Friday, August 14, 2015

Five (Images and Videos ) for Friday #17

Hi all, and welcome to a special double-double UFO Five for Friday. Glance at the images and place your bets: real or fake? And if real, what the heck's going on?

Video #1: UFOs in Milwaukee.

What Lynn Saw
"I get that these are some kind of fireworks."

Video #2: UFOs in Osaka, Japan

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this is authentic. The ETs are surveying this factory. They're high-vibration, protective beings looking out for us. They're analyzing the emissions. They're very concerned with what's coming out of those smokestacks. That's what drew them there."

Image #3: Green UFO in NYC.
What Lynn Saw
"I see this is just a reflection. The intent was to take a picture of the building, but then they saw this green UFO in the picture later, but it's just a reflection."

Image #4: UFO base in Antarctica? Whose is it? What’s that black material consist of?

What Lynn Saw
"I get it that this dark material is calcium carbonate, but incredibly thick and strong, like a huge clamshell. This feels really dark. I get a really creepy vibe. Like it's almost evil, reptilian. I want to say the word, 'Draconian,' but I don't know why. You wouldn't want to go in there."

Video #5: UFO in England.

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is tied to the military base. It looks like a military exercise. It's kinda like fireworks. It's some kind of a training exercise, and they had to illuminate themselves in some way. Not a UFO."

Image #6: UFO in Texas (Da-da's guessing fake)

What Lynn Saw
"I get it's a fake, too. Someone was playing with junk they had on hand, lying around their garage, to make it look real. It's not."

Image #7: UFO in NJ.

What Lynn Saw
"This feels real to me. Sometimes ETs come for a definitive purpose, but sometimes they're just observing. That's what's happening here. They just hanging out, looking around. They intentionally wanted to be seen. They're attached to the far side of the moon. We did something that encroached on their space, and they're making themselves known publicly as a warning to back off. They feel completely neutral, not good and not bad, but you don't want to mess with them."

Image #8. Is this a real MIB?

What Lynn Saw
"My gut says yes. I hear that you do not want to look in that guy's eyes. It's like they can spellcast you in some way, such that they could tell you what to do and you wouldn't know why. It's like some hypnotic thing. The glasses are protection for others. I get he is an ET cloaked to look human... he isn't "reptilian," but some species that branched off from them (I don't have a name)."

Image #9: From May, 2012: Gynormicon UFO near sun. Sphere beings or glitch?

What Lynn Saw
"That IS a Sphere Being ship. It's real. How big is it? It is gigantic. You are right, earth would look like a pin dot in comparison. I am not sure I have a good analogy, but I want to say it's as big as four Jupiters."

Video #10. UFO flying… cat?!?

What Lynn Saw
"Something doesn't feel right about this. I think it was a doctored video."

Well, that's enough of that. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #18.


Bee E-lightened said...


i always smile when you mention the protective ETs. we shld thank them 😇

They Live said...

Not too long ago in a comment, I wrote I saw low flying brownish/orange lights that flew in groups of threes whose lights would dissappear the further they flew away in distance. This occurred in the city I am in. I figured they were drones surveillancing the area.
Would you be able to see if I was correct?
You nay have thought of "Draconian" as those Reps probably come from Draco, lucky us. On happy news, it's such a blessing to have good E.T.s who care and look out for us ,espcially since we've been purposely held back with our spiritual development and harnessing our powers.

They Live said...


23 tulips said...

Thanks Lynn & Da Da!
Here's the link to an earlier (2014) reading on MIBs:

From this previous reading, it almost sounds like the MIBs are sort of benign to humans? Or trying to protect both aliens and humans from each other? Maybe I'm confused...

Nevertheless, I always enjoy the "5 on Fridays"!

A Man Called Da-da said...

@23 tulips ~ Da-da's guessing that there are as many MIB variants as there are flavors of gelato -- the MIB flavor gelato probably tastes like cloves and cardamom and burnt metal.

23 tulips said...

MMmmmm! Gelato!
Probably best to keep the MIB flavor concoction a secret, or Ben & Jerry's will put a patent on it ;)

Ryno said...

How are the so-called "protective beings" allowed to interfere in our world where the two laws of this universe are free-will and non-interference? I'm oversimplifying here, but I classify E.T.'s intent in 3 categories; 1) Those who know the laws of the universe, wish us well, and will be happy to meet us if we can make it on our own 2) Those who would really like to be our next controllers if Enki were to relinquish his control, 3) Those who want us dead.

The whole current "disclosure” project is controlled again by you know who. People don’t trust the government (govern= control, ment(al0= relating to the mind) in general and they know they are being lied too but then they really expect the government to tell the truth about UFO’s and E.T.’s? Crazy. Also, if you are getting your “wisdom” from behind a paywall, please be aware there’s probably some lies mixed in with some truth. The truth should be free but how else are the people that make up these stories going to make their living?

Blue is a fascinating color and if I was working on a disclosure project incorporating blue is what would beam to my mind first. Blue has been show to “have a soothing effect on human mind as it helps to produce some calming chemicals in the brain.” A little birdie has pointed out that this may be a good way psychology to help soothe the angst over disclosure.

Blimpy Peach said...

I'd love to know who took the photo of the dark being!! I'm not sure I would had the guts to do it!

John Casey said...

Thanks you two! I agree with Blimpy Peach. Who took that photo of the MIB and got away with it? I get scared just looking at the photo. Also, I wonder what is coming out of those smoke stacks in Osaka that has the ET fleet checking it out? And that sphere ship. Four Jupiters across. I'm glad we have very very big friends in very high places.

Raymond G said...

That clamshell cave in Antarctica is interesting. It looks too sculpted to be natural and if you look at the front it looks like there are bolts. And if you look at the right side it looks like it was designed for the clamshell to rest comfortably on top. I wonder what is beyond the door and who made it ?

Anonymous said...

Wow! The variety of photos and assessments is AWESOME.
That guy in the trench coat looks like my dad though . Yikes!

jana said...

What does this look to be, Lynn? Thanks....

PimpMyBrain said...

Thanks for this 10th reading, da-da and Lynn !

Just in case : today August 15th, The Hadron Collider of CErn restart today. If you could do a meditation that any negative attempts from the "Powers That Were" succes. Thanks !

Have all a nice and loved end of week !

PimpMyBrain said...

Arf ! i miss a "NOT" in my sentence ! Of course : "Any negatives attempts from the PTW NOT success" ! :)

The enlightened one said...

Lynn, aren't you contradicting yourself now (regarding the MIB)? In a previous reading you described the Men in Black as positive and benevolent, and working to prevent access to Earth by unauthorized alien species. In this reading, the MIB appear as darker and more sinister (which I personally think is closer to the truth).

The enlightened one said...

As a next reading, it would be interesting if you would try to get in telepathic contact with the arctic cave-aliens and see what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

the first lot of photos looks nothing like fireworks

EA RW said...

This is so interesting. Now we once again see that the planet earth is so much more than that we possibly can comprehend.

PimpMyBrain said...

@Susan becarefull, the first reading is about the Youtube video at milwaukee , which looks like a "chandelle"(as a firework) down in the sky and looks like to be the two upper-left pictures in the mosaic. The other pictures of the mosaic are definitivly not the same "object", more like those in Japan's sky (the next reading).

Hannon said...

So in number 7, are those the same group that are looking for an artifact on the moon? And were they ticked off about NASA bombing the Moon(with the cover store of looking for water, but I never heard of finding water with a weapon). Also, if possible, what was the artifact? Thanks Lynn, I always look forward to these readings! And to you to DaDa, not only do you provide the content, questions, mysteries and comedy, but you also inspired my to take my little sweeties to the local Italian joint for some frozen treats :-)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

@Bee: XOXO

@They Live: I do see those lights related to military. I see you being right with that.

@23: I see them as their own thing, but working in a low vibration..

@Dada: LOL

@Ryno: You pose a lot of ideas. Thank you for breaking it down (and really making us think).

@John and Blimpy: That didn’t come to me in the reading. I was way to focused on the MIB and trying to figure out what the deal was with his eyes…

@Raymond: I don’t know what is beyond. It was very dark feeling, and I was sort of blocked from entering.

@jana: If you want to submit a question, I am happy to look at it. I like to put the new and interesting things on their own post (they get lost in the comments).

@PimpMyBrain: That is a great idea!

@enlightened one: I see there are many varieties working here (sent from different species) and this one was VERY DARK. (Maybe I didn’t understand it correctly in my first reading? I would have to go back and revisit it. )

@Hannon: Yes, I see you being right about all those things.

Hannon said...

Lynn, are the MIB like intelligence agencies from separate chains of command/countries/planets , that work together on overlapping interest when it suits them, but also stab each other in the back, or sabotage each other for their own interest. Kind of like an inter galactic macro of our own micro doings? Also can it be like our own FBI, where we have components of it out fighting crime, but other branches are running drugs and pulling off false flags? I couldn't imagine trying to do a single reading on exactly what's going on in any single US agency, it would seem contradictory to say the least, depending on what component one was to focus on. Are the ETs kind of in the same boat of mixed factions, especially when trying to work on this planet?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hannon: It is complicated, but what you described is very similar to how I see it. There are a lot of twists and turns, and nothing is a constant.

They Live said...

@Lynn Many thanks as always :-D