Monday, October 13, 2014

Q & A XXXVIII Real or Not Real cont... [Group Post]

Q. Does the Jersey Devil really exist? If so where did it come from?
A. I do get there is an energetic force there, but there is a strange dynamic.  It is like I can see it, but it cannot see me.  I get that the dimension in which it exists allows it to see things much different than our experience that we see things here on earth.  I get it lives in its own "world," even travels between the layers of earth, but doesn't realize it is doing so.  It then came to me that it is a lower level being and cannot see us because our vibrations are too high (but we can see it).

It came from (or is created) because there is something incomplete about it and cannot evolve to our vibration (it is centered around the soul and brain connection).  It feels old (ancient even) because it is caught in this loop of existence.  It cannot ascend (and I see it as hundreds or more years old- as if it doesn't die).  There is a lot of anger and negativity tied to it out of frustration for its' state of existence.

Q. What the hell is this is it real or fake?

A.  Even though entities that looks like fairies, gremlins, etc exist... I don't get this was an authentic video.  This has an artificial feel to it.  When I visualize the "real" energies comparable to this, I see something more transparent- they look real, but there is some kind of outline they carry as if you "see" the energy surrounding them.  I didn't get that same connection to this video.

Q. I was wondering about your thoughts on April Crawford.

A.  I get a very genuine feel to her.  When I focus on her name I see white and yellow light- feels warm and pure.  I get she has worked hard to understand herself (was a big struggle and source of insecurity for a while), and find a way to help others.  She holds "good" energy.

Q. Did a monk at the Vatican really create what they called a, "Chronovisor" that could visit and photograph any event in the past or future for any person?  The device was allegedly destroyed prior to the monk's death. Does another Chronovisor exist, and if so where and who has one?

A. I do get this chronovisor has some legitimacy to it- it has a very primitive feel to what could have evolved into something very great had it not have been destroyed (or rather stolen).  In my mind this tool could tap into a time period based on intent (with some science behind it to intensify it) and pick up an the energy (vibration, frequency, etc) of that time.  From that, it could be determined what was happening (war, famine, greatness, peace, etc).  I don't see a picture (like a photograph) was generated, but there was a good indication for what type of events were occurring during the designated time.

I also get this machine was not destroyed, but rather taken to be studied.  I get some kind of underground government organization took it, trying to understand it and also reverse engineer it.  I see a small group of scientists in a building trying to understand it, but can't seem to figure it out- they are still to this day trying to figure it out, and I get they are intentionally being blocked from the knowledge this device is able to provide.  There is science behind it, but also some sort of connectedness to the consciousness, and that is what is being blocked.. 

Who is blocking it or protecting this information?  I can't see a face, but feel and extreme intensity (or power) o it.  Then I get the phrase that it is "for our greater good, and my greater good to not know".???

Q. Hello Lynn, one more question.... The Integratron was a healing device that was being built in California in the 1950's and the 1960's by George Adamski. He said that he was getting instructions from 'space people' on how to build it. It was the size of a small home and the roof of the structure rose up a slight bit, rotated and healed anyone who was in the structure. He died before it was finished. Was the story valid or was it the concocted idea of a man that wanted attention?  Can it still be built ?

A. I get that to most people George Adamski appeared to be unbalanced (mentally).  In his mind he had very real communications with space, and translating his overwhelming messages to a physical structure  The thoughts were that this structure would allow the universal energies to connect and help people directly. I hear a message that it is like "reiki times a thousand". You were aligning the body, mind, soul and energy from the sun, moon and stars (exact constellations) in a specific way to allow for natural healing.

Through deep meditations (even by several people) if a connection is made, I see that all things are possible. I also get that it not only takes a spiritual person to connect, but the "source" on the other end needs to trust the person.  Several hundred people may try to connect, but only one or two are able to understand the privileged information.  It is like that person is "chosen" in a sense.

Q. Are there real trolls in Norway like the movie Trollhunter suggests?

A.  I do not see them (trolls) sharing our same frequency, but entities that look like trolls do exist.  I see them more like different versions of gremlins, and they are not unique to just Norway.  I do get there is some kind of portal there (I hear the word grid line) that allow these lower energy being to come and go, so the experience of their existence is much higher there.  Humans can see there frequency at times (just like paranormal experiences) and have documented their findings.

Q. Can you comment on strangelet bombs? Are they trying to destroy the whole planet?

A.  People (I see US military) are playing with the idea of strangelet bombs, but I don't see a plan of implementation.  I get they haven't developed enough to do it even if they wanted.  I get they lack stability and feel very volatile.  Then I hear the phrase that "even the people studying this technology are scared by it."  I cannot see this plan ever coming to full development, but will be studied for a long time.

Q. Hi, Lynn. What's the source of this huge glowing orb that appeared in a street? Not seen one like this before!
A.  When I tuned into this, I got that the orb wasn't there, but rather being projected there (like it was on a screen).  I felt like I couldn't touch the energy, but rather felt it was being shown to me.  The focus was on the orb, but the real question was what was happening in the sky at that time (where I feel the source of the orb was coming from). It was like this powerhouse or massive energy was in the sky, and  small piece of it was on the ground.  

Why, what purpose?  I get it was some kind of a message. They were trying to tell or share a story- give some kind of information. It looks like some kind of sign or message about the moon (I see the a image of the moon, and it looks like someone is trying to flip it like a flat coin)??  I can't get clarity- but it is tied to the moon (I may need to update this later as more comes to me).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.


Craig said...

Hi, Andrew Basiago talked about this Chronovisor. Evidently you could see these images on a TV that was hooked up to become a monitor (this was before computers). You could even make it so you could take a picture of the image, although it was only black and white.

He said that although this was fascinating, being able to see past and future, it was unreliable, as it picked up on different potential timelines every time you used it.

One of the failed timelines portrayed Wash DC as under stagnant water in 2013. Obviously that did not happen...yet. Very interesting stuff

Marina said...

Hi Lynn, may I ask if the weird forms which appear below the (dryed) salt lake of Salar del Uyuni ( 12, 000 Ft. above sea level in Bolivia) are former cities ( If yes, when where they built and who did it? What was the climate at that time, or did the area at that time lay at a lower altitude. Are the overlying salt deposits somehow related to episodic volcanic activity (SA's supervolcano, the now dormant Uturuncu lies 100 miles away)?

KC said...

Regarding the stranglet bombs - On internet source (Cobra) is saying that negative aliens in conjunction with the cabal have actual stranglet bombs and are threatening to set one off if the positive aliens land and put things right. They claim these stranglet bombs are places around the world mainly in military bases. Cobra says we are in a standoff until the positive aliens figure out a way to disarm them. Can you see any of this actually happening?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Craig: Thanks for sharing!

@Marina: I do get they are former cities... Then I get there was a shift (like a huge earthquake) that flooded this area... I would have to really tune in to get more specifics, but very interesting!

@KC: I see the threat as very real, but I don't see it ever being implemented.

Marina said...

Thank you Lynn! :)

Marina said...

f I´m allowed to ask another question, in April 19, 2010 the polish president Lech KaczyƄski (and a large comitive including his wife Maria) died in an aircraft crash next to the Russian town of Smolensk. He was scheduled to meet Putin the same day. Many uncleared circumstances after the crash led to the theory that the accident happened intentionally because the Polish leader was not aligned with Putin`s policy. What do you get? Thanks!

Ryno said...

It may be better to be answered at a another time but how real is this post and content (the 4 reasons) from Nana Kwami's Facebook page and reposted on Jim Stone's page, "Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross?"


2SpiritAngel said...

Hi Lynn - just wanted to hear your opinion on Teal Swan, also known as 'The Spiritual Catalyst'. What kind of feeling do you get from her? Is she connected to higher realms?
Here is a link to her YouTube page:

Alpha Equinox said...

@Ryno: "Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross?"

I posted a question similar to this in the focus requests area asking if all of the Ebola outbreaks that seem to be happening in the US are real cases or fabricated as a way to get people to want a vaccine which would in-turn make them sick.

The fact that Lynn has mentioned a vaccine that will cause problems instead of treat them and that I felt like that was the case enough to ask about it, and now you're asking about it because someone else said it, really makes it seem likely to me.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Marina: I hear that this type of behavior (accidents that aren’t “accidents”) happen all the time. I do see that he was a victim to this.

@Ryno and Alpha X: I plan to do a reading on this either today or tomorrow.

@SpiritAngel: I actually get a conflicted feeling with her. I see she has gifts and abilities, but the way she shares them doesn’t feel like it is a good fit for her.. ??

siketa said...

Lynn, when is first official/public contact with alien race going to happen?

Marina said...

Thank you Lynn! Returning to the ancient city burried beneath salt deposits in Bolivia´s Altiplano: Salt deposits are typical for "Dead Sea" type dried out waterbodies. Or as it is happening right now in the Horn of Africa related to depostis resulting from salty geysers and brines related to a volcanic area ( Though it is possible that both salt deposit types processes coexisted in the area of the burried city, the pure evaporation model demands much more time and therefore would make this small urban area much older than neighbouring Thihuanaco Culture area (which accordng to some researchers is +/- 10k years old). Thanks again.

Marina said...

Lynn plz forgive me for my never ending questions: Giants which inhabitated parts of the Andes, (and whose remains may still be preserved in the flooded village below the Salar del Yuni) allegedly still live in remote mountainous areas of one (or more) island of the Solomon Archipel, N of Australia. Is this true, and are some of them as telephatic as the big-foots are and did giant/human crossbreeds exist? Thank you! (

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: I see these contacts have seen going on for a long time, but "publically" is a ways into the future. I see it being closer to 20-30 years before it is public.

@Marina: Giants did exist, and Bigfoot did and still does exist. I don't see them cross breeding though- they look very separate in my mind.

Marina said...

Thank You Lynn! Just (stubbornly)reproducing an intriguing (fairy?)episode from a 1998 mining enterprise on Guadalcanal Island (Solomon I.) where a really heavy metal piece disappeared overnight and was found later far away up the hill (large footprints): " In 1998, at “the Gold Ridge”, central north Guadalcanal where the mine was being built, they got going with their bigger type of mining bulldozers pushing in roads and clearing the mine area. The mine borders the Giant’s territory, and it would appear that the Giants are quite territorial. On one particular occasion, one of these huge bulldozers broke down with one of the pins on the blade attachment rendering useless. As it was late in the afternoon, they decided to drop the blade there and take the bulldozer back to the workshop to do the repairs overnight to continue on the next day. When they returned the next morning, the blade had disappeared. All the boys became confused. How could such a heavy object vanish? Mind you, we’re talking about ten tons plus. So they started scouting around in the bush looking for it and happened to notice giant footprints around 3-foot in length close bye where the blade had been left. Finally, some 100 odd meters away on a small nearby hill, one of the boys called out, “Here it is!” From further footprint investigation, they deduced that the Giants had not carried it there, but had thrown it, or it got there some other way." Muchas Gracias!

2SpiritAngel said...

Hi Lynn

Thanks so much for your time :-)

Just to follow up on what you picked up on off Teal Swan - what is it about the way she shares her message that you feel is off? Is it too "out-of-alignment" so to speak, in that she is trying to communicate it too assertively rather than let in come forth in a more non-resistant way?

And also, do you think she will be a powerful force in the upcoming spiritual revolution taking place? Will she be a major player in the spiritual field?