Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Questions about the next POTUS...

Q. Was wondering if you care to have a go at determining who will be the presidential nominees for each party here in the USA,as it stands now, or even who the new president might be. I know it's early. Will the energy support a radical move at this time?

I'm actually really interested in Bernie Sanders who seems to be getting a huge number of people at his rallies , yet see little about him on mainstream news.
A.  I will first start by looking at some of the Republicans, and then move to the Democrats... 

The first one that jumps out at me is Trump.  There is a real struggle of a love / hate thing going on with him.  I see people being shocked by what he says, but in some way it is refreshing to see someone speak their mind.  It isn't even that he is supported for what he says, but the fact that he doesn't look to be a part of a mold.  There is no filter, and people aren't used to it.  Trump knows how to engage people (I see he is making this like a reality TV show).  I also see that Trump is more about the power (because he already has the money), and boosting his ego rather than anything else.  I see him treating much of this process as a game, and even talks so freely because he realizes it will get his name out there and tons of publicity.  Based on the timeline I see, I get that he will not get the nomination, BUT he lasts in this a long time!  He will try to go on his own, but some injury or illness (or problem??) will force him to drop out.  The PTB cannot allow someone that brazen to be in the White House.  

Carson looks like a sincere man that wants change, but he tries hard to mask his own confidence.  His exterior doesn't match his interior. He isn't outspoken enough to get people to remember his name, and eventually he doesn't win (what looks like in my mind a popularity contest) and eventually drops out.

I hear a message about Jeb Bush that he is the "Bush" that should have been president.  He feels like the "black sheep" of the family, and the PTB look to block him. 

Rand Paul looks sincere, but he has too much opposition to be able to do what he wants to do (and what his father started).  He is about the constitution, getting the dollar back on track and protecting freedoms.  Those statements alone look so bold that the PTB don't even want to deal with him.  I see less and less press on him, and eventually phase him out as well. 

I'm left with an image of Rubio and Kasich duking it out...  They both relate to people, but in very different ways.  I see this election being won based on emotional connections rather that facts and statements.  The people are so burnt out of being lied to, the economy, safety and immigration that they will go with who they get an emotional connection to.  Rubio looks to win over the Latino vote, and Kasich looks to get the middle class rooting for him.  I can't see who emerges, but it looks close. 

Now onto some of the Democrats... Hillary Clinton.  I see a lot of negative press coming out to try to lower her popularity.  It looks like she gets questioned constantly in ways that make her have to admit her faults and look bad. In many ways Hillary is emotionally (from the people's view) tied to Obama (when they think of Hillary, they think of Obama), so the energy overall feels very low. I see Bill coming to the rescue in the form of being present at many functions because even though Bill was in a big scandal during his presidency, he had the country in good shape.  Seeing him gives the people good feelings, which really helps Hillary in the pools.  

So many of you asked about Bernie Sanders.  I do see him rising.  He stands for things that really look to change and clean up was has happened to this country.  I hear that Hillary is moldable, where Sanders is not.  The people like Sanders boldness, and the idea of someone fresh looks positive (he doesn't have any baggage that automatically turn people off).  I see this ending up very close between Hillary and Sanders. 

In the end, I don't see that the people are overly happy with any of the choices.  People want something different, and want change.  They want free of the standard mold that isn't serving them well.  Then I hear that election are won from the top down (politicians, lobbyists, people that donation, corporation approval) versus the bottom up.  People are a factor, but so much is the influence those in power give to the people (almost like election are rigged subliminally).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 


Ryno said...

I seem to remember a little while ago you thought a white man from the Republican side was going to win. Kasich seems to fit the bill. Oh well, doesn't matter who win's any way, the script will try and be followed.

Me too said...

I am not a psychic but I feel the same way ;-) Really like the last paragraph - "Then I hear that election are won from the top down (politicians, lobbyists, people that donation, corporation approval) versus the bottom up."

Bee E-lightened said...

The ones who count the votes selects the president/puppet

Nick said...

Wish I could find the funny cartoon of Obalmy grinning away with coins coming out of his hand and the caption;
"Keep the change" :-)

It seems everyone is of the same mind on this.
Politricks is actually an example I use when talking to people.
The intellect has seen through the ruse.
However the emotions fed via whatever media is partaken of - want to believe it's real.
This my frenz is hypnosis at it's finest
The magician pulls the president out of the hat and everyone oohs and aaahs.

Here in NZ we have a different political system, but the shameless puppets line up for power n glory.
Successive policies have ruined us, for years we had a female president who was literally a 'Clarke' ( beaurorat with a mission to destroy social fabric )
Now we have a clown whose name is "Key"
No prizes for guessing what that name was chosen for.

Actually, was thinking about this the other day, when compiling ammo for debate.
If one of you guys knows of a website that lists the presidents advisors.
I have a memory of hearing the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski have never left the Casa Blanca since 1966?

Dante said...

Do you see a Republican or Democrat winning 2016 election?

A Man Called Da-da said...

However, Da-da recalls Lynn saying that this is the last election that's controlled by the PowersThatWere. Do you still see that, Lynn?

Unknown said...

Back in 2013, Lynn said the next president would be a sweaty, sincere-seeming Republican white man in his 40s with dark hair combed in a pompadour like Travolta in Grease.,+but+he+does+not+fit+the+mold

siketa said...

Robert Schoen said...

I think if Trump doesn't make it to the White House, he has a great career as a stand up comic. He will be Ross Perot-ed, they'll create some scandal around him or something to make him dropout. I guess there's a limit to what the black boxes can do.

Since it doesn't matter who's elected, I think the next one should, at the very least, be entertaining which is why Trump obtained such traction.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn thank you for this post! Do you get that Mrs.Dilma (president of Brazil reelected last ocotober for a 2 . term) who has to deal with serious economic/political problems, will put hand on people's savings accounts or check accounts (this was done by a previous weak president some decades ago and all people are afraid she may do it too) :( Thank You!

Mike Farley said...

I always thought the bush family (at least Bush senior's children) were "in the know" when it came to many terrible things they have done thus wanting to finish what each following president father and brother had done or started. Therefore it would seem to me the bush brother would be the very first in line as chosen for the cabal? just my opinion that is before i read your post Lynn. Thank you -Mike

joy said...

I might have voted once in an election somewhere....a long time ago. Too distant a time to remember. When I found out that the two parties are owned by one entity, and that this election process is nothing but a ruse to make us believe that we are free.....
since then I have NOT wasted my time on such pursuit.

I do not concern myself about what the cabal is doing anymore.
I see them as walking deads, No longer relevant.

Just sharing.

Thanks PF.

Nick said...

@Joy, the hypnosis is strong in the force.
The only way to wake them from this somnambulism, is to kill the TV.

Alex said...


Why is the dollar appreciating against most currencies if the economy is not doing well?
Does the USA really have the world's largest physical gold reserves? The recent depreciation of the Chinese Yuan is seeing an exodus of money to the USA, do you still see the dollar collapsing at the end of the year?

Anonymous said...


I opted out along time ago and have no regrets. The whole voting process is a joke.

FYI for those still getting Jury duty notices but do not vote.
Jury duty is optional not mandatory . They want you to think it is mandatory.

They will send a reminder on a brighter piece of paper to try to get your attention and make you feel obligated to go but that is it .

Anonymous said...

I remember during the Haiti Crisis Clinton and Bush standing together an smirking while looking at the camera and saying "Send us your money , we will take good care of it."
Tried to find the video on you tube . Closest I could get was this video with Bush.

Nick said...

@alex there is reality ... and then there is what is served up for mass consumption via the one eyed monster - hell-ivision.
A specially tasty dish of lies, misinformation, fear mongering, sabre rattling and bull dust.
Why this is so hard to understand, is one is in a deep trance like state after a lifetime of believing the TV is there to entertain and inform.
Mix that with a disbelief that there could be such wide spread deception by so many.

For an understanding about the money system as it appears today, one needs to do some serious homework - if nothing else at least watch / research The Money Masters.
Every individual who makes a considerable living in The System as it is today, is not going to bite the hand that feeds.
Picture this;
"Hey guys, I know I am making huge money out of ripping you off and lying to you, but you have all been ripped off and lied to".
Not gonna happen is it?

Like the truth of the gold - ummm what truth?
Exactly, they are not gonna tell us - why?
Because they don't want us to find out what a rotten bunch of psychopathic liars they are.
You do know they print money out of thin air?
If not research Federal Reserver Treasure Island 1913
Here is what Woodrow Wilson said of it;
"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country"

joy said...

Dear Nick, I don't own any TV. Can't remember if I ever bought one.

Nick said...

@joy, sorry my wording was wrong I should have said;
The somnambulists will continue to live in dreamland whilst their TV is alive.
I have never owned one, and never even watched one as a kid.
I have also never voted. ( sounds like boasting? :-O )
Nope just the fax ma'am.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments and info! Thank you everyone for taking time to share! This is awesome!

Bee E-lightened said...

Agreed Nick....lying by omission

Buddhist Lady said...

I can understand everyone's discontent and utter exasperation about voting. I continue to vote for the reason that karma is created by our thoughts, words, and actions. I want a free, truly democratic spirit to reign on I make the "cause" by voting (even when I know the outcomes are predetermined by economic and political forces with huge power, influence, and money) because I want the "effect" of freedom.

Alex wrote: "Why is the dollar appreciating against most currencies if the economy is not doing well?" I have, in my private life, encountered overwhelming evidence of your statement. One obvious explanation is that American companies have done very well in the recession (excluding "mom and pop" operations); those who had the money at the beginning of recession were able to move in the economic realm with rapidity and become unbelievably streamlined: they jettisoned labor (salaries/benefits) by mergers and acquisitions and took their capital offshore. Thus, the common people have done poorly. The top of the American economy has prospered, and, of course, who controls the upper echelon of American economy?

Cathari said...

With the "Holy Pontiff" coming out with his idiotic statement about Trump, he has merely pushed Trump even more into the center of global attention. Trump is rapidly becoming the central historical personality of our era without even being in a official position of power yet. Unless something drastic occurs to halt his meteoric rise, Trump looks to become not only the President of the USA, but also the pivot upon which the human population will turn. You either hate him or love him...there is no middle ground.

Cathari said...

Thus far, events have only proven my comment above to be correct.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Cathari: I agree...

Cathari said...

Thus it begins.