Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cellular Memories / Organ Transplant

Q. Hi Lynn. I'm very interested in your thoughts on people who have had an organ transplant and taken on memories or characteristics from the donor. Is this called cellular memories and can cellular memories also relate to a past life?
A. The first image I have is seeing someone having an operation (looks to be a teenage boy), and during the operation this boy is receiving a heart from a teenage girl that died in a car accident.  As soon as the heart is positioned, and it begins to pump this boy has a flash in his mind to see the car accident happening as if he were the one sitting in the car.

I go back now to determine how this is happening... I get an image of someone doing psychometry in order to do a psychic reading.  The residual energy or vibration of the owner of the object being used is transferred or interpreted by the person doing the reading.  [Basically you hold something that belongs to someone else, and the "vibrations" tied to it allow the reader to get insight into the other person's life.] I see this works in a similar way.  A person's organs (at the cellular level) contain residual amounts of the originals persons energy (thoughts and memories are all forms of energy).  I somehow want to use the word "essence" as if the organ of the donor soaks up some of the donors essence before it is transferred.???  When that organ is placed into another person, and that person is sensitive (especially intuitive or empath ability), many times they will get flashes of the donors experiences- it will be random and can be often or rare depending on the intensity.

I also see situations where the donor is very energetically strong (maybe highly spiritual or even stayed to serve as a guide the the person inheriting the organ) and the donee takes on a physical change (the examples I am shown are someone that changes their accent or changes their eyes to match the donor).  It looks like they have two energy fields (or even auras) surrounding them in unison.  I don't see it as harmful, in fact it feels comforting or protective- Like the donor is protecting the donee and the organs that were shared.

Regarding a past life... I see the residual energy in the organ can relate to a past, present or future timeline or events.  Within our subconscious we know all of this information- and so does our physical body.  We just don't always recognize and interpret it (it is like learning how to fine tune a radio frequency).  The information is still there, we just haven't put it into terms we understand.  If the person receiving the organ knows how to "fine tune the radio channel" to receive the information, they are able to tap into what that "energy of the organ" is telling them.

And that is all I see on this at this time.  Thank you.


Baku Matsumoto said...
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Watchand Knock said...

Universities, specially medical schools, frequently receive corpses of unidentified persons who passed away to serve science/anatomy studies. When students work on them,how should they protect themselves in order not to get haunted by an angry soul who inhabited one of these bodies? (I'm not joking! :( ). Another question, if I'm allowed: I once saw a channeller who had incorporated a healing spirit say to a patient: "You apparently got shot many times in the past" (actually the shooting wounds had already healed at that time). How can these shots affect a person's aura? Thank You!

Chatty Cathy said...

Since the human body is an electrical system, perhaps the donated organs only vibrate when they are placed into another live, electrically charged body, thus making medical organs harmless for research purposes.

The Boookworm said...

On the topic of past lives, I went through a meditation to search my past life only to have been blocked. I talked about this with a friend of mine and she tried to find answers for me, but couldn't get anything.

I want to know is why do I have the feeling that someone is blocking these memories from me?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@WatchandKnock: You should be very respectful of the body you are using- grateful and appreciative to have the honor to use it. Also remember, it isn't the body the will haunt you, but rather the spirit (if it is hanging around) that will- our body is just a vehicle to borrow while we are alive. You may get some memory by touching an organ, but the real connection is keeping the organ alive and being at one with it.

The shots only effect the auro until the chakras opened during the trauma are effected. Once you are balanced and centered, things begin to go back to normal.

@ChattyCathy: What you say resonates with me. I still see ultimate respect needs to occur when dealing with this (for the purpose of the spirit that may not have left yet).

@Boookworn: Sometimes we are blocked because either we cannot handle the trauma of the life, OR this life path is our lesson to learn and aid from the past won't be given- we have to seek our own current answers. If it is because of the later, once you reach a certain amount of spiritual evolution, the past may very well open up like a book.