Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #16

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #16. Let's get started.

Image #1: The Spooky "LAST DOOR” at Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Backstory: This is apparently the “last door” to be opened at this temple, but no one knows how to open it, or what's behind it. Other parts of the temple have allegedly given up huge amounts of gold ($22B-worth), but what’s behind this door?

What Lynn Saw
"First, I get that two people have to work together here. The first person places their right hand on the right fleur de lis, the second person places their left hand on the left fleur de lis, then they hold hands with their free hands. Then they... walk through the door? Somehow they go through the door, literally. Vibrationally, this breaks down the door so they can walk through it.
"There's some kind of energetic portal on the other side [see a similar door on Five for Friday #10], with intense bright light. The portal takes you to a different dimension, the light is so bright it's blinding. Only a pair of very enlightened people would be able to open this door and operate the dimensional machinery. It's a one-way exit. There's no coming back. This wasn't made for just anybody; only for people who can handle it.

Image #2:  Military/Arctic UFO Sightings From the ‘70s
Backstory: Are these UFO photos genuine? There’s a whole series of these, some taken through submarine periscope, that are apparently military photos of UFOs off the coast of Greenland. Anything interesting about these?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I get is that the one on the upper left is real, the rest are fakes. There's a portal at the North Pole that can take crafts in and out of the Inner Earth. This true image is showing a ship coming out of the Inner Earth."

Image #3: The Maze Stone
Backstory: This is an odd petroglyph of mysterious origin near the small SoCal town of Hemet. Who created it and why? Is it a map? And is that swastika in the bottom left corner a recent addition?

What Lynn Saw
"I feel this is dated around Native American times. The swastika is a recent addition. I see that this stone was made to be really hot, then used to burn the pattern into a skin or hide, to make a kind of brand. The glyph itself was originally deeper, but has been worn down over the years. They'd get the rock hot and use it as a stamp. I keep seeing it getting super heated. It stuck with me because it was so odd, and I think it was some kind of punishment branding thing. Like if someone stole or did some kind of crime, this stone was super heated, and someone took the guilty person and held their back on it. It was used to burn an image in skin, and it didn't feel like an honor tied to it, but rather some sort of shaming."

Image #4: Pope’s "Light Hat"
Backstory: Here’s the Pope at a recent meet-n-greet in South America... with a lightning bolt zapping his head. Is this real?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is partially real, partially embellished. The way the sun was shining, there was a small natural sunlight effect, but someone made it much more than what it was. It's been completely over exaggerated."

Image #5: Crop Circle Variety Pack
Backstory: Ok, here are four crop circles created in the last few weeks. For each one, can you tell us: 1. if they’re genuine, and 2. if genuine, what info are they trying to convey?

What Lynn Saw
"A. I get this is real. Outside circles are planets. At the 4:00 position is the planet Pluto. It's simply a heliocentric perspective of our solar system. Just a 'hey, we're out here' type of message."
B. This is fake.

C. This also feels fake.

D. This is authentic. It's been done to show our sun moving through our galaxy in a corkscrew fashion, leading the way. The darker circle represents its darker sister sun, corkscrewing with ours through space. This one (D) and A were done by beings in ships on the Dark Side of the moon."

And that’s it. Join us Friday after next for episode #17.


Robert Schoen said...

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple door photo is amazing in that the design sensibility looks more Chinese than Indian and the Fleur de lis symbols, normally associated with the French Bourbon monarchy, make me wonder if this portal was designed using elements from other cultures in different time periods. What do you see on the ancient symbology of the Fleur de Lis and its significance before it was adopted by the French? As someone living in New Orleans with Saints fans everywhere, I've become highly allergic to this symbol.

A great 5 for 5 grouping as always, and I particularly appreciated the reading of the crop circles.

They Live said...

Nice Five Photos For Friday!
Referencing the portal door, does the other dimension it takes you to as well as the door itself have something to do with the Reptilians? The symbols on the door alone give me no interest to enter or even get close to it.
Concerning the beings on the dark side of the moon, did they communicate that to us as a little lesson or they're lonely and a bit bored and did it just because they could? I feel they may be under a system of slavery like us but are more advanced mentally, telepathically etc.

Ryno said...

So many cultures and beliefs represented on the Last Door Padmanabhaswamy Temple; Chinese, Christian, Judaism, Mayan, Aztec, European Royalty. As I look more and more into our past, I believe that the same group is behind all these different cultures and religions in an attempt to confuse ths planet.

Here's my silly explanation of the door. In no way am I claiming this is at all what it means. Maybe the head at the top center is ANU with his 2 sons Enki and Enlil on each door wrapped around and guarding the "Tree of Life" and "Tree of knowledge." The 2 sons/dragons(Draco?)are also supporting the Fleur-de-lis, representing the king's, queens, bloodlinges, rulers, etc.

PimpMyBrain said...

Thanks Lynn and DA-da for this fantastic five again !

1)Ryno thoughts are quite interesting. I feel the "hard/row" representation of symbols on this gate seems to be done to ensure that people cames to it is mentaly prepared. I mean, i basic personne of that time should be quite "afraid" or "uncomfortable" a front of this door. Knowledges about the symbols needed to be understood to feel ready to use it.

2)Inner earth. Means some kind of old magma bubbles (alveole-like?), so big that a independant ecosystem has flourish inside ? Or a real "Hollow earth, like some people claim ? Or this portal links to an other dimensionnal/density part of earth ? And who are the owner of the "real" ship picture ?

3)Well, all civilization has this kind of "shame on you" protocol...

4)pope Francis. Means to be the last ordinary pope. I don't know if he is manipulated, very aware of the deception incoming or really try to do some positive change in the Powers that were with is possibilities. Grand master ? Doll? A guy throws in the middle of lions to be eaten instead of other higher people ?

5)The beings who made this crop cirlces are always the same female trio of "nordics"(if this is their sort of gender and the name they can't stop telling to you in an other reading) ? This means to be done by only pleasur to do it ? Or a real meaning is trying to be share on it ? MAybe both !

Thanks as always ! :)

whitelite 1111 said...

Love this 5! For the 1st one can you see where the portal would take you? What dimension? What does it look like and what kind of beings are there? SO interesting!!! Thanks!

Raymond G said...

Very interesting photos......The door reminded me of the pic you did previously in Peru. That was on a ley line, is this one on a ley line too ? How wide is a ley line....are they several feet wide or a mile wide ? Can you RV what is on the other side of it ? If you entered would you see another time line for Earth, like dinosaurs or a future Earth in the year 2500? Or another world like aliens on Zeta Reticuli ? .

The author of Harry Potter, JK Rowling; used a similar idea when Harry and his friends entered the train station at Platform 9 3/4. They ran through a brick column. Do you think she had previous knowledge of these portals or was it just her creative imagination ?

Did you change the font for this page or does it look different because I recently downloaded Windows10 ?

Raymond G said...

One more question if you don't mind.......:)........If you entered this portal or any other one, would you reach the same destination each time ? Or would the destination be different every time based on the vibration, our place in the universe or something else that might change ? Would they have a reception committee for people that go through them or would you find a T Rex waiting for you to get an easy meal like a bear fishing for salmon ?

Raymond G said...

Ok, last question........does the maze stone symbolize anything ? Are the lines just a random drawing or do they symbolize someone who is lost in a maze, and separated from the community ?Because if you follow the lines you don't really get anywhere and it's hard to find the center. And once you reach the center, there is a wall preventing entry to the middle (the community?). There is a dot in the middle, like X marks the spot; but it's unattainable.

Dante said...

Can you describe what kind of dimension the door leads to?

Nick said...

Another fabulous five, thanks Lynn. :-)
Not sure about light over the popes head - but in case you don't know this, there is definitely something fishy about his miter ( headpiece )

Raymond G - if you think J K Rowling is a welfare mom from nowhere who struck literary gold .. then boy do I have a Nigerian Investment for you!

Lynn's interpretation of the croppies, sounds pretty damn right.
Years ago when the first map of the solar system appeared in Wiltshire, I thought, THIS is resonance, this is clues left by ( the Self ) someone or thing.
I don't know if you guys have seen this, and it doesn't matter if it's true or not, its a real hoot.
A plasma ball creating a croppy caught on camera.
Wiltshire, has a lot of chalk ( limestone ) in it's soil.
But there have been croppies appear in other places in the world.

I personally think these aesthetically pleasing images are a living example of a proper mystery in everyone's face and like the Pyramid of Giza, they just sit there mocking the mechanistic, right brained humans who love fairy stories like the big bang, politics, leptons and the holocaust.

Re the hollow earth, once you have done enough homework, you realize the length and breadth of the lies we have all been told - and you have a proper open mind.

Ryno, I agree with the idea of religions and cultures being created by the same agency.
How can you not, when you see this level of organization rolling out an agenda for this timespan.
I think for a lot of people psychologically, they can't wrap the noggin round the idea, because it obviously involves a massively multi generational approach.
Which is another ring-pass-not situation for normal people, they themselves wouldn't perform such pernicious, inhuman acts, so how the fuzzing heck can others?

The enlightened one said...

Who built the door at this temple? I figure it's designers and builders must have been pretty much evolved themselves?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert and They Live: I agree with points you both made. It does feel kind of dark, and I have no interest in going to or near it. I wouldn’t even want to touch it (almost this impression that if I tried to enter the door it would have this feeling of selling your soul to something not good).

@Ryno: That could definitely be right… I was just reading a story on this (not the Terra Papers, but something similar). I get that many symbols we have relate to that time and our true creators.

@PimpMyBrain: Thanks for the comments and kind words.

@whitelite1111, Dante, Raymond and enlightened one: To be honest, I am not sure. This was actually the hardest part of the whole reading. My mind had trouble making sense of it, and it would flow then stop, and I would have to really work at getting it. I wish I could have gotten more for you.

PS- I didn’t change the font, but the formatting was a little difficult this time… Blogger is great, but sometimes it have a mind of its’ own. LOL

@Nick: Thank you for the feedback and comments.

The enlightened one said...

I am not sure I have got it right, but I thought I would share what I see as I focus on this temple door.

To me, it feels like it is not originating from this world, but from some kind of higher vibrational reality. It seems like it just appeared from nowhere. It seems to me that the interior has some kind of "mechanics" or "electronics" on the astral plane. It seems to me it is connected to several sources of energy on the Earth and in space, somewhat like some kind of power outlet.

To me, it feels like it's purpose was to serve as a connection of some kind between higher and lower planes of reality. Perhaps to enable beings in higher planes to manifest physically on this plane, or for other purposes. I think there may be a room of some kind inside it, but it feels to be located on a higher plane, rather on the physical one.

The general intent behind the construction do not feel as being malevolent to me, but rather neutral. It has somewhat the feel of being a trap to me. I think if you don't know what you are doing, things may go wrong. But used in the right way, I think it may serve a good purpose as well.

"I wouldn’t even want to touch it (almost this impression that if I tried to enter the door it would have this feeling of selling your soul to something not good)."

This resonates with me, but to me it feels rather like a "security" mechanism added on later, to prevent usage for benevolent purposes.

I think the multicultural symbology represents different elements, (like fire, water, Earth and so on), which in turn represent different aspects from which to view higher truths about the nature of the universe.