Saturday, February 28, 2015

Q&A XLVII: Random Pick 10 and Short Answers [Group Post]

Q. Dear PF, please do a reading on certain tragedies in human lives like a prolonged illness, joblessness, deaths of dear one, love failures, heart brakes, etc. that never leave a person despite constant prayer/solutions. Are those events predestined to happen for certain time due to karmic debt?
A.  Some actions happen due to acts of free will and others are due to chosen life paths.  Karma does play into what life path you are on (predetermined before you incarnate), but depending on the lesson learned (and how well it is really understood) that path can change.  If you force it before it is ready, or go on an act of free will, fate will bring the lesson back, even if it is in a different way.  You will have to learn, understand, and expand through experience, and at THAT point, you can move on...

Q. Hello Lynn, I was wondering..... Sometimes people come to Earth to fulfill a purpose. They often die prematurely, usually as an act of violence. So, if Jesus came to Earth to die for our sins then that means Judas was suppose to turn him in.  Perhaps John Wilkes Booth was suppose to kill Abe Lincoln. Joan of Arc, JFK, RFK, MLK...they all died before their time and I wonder if they came into the world knowing that they would leave it early.  If they knew this, does that mean that the people responsible for killing them don't go to Hell?  If they were doing what they were suppose to do, fulfilling another man's destiny, why should they be punished for infinity if it was agreed to before they were born?
A.  It is true that some people incarnate to fulfill a mission, and part of the mission is to die once a specific event or action has occurred.  The inverse is true for the person incarnated for the mission of killing a person- still a mission, but viewed in a different light based on our perspective.  Both sides of the coin exist for the purpose of completing a purpose (one viewed bad, the other good, but in the bigger picture just doing what they are here to do..).  I don't see anyone being "punished" (that word feels off) because from their individual perspectives they were doing something for the greater good (and it is important to mention that we are discussing the scenario of these men being assassinated as we were told and not in truth [such as in the fable of JFK]).  I also get that throughout history, true victims have come back to be assassins and vice versa (not an eternal punishment, but rather a completion to a lesson).. 

Q. Have you heard about the 'dogman' sightings in the US? Where do you see them coming from? Thanks!
A. I tuned in on this and I cannot see that these are accurate pics.  I get that a few pics that have come forward are actually glimpses of Bigfoot, but I don't see a dogman...

Q. Do you see climate change (ie man made/influenced) as being a real thing or is it due to the natural carbon cycles that peak and drop every 2000 years or so? I know we definitely do have to have some kind of impact but are they over emphasising our effect?
A. I get that they are using this as a money making tactic for those in power.  There is some buying/selling/trading of carbon credits making some people very rich, and in reality the amount of pollution really effecting the climate is minimal.  Pollution is a very real thing, and it affects our surroundings (i.e  the air we breathe in our surrounding towns), but it isn't creating an overall climate change or global warming on earth.  I also get (and visually see) that there are alterations of temperatures on other planets (like the solar system itself is warming or changing, but those making money on the carbon credits won't bring this to light).. The system is going through a cycle, and it will peak and then drop off..

Regarding the man made changes- that is very real, and weather manipulation is used as a military tool.  They haven't perfected it (I always see what looks like kids with a new toy trying to figure it out).  It doesn't create an overall climate change, but does create localized effects where it is used. 

The real thing that is changing weather is the earth wobble (and the slowing of the earth due to another solar system rotating through ours).  True north is changing (almost daily) causing temperature changes in drastic ways.  I have discussed this in greater depth in previous readings, and I attached a link to this being discussed in a recent post:

Q. The United States government is one of if not the most corrupt governments in existence right now, going to extreme lengths to fulfill their agendas to which no one is safe, whether they be other countries or even citizens within the US itself. One need only look up "Operation Northwoods" for clear evidence of that, which is just one of many examples. Considering that level of corruption and bullying: Do you see any actually legitimate outside, or internal, attacks on the US government anytime in the near future?
A. When I focus on this I see two different time lines emerge.. They both vary depending on the acts of free will and level of consciousness that is applied... 

The first path I see is that the government grows so large, that it has nothing to govern and sort of self destructs.  It takes and takes until there is virtually nothing left to take, so it starts to take from itself (departments try to control each other).  Then I see a tic that is full roll onto its' back and it cannot move (????), and my impression is that the government reaches a point where it is tapped out of resources and people to extract from, which renders itself helpless.

The other path I see (which involves a huge amount of conscious awakening) is an outside (ET type) force coming in and resetting us.  The way it comes about is this ET force emerges, and the government puts effort into fighting them off, but while that occurs the distraction is away from the people, which allows people the opportunity to unite (raise consciousness even more).  With the increased consciousness, and the ET intervention, things "turn over" and the people gain control... Both paths are long and difficult (will require work), but inevitable.
Q. What is the reasons the aliens have blessings of such high technology?
A. It isn't a "blessing" but rather they have been around for a long time (thousands and thousands of years).  They have also ascended into another level of consciousness that allows them to tap more easily into the universal knowledge, which gives them a better understanding and ability to create what they can see (and know) when they connect.  Then I am left with the saying "Einstein received some of his theories from something outside this world, imagine a race of Einsteins (and you can see how technology can advance to quite a sophisticated means.)"

Q. How does God/Creator come into place with regards to ETs/aliens??
A. I see what we refer to as the main God, or Creator, being a name used to describe the universal consciousness or oneness. This main "oneness" is the source from which all things were created.  One of the things that emerged from that source was the genetic material that combined and created ETs/aliens... 

Q. Hello Lynn, Thank you so much for all of your insight that you offer to us on so many subjects. I have really been wondering lately what is the truth behind the US giving up on our space program. We were a pioneer in space exploration for so long and then it just seemed so sudden, they just tossed it all out. Is there a specific reason that our government shut down this program that we may not truly be aware of? Thank you for any insight you may have. Love, Light and Peace to you.
A.  I get there is still a program, it just isn't official, the budgeting is hidden under some function of the military and we are very much still exploring things, but not doing so in the "space shuttle."  There are a lot of things going on with this... We have extracted enough ET technology that we have begun to build some of our own space crafts (some of what we see is really our own).   We have also been "warned" in some regards to stay away from certain location (for example we are prohibited from landing on the moon).  There have been some complications with close ETs that have caused things to be done more in private, but the US is still very involved in space activities.

Q. I know you did a posting on mental illness, but I wonder if you could do a reading on depression. What is the spiritual cause of it, why some have chronic cases and what is the learning of it and how can someone work around it? Many thanks
A. When I read this question I hear the word depression is slow motion..and it sounds like  d-e-e-p  r-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n.. I get the main reason people experience depression is due to deep repression of something.  It could be feelings, thoughts, events, something you should (or should not) be doing, something important or significant to the person.  Doctors are quick to give you something to alter your mind and bring you out of it, but if you have never dealt with the underlying cause the drugs don't heal the underlying problem, but rather hide it deeper.  I get the best cure is meditation. If that isn't possible, seek out a good therapist or even hypnotherapist to help you sort out your repressed thoughts and show you effective ways to process the emotion and rid yourself from it.

Q. Can you give you thoughts on this article I came across?
A.  When I read this I immediately see that there is a disconnect and sides are being chosen.  I get an image of teams being chosen, and Russia and the Ukraine are the team captains (however, Britain and the US are the coaches for Team Ukraine). I also get an impression that the stage is being set for some kind of an attack... I see it happening in the Ukraine first (inflicted by one of its' own team captains) to give Team Ukraine a reason to REALLY attack Russia... It looks rather confusing (like they don't have a good plan figured out or know what they are going to do yet), but they know they need to do something.  

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #4

Hi, all. Thanks for tuning into the latest [almost "light portal"] edition of Five for Friday. Da-da's going to do this a little different this time, giving you Lynn's words as verbatim as possible without Da-da getting in the way... unless he wants to make a comment [which will be in brackets].

Image #1: Arcs of Light in New Mexico

Backstory: This is a recent meteorological display of a number of kinds of rare atmospheric events on a morning in New Mexico. [It struck Da-da as more than that.] Are they natural, or designed?

What Lynn Saw
"What you're seeing is a vortex of energy which is being activated. I keep hearing, 'Sedona' when I look at this. What people are seeing are these vortices of energy being used. You don't often get to see energy being activated on the planet's surface, but here you're witnessing it. There's an energetic grid in the earth at or near this location. Somewhere around this location, there's a mountain range where ETs live in a cave. They come out and energize this portal for transportation."

Image #2: The Circle Over Da-da's House
Backstory: This is a picture taken in front of a house in Northern, CA. What caused that contrail [if it is a contrail] and what were they doing? Messing around? Marking a target?

What Lynn Saw
"The circle is the middle of a 'spiderweb' grid of chemtrails; they're working out how to mark an area and map a grid over the heart of the spraying. Besides the weather manipulation, maintaining artificial droughts, etc., these particulates have been beating down people's immune systems. and lots of people are sick because of it." [Then Lynn mentioned the "earth wobble," which is caused by a large gravitational body that entered our solar system a short while ago, and is disrupting orbits.] "Those in power are aware of the earth wobble, and are using chemtrails and weather manipulation to counteract the unusual weather that would be caused by this wobble." [You can track the earth's wobble on SpaceWeather, by looking at the "Current Auroral Oval" halfway down the page on the left hand side. Look at the auroral outline at the poles, which basically describe the earth's magnetic poles at that moment, and extrapolate a center from it. Do that day after day (Da-da's been doing this for about three months) and you can see how the pole is moving all over the place. When the earth wobbles one way, it's warmer in CA and colder in the UK, and v.v.] "Basically, those in power want the land healthy to keep to be able to grow food. Fukushima also plays into this, as they're trying to figure out a way to counteract any radioactive pollution. The air is being seeded with a number of experimental things. Lots of oddities going on in Northern CA."

Image #3: Undersea Blobs of Light, Pacifica CA
Backstory: This pic was taken in Pacifica, just south of San Francisco, back in 2012. Apparently a Coast Guard vessel arrived, took a look at what was going on — and immediately fled the area at top speed. I’m guessing these are ETs, but what are they doing off the CA coast? Preventing earthquakes?

What Lynn Saw
"I look down in the water and I see these huge beams of light shine out, as if there's a craft under the water emitting this intensely bright light. Looks like ETs are emerging from some structure underwater that resembles a pyramid [!]. Deep down there's a pyramid that they're coming in and out of. I also see what looks like tunnels on the coast of California that go under CA. These ships go into this cave system off the coast of CA. The light coming out of the pyramid is a portal allowing them to go inside CA, into a labyrinth of tunnels. What are they doing? They're monitoring Yellowstone, and figuring out ways to slowly release pressure, as we've been way overdue for a Yellowstone eruption. The ETs are keeping it from happening on a massive extinction scale. [!] They're keeping us safe and the pressure down in Yellowstone. [On behalf of the people of earth, please accept Da-da's gracious thanks, nice ET forces!]

Image #4: Pillars of Light in Japan
Backstory: So, what's really going on in these "pillar of light" pics from Japan, captured by security cameras? Is that an ET going into the ground? An enormous energy discharge?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm hearing, 'Duh, Lady: it's a light beam elevator.' [!] ETs are just transporting matter-of-factly from the ground to their ships. The ETs out there have mastered how to ride and travel on beams of light, using light to manipulate themselves or their ships. You change your physical make-up from being say like a piece of paper being blown by gravity to a screen. This is actually old-school for them. [!] Like us going back to a manual typewriter."

Image #5: The Mysterious Stone Head of Guatemala
Backstory: By request. Who carved this stone head in Guatemala? About what time frame? And who is that supposed to be?

What Lynn Saw
"The statue extends down into the earth, neck and chest as well. There's a cave system beneath this head. There's something significant beneath it, like the "lungs" in the chest are actually caves, a symbol. It was done by a tribe native to Guatemala, but long ago. This statue was of their healer, their medicine man, the most valuable person of the tribe as they both healed and were also the psychics of the tribe. Timeframe? Six to seven thousand years old." [So, someone get digging.]

And that's it. Join us on the Friday after next for episode #5, an all-video..

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quick Look at Weather in New England, USA

Q. Here in New England, we have been getting a record amount of snow, record low temps, even dipping into FL.   They call it the polar vortex. What is this? Is this the wobble, the poles shifting slightly, the new solar system, weather engineering, or a combination? Will this continue to be a pattern into the future?
A.  There are a lot of things I see going on, but the most influential on the weather you are experiencing is due to the earth wobble and the dipping down of the north pole.  I see this in my mind like a top that is spinning and the force of the spin keeps it upright, but as the top slows (or in earth's case it is influenced by a sister solar system that is approaching our solar system) the wobble is more and more erratic and what was once always pointed upwards is taking a wobbling dip.  This creates the sudden change between normal weather, record weather (and my record I mean not even close to any previous records), and the drastic changes can happen with a period of a few days.

Q. Are the poles going to shift?

A.  I don't see a "flip flop" of poles, but I do see a new north being established and being statically set once the sister solar system makes it's pass.  If I look at the United States (for a reference point) I see Maine tilt upward, and California dip down...

Q.  Is this a pattern into the future?

A.  Yes, I see this as a pattern for the next several years (at least 5 to 7).  I get that everyone will continue to see very strange, very erratic weather that is almost unpredictable... 

Q.  Is weather engineering a factor? 

A.  When I focus on weather manipulation, I get an image of this sophisticated equipment being operated by a bunch of kids. These kids are giddy, and realize the power behind these tools, but don't fully understand the tools or how to use them.  Then I hear "they know just enough to be dangerous" and my impression is that there is a factor of weather manipulation being done with the goal being to minimize the effects of the wobble, but because the people using the technology don't fully understand it, and the weather/wobble is unpredictable, they are failing miserably at counteracting it.   They definitely are trying, and have done quite a bit of practice, but look to cause more harm than good (at many people's expense).  

I also get that the financial district and many people in power are very upset with the weather and circumstances of New York. There is a lot of pressure on the "kids behind the tools" to figure this out and get it right..

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moon Waves

Q. Hi Lynn,  There are a group of amateur astronomers that watch the moon closely. So far, 10 have captured film evidence of a "lunar wave", where there is clearly some kind of wave that passes through the surface of the moon several times. Equipment issues have been ruled out (see Crrow777 on YouTube for videos). Can you pick up anything about what might be going on? Thanks!
A.  When I first tuned into this I immediately saw a car driving down the road in the hot sun.  As you look out the window ahead of the car you can see the blurring images associated with the air and the heat- sort of an optical illusion your eye plays on you when you eye actually "sees" the heat waves.  I then related that to how atmospheric properties give you that same waverly illusion when you view the moon at certain times / angles.. BUT something about that as an explanation felt incomplete or even off SO I wanted to think on it a bit more..

As I focused a little more it came to me that the reason it felt off was because it was off- the initial impression is what "they" want us to think in order to rationalize the phenomenon away. Then my mind flipped to the back/far/dark side of the moon, and from there I saw a multitude of ET bases established..  Part of the defense these ETs use at times is a "force shield" that surrounds the moon and prevents other beings from landing or coming within a certain range of their space.  I also get that our own astronauts have seen and experienced this "hostile" type of welcoming first hand, and this was the main reason we weren't able to land on the moon.

Q.  Who are these ETs and how do they interest with Earth?
A.  I don't have a name, but visually they look tall (6 to 7 feet), very pale (almost albino), humanoid beings.  They move around like they are on a mission- establishing a base and mining for something.  It looks like there is something important in the interior of the moon and they are seeking it out (some kind of special metal that is unique to our moon).  Many ETs use earth as their "pit stop" but they look to have no concern with earth.  They have the view that they don't want us interfering with them, and in exchange they will leave us alone.  They look neutral unless provoked (and I get something happened on a space mission that made that very clear??).

And before I veer too much off topic, I will close for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Canadian UFO Crash

Q. Hi Lynn, Do you think you could do a reading on the Canada UFO crash that everyone is buzzing about online?
Video:  Thank you.

A.  When I first tune into this, I get there are ETs in that area of Canada quite often.  There is some kind of energetic pull or attraction to that location (and is also why there is a military base strategically close by- it was intentionally put there to study ET activity). I do get some kind of disconnect though.  I see there being a lot of ET activity, but the still pictures being shown feel off- I get the shape of the ships are more like a "flat saucer" versus a squared off object.  In the video there were UFOs which did feel right and look to be real UFOs, but the landing sight/crash is off to me.  It looks like there was military activity occurring over several days (those pics look right, but what was shown as being a ship was added to some of the pics). I see truth and fiction in this story.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Monday, February 23, 2015

Joseph Stalin

Q. Can you please do a reading about Joseph Stalin, like you did about Hitler, and see what he was actually like? 
I think a reading about Stalin will be just as enlightening as the reading about Hitler. Thank you so much.

A. [As I go into this, much like the Hitler reading, I have to really "shut down" the programming and see what will come forward...]

When I first tune into Stalin, I get an image of him and feel myself staring into his eyes.  Then I hear that not too many people looked him right in the eye, but can't help myself from staring.  Then my perspective changes and see myself looking through his eyes, and taking in the world as he sees it.... 

I go back to being a little kid (though Stalin's perspective).  I see a woman (mother?) who looks to be quiet, loving, but very submissive.  There is a man (dad?) and he is wearing a military uniform.  I am unable to tell if he was in the military or if this is symbolic for his strict nature. I also get the impression that his dad was either physically not there much, or emotionally not there- there is a distance that I often feel and associate with neglect.  His did comes through as a very dominant man.  I hear he "ruled with an iron fist" and was showed his power over the family verbally and physically.  The way to survive was to do what you were told, be seen as little as possible and never heard.

As Stalin grew up he found himself trying to fulfill others expectations (schooling, work) rather than go against the norm (which is what he really wanted to do).  He was conformed as a child to be quiet and suppress his feelings.  Then I see something happening during his late teens / early was like he had enough and snapped.  I see this look in his eyes that looks as if this sudden change was related to violence or a violent act.  He quit caring and there was this veil of fear that he pealed off.  It was a trying economic time and he felt that if a revolution of some kind began he could make things more fair and create a solid economy.  

I see at first him forming a resistance type group that later evolved into a political party.  He showed others his vision of what the possibilities were, and gained a following that drew attention and eventually propelled him to become the leader.  He was well spoken and I get the impression he had support, but also used some manipulation of words as well to get into the leadership role (he knew the right people to lobby to get what he wanted and needed).  

Once in power his words feel like they quit working, and went to the primal tactics he grew up on to motivate people- and those tactics were abusive and nature, and strengthened by fear.  Stalin really did have a vision for Russia, and if people would just do what he demanded, the country would be great- "The world would see" is the phrase I hear.   He had hopes of proving his governmental ideas and expanding because he saw his way as the only real way to govern... 

Instead of being seen as a leader, he was viewed as a commander and demander..  Even people that worked for him had little to no autonomy.  Then I hear that Stalin did give choices- but be clear that there was a right and wrong choice, so consider your options wisely.  

He controlled the government and military.  He wanted for Russia to succeed into a superpower so strongly, and believed so passionately in his way of ruling that he would do what it took to make it happen.  He justified his actions by disassociating himself from them- meaning, if someone was out of line, and they needed to be punished, he didn't see it as having any other choice- he felt he did what had to be done in the name of "saving Mother Russia."  He didn't take the blame and guilt, but rather shifted it on saying it was done for the betterment of Russia's success.  He had no tolerance or weakness or unaccountability, and people were held to the highest standards.  Anything less, and they were made an example of...

Q. Was he guilty of war crimes?  
A. I get yes, and he didn't care.  He was doing what he felt needed to be done.  I also get he didn't use the word "wanted or liked" but rather needed- everything was matter of fact and void of wish washy language.  He wasn't driven by the humanistic side of his being, but rather the goal-oriented, primal directive.

I also see that he did horrific things to people, but in every instance he shifted the guilt onto something or someone else.  There feels like such a contradiction with him because he was against hearing excuses from others, but always had a justification for his actions in his own mind.  

Q.  What did he feel about WW2 and the allies he had to make?
A.  I see he did what was necessary to stop Germany.  Germany was the biggest threat of everyone.  He felt confident that if he had them out of the way, Russia would be able to expand.  He didn't see the US, Britain or any other country as strong enough to stop him.  He really had very little respect (and no fear) for anyone outside of Russia.. His goal was to stop Germany (or make them weak) and slowly take over areas within Europe to expand.

Q.  How did he see himself?
A. He viewed himself as a great leader.  In his mind he accomplished a lot, and set up a good template for how to run things.  There was still a lot to do to get people to fall in line (and keep them submissive- outspoken people annoyed him!), but he felt confident that his vision could be realized.

And that is all I have for this reading... I realize there is SO much more, but I am closing this portion for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, February 20, 2015

Reptilians in Plain Sight

Q. Do some reptilian people live everyday normal lives or do they tend to only exist in power hungry positions? I just ask as I've come across people who I swear are reptilian but don't live extraordinary kinds of lives nor in positions of power. 
A. Reptilians can exist in all forms, but the ones we notice are the ones in the higher positions because they have more influence, are in the public eye more, and are more easily recognized by higher vibrational beings.  The more aggressive Reptilians naturally gravitate toward the higher level jobs (resource permitting), because part of their nature is to be power hungry- they like having control of others- it somehow makes them feel complete.  The issue they have is even after acquiring power, gaining power to them is like pouring water in an empty bucket- they are always wanting and seeking more because they never feel as if they have enough.  

The reptiles that haven't been able to use resources and move up tend to push their influence in other ways- they have a bullying and entitled personality.  Depending on how much this "reptilian brain" has been activated it could show in mild or drastic forms.  They use what skills they have to get ahead by dominating with lying, cheating and stealing.  Then I get an image of someone walking into Walmart with a used vacuum- they walk to the return desk and demand a full return for their used, broken vacuum.  The person was loud, intimidating and really exerted power over the employee (in my image the employee was almost in tears).  The employee (out of intimidation) ended up managing a return for a vacuum they didn't even have in their inventory, giving the person a full refund to get them out of the store.  I get this type of thing happens all the time, it just isn't always in plain sight.

Q. Also the ones who are considered reptilian, are they truly reptilian in terms of DNA or are they just normal humans who have the reptilian part of the brain switched on more so than others?
A. There are both types of Reptilians out there.  I see the ones that evolve into higher positions are related to the Reptilian race through DNA.  The bloodlines stay more pure, and they money tends to follow the bloodlines to ensure their power (through financial influence).  I get images of the highest political offices and the monarchy when I tune into these beings.

People that have the Reptilian brain semi-activated are acting like Reptilians and serving the reptilian agenda through a more subconscious process.  The portion of the brain is stimulated, and the person has control (even though it can be difficult) to stop the activation once they become aware of what is happening and the thoughts they are having are not their own.  When people are used for the agenda (celebrities, some patsies, etc) it is commonly done in this way- the "true" Reptilian uses mind control to turn on the Reptilian brain in the subject they are wanting to manipulate.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Remember to focus on high vibrations (love is the highest) to guard and protect yourself from these lower level beings.  Don't have fear, but rather believe in yourself.  When you combine your body, mind and soul you become a very powerful being! Love and light-

[As a side a side note:  I had someone send me the following diagram  I cannot confirm that it represents absolute accuracy, but many parts of this resonated as truthful to me.  I was given permission to share it and I thought many of you would find this interesting.]

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dirty (Curse) Words and Your Vibration

Q. Does cursing dirty words lower your vibration? Is it negative energy?
A. As I put this question out there the first thing I get is that language is a way to be expressive and to communicate with others.  It is used to convey information, thoughts, feelings and ideas.  The "Universe" doesn't see a word as being good, bad or even defined as a "curse" word- Those are terms we apply to different words.  In fact there are good words that can be used in very negative ways- It is the intent and energy you put behind that word that determines if it is of a lower vibration.  For example, you can say "dam or damn" -different meaning, different intent and different energy tied to it.  Some people even use the slang of a "curse" word such as dang- and depending on the energy and intent, could have just as low of a vibration as the word it is tied too.  There are even words that are considered curse words in some countries that are acceptable in others.

It is coming to me that people can even say things to each other that aren't curse words, but they are equally as negative.  This can be in the form of name calling or belittling others. This act creates a very low vibration and works against the greater good. I am then being shown a rude person yelling "move!" to someone in their way- not a curse word, but still extremely low vibrational energy is expressed.

In closing, using what we term as a "curse word" itself doesn't lower vibration- it is the meaning and intent you carry behind the word.  If you mean ill will, are expressing anger or intending to cause harm, (putting negative energy with it) then the word is tied to lower vibrations.  Choosing to use or not use a "curse word" is a personal choice based on how certain words make you feel, how you want to express yourself or how you want others to perceive you, but the "Universe" doesn't care what words you use-The thing the "universe" cares about is your intent and how you use them.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Q and A XLVI: Mysterious Deaths 4 [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn. I would like to ask you about the recent death of a D.A. in my country, Argentina, who was accusing our president (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) and a few more politicians in her wing of letting the Iranian government escape from justice in relation to a bombing we had in a jewish building in the 90's (a very dirty matter that apparently was finally coming to light).

In the accusation, there's plenty of evidence regarding our president about making a deal with the Iranians to let the case go in exchange of an economic deal. The day before the DA (Alberto Nisman) was to present the evidence in the congress, he was found dead in an apparent suicide in his bathroom with a shot in the head. There were TWO ambulances prevented from entering the scene. Our secretary of national security (Sergio Berni) who was first in the scene, says he was in the apartment but didn't enter the bathroom out of precaution, to not mess with the crime scene, though he says he didn't even know at the time if the guy was dead or not (and he is a doctor!).  As you can see, it is all too suspicious (there's even more mafia like details but I would have to write for hours) and the whole country is frantic about this. 

Can you see what really happened to Mr. Nisman? Are we ever going to know the truth about his death? Will our president ever have to face the justice about this?
A.  I see that the government which felt good in its' infancy (like it was genuinely created to help organize and protect the people) is becoming more an more corrupt.  It also visually looks like there is a darker group centered at the core (like a gang or mafia), and the arms that branch out from this core look like they have good intentions, but the dark core in the middle is slowly infecting these branches through fear and bullying tactics.  

I also get the impression that Argentina got into a deal with Iran, it was much more than Argentina could handle.  What started out as small negotiations in exchange for protection and alliances, (I get there is a drug ring tied into this too???) turned into much larger demands.  Argentina got in way over their head.  I also see the Iranians penetrated the Argentinian government and it is so saturated with both people and connections, that it is hard to reverse.

This death will be covered up.  There will be speculation and debate, but no confirming answers shedding truth on this will be released.  I also get the impression that as things progress (I see more to happen in getting the government aligned with the true agendas), you will see more and more mysterious deaths.  I also get that at some point soon it will be "illegal" to discuss, post or question the government activity.  It feels like a tactic used to stall people while they get their inner core insulated.

Q.Two days ago in Argentina, the burnt body of a woman appeared near the building a DA was killed. Now there's a journalist saying 'unofficially' this woman was murdered along with the DA back in January, and her body was dropped and burned now.  He's talking about an illegal agreement with Iran and the involvement of Venezuela is these murders. Today a witness came out to he media saying she was afraid, and telling about a lot of irregularities in the crime scene.  The country is paralyzed by this.
A.  I get that the local governments are being bullied by Iran, and anyone blocking this powerful agenda that is trying to grab ahold is being eliminated.  Soon people will be too scared to speak out, which is exactly what the Iranians want (and local governments don't want trouble or retaliation).  I get the local governments are too scared and intimidated to stand up at this time, so they feel their only option is to go along with "whatever happens."

The next question I pose is How to overcome this?  What can the people do? It is coming to me that the only way to escape this is for the people to band together.  The government can "pluck out" a few that go against the plan, but on a massive scale they can't overcome it.  United efforts (even if it is the demanding of truth which forces accountability) is the answer.

Q. Dear Lynn, Bill O'Reilly recently published a book called "Killing Patton." There have been theories over the years that General Patton was assassinated by either the soviets or even some elements within the U.S. government. Can you see any truth to this, or was his death the result of a simple car accident?
A. I do get Patton was killed.  At the end of the war I get there were "truths, and versions of the truth (which in theory are lies)."  Patton refused to go with the norm (Germany is bad, Hitler is evil, we must stop them all).  He spoke out against the "versions of truth" which very unpopular opinions during that time when history was literally being rewrote.  The Powers that Be took him out due to the level of respect many had for him, and also credibility he held (they were scared people would listen and question).  This part of the reading is also taking me back to a previous reading I did regarding Hitler (this keeps coming up over and over as if something won't let it drop in my mind!!).  I get that Patton held many similar views as what was described to me in that previous reading, and expressing those views led to his death.  

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Q. Hi Lynn, I was recently shown this article that gave some rather compelling evidence that Tupac faked his own death and is still alive. Do you see any truth in this? Did he really fake his death? If not, why is there so much questionable evidence? Is he still alive? If so, who knows that he is? The article suggested that he would reappear sometime in 2014. Do you see this happening? Do you see any other celebrities who faked their death? Would it be them who faked their death or someone else who wanted to, (such as government, etc) ? Thank you!!!
A. The first thing I get is that it isn't uncommon for a celebrity to fake their own death.  It can be for a variety of reasons from avoiding the law for an illegal act, or knowing they are on some big radars due to their personal outspokenness.  I get that being in the public eye can be like being in a gang, and you are either with them (The Powers that Be) or against them.  And, if you area against them you better be cautious....

I see Tupac was definitely his own person, and viewed himself as  "free agent"  He didn't walk around in fear, and did what he wanted.  When he realized he was in trouble, he planned his escape, and "left."  I get he isn't in the country and doesn't want found...I hear he is taking a sabbatical (??) with no plan to return soon.  At this time I don't want to push the topic as it feels invading (and somewhat detrimental) in his personal space.

Q. Hi again, thanks so much for your continued work, it is invaluable for so many people.  Could you shed some light on how David John Eason died, he went missing in 2001, and his body was found two years later. Numerous searches failed to find his body, despite the fact his skull was found just yards from a path on Fraser Island where he vanished. What exactly happened to him?
A. I do see this was a accident.  I get a visual of him in a desert looking area- I see dirt, sand, dryness and heat.  I get that he was either lost and then got injured, or he was injured in an area in which he felt lost (it was unfamiliar which made it feel more complicated).  I get the died of dehydration and internal injuries.  The reason there were so many questions regarding the location of the skull were due to animals finding his body... (I am stopping my images there...)..

Q. The CEO of French oil company Total was killed in a freak accident at a Moscow airport after making comments in public that there was no need to trade oil in US dollars any longer. His death: accident or assassination?
Here's a link to the Reuters article on his death:
A.  I get as soon as someone talks about oil, the dollar or gold, people perk up and start to pay attention.  The US does not want to lose control of their purchasing power of oil.  Right now many talks are going on all over the world concerning trading oil in gold versus the dollar.  I am left with the phrase that "The US will do whatever it needs to do to maintain control."

And that is all I have for this reading.  I have several more questions regarding this topic, so if I didn't answer yours now, I have it saved for a future reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cat's Eye on the Future Interview

Melodi, Thanks again for having me on your show! We covered a lot of topics (some pretty heavy and intense) which was great.  I had a really good time! Love and light-Lynn


Hemp Oil and Cancer

Q. Can hemp oil cure cancer?  I'm asking the hemp oil question for a dear and amazing friend with stage 4 cancer of esophagus that has spread. Second, are there any meaningful side effects from hemp oil? If you could post a reply to these questions soon, it would be great. Love your blog- thanks!
A.  The effectiveness of the hemp oil depends on the cancer and the person using it (their chemistry and more important their mind and how they view their level of health).  I see hemp oil working similar to a fish oil in reducing inflammation- it looks to be a natural cortisone (or have similar effects as a cortisone).  This oil looks to be a ramped up version of a fish oil (similar properties but more intense results).  

Regarding cancer, it looks to help "clean" the blood and help to eliminate free radicals and toxins.  It looks like the hemp oil gets into the blood stream and as it floats it has a lubricating effects on the walls of the arteries, and yet works like a magnet collecting the "junk" in the system to later be excreted.  I also get not to feel alarmed if your urine has a "foul" smell while the purging of this toxins is occurring as it is your body's way of naturally getting it out of your system.  

I get this oil can be taken by drinking it directly (using a spoon) or it can be taken in a capsule (as long as the capsule is filled with liquid oil and not a solid version of the oil- I get that a solid is not it's pure state).  

Q. What are the side effects of this oil?
A. The first thing I get is that it is like a super protein.  I see it effecting hair, skin and nails in a positive way.  I also see this working to aid and help with hormone imbalances that effect mood and sleep (insomnia)- it looks to be a natural way to balance the body.

Q. What other things can be combined with the oil to promote the effectiveness?A. I am first taken back to a reading on dandelions- they were being eaten (the flower tops and the leafy greens).  The vitamins and nutrients within the dandelions looks to promote health and also create a balance in the body (regarding Ph) that makes it more difficult for cancer (or foreign) cells to grow.

I also get that drinking apple cider vinegar can be very beneficial.  The goal is to force your body into more of an alkaline state.  Cancer thrives in acid, and if you reduce the acid- it can't multiply. A spoonful once (or ideally twice) daily diluted in 3 or 4 ounces of water looks to be very beneficial.  As I type this I see the person taking a spoonful of honey after they drink the apple cider vinegar (?) then I hear "a spoonful of honey helps the medicine go down." (??)  I am unclear if it is a taste or health benefit, but the image feels like it completes the message on how to maximize the effect of the vinegar.. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

All About the Face..

Q. Hi Lynn, In Chinese physiognomy they study faces.  Is our physical look affected by our energy / vibration? (For example, some people have frizzy hair while another may have straight hair, or someone can have a round face versus someone with a square face).
A. I do see that a persons energy can effect our facial features, but I don't see the energy creating brown vs blue eyes, or round versus square face, but rather the symmetry of features (where is the nose in relation to the mouth, spacing of eyes, what horizontal plane to the eyes reside in relation to the ears, etc).  It is the feature itself that tells a story, but rather how the features are positioned in relation to each other.

Q. Can these physical traits be altered somewhat? If yes, how? Thanks
A.  I see that it is rare, but a person (by changing vibrations) can have subtle alterations to the positioning of physical traits on their face.  I get an image of someone being studied.  The person then leaves to go on a spiritual retreat (this is the image my mind is showing me) for a few weeks, and when they meet again and are studied.  The eyes are the same, the shape of the mouth is the same, but yet something is off- At a closer look the positioning of the eyes (the space between them narrowed) is off, and even the slightest variation can make a person seem and feel very different.  Then it comes to me that the position of the eyes (not the eyes themselves) are the "key to the puzzle."

Q. Do people with similar spiritual vibrational level have similar faces eg. certain skull shapes or facial angle etc
A.  I get it isn't about the face as much as it is about the eyes.  There is some significance to the position of the eye and also the iris print (??).  It is coming to me that every print is unique, but there is some kind of common factor.  I see someone reading an iris print much like the circular astrology chart.. It looks like the dots or imperfections within the iris (??) are being analyzed and read.  I don't see exactly how this is done, but there looks to be some significant studies and people are working on perfecting this...?

Q.. How do we determine whether someone is spiritually advanced or spiritually low just by looking at their face?
A. You have to look into their eyes.  Unless you have studied "eye prints" it is hard to determine, but more than anything you can "feel" it.  Your subconscious will know, you just need to listen to it.

Q.  Do our faces change drastically or remain almost the same from our immediate past life?
A.  Faces change drastically from incarnation to incarnation.  You may be caucasian, indian, asian or even an animal.  There is no "same face" that carries with you.  What I get does remain the same is your iris print.  Regardless of the being, you will have the same iris print (I am referring to the imperfections or markings NOT the color or shape of the eye itself).  

I am left with hearing the phrase that "the eyes truly are the windows to the soul."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-