Monday, August 17, 2015

Is China under attack? Is this related to the explosion in Bangkok, Thailand today?

Q. So who just punched the Chinese country in the face, a WMD, or was this something it does'n't seem?
Also, if the China blast was not an accident, who did it and how? It seems to me that this is retaliation. 

I was also looking at some of the pictures and the cars looked way too destroyed from the distance they were to the blast. Reminds me of shots of cars a long way from the wreckage of 911, all burned out but no where near a building or fire.
A.  When I tune into this I start getting conflicting images, as if two explosions happened..?? I will go down both paths, and see if it makes more sense as i go forward.  

One path is showing me a nuke be buried underground by the Chinese government.  They were testing their defenses and weaponry.  They don't want to admit what they have and what they are doing, so they plant this bomb in disguise in order to set it off, test their technology and determine if the engineering is "good" or if they need to make modifications.  I hear the words "land mine" and see this earth exploding from what looks like nowhere (also looks more like a dessert than a warehouse?).

The second thing I see is a shipping container coming in containing a nuclear based bomb (it doesn't feel to have the toxic backlash that a "normal" nuclear bomb has?), and once it was off the water (I see a GPS system confirming the precise location) it was remotely detonated.  Then i hear something about "to some degree everyone is against everyone, and there are no true allies."  It looks like in the PTB (or better said PTW) world they can foresee that China is emerging.  With them becoming more powerful, acquiring gold, etc (regardless of their monetary system which is just a game right now), the PTW need to have China "on board" with their agenda, but China doesn't want to play by anyone's agenda.  China's resistance prompted the PTW to give China a wake up and evoke fear since fear is the way they have ruled in the past.  

I see information being released as this being a chemical explosion, but things won't add up.  The severity and size of the explosion will make analytical people irritated trying to figure it out.  (I see a Geiger counter being used too, and the amount of radiation detected isn't the "norm" for a nuclear bomb, so there is something with the technology behind it),

I also get that the reason the cars were destroyed was because the heat from this bomb was so intense that a heat wave extended out several thousand feet in all directions.  The property destroyed was directly proportionate to the size of the bomb.

Q. In Bangkok, Thailand there was an explosion?  Does this have anything to do with the explosion in China a few days ago?  
A. I see this as something completely different.  I first get that Israel is trying to get people on their side to secure their country against Iran, especially now that Iran is ramping up their defenses.  They (Iran) are working hard, some in plain sight, and some under the radar.  Israel (with some Britain and US support) is guiding ISIS all over that region to evoke fear and gain control, which further promotes the defensive necessity for Iran to get to where they can defend themselves.

What I am being shown is Israel planted this bomb in Bangkok, and will ultimately leave the illusion that it was Iranian based.  This puts Iran more on the radar and allows Israel and opportunity to ask for US military protection.  This also paints a picture for US citizens (I get they need to be "sold" on the idea of aiding a country before there is really enough support to justify it) to encourage military support.  

Ultimately I see Iran being blamed, and military being sent there to "protect" the people.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 


Robert Schoen said...

Very scary stuff, both events, but am somewhat relieved at leas that China wasn't attacked by an outside force. Doing this to their own people is horrible. They must have learned it from us. Was the buried nuclear bomb neutralized by the container you mentioned or was it a cleaner nuclear bomb? It didn't have that classic mushroom cloud perhaps because it was buried so deep?

Baku Matsumoto said...

So, US/UK/Power to be blackmailed the Chinese government to show "You musy obey us"????

A Man Called Da-da said...

How could two separate groups detonate two separate explosive devices at the same time if they weren't working together?? Or were there two explosions reported? Did the Chinese know the PTW were in-shipping a bomb? What a bunch of misguided knuckleheads.

John Casey said...

This one is a real challenge. So, the PTW detonated a thermobaric-type bomb in a Tainjin container area where the Chinese had stored a weapons cache of their own? And the PTW bomb exploded the Chinese weapons and it all went boom. And all in an effort to get China to knuckle under to the PTW. I wonder, at this point, what the overarching PTW agenda is and who, while we're on the topic, are the PTW at this point in time?

John Casey

Ryno said...

Personally, I don't like the phrase "Powers That Were" (PTW). I believe that they want that to be added to the seeker's lexicon though. It seems like it implies in one's mind that they have been defeated and we can sit back, relax, and let others do the hard work.

Bee E-lightened said...

Power that isnt! When is it going to end pffffff

Hannon said...

I'm guessing the test bomb in China was in the desert, but the real one they buried under the the port, was probably a defense, in case they get invaded, they could blow up all the major ways to move the men and material for a war machine into their country. Kind of like the way countries blow up their own bridges when an invading army approaches, but on a much bigger scale. I bet they have them under all their major infrastructure, I sure would if I was them. I'm willing to bet that the first explosion was the attack, and the second one was the Chinese flexing their muscles to ZOG, and showing them what's waiting for them if the try to invade. Lynn, does any of that ring a bell with your instincts?

I can't imagine Tailand buying that story, I mean anybody can see that Iran doesn't have any motive for it, especially with the Zionists' operational methods all over the web for anyone to read, but the Tai government may go along out of fear, or old fashioned corruption, or both.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert and Dada: I see they were two separate explosions (maybe one didn’t happen yet?? Were two reported in China and I just am unaware??). One was in the desert and one was in the shipping yard. China was “practicing” in the desert (ramping up their military), and the shipyard was a warning from the PTW. Both situations didn’t have the classic “toxic” feel of a nuke, but some kind of powerful bomb did go off in both situations.

@Baku: I did see it that way.

@John: You do see it the way I did. I got the phrase at one point that China is bucking the system and not being bullied by “the old white men that have been in control.” This feels like just the tip of the iceberg.

@Ryno: Good point… I need a better name for them. I am just trying not to add strength to this group by calling them powerful..

@Bee: :-)

@Hannon: You make a lot of sense. I couldn't understand why I saw two separate bombs, but only one was on the news. That is very logical (and also strategic). I also agree with you thoughts on Thailand...

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

The two bombing events in China are unrelated.

China sometimes does nuclear bomb testing on the Gobi desert, China; however, those are unpopulated areas.

The bomb explosion in Tianjin is heavily populated as it is near the capital Beijing. Could you be more specific as to what do you mean by PTB and PTW, I am confused. Do you mean the USA and/or European union?

So the bomb in Thailand is unrelated to the Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand or the recent repatriation of Muslim Uighur back to China by the Thai government?

Hannon said...

Lynn, if you watch the video of the explosion in China, not just the aftermath, there appears to be two explosions, a primary and a huge secondary. If I had to guess based on my theory, the first was a ZOG terror bomb and the second was the Chinese defensive bomb.

Juli T said...

Might be exhausting to be those people.

Lynn, do you think we're still on 'free will time' or a 'third WW' is imminent? (I know you said it already started only not on the fields, but in another level). I mean are they gonna keep pushing the buttons and blowing people off or is this gonna cool down?

Recently an ex NASA astronaut said aliens prevented a nuclear war on earth during the cold war, and I've heard something similar before, can't remember the case right now but it was about a UFO shutting down a nuclear base I guess in Norway, which many interpreted as a message like 'you're not blowing anything up unless we want to'.

So it would be a great idea for them to come now and put things in order. Do you see something like this happening?

Here is the link

Alice Liu said...

Just started seeing this on the web about the Rod of God:

Nick said...

I don't know if you guys know this but nukes can't be let off willy nilly.

Fellow kiwi Bruce Cathie is worth looking into if you haven't already.

Re the powers that pee - Brzezinski didn't write The Grand Chessboard to try and get on the Amazon top selling list.
The monopoly that is in place in every important facet of our world suggests these human agents for Cod-knows-what have plans A - Z in place.
It's fun guessing, I certainly do all the time.
Gaddafi was CIA installed, so was Saddam Hussein.
Both went rogue and both got the bash.
The Zionist Karl Marx ( unlikely his real name )and other monsters, got Communism up and running - The English with drugs and piracy put a veritable backdoor into China.
Putin KGB thug, restoring the Bolshoi Ballet and other old Russian traditions.
Like I say, the world has been run like a tight ship - but that's not to say there isn't jostling by the human pawns in the game.

Makes for some good guessing games.

Your right not to feed the fear monster Lynn.
Folks should be seeking their own centre first.
This is another reason to kill your TV if you still have one.

Nick said...

@Alice Liu, that rod of cod article ends in an interesting idea, of this being a distraction needed.
That is quite common with their MO.

JJ said...

Lynn is starting to look absolutely correct. Main suspect for Bangkok bombing is turning out to be Caucasian/Non-Asian/Middle Eastern.

JJ said...

@ALex / @hannon - I interpret Lynn's vision as that there is version of the desert bomb in Tianjin underground. Another bomb in a shipping container was detonated remotely to blow up the Chinese underground bomb.

Alex said...


The police said that this guy could be the suspect. What do you think and what is his nationality?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: Thank you for the clarification. I couldn’t understand the two very different bombings. By PTB/PTW I am referring to the controlling powers of the world (high profile families with a lot of financial influence that join together behind closed doors to form an agenda).

@Hannon: Interesting…

@Juli: I see us in a third WW and not cooling any time soon. There are protective ETs passively intervening, so I say yes, they are there to help us.

@Nick: Thanks for the comments. I like the part about the tv. Programs are called “programs” for a reason.

@JJ and Alex: He looks right… I too did not see anything Muslim or Asian about the person that set it. I really thought Israeli posing as Iranian.

Salvatore Valentin Carta said...

Dear psychic, I carefully read their publications and it hurts me as a human what some people with dark souls can do to his people, all of us.
I want to send an article that might help.

mralstoner said...

Tianjin looks like inside job by the Chinese government to distract from the humiliating stock market crash that shattered the illusion that the Communist Party is all wise and all knowing.

Thailand might be related, but also a Chinese job. We have seen lots of fires and power outages around the world since Tianjin, perhaps also by China as distractions and face-saving.

Israel doesn't care about Asia, they have enough to worry about with Obama's crazy Iran deal.

Today's "black hand" all around the world is China. Just look at all the cyber attacks they launch every day. You can be sure they are doing similar low scale attacks all over the world, under the disguise of accidents, terrorism, and natural disasters etc.

Alex said...


Don't go and simply accuse China for all the evils in the world!
What ethnicity and which country are you from to spread this type of unfounded hatred?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@SAlvatore: Thank you for this. I appreciate the info!

Alice Liu said...

I don't know if you need a subscription to view this page. It contains an animated gif showing that the craters that resulted from the Tianjin explosion were located in an area with no buildings (as was claimed in news reports):

Watchand Knock said...

Hi! Benjamin Fulford also supports a cyber warfare link that produced a electromagnetic pulse directed at this port area.

Alex said...

This is the sequence of CCTV events of the main suspect.

This is the sketch of the person.

If anybody knows who he is, please contact the Thai embassy.