Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New York, Empire State Building and September 2015

Q. We've been seeing a lot of strange things here in New York this year. Many of us here who are working on raising our consciousness are feeling that something big may be happening here soon. The week of the 15th of September and the specific date of the 23rd of September are popping up on many people's radars.

My question is what are the intentions behind these two photos? One is a blimp I saw over my neighborhood, the other an image of an Indian goddess of destruction projected onto the Empire State Building.
Are they beneficent, maleficent? Are these warning signs by the illuminati or the powers that were? Should we plan on not being in the city in mid September and the 23rd specifically?

Many of us here who meditate and talk to our guides are starting to feel it may be time to leave here soon.

Much thanks for looking into this!

A. I too see the energy rising.  It appears like a energetic bubble that is about to burst. I can't pinpoint and exact day, but it does feel close. I also hear the phrase "false flag" over and over.  It looks like a false flag is what pops this "bubble."  The question I then ask is "where or what is going to happen?."  When I look at this picture of Empire State Building, I immediately get it will be tied to it.  In some ways, seeing this goddess lit up on the side, it morphs to bulls-eye.  It is as if someone has "marked it" and I see it collapsing in a similar fashion as the Twin Towers did (referring to the implosion, NOT the plane- at least I didn't see it like plane first, just the falling down part of the image).

I also get that military is starting to pool up there.  Looks like a training exercise (at least that is what they are being told).  The government wants the military close because chaos is going to break out.  I also get something about people should be investigating what is going with the Empire State Building (meaning, does it need repaired, insurance amount changed, new ownership, something is going on with it..).  

I also get that if this happens the way I see it, it will be hard to get out of city then.  The only way out looks to be via military controlled busing, and if you chose to take it, you are really their mercy.  You other option is to stay and wait it out, in which case you should have enough food, water and supplies to last a good month.  It will be chilly, but not freezing, so the weather will be on your side.

I very much do see this as warning, signifying that things are lining up and "ready."  If you capable, and leaving resonates with you, definitely consider it.  

As a closing thought, I want to mention with all the lower vibrational thoughts and feelings out there, we really need to group together and focus on positive intent and the greater good.  If enough people can do this, and put awareness out there, we can change these time lines. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to Live Reading


@Watch said...

Hi Lynn thank you! When you say "close" what does it mean to you (in weeks, months, 1 year?) Thanks!

siketa said...

Lots of messengers claim that we are in a positive timeline now and nothing can change that.
Like PTBs days are numbered...
I hope they are right.

Dante said...

Hi Lynn, do you see CERN opening a portal on September 23rd or even an asteroid hitting the Earth on that date?

ero said...

September is again another attempt to create fear within us (remember 9/11).

Mother Earth was able to get out of the "matrix" trap of the Dracos/Archons (the alien masters of PTBs) last Dec 2012 and recreated its original organic timeline. These aliens though want Earth/Humanity to go back to the "matrix" timeline ('positive' this time around) and they are creating havoc all around us (mainly via CERN). They want us to be in a very low vibrational frequency.... if we are full of fear then we are easily manipulated (like robots).

A positive timeline is not really good, it can only be fully activated by shifting the poles of the Earth like what happened in Atlantis (which means nearly everyone will die and those left will be highly traumatized and easily manipulated once again). As Lynn said, let us focus on our positive intent and not be a victim of these false flags. Our power is within us .. our Spirit. We can connect our own Spirit to the Spirit of this planet by being with nature, eating organic food, and vibrating with love/empathy.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@watchand knock: I see it as soon, and soon to me is within a few months (at least by the end of the year).

@siketa: I too feel like that. I have the intent out there that it is true.

@Dante: I don't see CERN opening a portal, BUT I do see it altering the atmosphere (or changing the magnetosphere) that sort of "protects" us. It feels very weak in spots. I plan to do a separate reading on that topic. September is a tough month.

@ero: Thank you for your comments. :-)

Unknown said...

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/Goddess-Kali-projected-on-New-Yorks-Empire-State-Building/articleshow/48420733.cms This article explains the purported rationale for Kali appearing on the Empire State Building.

@Watch said...

Thank You Lynn! As an update: in Germany police will drain a pond until tomorrow to seek for the still missing members of the Schulze family. Two dogs followed a track to the one point on the shore of this pond, after a testimony, following last week's national TV appeal, informed having seen the family walking in the area next to the lake.(http://www.landeszeitung.de/blog/aktuelles/256761-soko-schulze-polizei-will-muehlenteich-ablassen)

Robert Schoen said...

Lynn, can you check on September 8 and an explosion on a wharf instead of Empire State Building? I agree we need collective good intents now more than ever. The timing of this makes sense as an election year and the China reading you just did.

Me too said...

Wow, I recently scheduled a trip to spend a weekend in NYC around the same time... what a weird coincidence...

A Man Called Da-da said...

Looks like we need a special mass-meditation to ameliorate the effects of this... as well as spreading the word, the latter being the best way to deflate these silly fear balloons. Our minds are immensely powerful, expanding exponentially as we group minds together. We could easily create a "happy timeline" where all false flags fail... oh, looks like Da-da just did that, so jump on! And yes, doves and bunnies will be released. (Da-da makes a joke, but DOVES have actually appeared and are roosting on his property after making the *last* doves-and-bunnies joke. Basically, whatever you can imagine can be -- esp. in this Wave X energy field. Da-da will save the big white rabbit sighting for another post. You think he's kidding.)

Note that the energy wave is already here and is building (Da-da experienced this just last night), so that will make things better for those who can embrace that LIGHT side... and crazymaking for those darksiders fomenting trouble, basically making them even more unpredictable. Bottom line: the energy wave is unavoidable and will undoubtedly upgrade everyone who's reading this, and fear is no longer an option.

FYI, CERN has been nullified. It will not be a factor.

Ryno said...

Ugh, the Vedas... With Kali on the Empire State Building is that symbolism for the potential coming destruction of the American “Empire?” The Kali Yuga (Dark Times) is supposedly coming to an end in the near future then Vishnu will send another avatar to Earth to guide humanity for the next age. Golden Age, Harvest, Second Coming, etc… Starting to see maybe how these religions and movements are connected and controlled by the same group? Good ol’ Tower Of Babel, same as it ever was.

It will be interesting to hear your reading on CERN. Simply happenstance that Kali appeared in New York and there is a statue of Shiva near CERN? Anyway, I agree with what you are saying Lyn, that one of CERN’s purposes is to mess with Gaia’s Magnetosphere. I think they may be trying to keep one wave blocked (organic and from the universe) while letting another in (a part of the inorganic matrix planned by them).

Truth & light said...

i need a one way ticket off this planet

Nick said...

Yoo hoo wakey wakey, Kali is part of the trinity of Brahma;
Kali / Vishnu / Shiva.
Same old same old, the dark and the light and the whole play therein.
Try not to play the game of favourites.
On a seesaw if you don't want a drama you sit in the middle. ( there's no actual seat but at least one side doesn't over emphasize )
This blindness to the 2 sides needing each other is dualistic thinking.
When the Powers That Worse do this in the world ( USA good / Russia / Moslem baaaaad ) it's called by the fancy name of Hegelian Dialect.
This is a hidden process operating inside you.
Please press Alt Cntrl Del and find "Black and White.exe" and delete it.
Then go to Start Up and remove it from programs that start when you wake up.

Just like Golden Age wouldn't be the same with Kali Yuga.

We don't need a ticket off the planet, we need to realize the current state that passes for our "I" consciousness can be seen for the clever play that it is.
If your enjoying the drama of this utterly, astoundingly, deep and multi layered dream, keep using the "I" in your head to refer to your "self".
If you really want to wake up, you have to see the logic that the pesky lil critter just ain't there - and even marvel at the cleverness of your own dream.

Da-da the outside world is a series of signs / clues - what you say I know to be true of my own experience and it's what happens when you drop mechanistic thinking and see the connectedness.
Some call it Synchronicity, and it can occur with human stuff.
Example - your walking along and you catch a line of lyrics from a song that is immediately relevant.
You car gets a flat tyre because your feeling deflated / brakes have problems, because you can't slow down etc.
Heck even your body does this - and Louise Hay expresses this well in her You Can Heal Your Life book.

Nice image Da-da, exponentially connecting minds and an upgrade to Consciousness 2.0 complete with USB 3 compatibility ( Useful Synchronistic Brilliance )

Cern = fear porn
False Flag = yawn
September as a date = Go look up illuminati uses numerology.


Truth & light said...

Nick & Da-da are quite entertaining. the power that isnt are sore losers!!

Nick said...

Oops me again :-O

While I can't turn on any sort of psychic ability, I have had stuph just come into my mind so many times and as I posted the above and walked away another idea / image popped up.
If you have ever fasted for a decent length ( 3-5 days ) you know that you can get some pretty crapola feelings on account of the bodies washing bots who;
When you fast they are activated and scrub away at the fatty tissues and cells and remove the dross - which then flushes away to the liver, the elimination dept (skin, bladder, bowels lungs etc )

It's not fun getting nausea and headaches, but after a proper cleanse you feel like a cuboid vessel full of fluffies.

The changing of our entire mental / astral make up to be compatible with the Consciousness 2.0 is not as easy as saying;
"Rainbows ponies and dolphins, love and light - now where's the coffee and TV remote?"
I have personally experienced a deep operation of my mind via Vipassana meditation, and I realized .. and I quote Steve Miller "You have got to go through hell before you get to heaven".
Slight exaggeration, but we are in the birth canal right now, so don't expect you can go back to the good old days, when life was simple and easy.
The intensity and the cry-sis every day life is now, is all part of the upgrade. (Thank you Da-da, great word!!)


Hannon said...

The PTW is a lovely way to put things, and it puts us into a frame of mind that they're defeatable, which I believe, but we have to ask ourselves: "is a wounded elephant more or less dangerous?". We need to be prepared spiritually, mentally and physically(a Holy Trinity of sorts) for their uneasy exit, it's not going to be doves and bunnies( I was going to use loly pops and rainbows). My personal goal, is to bear the brunt of it, so my offspring won't have to. I know I sound negative, but I do see a brighter future at the end of a bumpy road, I just want to emphasize that we all need to get our @&$?(stuff) together before it's to late, so we won't be in fear. It's one thing to tell ourselves that, but it's another to stay out of the fear mind set when we don't know where our children's next meal is coming from.

On a side note, our next big job just popped up in the city, and I immediately had a shiver come over me, which isn't usual, other than I hate the place, but this time is different. I've been discussing it with my wife, and at this point I'm going to probably pass up the much needed money. I'm not a psychic, but my gut is telling me to run from it.

Unknown said...

I am wondering if Long Island will be safe? Any thoughts? I have a lot of friends that live there.

Unknown said...
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Robert Schoen said...

I'm really concerned about this and did a psychic search for New York and an english psychc in January predicted this: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/psychic-predict-shootings-Paris/2015/01/10/id/617790/
When Leigh-Pink asked where are the threats, he was told: “Ontario Canada, France, England, New York… go inside guns, guns… they will be taken against their will… bombing explosion.” He suggests the first two have now been fulfilled with the terror raid on Canada’s House of Parliament and the recent attacks on France. He thinks England and New York are next.
Where in New York? He reported the “Spirits Voice” as saying: “A bomb . . . a building is the target . . . known for its second floor . . . NJ . . .. NY . . . at 3, 4 . . . bell view. the nation addressed.”

He continued: “I had a visual I was on the balcony of a skyscraper. A half spider, half man landed from the sky on top of the building. The man stared me down, and I stared him down. ‘The enemy has arrived.’ I had a visual a rifle with a scope was being assembled. ‘Now,’ I do not believe a rifle is involved, but instead this is a symbolic message that the terrorists are now assembling to hit their target."
He says the building also has a high ceiling on its first floor, marble finishes and has places where people line up like a bank.

Leigh-Pink seemed to hit a bulls-eye in September, when days before the Scottish independence vote he posted to his site a message that voters there would vote “no” and he saw a visual, the number 55. As it turned out, voters rejected the secession movement by 55 percent.

Robert Schoen said...

In the above prediction, Liegh-Pink sees 3..4, and the Empire State Building is on 34th St and Fifth Ave. The "known for its second floor" is the observatory, its a marble lobby and people line us for the Observatory.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@kentwoodguy62: Thank you for the info.

@watchand knock: Thank you for the update, and let us know what they find.

@Robert: I didn’t see it happen in that way, but I could have missed something. Something is going to happen in New York.

@Mee too: Just be safe.

@Dada: Thank you for the comments and also explain all this. What you said resonates a lot within me.

@Ryno: I will try to do that reading soon as I see it being time sensitive.

@Bee: xoxo

@Nick: As always, thank you for your comments and feedback. Lots to think on….

@Sallie: I see Long Island being kind of sectioned off. As long as your friends are self-sufficient, they will be ok (just lots of chaos, and stay out of the streets).

@Hannon and Mark: Thank you for your comments too.

@Robert: Wow, very interesting!

John Casey said...

Oh, boy. I live in NYC, and I even saw that darm blimp flying over the river and the significance of it went right over me head (pun intended).

Can anyone recommend a good supplier for stored food? I will need 30 day supply for a family of five.

Anonymous said...

The meditation is a great idea!

Would like to give a go at the group meditation for all the reasons mentioned on the blog .

Appreciate the fact meditation keeps coming up on the blog .It needs to become natural to meditate more and the muscle memory to do so is not there yet.

Nick reminded me in his post that it had been 9 yrs since the first time I fasted and how intensely different the body feels at rest not having to work digesting all the calories .
Do not know if it is a coincidence but I am on day 2 of a fast and the sense of peace and overall good well being is coming back uninterrupted .

The difference about fasting I have noted:

Not fasting: How great one feels after eating a piece of chocolate or pie then that feeling slowly goes away until the next time!

Fasting - Same way through the whole fast as eating that one piece of chocolate or pie which says more about the foods I eat then anything. lol

Nick said...

@Erin Erin .. Meditation as a word should really be qualified with an accurate description to emphasize just how important it is.
It is also a generic word.
To some, sitting there with soothing music thinking nice thoughts is meditation.
The other extreme is the Vipassana which is hard core school I belong to.
Then everything in between.
Ideally and theoretically the principal of a group meditation is pretty amazing and there have been tests.
Including believe or not our oooool' frenz the CIA.
Yup they paid people like Russel Targ, in order to perfect Remote Viewing.

The bottom line should be that we know experientially that our awareness has to have to focus on something every second.
The incessant thinking is almost involuntary.
To be able to focus our awareness on something - other than the contents of your mind i.e. thinking - is the goal.
Awareness is pure.
So to "meditate" on something like your respiration is stopping the insane thought flow.
To do this in synch with others ( and I presume with intent ) I would guess you form a kind of resonance / vibration / energy like a musical ensemble.

Re the death by chocolate.
To put it plainly - for most, most of the time, food is mainly cupboard love.
Psychological reassurance / oral gratification / emotional comfort and not forgetting, a primal brain memory of a time and place, when food would be scarce, so when it's there, you had better wrap your laughing gear around it and shovel it down ASAP!

The amount that the body needs varies with physical activities, seasons and various cycles that are natural.
If your lucky enough to have made paying attention to your body the #1 priority - then you can know how much and what you need.
Which I guesstimate to be about 0.0000001% of the populace.

There are tips n tricks for overcoming the habit / phoney hungry feelings etc.
You can search it but a very easy and good one is;
To know that upon eating something on average it takes about 10 - 20 mins for the message from you tummy to your brain.
Meaning you can have a small quantity of yum yum, then distract your mind and wait to see how satiated you feel.
There is the oldest trick of having a glass of water before a mean so there is less room in your stomach.

The reason for the peace you can feel whilst abstaining from tucker is, it requires a heft wad of energy / chi to digest food ( hence fiesta / siesta ), and even more to digest carbohydrates, sugar and other gastrically challenging substances.

Good luck to us all with the above!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for responding to my post.

Lynn an Da Da had been doing some guided meditations that I felt comfortable participating in and it has been a few weeks since the last one .

I think the input on the blog of other peoples perceptions of the group meditations is very helpful AND the fact I can go back to old posts and review the information.

I Agree with what you mentioned about the energy/chi it feels like there is way to much stress when it comes to food .

The first time I considered drinking water before meals or anytime I wanted a in between snack even though I was not hungry was after I witnessed a friend of mine lose 60lbs .His doctor told him he was ripe for a heart attack from the extra weight and other circumstances .

I lost 20lbs pretty quick .
I reach for water now instead of snacks. Although a good piece of chocolate or pie is my downfall.


Nick said...

Hey Erin - I don't know where your at with information about health and weight loss.
It is pretty intimidating getting a 300 pound data dump on the nature of nutrition and the way the body actually works.
Good news though - you don't have to!!

The requirements for carbohydrates and sugar are 0.00.
Which if you remember from skool 0.00 is still zero.

Carbs n sugar = extra weight - period!
The reason for the universal desire for a pick me up is that carbs get turned into sugar by the body.
So sugar is bad enough for invoking the energy roller coaster but have both and your a veritable junky.

I have been on the paleo diet for a solid year now, and this has been the best year of my life, in terms of peace, balance, health, no headaches - NO headache, yippee.
Boy I used to suffer with them, almost every morning was a headache.
Candida / gluten / malnutrition from a food chain that is .. well, insufficient.
It's quite the recipe for disaster.

I see the mainstream media, absolutely struggling with the tsunami of folks converting to a better food choice - Big Vegetable Oil and the Wheat industry pays some of the media's wages and they are NOT happy with the truth.

The biggest obstacle in changing habits, diets, lifestyles, is the mind.
Ask any sportsman or high achiever.
Get that pesky mental tyrant under control and the world is the mollusc of your choice.


Anonymous said...


Yea , No skool here.

I am one of those contrary people who when they learned their numbers and letters put them all into words an sentences written from right to left. :) While the teacher was trying to figure that out I would go outside pull the fire alarm bell then spend the rest of the day running from the principal .

That was first grade .
Made it to 6th grade before I tapped out mentally . Been trying to catch up ever since.

Before I started on the water fast I have been on the Erin Erin Diet.....Raw and fermented fruits and vegetables with meat protein and the smallest ground up least to look like animal as possible only when my body screams for it . + chocolate (cacao,ground figs) pie( raw apples and ground up nuts for pie filling) good days :)

I do not know why but this last week I have felt more then ever that I gotta get my house in order mentally,physically and emotionally.

The last time that happened was 1989 when I had this intense feeling come over me to just pick up and leave my home town . I had never traveled before but knew I had to leave . No Job, place to live and only 300 dollars in my pocket . Went 300 miles to were I am at now . Not sure why I am suppose to be here but think I will know soon. :)

Nick Thank you for sharing information I appreciate it . :)

Anonymous said...

oops I meant 996 miles not 300.

Nick said...

Hey Erin, wow great story, I like the rebelling at brainwashing .. oops I mean head -uducation!

Grand sounding diet - if there was only one food group we had a chance to eat, I wouldn't hesitate, it would be vegetables. ( Not always 'you are what you eat' :-)

I was a vegetarian virtually for the first 20 something years of me life.
Long story, but after reading how different blood groups respond to meat etc, I thought no wonder the smell of dead animals was making my mouth water.

Your feeling of getting the house in order is in response to a collective cry-sis.
The tension is palpable.

Change is hard for the best of us, and when you consider there has never been a time in our present civilisation where the connectedness of our minds has been so apparent.
So it's exactly like we are in a big flat with quite a few others, and somebody is just sitting there oozing tension, conflict, self pity and generic negativity.
Why is one of our flatmates oozing tension?

This is my theory.

Actually it's all of us.

I find it hard to put into words, but perhaps to use an analogy.
You can't fool nature.
If someone has eczema and for some silly reason goes to a doctor - they get gunk put on the skin, which does NOT remove it, and in fact makes it worse by driving it back into the body.
Then a while later, asthma suddenly appears.

I think people are running from themselves and so put on a "bandaid" that is - a distraction.

Have you noticed the insane level of digital action?
You can't go out in the world and not see folks with earphones in, or staring at the hand held device?
That is because of an utterly neurotic fleeing from their own self / feelings, combined with an initial feeling of connectedness that this amazing technology has given us.

So psychic vapour has started seeping out and under the door - no smell, no taste, just a increasingly uncomfortable feeling "something isn't right"
As nature won't be fooled "stuff" is coming out.

Your a brave girl for pulling up the camp and moving somewhere new.
Good on ya!!!!

One thing I have learned and that is;
we have a limited understanding of earthly life and having ideas about what IS - can be a bad idea.
Perhaps a good way to say this is to quote Christians "gods plan"
No one can actually say what it is ???
Likewise when we notice this 'fate / chess game' like quality to life - I find it hard to say "ooooh that's coz I am meant to learn < insert your favourite quality / experience > ___
The saying 'going with the flow' really is so simple and yet in it's simplicity, is the answer!

Re the sharing thanks for noticing :-)
This forum is actually the first time, I have ever joined the fray on the intwerweb.
I instantly felt comfortable with Lynn's ability and what she has said.
The input from everyone else was genuine - and without the 'youtube like' toxic comments.
I have made my life's mission understanding self, I would like to think I have picked up a few tiny weeny things.


Karuna Shakti said...

OK... I've been reading the comments on coming events. If a community is radiating fear of the 'what ifs' this can be intuited and even considered a possible future. I would like to suggest searching for information regarding the earths ascension. 'We, are well into the photon belt. We are journeying to the higher realms. It's not so much that the waves are coming at us, we are journeying into them. Nothing negative can exist in these higher frequencies. We have been manipulated to create poverty, disease, war and fear. That which has deceived us will no longer be able to exist! How did they do this? It's because we are part of the Divine Source and therefore creators! That which had used us for eons of time are not creators. So we have been used to manifest what they want and need. Primarily they live on the energies caused by fear and war. Thier minions have lived off the billions created by selling weapons. This is fazing out .

So, what abou Me, Us, the rest? Disconnect from the red flag events. Seek your own Divine Spark, 'we' all have one. Grow it, nurture it.
This can be done by reading and viewing that which inspires you. Most powerful of all.. take time to bask in nature. Go alone. Stay in the silence, listen and watch. All of nature knows we are ascending, the excitement and beauty is contagious. Then hug your dog, cat or giraffe. Their love is contagious. Then hug someone else, let's start an epidemic! It will happen.

May all be Love and Loved.
May all be Healthy and Wise.
May all be Prosperous and Generous.
May all be Happy and Joyful.

Wishing you unknown Blessings,
Karuna Shakti


Me too said...

Thank you lynn, I will ask my spiritual guides to guide me in the trip, I iwll pay attention to my gut feeling

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments! Thank you for everyone for sharing! Love and light-

Alice L. said...

This turned out to be a toy, but a grenade was found in a backpack in Herald Square today, 3 blocks south of the Empire State Building. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/09/23/backpack-toy-grenade/

Peter said...

Dear Lynn, could you please be so kind and make a reading about MH 370, the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight from March 2014? It would mean a lot for me and for everyone, I think, thank you very much! If you do so, how can I get access to the result? Do you send a Link?
It would also be interesting if MH 370 and MH 17 are connected!