Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sandra Bland

Q. What do you see in regards to Sandra Bland, the young black woman who supposedly committed suicide while in police custody? Was this really a suicide, or was she killed by the police?
A.  I get she was pulled over in a harassing manor.  I get that the arresting officer was in this bored and antagonistic mood when he pulled her over.  What was a routine stop, got out of control.  She was upset to have been pulled over (felt completely harassed) and the officer was already in a "mood" where he wasn't able to tolerate anything.  I then heard something about the officer being on some kind of mind altering drug (pharama) that made him very irritable and less patient.

I also get that during the arrest and the confrontations she suffered some serious internal injuries.  She fought back until there was not fight left.  She was physically (very) injured at the time her mugshot was taken.  When she went to her cell, and began to rest, I see she really died of internal injuries.  I get an image of her lying down, falling asleep and slowly drifting off. The officer that found her didn't report it right away. 

I see this police station as being composed of many "good ole boys" that try to look after each other and stick together.  I get with all the bad press on the news regarding police, they didn't want another story or to get officers in their organization into trouble.  I also get some kind of association between the officer that found her and at least one of the officers involved in her beating / arrest (family, best friends, some kind of close connection).  

They made this look like a suicide, but in reality she died before this "scenario" was created.  The police were hoping to pass this off as a suicide even though many things didn't add up.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light to her and her family. Thank you.

*I think I will change it up for the next few posts and get some topics out that are higher in vibration.  The truth is extremely important, and with truth you can eliminate a lot of false fears  I just want to make sure we are also staying in balance. :-)  


Bee E-lightened said...

wow....and keep shedding light on the truth!!! its to wake us up

Robert Schoen said...

This is far more disturbing that what I initially suspected, and seems related to the police excessive force of the chokehold victim being arrested for selling cigarettes on Staten Island and the Baltimore case where the boy being hauled to jail died of internal injuries aggravated by the previous injury.

Because they said this poor woman had just moved to Texas and the ensuing wall to wall coverage of the arrest after her death, I suspected it might have been a staged event to further inflame racial tensions. The arresting officer (or officers) should lose his job at the very least.

AS said...

May Ms. Bland have found peace on the Other Side. Sending comfort to her family and friends.

AS said...

Here's a topic I think many would take interest in.
What do those who have passed on to the Other Side do exactly? Do we still have parties, get togethers, indulge in our favorite activity, hiking, painting, etc.? How do they view family members and friends that are still on Earth? Is our previous home where we lived on the Other Side still there waiting for us? Do we get the chance to talk with people we've always wanted to get to know but didn't have an Earth opportunity? And how do we handle to concept of no "time" on the Other Side? Thank you Lynn.

Vicki Mayhew said...

Sweet Sandra....we all need to put light on the truth coming out and the officers being held accountable for what they did. It will not bring her back, but will bring some peace to her family and friends.

Juli T said...

I see both sides (police and civilians) escalating only to have results like that.
A few months ago there was an episode of Dr. Phil with Benjamin Watson (I guess he's a football player), I liked their point (not the ones of the other's guests, kinda inciting to fight).
Dr. Phil said something like 'pick you battlefield, with an armed guy you're not gonna win, be intelligent and come home safe' and then you can file a lawsuit or whatever.
Watson, among other things, said 'pop culture, music and movies glorify these types of police citizen altercations and promote an invincible attitude that continues to get young men killed in real life, away from safety movie sets and music studios.'
Every time I see another case like this, I think 'divide and conquer' like Lynn always says, if we're not united as a human race they can more easily do what they want with us.

And there was another case a short time ago, I don't remember the name of the guy, but he apparently died in the police van, you might know the case better than me. Later I watched a video analyzing his arrest, and while everybody said the guy couldn't walk you can see he actually could and stuff like that. Nobody is doing their best for this to get better.
Here's the video a just found it again

Here is the whole post of Benjamin Watson on the Ferguson case if you would like to read it:

Bee E-lightened said...

why do i believe spirits like sandra fights on....fight that the truth may shine thru re their circumstances as if death doesnt mean they stop fighting for the truth!? Do they lynn?

Jacob Hollar said...

This should never happen. However these people being killed by police are idiots. Don't fight police. Ever. Protest. Use what the constitution and bill of rights grant you. Unless your organized and armed enough to overthrow the government, physical violence against police is foolish. Get a lawyer instead. I have been pulled and given crap tickets for nothing but I keep my mouth shut.laws are being looked at right now that enable cities to use tickets to fund the city. I think there is a town I heard on NPR that it's soul income/ revenue is from tickets. Use the law. Don't fight it

Juli T said...

@AS I find hard to figure that time concept in the other side too. Like when they say someone is gone, at peace...but that doesn't mean that person can't come back to see how we're doing in the future because he could have done it before going for good... That's why I don't do sci fi movies, I get lost in the first five minutes :p

Ryno said...

What do we do on the other side? It's a fun thing to ponder, here's my thoughts. Once you leave your "vehicle" or body, your soul is free to explore the rest of the universe. Well, normally. However, for souls on Earth we are caught by a grid and met by some in the astral who may be supposed family members and possibly some religious figures depending on our belief systems that will encourage you step into the light where the mind clearing, reincarnation trap zaps you like a moth to zapper. When I die, I am not entering the "tunnel of light" and I'm only communicating with those "who have my absolute best interest in mind."

Suggested reading, "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton.

joy said...

The police beat Sandra to death...?
Oh, pain.Blessings to you dear Sandra.
Thank you for this reading, Lynn.
We all needed a closure.

What do you do in the after life..? Is there an after-life. Based on my readings (Eckhart Tolle's books and other self-realization information from the East, we are dual beings composed of TRUE self (spirit) and FALSE self, (ego personality). Upon death, TRUE self withdraws from the body and lives on forever, without beginning, without ending as all that is, SOURCE and the ego identity lives on in the astral, pretending to be the dead person, goes thru this "afterlife" adventures, until recalled by SOURCE for another earthly tint.

The record of the dead person's life is preserved in a hologram kept in the Akashic Record Hall somewhere etheric. I suspect, when Spirit decides to come down to earth for another round of life experience, Spirit goes to the Akasic Record Hall, selects a life-time and several successive lifetimes as back-up that IT wants to pursue further along, and clips this to the fetus , with the ego that goes along with it.
Walla........!!! There, you have several lines of past lives. You were a Paschat warrior, were one of the 12 kings of Atlantis...etc...
I don't think we as Spirit reincarnate. It is not possible. What..that all other lifetimes cycle in the now moment, there is NO past, NO future...just present NOW. Oh, I have been in several reincarnational selves and realities. This looked like hoaxes to me. And these NOW moments are not continuous. We live in one now frame to the next as movie frames. now frame, now frame, now frame, now frame...all strung together and sensed as a fast movie reel.

Based on our ancient belief here in the Philippines,, when the physical body dies, the mental-emotional bodies get separated from their energy source, which is the pranic tube inside the spinal cord. Because of this lack of sustaining life-force, within 7 days, the mental body dies, after 40 days, the emotional body dies. is possible that the YOU (the dead person) that is adventuring in the high astral, looking for this tube of light ....might NOT be the real you, but the ego that has pretended to be YOU in this lifetime.
The only way to find out is ,...while alive here in this to make a choice on how you go about living. As the TRUE self or as the little FALSE self ego. It is reasonable to assume that those who have identified as "Spirit having physical adventures" will not even experience this astral deception,(well, a drama created by SOURCE) but will join the non-dual superconscious MIND, SOURCE that is the animating cause of this physical universe. hmmmm....

Ninneveh said...

@PF was the autopsy report that was released purposely doctored to make it look like suicide and done with the cooperation of the medical examiner Sara N. Doyle? There was a glaring omission of all the injuries that the video would lead us to believe she endured during her arrest.

My Picks said...

What do you see about the out come of this investigation? I know there are different paths that this can take, but is there evidence that exists that would help the case in favor of sandra if it moves to court? Maybe someone that was a witness will come forward to reveal the truth or security cameras from the jail?

The enlightened one said...

I agree that some less superficial Topics could be needed. I am looking Forward to more mysteries being looked at.

Flood said...

I know this is off-topic but it seems to be such a contraversial and debatable topic that I wanted to comment.

@Ryno...I hear what you are saying. It seems everyone, even those who are the 'teachers' of the spiritual community, have a differing opinion or belief system about the reincarnational system of humans and planet earth and what happens after you die. Some sources will tell you that there are no negative beings waiting to trap you on the other side and that the reincarnational system is 100 percent voluntary and we have full conscious choice and decision to be here. I tend to put my faith in this scenario but I will say that I have a few questions or hang-ups if you will concerning this scenario and will admit to being cautious and a bit suspicious of whatever or whoever I meet on the other side. Other sources will tell you that it is a voluntary system until you run out of good karma or energy or time or whatever that you have earned, and then you are kicked out of that shining paradise and sent rocketing back to this planet, whether you wanna come back or not. Heh Heh. Now that doesn't exactly sound 100 percent voluntary, now does it?? And finally we have the numerous sources on the web which will tell you that this is a prison planet and humans are trapped and enslaved to this planet/dimension. They will tell you that evil ET's and demonic forces have created a reincarnational system here that traps human beings, forces us to come back against our will, and doesn't allow us to move on. Personally I say anyone who forces us to come back here against our will and full conscious choice makes it a forced reincarnational system, whether they be angelic/team light or demonic/team dark. I largely believe we are here voluntary and by conscious choice, but I dont know if any of us will ever know the answer. So I guess when we die we will just have to wing it. Worst case scenario if we are trapped here I sincerely hope someone upstairs is working on getting us out of here. That's my two cents.

Flood said...


Hmmm very interesting that is definetely something to ponder. I hadn't even seen your comment until I published mine and then !presto! the newer comments came up. Once again thanks for your comment. This is something that I'm drawn to read again and really think about.

Flood said...

Concerning the Sandra Bland post I think it should be mandatory that all police officers in America are required to wear the little shoulder cameras that record everything that takes place both with the suspect/citizen and the police officer. This way it will keep both parties safe. If we are interested in knowing the truth of these interactions and keeping both parties safe, then why not put a mini-cam on the shoulders? They already have the dashboard cams. We have security cams and streetlight cams. So why not police officer shoulder cams, in the interest of safety and fairness?

Juli T said...

What?! Now you're telling me we don't meet whoever we want on the other side? And they can force me to reincarnate? I'm asking to be buried with a pepper spray in my hand.

Lynn said a few times no one has power over the soul. I guess it would be impossible for others to mess with the whole spiritual-greater good system. They can mess with us here because we're in a lower consciousness state, but up there too? Say it isn't so :/

Bee E-lightened said...

They had a video of the scene and they edit it to make it look as if they did nothing wrong. They shld hv the power to edit these recordings

Raymond G said... reminded me of an old Twilight Zone episode ....'The Hunt'.

It's about an old man that goes hunting with his dog and comes across two paths and can't decide which one to take. He meets a man that tries to convince him to take a specific path but his dog is not permitted to enter. It's not the best episode but it has a nice, unexpected ending.

@Bee goes both ways. NBC edited very important sections of the 911 call George Zimmerman made to make him look guilty. And when they were rioting in Ferguson, MO; a reporter commented that he was watching CNN broadcast from his hotel room and that he saw the reporter direct the crowd to stand together to suggest that they were rioting in the street and it was only a handful of people, 12-15. He was manipulating the people to get a story. And suggesting it was much worse than it was. You don't know who to trust. Journalists are not much more ethical than politicians.

Juli T said...

@Raymond can you tell me more about the Zimmerman story? I've heard a couple of times that it wasn't as they presented it but I didn't pay attention to it.

joy said...

Re: no one has power over the Soul. I agree. Yes. No one outside.

Allow me to put in my 2 cents,
Hmmmm.... Yes.
But you have the power to reprogram the Soul. The Soul is called the Karmic Body or the Holy Spirit.. The Soul is the TRUE Self that carries and enforces whatever program is designed for you, the 3D human.. The program is called the Divine Plan. We humans are the tool of Spirit ,to enable it to experience the material world. We are nothing but disposable puppets.

We, humans are energy beings. Consciousness. This energy Consciousness is arranged in layers. from our 3D dense bodies, up to the level of Superconscious God-Mind where these karmic programs are designed and sent down to Soul level for unraveling as experiences thru time-space. The Soul is the absolute ruler of the physical consciousness and enforcer of whatever karma Spirit wants to experience. So, nothing can come to pass as experience without the permission of Soul. If there is random occurence, it is still under the Soul's permission.

Now, Soul knows who you are outside of time and space.It is also the master of time and space. Soul knows you are inside a virtual reality, where everything in here is illusion; not real; make-believe world; hologram. Soul is the puppeteer,it knows and enforces your birth, your suffering , your death.

So, fear not the devils, the archons, the murderous policemen....they are all in connivance with your Soul to give you a taste of fear , of pain, that you as Spirit can never experience as the ALL-POWERFUL ALL KNOWING Eternal being.

So, what happens after you find out about this cosmic joke that you designed and are the subject for your entertainment..?,
You would naturally begin to deprogram your Soul's "divine plan" called Limitation and Separation (bad karmas) , so that Soul will not go around,not bring in the dreaded archon to squeeze your neck.. right..? You can now create your own program ... your path to Nirvanah.
The best route I found is to go to the highest level of who you are, the guy in Heaven whose desk displays.."the Buck Stops Here" and tell it in clear, understandable language "Cut this crap". Because THAT guy is realy realy you, what you is done.
In time, you will release and dissolve every bindings , every blockages that are preventing you from accessing your true nature as Spirit.

When I say "you" it means all of humanity, because in spirit level, there is only ONE, that one is all of us. It is like this: When you dream, you will meet a few different characters, These guys will interact innocently about some inane things. When you wake up and examine your dream, all of a sudden,you see the solution of a long standing problem. What happens is, in your dream , those different characters are actually ALL you, giving you different point of views about your problem, mostly in symbols. That is HOW we are ONE. See.....?

Thank you, Lynn.
Thank you all.

Alex said...


Lynn did a reading on that book here

Nick said...

Hey Lynn / team, just discovered your wonderful little blog and I have to say, I am hugely impressed, most of what I have read ticks the right boxes for me!

After 35 solid years in the consciousness / spiritual supermarket, reading, attending, watching, listening and experiencing constantly, I never stop scoping.
Needless to say in that time I have witnessed / read / seen all the colours of the psychic rainbow, and it's refreshing to read / hear and feel humble and genuine vibes. :-)
Plus a wonderful miracle to see the event of the internet and there ARE like minded people.

Joy, Re power over soul;
Brilliant post and well put - I have been passionate about this view, you so accurately described since I first read Allan Watts in the early 80s.
He describes the Buck Stops Here, desk as;
", You can wake up any time you want from this drama, but you don't want to, "
When you treat the world as 'you' and take responsibility - a different mind arises.
Less 'us n them'
Less 'why did g*d create tornadoes?'
Less 'why did g*d create Justin Bleeber?'

An obvious fact even to the slumbering wool bearing 2 legged types, is life seems to require this concept of 'contrast' to have meaning.
Pleasure / pain, night / day, etc etc.
You don't become a concert pianist, by watching a 10 min youchoob vid on the major scale.
You only know easy because of difficult.
You only know soft because of hard .. etc etc.
I am only me because of you.

Here is a cool analogy I use to sooth my frazzled nervous system in these super intense quickening / changing / racing down the birth canal times;
If you saw the battle going on at the level of your blood / immune system, you would think;
"Gadz nasties galore!! Maybe I should apply my godlike powers to wipe out the foreign bodies, invading viruses etc".
You know what would happen don't you?
Yup, the immune / blood good guy soldiers would think "oh wow a holiday" and go off to New Zealand.
Followed quickly by the death of the physical body.
So it's lucky we don't see at that magnification, otherwise would take sides - and I am picking this dimension has some sort of similar dynamic going on.

Likewise Joy, you correctly point out in our dreams at night, they are (mostly) you.
So that's like a clue, of which you have left plenty in the multiverse.
It's you, it's me it's wheeeeeee.

Regarding the intuitive and logical idea we all have regarding oneness here is a personal insight I have;
Having been a professional musician, I can tell you first hand that in the best of live performances, a veritable shamanic experience happens tween band and audience.
I humbly offer the idea that one becomes a conduit.
So here's the insight;
In the 60s, 70s, trailing off 90s there were totally timeless classics being created.
Those surviving songwriters are still here - why don't they carry on the good work (and usurp the cRap that the toxic mu sick biz feeds the great unwashed)?
Coz it wasn't them writing, it was the force Luke.

If for some reason, you haven't heard of Allan Watts, youchoob is full of him, if you want a entrée I suggest starting here;

This is absolutely lovely beyond description.

Hi to everyone here and
En Joy :-)

They Live said...

That Twilight Zone episode is great! There are so many episodes from that time, 1950s and 1960s that tell so many truths! One being The Monsters are due on Maple Street. A community is told some persons are actually monsters/aliens. So everyone turns aganist each other as cars randomly turn on and lights flicker.
*Spoiler alert* In the end the actual aliens are on a hill looking at the chaos they created in the community. One of the aliens says to the other something like, "See, all you have to do is put an idea in their heads, flicker some lights and they'll destroy themselves." Very telling to what's been happening for a long time now.

They Live said...

I've read the mugshot of Sandra was taken after she died, is that true?

Flood said...

The only question I have with the reincarnation thing is this.From my understanding, which may be in serious error, but nevertheless, from my understanding the purpose of human life(or at least one purpose of life) is to bring the ego/personality/false self into alignment with the spirit/soul/true self. For instance according to certain astrological schools of thought the purpose is to control the ego-personality/little self and bring it in alignment and under the control of the spirit/true self until in the end the two are merged together into one. Yes merged, forged together into one, this being the purpose of life and the endpoint for the ego and human drama. But until that endpoint/goal is reached humans/we are mostly ego-personality/little self striving to listen to the voice of spirit inside of us and bring it more and more into being. So until that endpoint/goal is reached it would appear that humans/we are mostly ego-personality/little self beings, hanging out in whatever afterlife level we qualify for, and then all of a sudden spirit comes along and !wham! you are picked up, maybe against your ego's will, reincarnated and sent back to earth.

Of course if their is a part of our individuality/personal being in our GOD Shard if you will, a part of our individuality/personal being in our spirit/soul being and not just an impersonal piece of God-spirit, then you could say that it was voluntary and full conscious choice reincarnation because our spirit/soul being chose to grab hold of our ego and then reincarnate.

This makes more sense although the confusion here arises when we have to view ourselves as all these little parts that are going to be dissasembled and broken up upon death. I'm aware that's the nature of our true being but it's confusing to have to think of yourself in this manner. It's almost like you have two seperate beings and a fight of wills going on.

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thanks! From which plane are those wreck pieces washed upon the shores of Reunion Islands (MH370?)? Even a suitcase was reported by somebody... false flag?(

Anonymous said...


Lynn ,

Is this description on reverse speech accurate ?

The Theory of Reverse Speech and Speech Complementarity.

(1) Human speech has two disctinctive yet complementary functions and modes. The Overt mode is spoken forwards and is primarily under conscious control. The Covert mode is spoken backward and is not under conscious control. The backward mode of speech occurs simultaneously with the forward mode and is a reversal of the forward speech sounds.

(2) These two modes of speech, forward and backward, are dependent upon each other and form an integral part of human communication. One mode cannot be fully understood without the other mode. In the dynamics of interpersonal communication, both modes of speech combined communicate the total psyche of the person, conscious as well as unconscious.

(3) Covert speech develops before overt speech. Children speak backwards before they do forwards. Then, as forward speech commences, the two modes of speech gradually combine into one, forming an overall bi-level communication process.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some people are desperate to sweep racial crimes under the bed as usual. Even in these comments unfortunately.

Bee E-lightened said...

they *shouldnt have the power to edit.....i meant

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Everyone: Thank you everyone for the energy that was put into these comments. What a great discussion between each other and questions for me! This is amazing. I need to digest it all and then I can address some things. One thing that did stand out was that she was not dead at the time of her mugshot, but died in a holding cell.. (I wanted to confirm that).

I will be in touch..

Love and light-

MorL W said...

Doing a reading on this case is not negative, but very helpful. The truth is not negative. I understand these things can be upsetting but I appreciate you doing this reading because I was very concerned about this woman and the way she was harassed and taken down and arrested for what seemed to be no good reason at all. Just because it is sad does not mean it is negative. Sandra deserves to have the truth be known as to what really happened to her. To me, that is a positive thing, and so is the truth.


They Live said...

@Lynn Many thanks for the confirmation regarding Sandra's mugshot.

AS said...

@Raymond and They Live...Yes, when I watch Twilight Zone lately, I can't believe how many episodes are telling bits of truth. WOW. Of course in those days, we saw it as pure science fiction, figments of the writer's creative imagination. Although many of the stories were over the top in order to create a more interesting plot line, it's amazing how much of it resonated the truth. Who would have guessed???

Juli T said...

Hey guys this just happened here!

Anonymous said...

I keep coming to a similar feeling. Just a feeling because it would be against what I am thinking to do otherwise. I read almost all postings on Lynn's site. It has become very busy and that is good! It's also exhausting. The thought that always pops in my head, especially when someone feels their point of view is THE point of view is "it's all perception" Your experience, your knowledge your path is like not like that of any other soul. However, we are in this big bowl of cosmic soup together. I hope with all my heart and soul, good things will come!I am not smart enough to even try to figure this all out and I'm not sure I should be at this time. L&L

Nick said...

Holy meteors batgirl - that's some awethumb footage right there!
As Jeff Lynne would say 'Verdes always creeping from her room'

Re those early TV progs, I believe in some conspiracy circles, it's called "predictive programming"
Which is to get us used to having monsters running the show from the shadows.
I reckon it's working well.
Like cyborg, transhuman imagery, we have been saturated with it, so 'when' it happens we'll be like;
"oh yea, I am not surprised, and I will be first in line to get my funky implant and tune into googles hivemind"

H.G. Wells, wasn't just whistling Dixie.

Nick said...

Oh, Flood, regarding your Reincarnation question.
From what I have experienced, and read - a succinct description of ones birth chart is that;
It is a map of the astral body.
Which is to say ones behaviour is in accordance with archetypes. ( primal blueprints )
It's a mire of confusion without lots of study, and the worst of the confusion is the words we use.
We have to be on the same page otherwise it's just hit an myths.

We can all agree the sky looks blue to us, but how to define abstracts and will o the wisps like 'soul' 'ego' 'spirit' 'consciousness'?
In my study, and experience I agree with Allan Watts, and 'some' Buddhists - the ego just ain't there.
The word comes from Freud who called the unfolding of a babies awareness as an egg. (hence ego)

Reincarnation is cornfuddling because without lots of self work, folks think they are somehow this elusive mind and obvious physical body.
So who or what is being born again?

A fast way to directly experience this is to simply do an awareness experiment right now.
Oh, ok when you have been to the little room we can begin.

Can you feel the seat under you, can you feel you feet, hands, touch of heat or cold on your skin?
Can you hear computer fan, music, traffic sounds?
Any taste in your mouth?
Any smell in the room?

This sensing of your physical body is the true being in the moment.
It employs awareness and it is devoid of words / thinking mind.
It is very quick very subtle but for those nanoseconds, it's sensing things as they are.
It is like sleep, where do 'you' go?
Who or what is beating your heart, digesting your food, moving your lungs etc?
"Reality is an illusion albeit a persistent one" - Nick in his aspect as Einstein.

So then you wonder if I don't exist, how come I could play a musical instrument the very first time I picked it up - reincarnation?
Guns n Roses, Paradox City.
It's easy actually it's both!!
How conditioned is your unconscious that it can't see;
It's not black or white it is both?

Conclusion for the earnest seeker, is 'you' have to take responsibility, 'you' have to work like a worky thing on work day to master your emotions, reactions and the material world.
What isn't there - is an abstract entity hiding ooooh somewhere say tween your ears, behind your eyes.
There is no difference between you and what you experience.

Raymond G said...

@Juli would be difficult to summarize in this little box and it's hard to separate fact from fiction. There are a lot of links available to summarize events but many of them are biased. I wish I could help you more but the trial was about 3 months long and it would be tough to go through every remark and development.

joy said...

Dear Flood.
I would like to refer you to; and please read the book written by Eckhart Tolle "......NEW EARTH". He wrote about what the ego really is . He said the ego is a SEPARATE, PARASITIC, VAMPIRIC entity that usurps the identity of the human, long before birth. It is not intelligent, but crafty. Ego is made up of low astral energies , is semi-aware, and has survival instinct. To survive, it eats the energies of negative emotions,..anger, fear,depression, lust, greed. etc
Hence, when it is hungry, it looks for ways by which its host can produce plenty of it, by mind-control. Most of what favorable view about ego are really written by the ego itself, thru it's human host. Ego was created by SOURCE to provide SOURCE with ..I would say...entertainment.Because of its nature, it cannot be allowed in non-dual realities...the 5th Dimension and above. We are on our way to the higher dimension, and one of my jobs is to dismantle this created monster. I actually did not know what it was, that I have to dissolve, until one day, in 2008, a book manager in Niagara Falls threw Ekhart Tolles' book to me , and said "I was told this book is for you, free". I was at that time , wandering up and down the USA ,doing a temporary
5 year-job as Earthkeeper.

Civilizations regularly go into cyclical rise and fall, primarily because of the ego. Also, because the ego knows us intimately, and we don't know ego that well,all our efforts to become positive beings will also go up and down. It has a built in program to sabotage us. Our ultimate goal is to be in the NOW moment,the ego dislikes the NOW moment,and therefor will lead you astray when following your Spirit, while pretending to help.


Anonymous said...

Ditto what Scorpio1995 and MorL W said:

I was under the impression when I was younger of police being "PEACE" officers. They did not hide in unmarked cars and walk around like they were in some kind of video games of us against them . They did not try to trap you into saying or doing something . It was not guilty until proven innocent . You don't hire a lawyer to defend your rights and prove you are innocent only to be told you still have to do community service or pay a fine even if charges are dropped against you . The system is so convoluted the only solution is to not participate . They want everyone to not use their imagination or question other possibilities .
I see Sandra and others like her taking a hit from the failed control system as system busters. They are not cowards or armchair critics . Sure no one expects what happened to go down they way it did . But it did and it is part of the reality we are dealing with and to pretend that just because it failed Sandra it won't fail us is B#((Sh$T.
@Juli T as always I love to read your comments . You make me laugh when I least expect and think different about some subjects.

joy said...

Dear Flood,

RE:reincarnation. Pls take what resonate with you and leave the rest of what I said about reincarnation. Am not passing it as TRUTH. It is only information.
We do not have maps to our destinations.

Reincarnation is very important because those reincarnational selves have karmas that you have to deal with in this reality. IT IS NOT ROMANTIC TO HAVE A REINCARNATIONAL SELF AS JULIUS CAESAR or whoever. You will get hit by his unresolved energy debts. If you found out that it is possible you were Nefertiti, and you agreed to it, you already signed a contract that you will pay for her karma. Who really knows..?
Maybe its just a ruse to victimize you. Soooo...
Just say NO.Be practical.

What I said about reincarnation is nothing but my road map, a working model from here to there. I was ,for many years, being stalked by non-physicals, negative extra-terrestrials, being implanted , shrouded day and night,subjected to psychotronic voices to interrupt my sleep.. My healers were unable to find out what the triggers were. Then one day, I was told some of these are false karmas. It seems I was being attacked thru somebody elses' unresolved karma. Hah....THIS karma is waiting to be dissolved. Perhaps, Spirit clipped this
reincarnational false lifetime into my lifetime so that I can take care of it. So, I even got suckered into speaking to Lord Saturn to wipe the worst karma that I had to deal with. DUH...!
Last time I checked,about 3 months ago, I no longer have any Karma to deal with. Then....this week, an ugly karma is rearing its head. Bastard...! Now, more fact findings.

Dear Flood,

about having separate identity. Being Dual. Having a False and a True Self. Fact finding is very important to me, because I wanted to solve a problem. One question that puzzled me, that needed an answer is "Why are humans, ripping each other, so war-like, when each is a spark of the Divine..? "
When I look at my model of the TRUE and FALSE self, everything makes sense (to me).

In jest, I tell my sister who is very religious, that "You are NOT a sinner" (I'm referring to her TRUE identity as Spirit.) "That the real sinner is the ego that did things thru you.You are absolved in heaven, because you did not know what you were doing. You were rendered unconscious and insane".

She thinks I'm blasphemous. Go figure.

I even offered to save her from eternal damnation, for a price,of course, but she would not have my services.


joy said...

Dear Flood,
I would like to edit my first letter to you today, above, but not possible.
It is at the sentence "Perhaps Spirit clipped this reincarnational false self s' lifetime into my lifetime......"
What I did not tell you is unquestioned acceptance of this reincarnational phenomena lead me to accept, sign a contract, that I would be responsible for other's karmas.(although they are NOT mine) Called false karma.
You see, I had seen and experienced at least 5 reincarnational selves while in meditation. So, I bought into it. Then this False Karma popped out. Being mental, I had to find out what caused it.
My working suspicion now is...we are being sold this reincarnation business so that those with ulterior motives, can milk more suffering and pain from us.

do it at your own risk.


Flood said...

Thank you Joy and Nick for your comments and responses. Whoa that is a lot to digest. It seems life is an endless journey of discovering, from first breath to last.

Thank you Lynn for holding the space for this most remarkable blog. Cheers to all.

Flood said...

heh heh by the way nick you are a funny guy! cheers!

Nick said...

It IS a remarkable blog.
Glad I could raise a smile, a life without humour is no life at all.
If you do look at some Allan Watts videos, you will hear him laugh all the time.

missymorenobrown said...

She is still doing her wo rk

Juli T said...

@Erin I have a lot of stories of my encounters with police (not because I'm in trouble, but because I jump every time I see them not doing or doing bad their job). I love being the crazy screaming lady exposing them. It's really good to release tensions :p
But anyway I wouldn't do the same thing in different circumstances, cause is not hard to end up with a bullet in your head either. Our police is not really racist, just corrupt.

Anonymous said...

@ Juli
Yes , I worked at a jail in Texas for six months . Really close to the Waco incident while extended stay with my mother. That is where my comments came from. Seen enough in that six month period to realize how out of control things can get.

David Barry said...

Why didn't her family bail her out and also why did they stop taking her calls?

missymorenobrown said...

It is unfortunate but Waller County, is resistant to being transparent.

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn has pointed to a fundamental cause for many incidents like this one (involving people of all colors, races, and creeds) occurring in our sphere at this time: "I then heard something about the officer being on some kind of mind altering drug (pharama) that made him very irritable and less patient." Please, please, everyone...caution those around you to NOT exacerbate any incident with authority. If you blog or post, please caution everyone that many individuals are on legal drugs which, though not psychedelically altering their reality, evidently make them more prone to "shoot first and ask questions later"--including walking into a church and slaughtering people. Be calm, go along with authority, and do not increase the tension involved in a police stop. You may feel the stop/incident is unfair but opt for prudence, a higher mind, and life. Be on your guard...always.