color, rate) to normal apparitions where i live. Maybe a think too much and it just a wonderful coincidence ! By the way...beautifull canopy of heaven this niight, since long time no see the stars to be so bright and the Milky Way so visible (with Arcturus going crazy)!

Take care of yourself everybody ! Thank Lynn, as always, for this possitive note about our futur ! :)

Blimpy Peach said...

That is so interesting, since I was about 4 years old I've often experienced bouts of this weird feeling that I guess my conscienceness is either short and fat or tall and thin. It's hard to explain but I think it's the same thing you are describing. I'm so glad you did this reading as I don't feel so weird anymore!

Blimpy Peach said...

And I feel the conscienceness feelings via my tongue. Geez I think I might be weird after all!

EA RW said...

interesting post you made Nick. I'm not trying to be an expert... but could we really be witnessing the downfall of an old paradigm? I followed an astrologer on youtube for some years but he quit making videos for personal reasons unfortunately ( Carl boudreaux ). He made general charts but he also concluded that he never saw such difficult planetary positions as in this time per 2012. And we had the cardinal climax.
The age of aquarius? has it begun or are we still being prepared for what is coming. Sometimes it just seems that we are still miles away...
And as far symptoms go I can totally identify with most of them for me it all started around the year 2000.

Me too said...

It is a very interesting process to spiritually evolve, you never see things the way you see before, it is hard, but good, but sad to live around people who are still tied to material things and/or need to evolve.

@Dada I was up at 5:00 am on the dot. Couldn't go back to sleep!

Anthea said...

I've been hearing a ring/high pitched tone in my right ear as of late, in about the last couple of days. and also felt my head was a bit imbalanced or something. Thought there was something wrong with me. Could it be because of what's happening to planet earth?

They Live said...

I pasted a link below that discusses symptoms of spiritual ascension which may also help. @PimpmyBrain I saw some lit up brownish colored stars fly over where I was. They were 6 all together in flew in groups of 3's. Their lights would dim the further away they flew. I came to the unfortunate conclusion that they were drones surveillancing the area, boooo...

Bee E-lightened said...

On topic...Lynn, I am from St. vincent...a small caribbean island and there has been a lot of cases of stroke and aneursym - young and old are affected. Do you see a reason for the rise in these cases?!

Alice Liu said...

@A Man Called Da-da - Yes, I felt it too. At first I thought it was an aching through my entire body, but when I tuned it, it was energy tingling all over my upper layer. I felt too dense to reconcile the energy. Thanks for bringing it up. It helps to know I wasn't the only one.

Dan Walker said...

Da-Da, Yes! I had a very strange energetic experience late last night as I was getting ready to go to bed. I had a headache, which is extremely rare for me. I laid down and just as I was drifting off to sleep I fully woke back up with horrible aches in my arms which spread to all the joints in my body and felt almost flu-like, but worse. Then I got super cold, shivering so bad my bed was shaking. The only times I have ever been THAT cold is right after channeling, when whatever entity I channeled leaves my body and lets me re-acclimate to my self, except, I wasn't channeling! Haven't done it (willingly and knowingly) in years. Anyway I fell asleep and woke up this morning perfectly fine, like nothing happened. It was intense to say the least!

Dan Walker said...

Nick, very informative! And funny! You and Da-Da should get together and collaborate on a shared blogpost, or something!

Robert Schoen said...

There was yesterday, 8/8/8 (2-0-1-5) which packs a whallop on top of an amazing electrical storm that was perfectly reflected in a family event we experience both before and during the storm. Our behaviors are Definitely effected by the weather and other factors!!!

Anonymous said...

This reading really explains a lot to me. Thank you Lynn!

Nick said...

@ EA RW - the dinosaur parrotdime falling is Zachary what I mean.
And as per the topic in question, what is happening is the collective effect of growing pains of earth / humans is not subtle any more.
Though the more sensitive souls have always been able to tune in ( voluntarily or otherwise ) I certainly have a number of personal experiences of this.
I won't bore you with them unless you ask :-)

Our very physical 3D realm as we know it via our senses, is directly feeling the death knell / birth pains.
As Robert Zimmerman would say "The times they have become quite different"

Re the Aquarian age, a very simple realistic hands on way to see this in context is the dollup of clock time involved.
The precession of the equinoxes is the astronomical reason, why a different constellation rises every couple of thousand years ( though not always the same length of time )
So the Age of Aquarias doesn't just arrive with the courier next week.
It is a very pedestrian event in context of our brief sojourn here on earth.
The personal reference you can use by actual experience is this;
At dawn the light just faintly appears in the sky and as the minutes tick by - it gets lighter, sky has glorious colours ( sometimes ) and then the day is here till the evening and the same process happens in reverse.

You see the night day transition - now with imagination, you can see how the ages, change over I would guesstimate a couple of hundred years, though there will be a point where it is most powerful / noticeable, and combine this with a potential external to the solar system effect ( binary sun / other celestial body ) AND cardinal cross stuff.

Re the Cardinal Cross - three words for ya;
Stress Strain Strife.
Change isn't easy.

A quick description of Cardinal signs and what they mean.
Aries - 'this is my name, therefore me.
Cancer - 'this is where my mum / tribe comes from, therefore me.
Libra - 'this is my relationships / partner, therefore me.
Capricorn - 'this is my place in the world / identity / career, therefore me.

Obviously that's stupidly simple, however it's an attempt to show that the 100% identification with roles / biology leads to attachment and a sense of "I".
The most vehemently defended little letter that one - "I"
Recipe for poor me, a whine.

You mentioned 2000 as a pivotal point - mine ramped up in 2001 then really went to town in 2005 ( long story )
Needless to say it's all on, fasten the safety belts, and as Lynn keeps pointing out, drink lots of water, and practice letting go, in every moment 24/7

Hannon said...

"And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul" - Lead Zeppelin

"your spirit is connected to you like a shadow, but much larger" - Lynn

I couldn't help it, but the difference is our choice ;-)

Much Love to everyone, I've got another song on my playlist :-)

Nick said...

@ Blimpy Peach Roger that!
"When I was a child I had a fever, my hands felt like 2 balloons" - Pink Floyd

That's quite incredible, I had a similar thing, and obviously others have as well.
It really is impossible to describe the sensation, and with me it had an accompanying taste / mouth sensation.
Like a glitch in the May Tricks.

In fact as an adult I was discussing with a fren, how bizarre a guitar fret board without strings feels to your fingers, which are so used to the feeling of strings.
My fren then went on to describe the weird sensation and we called it 'zub zub'

I am pretty tempted to hypothesize it's to do with how the physical / etheric body interfaces with the astral.
The liver ( neat word isn't it live-er ) marinated in alcohol, makes it's owner see pink elephants ( astral ) .. the spinning head feeling is prolly the out of synch physical / astral.

Rudolph Steiner says somewhere in all his hard to read ( but powerful ) gobbledegook that the 'liver is the seat of the astral body'
It's also written the 'silver cord' is the gossamer like attachment of the astral body to your physical / etheric via your body, at the back of your head - so if your trippin' around the world and someone is about to wake you up, you have to haul @$$ back to your body so you get a slightly sore back of head feeling.

Reality is a vague and nebulous critter.
'A dream within a dream' - Edgar Allen Poe

@Robert Schoen - Are you familiar with the Electric Universe theory?
In some ways, it's so obvious, I personally almost cringe at these luddites, trapped in a mechanistic 300 year old theory of cosmology and matter.

Electricity is not understood.
It's activity is observable - we harness it, but haven't a sausage of a clue Watt The Fuzz it is.
A hands on you can observe for yourself about the medium in which us electrical beings live is - to observe a very small drop of water.
Why is it roundish - why not flat?
They call it surface tension.
It's electrical dummy! - read that 'NO' gravity, none, diddly squat, nada, zilch, a 34 gram pack of fuzz all.
It is a word like grav(e).. in other words the system has put your mind in the sameplace as the mushrooms.

What's going on in my far from humble opinion is all of us students of truth and awareness - have an ongoing battle with ( fancy words incoming! ) zeitgeists and paradigms.
That is were fed a bunch of lies deliberately about reality, and now we have to un-learn / deprogram.
"They" know it's not a random bunch of atoms and molecules banging around to the heavy metal of the spheres / periodic table of elephants.
It's a connected hole / whole.

So to come back to electric storms / mood / emotion / human and telluric events.
You've heard the cliché, we are all one?
Well, sort of one ( paradox incoming!! ) .. but two at the same time.
Duality expressing itself in electrickery as active passive / positive negative - complimentary but opposing poles.


Alison T said...

Been feeling it in my ears... Ringing.... Strange but as I read what lynn says ( oh gosh pardon this pun) it totally rings true.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Nick: Amazing info and lots to think on. Thank you!

@Bee: When I read your comment on the Caribbean, I immediately got there there is a "pulse point" there for energy (tied to the earth in some way). That pulse of energy interferes with the current in the human brain.

@Everyone: Thanks for all the comments. This a really great! So much sharing is amazing!

Raymond G said...

It was good to see some mentions about the electric universe. I think it is real too. Several years ago they did an experiment with the space shuttle and they released an electrical line and it started sparking and glowing in the darkness of space. Supposedly it was static electricity found in space. Maybe that is what Tesla what trying to capture when he talked about the 'aether in space". I think it is being suppressed and everything we need to figure it out is in Home Depot / Lowes .....we just need to know what goes where.

Very interesting interview from a former Lockheed Martin President.....


As long as we are posting song lyrics and talking about spiritual ascension.....:)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I'm Going Home

Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize I'm going home

Cards for sorrow
Cards for pain
Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize I'm going home


Dang I like that movie, it was a lot of fun to see in the theater, there has never been another one like it.

Flood said...

thats weird da-da i had a headache come out of nowhere early sunday morning. thats not the first time i have gotten a headache and looked on the net and seen others asking sbout the same thing. I used to get the dizzy spells, the vertigo and the weakness, that people complain about but thankfully i haven't gotten that recently.

as a side note the unusual dreaming has started again. i dreamed not to long ago that i gave birth to a son who had six fingers on one hand. i looked up six fingers on the net and a race of giants who walked the earth were said to have six fingers. i also looked at many photos of human beings from around the world who were born with six fingers on one or both hands. One website was talking about how this condition was related to dna codes in our bodies that are dormant and extra and this type of thing and how they are being used. i dunno but i interpreted that dream as a communication concerning the dna of the human race and how dormant dna within us all is being activated by the raising of frequency of terra and humans. waaaay back when neptune entered pisces i had a few pre-cognitive dreams. i've never gotten the ringing in the ears, what has always happened with me sounds more like a tone, but you could describe it as ringing. the tone starts out loud, and then it fades out, and sometimes it's accompianed by a distinct pressure change in the ear. maybe it's just tinnitus lol i dunno.

Flood said...

anthea i have gotten the tones in the ears for about 15 years, whatever they are. there are some others on the web who describe it as a tone, but most people talk about a ringing. there is a great site called that puts forth a few theories as to what the tones may be. he has also made a recording on his site of what the tones sounds like. this really got my attention because my tones sound identical to his recording. also discusses the tones.

Nick said...

Wow that's amazing Flood, I get that ringing ear thing, like a loud sound has just shocked my poor ol' eardrum.
Anyhoo there is a very well known phenomena, whereby most describe it as a hum.

I also sometimes hear an sound that alternates between two tones, and like a lot of folks, it sounds like a generator / truck idling a long way away.

What the bad guys are up to is no buddies guess!
Entirely possible it's natural, or like we were sharing regarding feelings of small tall, fat skinny - yet another Miss Tery.

Kiranasa said...

Only those who are candidate for ascension to 4D Earth will experience those symptoms, because the Wave (Pulse) is changing our DNA, more strands of our DNA are activating.
It is raising our vibrations so we will be able to live in high vibration 4D Earth.
Meditate, Rest. Meditate, Rest. Meditate, Rest.

Michelle Liesch said...

I too was affected by the 8-8-8! .. I woke with a slight headache Sunday morning. Oh well. But it then exploded into the MOTHER of all headaches! I tried my hardest to keep calm but all I wanted was to cry in pain, which just made it worse. I dont get headaches like that anymore, since childhood. That evening I came across a FaceBook posting in regards to 8-8-8. But it just talked about 'love' .. seriously it was not love that I was feeling! Yet I knew that my headache must have been related to this day. Sunday - I felt amazing!! On top of the world! Energy to get everything and then some done. I needed more time in the day, so I could do a zillion more things! That was the oddest 2 days I've had in a long time. I'm also affected by the Full Moon, every month. Nausea. I'm glad to hear all your stories too. I thought I was off my rocker.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and information.

@kiranasa: You raise a good point. The people in the process of increasing vibrations and moving to the next level will be hit the hardest with these symptoms.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing for us to remember is that we're NEVER alone. All of us are going through this TOGETHER.

It's all good...


With Love,


Nicoletta Natalia said...

Hi Lynn
Thanks for this, it's a really interesting topic :-). Can i know how do we sense if it's really the "next-level" symptoms or just a regular basis symptoms? I mean, we can also have those symptoms daily (nausea, dizzy, etc). How about babies and kids, do they also have the same symptoms? Thanks in advance :)


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Nicoletta: We can all feel it to some extent (even kids and animals). There is no easy way to really know if they are "regular" or "next level" unless you are very in tune with your body. I would suggest meditating, staying away from pharma (many people will use drugs to counteract these normal feelings) and most importantly listen to your body.

joy said...

I had vertigo about a week ago. Hehhh........I thought I exceeded the spin of my lightbody, which is at NEAR the speed of light.I've been doing this for years. Anyway, I woke up at 3am and something snapped inside my ear. Then, the vertigo. Anyway, I had a long talk with my Spirit and told it to remove my vertigo. The next day,it was gone. I then reduced the spin at 20% less than the speed of light.

Spinning of my lightbody 24/7 removes me from the pull of low vibrational energies
and keeps me in a sort of energetic cocoon. My lower bodies spin at the level of my higher selves which Lynn saw as a shadow larger than the human body. My higher selves as I know are the Soul,OverSoul,christed level, I Am level , and Creator Level. Of course these are descriptions only in our attempt to understand it. Perhaps it is not that way at all. I see it about 100 inches from my skin all around. It keeps me from suffering all kinds of physical anomalies that most of you ascendees suffer from.

Anyway, I wasn't going to say anything here, but I noticed lately that the low level astral entities and energies are active and have been able to harass me. They are out in the open.Like Hell itself got opened again. This lowering of my vibration caused the possessing ego of a very important relative to bite me. A big problem...!I have no solution yet. Also, there is a small etheric sac hanging at my front left leg. I'm very pissed..! Perhaps I should increase my lightbody spin to 98% speed of light.

By the way, according to some oracles, Aug 15 is when the bad guys are going to increase the energy output of CERN to deflect and capture the incoming Wave X. Then, they will use this Wave X to move us into their preferred timeline. We are asked to imagine that CERN will not be able to perform. I don't know to you guys, This is all so silly. SPIRIT IN THE PRIME CREATOR LEVEL IS JUST BEING SILLY. CHILDISH. I'm tired of their (dark team) antics. I know they already lost, those walking deads.. hmmm..... I think I'll just surrender this issue to my HS and have a good night sleep.

Buddhist Lady said... make me laugh. "...felt like he might shuffle off his mortal coil at any moment. " Me, too!! I am an older person (60's), continue to work, and had no idea whether or not my extreme fatigue, general haziness/headachiness, and hearing higher frequency metallic ringing was purely physical and/or the "whole-shebang-cosmic-3D-moving-(supposedly)-to-4D-consciousness raising!" All I know, after September 28, I am calm, happy to be here, still working through some fatigue, but centered.

Thank you, everyone. You are a lovely group.