Friday, August 29, 2014

Cassiopaean Experiment

Q. Can you look at the Cassiopaean Experiment and give me your thoughts?  Information on this can be found at:
A.  [I read though the first page of this website to get a good connection to the content, but I didn't dig further as I wanted to try to keep my impressions raw]  As I connected to this, I felt SO much truth into what Laura (the channeler) was describing as her experience and philosophy.  I see time as a circular reference, and layers of time overlap.  The past, present and future are all coinciding, which allows (within reason) many future events to be seen in our current time (they have already or are about to happen, depending on what timeline you are viewing).  I see Laura as very gifted in a direct, no nonsense way, and able to filter out through her channeling what is truthful and plausible.

I also get some kind of mathematical algorithm come into mind, as if she is able to take her information and apply some kind of set of principles to it which allows for truthful, real, information to "pass" a test.

Q. Who is she connected to, or who is she channeling?
A.  I get she is connected to her higher self, and channeling her own future self.  I get a conflict with this because I see her present self as an energy bubble, and what she is connected to is its' own energy bubble, and yet there is an intense connection spiritually between the both.  I get her future self is trying to warn her of events, and explain things that she finds perplexing.

I feel like there is so much more to this reading, but I was stopped (for some reason, like an energetic block or some kind of protective block) at that point.  I welcome questions, and will monitor the thread.

Thank you. Narrated reading on YouTube.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Q & A XXXIV: Random Questions (Group Post)

The following questions are a compilation of questions sent to me.  I combined these into a larger group reading...

Q. Do you see Muslims taking over Europe and Europe becoming a Muslim continent in the future?

A.  With the growth of ISIS, and their slow, but steady momentum, I do see some of the eastern countries in Europe being effected and Muslim populations growing.  Some muslims go to Europe not out of taking over (I don't see a big ISIS occupation), but out of retreat from the war and fighting.  I see this happening now, and continuing to happen.  Even when things appear to be calmer (I see this ISIS situation being a threat for the next couple of years before it is controlled), there is little trust that things will really be calm, and I see people fleeing.  

Q. What do you see about Noah and the Great Flood? Is it a metaphor for something?
A. I don't see this as a metaphor, but as something that really happened. I see that something (like a comet) came into earth's field, altered the tilt/wobble of earth on its' axis, and the result was an enormous flooding in conjunction with tides being affected (much like how the moon pulls on the water, but much more intense).  What we know as the equator wasn't always the equator.  When true north was adjusted, the oceans shifted to compensate.  When things leveled out (which took a short time) some areas (new lands) were exposed and others remained flooded (then I hear of Atlantis).

Q. What do you see being the end result of globalization or does globalization basically goes on forever?

A.  I see some form of globalization going on forever.  We depend on globalization in so many aspects of our life from food, products and resources.. I see individuals slowly breaking away and becoming more self reliant, but at a national level, there is too much dependence.

Q. Do you see a conspiracy in United States to reduce psychic powers in people?
A.  I see a huge rise of people opening up, becoming more spiritual and awaking abilities.  People want change, and realize change starts with them and how they look at the world. The government dislikes this because self empowered people are much harder to control and are able to see through the media tactics and stories.  They do what they can to keep people "asleep" (and more toxic) by putting fluoride in our water (this is HUGE) in order to make you more passive, making unhealthy food cheaper, allow medicines (and other things like sweeteners) here that are banned in other countries (and prohibiting medicines other countries have that promote healing).  They can't prevent psychic abilities from forming, but they can make them cloudy and slow them down so people aren't able to think as clearly.

I also see that there are people out there that have a sole job to spread disinformation and label people with psychic abilities (or original thoughts that go against the norm) as "crazy."  Then I hear that "the real truths are out there in plain sight, you just have to look with your eyes".

Q. What do you see in the future (about 50 years) for Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas?

A. I see this area as being geographically very different and people moving away from those areas.  The first thing I saw was rain, wetness and land that looked like a marsh (not everywhere, but a lot of it).  Then my mind zoomed out on a map, and I saw what looked like sink holes erupt randomly, and as the earth itself dropped inward, it immediately filled with water.  Many new lakes and ponds form almost overnight.  I feel like the signs of this are happening now in that (or close to) area, and it will continue to get worse.  

Q. Do you feel we will have any changes politically, socially, or economically with Obamacare (ACA)? 

A. I see the biggest thing going on first will be the battle we have amongst ourselves determining who is wrong with Obamacare and who is right, rather than take what we have and improving upon it.  We go against each other for a long while (at least anther year) and I still see people in politics that don't fully accept ACA.  I see that ACA mainly effects the lower class (and some of the lower middle class) and serves as a way to replace some of the social programs we have now.  The BIG DIFFERENCE I see is that we this new program they will be able to acquire a lot of personal data regarding the health and habits of individuals and begin compiling data bases (that they have yet to determine how will be used).  I get when you go to the doctor some of the "standard" questions will change and when you are asked by the doctor or nurse you will have the conscious thought of "What does that (marital status, occupation, etc) have to do with my health?"

Q. While we are on a political discussion, what are your feeling about the election in 2016?
A.  There will be a new spin on this.  I get the republicans are frantic to get a really great (and appealing) candidate out there.  I see that something untraditional will happen to appeal to the people.  Typically republicans are older, caucasian men, and I look for something totally different.  I also get that they will try to really appeal toward the Mexican / Latino voters (because they feel the current supporters are a given so they are trying to reign in more votes.)

I see the democrats also going non-traditional.  I look for them to get some feminine energy on the ballot.  I immediately see Hillary Clinton (but that could be symbolic of a woman in general??).

Q. I have a question about Karma. "The experience of a "Karmic Relationship" is never supposed to be a lasting one-unless you enjoy arguments,unhappiness and resentments in your daily life. If you do not choose to embrace your happiness, and find out where you wish to be in life, then you will remain in these type of relationships-or keep attracting them."
From What I know about Karma. It is something that you must pay back. Kind of like the balance or Yin & Yang you mentioned in a previous post. My question is: If I am the person being hurt in a relationship (Constantly being cheated on, lied to, physically abused), does that mean I am paying back karma for something I did to this person in a past life or current life?
A.  In a past life you could have either wronged the person you are choosing to be with, or you could have been the one in a relationship (with someone else) causing the hurt- there is no exact science.  Once you see (the pain and experience), feel and realize this is not the life you want, it is like your lesson is learned- you have come to that understanding in your mind.  You have the power to break free of the cycle (and watch for this cycle to appear in a future relationship as well- it will sneak up on you like a test), you just have to chose not to be or live in it. 

And that is all I have for this session.  Thank you.  Link to narrated version on YouTube.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

James Foley

Q. Was the recent ISIS beheading of an American journalist... faked??
A. As I focus on James Foley my mind keeps wanting to jump around- I keep flashing to Osama and readings I did on him (specifically that he wasn't killed how [by military] and when [he died of natural causes many years ago] the media described it).  I get a huge connection between that event and how this event played out.  I get James was really being held by a rogue group in that area that is associated or backed by US military (if his captors were once ISIS they are no longer).  He is still being held there (by this US affiliated group) to come out again for something else (a negotiation or trade of some kind- but will NEVER show in the media).  The video was falsified as well as all of the components, and this is really served as an illusion of a threat (but a believable threat and demand) when viewed by the rest of the world. [As I look at the picture I am drawn to this man in black and hear him talking clear english and telling James to stay calm and be still, everything will be ok.]   In a complicated way this was used as propaganda toward the world to give further justification for involvement into a conflict in Syria.  

That is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

As a side note... James's family is a victim to this too.  I see them as innocent and really have no idea what is going on.  If you have a moment please send positive, protective intent and energy to James and his family.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Death and the Light

I have had a lot of questions come in to me centered around the idea of "Death" and "The Light" that people have said to have seen when they left their body...

Q.  What happens when we die? 
A.  At the moment we die, I see our soul lifts up and disconnects from our physical body.  It can feel gradual, or like jerk (much like how it feels when you fall in your sleep, but in reverse).  I get that feeling in my stomach, almost similar to falling.  You involuntarily float upward, and when you gain some orientation (it takes a few moments to completely release from the residual rational / conscious thoughts, and confined feeling / limitations of your physical body) and realize that you can stretch out (I see someone expanding their arms, and their arms are ten feel long each - I feel this is some kind of symbolism).  Once you gain your orientation, and things feel clear, you can chose to go to the light (which feels almost hypnotic) or look away and go somewhere else.

Q.  What is the light?
A.  The light is the universal consciousness that we are all tethered to, that once tapped into can create connections to other people or bigger, universal ideas.   I see when you die this "tether" tries to pull you in like a bungee cord.  I get that once you enter the light, you can't go back.  At that moment your soul is absorbed into the universal consciousness, the process of reprogramming it for the next life begins.  Residual things, karma, and deep subconscious memories may hide, but on the surface you start fresh for your next incarnation.  Then I hear that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be recycled.

Q.  Who do we see (family, friends, pets?) as enticement to go to the light?  What is that all about?
A. The Universal Consciousness wants to absorb you and start a new incarnation.  It (because it is the universal consciousness) knows what you need to see to make that journey more enticing, and less intimidating.  It has a feel of a trap that doesn't cause harm, but holds your back from reaching your potential.  I get that the longer you roam, you soul develops more and has a better understanding of universal laws and allows your subconscious to expand.  When you jump back in right away you are robbing yourself from the experience of stretching your subconscious.  Then I get a flash back to someone watching the credits at the end of the movie- some people leave the theater right away, but those that stay see a funny outtake at the conclusion of the credits- I get not to be too quick to jump right to the light.

Q.  If we chose not to go to the light, what happens?
A.  You can do whatever and go almost wherever you want.  You can travel the earth (and beyond).  Gain insight without your conscious, rational mind giving judgement.  I get that many people visit places of significance.  You can see relatives, serve as a guide... Really the options are limitless. You make your place.

Q.  Will we be given a chance to go to the light later?  
A. I get that sometimes spirits stay so long on earth, and roam so far from the light, they lose track of it or even forget it is there.  In other cases, there is business left undone, and a spirit may roam to see something through before it is willing to go on.  In these cases (and I get there are many other circumstances too in which a spirit chooses to stay), the spirit needs closure or "permission" to move on.  They need coaxed or told to go to the light.  Many will abide, and a few may chose to stay, but the light will always be there and be an option if and when they chose to move on.

Q.  How do we reach an enlightened state if we are wiped clean at each incarnation?
A.  It is very difficult to reach this level.  I see in every incarnation we start blank, but progress faster and faster.  If in this life you were 30 before you opened up, in the next you may be 25.  It gets easier, and the length of time takes less.

Why is that?  I get it is because when you reach a level of knowing, you can't undo what you know.  A person's mind can't handle this all at once.  Our density level, and rate of vibration can not handle an all over amount of enlightenment- but we can handle is slowly, by experiencing different life events and obstacles along the way.  You have to earn it thought several incarnations and lessons rather than have it be given to you.  It is possible, it is just long, tedious, and requires many life experiences.

And that was all I had for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Darker Questions...

Q. Demons real or not? If real what are they? Shadow people, ETs, horned pointy tail creatures that are depicted throughout history or something else entirely? 
A.  Rather than focus on a demon from a demonic perspective, I am focusing on the concept from the outside.  (I am blocked to this from any other perspective and I won't do the reading any other way). I get that a demon may not take just one physical appearance, but many shapes and appearances.  More importantly it is the energy tied to that being.  Something can be displeasing to the eye and have a positive energetic force, or be very visually pleasing and be against your greater good. The idea that a demonic force must take one appearance is a misconception that some people have.  You should take caution to all energetic forces that are in your field.  The pictures tied to them are symbolic of the energy they carry and not always the literal representation.

I see demonic forces more like an opposite force to the greater good in someone (or group of people's) life- it is the absolute opposite.  (I see the yin yang symbol as I type this).  I also get in some way to maintain balance (and really test the free will of humans) this energy is released into the universe.  There are beautiful forces, but as a consequence there has to be equally disturbing forces- they are all allowed to exist in the name of balance.

Q. My question is in regards to shadow people. Who are they? And why do some people have negative experiences with them while others have positive experiences with them? Thank you.
A. They are an entity that looks like a shadow.  They communicate telepathically and enhance certain emotions to those they interact with.  If you feel guilt, shame or depression- they exacerbate that.  Likewise, if you feel humble, happy or thankful, it creates a positive experience.  Your frame of mind and perception is what creates the experience.

What is their purpose and what do they want?
Ultimately they want to have some kind of influence over humans in the form of a hypnotic control (I want to say possession, but that isn't the right word because it is more like they give commands while someone is in a trance.  They don't enter the body, but control it like a remote control car).  The telepathic communication allows them to determine whether the person is controllable.

Q. My question is regarding nightmares and scary dreams. What is the point of a nightmare or scary dream? I have heard that the more negative you think, act, or behave the more likely you are to have them, meaning more often. Is that true? They also come very spontaneously, why is that? Do bad dreams foretell a serious or dangerous life event that's about to occur? Also, is it possible for any spirits or demons to get into your dreams? Is there anything that can be done to prevent bad dreams? Thank you!
A. The purpose of dreams is to process data and discharge energy (I see the symbolic image of static electric coming off your head when you sleep).  If you have negative energy around you, focus on negative energy, or are an empath and hold onto negative energy, you may have a nightmare when you process the energy and discharge it from your body (you body doesn't want to hold onto things that are not in your greater good).  

You have dreams all the time, you just don't always remember. The process of remembering depends on the cycle of sleep you are in at the time of the dream.  If you are close to waking, you will have a greater chance of remembering.

Spirits (good and bad) may be trying to communicate with you in your dreams, but they are not actually energetically located in your mind or directly in your dreams.  It is more like they are "out there" and your mind sees them on a screen.

Some things you can do to prevent bad dreams is to elevate your vibration (especially at night) and also set the intent and protective barriers for your home or bedroom.  This can be a mental intent upon going to bed saying "all negative energy must leave", or request your guide to take the source of your negative energy away (so if you are discharging negative energy at night it is taken directly and the "processing of it all" doesn't have to be so intense).  You can also use crystals under you pillow or bed to help with both vibrations and protection.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Q & A XXXIII: Aliens / ETs and the Universe

Q.  Of the eight planets in our solar system, how many harbor life as we know it? Not bacterial life, but human/alien life as we know it?
A.  The only planets that jump out at me are Mars and something about Neptune..??  What I am really drawn to are the moons in the solar system more than planets  Mars and Neptune serve more as "pit stops" rather than a large population of ETs.  The moons, however, function more like established bases or homes.  I want to say the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Earth are the bigger homes of ET life in our solar system.

Q. Do other universes exist?

A.  I first get yes, and then I get that our solar system has some kind of a sister system and we share some of the same bodies (like some of our planets are seen there and some of our constellations are seen there too and vice versa).  That system feels close if not intertwined in some way... 

Q. Where do men originate from? From extraterrestrial origin? Or tweaking of ape-man on earth?

A. I get the creation of man came from all the above.  There are alien geneticists that created ape creatures, and kept fine tuning that DNA until humans were made.  Different variations of DNA were used, some of which was their own (then I get that in the bible when it was referenced that man was made in the creator's image, there is very much truth to this).  The goal was a humanoid creature capable of self-sustaining ability- and the ability to evolve.  

Q. Does the Galactic Federation exist and who are they?

A. I get they do exist, and they are here to maintain balance.  Without balance, even good intentions can become corrupt- the most honest people occasionally need balanced and grounded.  

Who are they?  I get they are the older races of ETs.  They show themselves in my mind as some kind of Star Wars meeting.  Various appearances- no two are the same.  As if different races of ETs gather together to discuss different things or voice concerns.  The conferences are oddly quiet, I notice that all the communication is done in a telepathic sense. The dominant image that pulls forward is an ET that I would describe as a grey.  I get the impression that even though they all have an equal voice, the grey ET is the organizer and the dominant figure.

Q. Hello again! I wanted to know which alien races are actually angels/incarnated angels, and can angels materialize into human form? I know they can incarnate in human form but can they transform from spiritual into physical form without incarnating? 

A. When I put the intent out there for the question, I see an alien that is purely white (never seen this before??).  The light given off is SO bright you have to squint to see it.  I get the impression that this alien is of the highest vibration- so pure, so bright. I get this race of aliens is what was interpreted as being angels.

 I cannot see an "angel" toggling into a human form. They can have a huge influence, and you may feel an overwhelming source of guidance or clarity, but they do not take the form of humans (they find it too constricting- the human body I get it too suffocating for them and they do not like it).  These aliens, at this level, rarely incarnate into the human form.

Q. Are the fallen angels that slept with human women and rebelled against God actually angels or were they referred to as being angels by humans(i.e. Azazel, Lucifer etc.)Thank you as always!

A. These angels were ETs that rebelled and came to earth and bread with the humans.  They loved humans- saw their beauty.  They were viewed as angels by humans (I also get there is more meaning to the word "angels" than what we understand, but it isn't coming through clearly). because of their abilities (flying or appearance of being weightless, and their vast knowledge).  Humans looked up to these angels for answers, and to breed with them was an honor.

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you very much for all your answers. could you please tell me something about Sixto Paz Wells, he is from Peru and since the 70s he claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of ETs from the Orion constellation who have established a large base on one of Jupiter's moon's Ganymede. He says he has had a number of UFO sightings and physical contact with ETs in the desert area of Chilca, Peru. I ask you this cause some people say he is a fraud. Thank you, Light & Love

A.  In reading the question I do get there is truth to there being aliens from Orion's constellation (I want to say the center star), and there is also significance to Jupiter's moon.  I cannot see he has had physical contact (he may have I just cannot see it).  The image I have is someone laying down, and a "thought bubble" appears, and within that thought I see an ET communicating with Sixto as if it were a hologram (within this "thought bubble").  It looks to me that he has had contact spiritually  or mentally, but I cannot connect to the physical aspect.

Q. There is this woman named Omnec Onec who claimed that she came to Earth from Venus in 1951. At first, she stayed in a monastery in Tibet to adjust herself to the lower frequency on Earth, then in 1955 she went to US and took over the life of a young girl who had just died in an accident. Is she really from Venus?

A. When I focus on her I cannot see that she was from Venus during this human life.  I get she has some ET DNA, and has many residual memories.  I will never discount anyone, and I get she really believes she was from there during this life- I just cannot connect it being from this life, but rather a past life that she is still very connected too.  I get when she incarnated her previous existence as an ET enabled her vibration to be so high that she was able to incarnate with many memories still intact.

Q. Hy Lynn, My question is about the Starchild skull found in Mexico that was claimed to be the product of extraterrestrial-human breeding or genetic manipulation, however mitochondrial DNA recovered from the skull has established it as human. so could you see something about it and tell me which one do you is correct?

A. In looking at this and tuning in, I get this was a hybrid human / ET child.  I get that the DNA is mostly human, but will have trace amounts so something else, and that something else is ET base.  The issue they are having with testing is they don't know how to single out the ET portion- there is some flaw with their thinking of how to separate it out (referring to the ET portion of DNA in order to identify it)??

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mysterious Hum

I have a request , about the "Hum"..It seems like this is something that's been around for some time, I don't remember ever having had ever heard this myself before, Basically its about a really low frequency "hum" that people have been reporting hearing around the world ..its persistent and annoying to most..seems like nobody's really put a finger on whats doing this..heres a link to a wiki on it.. Just in the last year we had had a power outage and things got really quite, Then I heard it myself, I can hear that it sounds like a far away truck or engine..but the thing just stays fluctuates a little but more so consistent..

My wife can't hear it..ever since that day I have been able to shift my hearing to hear that it is still there..How strange..and late at night its soo right there in my hearing..that I have to ask what in the world is that? I was wondering if you could shed some light on what is doing what I'm hearing the same Hum that every one else is hearing?..What is that hum that everyone else is hearing? Thanks so much for your time.
A. The first thing I get when I tune in is I see the earth as a living thing itself.  The components of earth have a specific vibration (such as the water, specific rock, structures, etc), but as a whole, there is an overall vibration.  Then my mind wants to relate the way earth works to the human body- each organ or part of the body has it's own vibration, but the body as a whole has an overall, specific vibration- we are made of our individual parts just as the earth as a whole is made of it's own individual parts.

Then I switch back to earth, and I see the ground breathe much like how you see lungs expand and stretch a chest.  I get the earth is going through some kind of a process or evolution.  There is an energetic shift and people that are more sensitive are starting to sense the vibrational frequency change.  I relate it to a dog whistle- dogs can hear it, and people can't- dogs are more sensitive to it and have a wider range of hearing.  As earth begins to change and shift, the more sensitive people are beginning to have their senses altered and are becoming more sensitive to sounds they could not hear before. I also get that it may range from ear to ear, and you rarely hear it in both ears at the same time (occasionally you may even get a moment of silence in one ear that sounds like your ear is full of water)- that is how it starts to process and register in your mind.

This change the earth is going through is a SLOW process- could take hundreds of years, but has started and is happening now.  It feels like a shift to a new time in which people will understand and feel connected to something bigger than the physical plane we live in now.  I also get that some ET forces want to block this change, while other, more protective forces want to aid in the conversion.  This power struggle feels difficult, and creates surges of energetic force versus a smooth transition (sensitive people may even feel the inconsistent tug)- meditations, etc may feel easy one day and more forced another.  Overall, I see the weight being sided toward the protective ETs..

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remote Viewing

Q. Can Remote Viewers be foiled by interfering thought projections from some source? Can Remote Viewers have their findings compromised by such projections?
A. I focused on this for a while, and truly I don't see a complete block on anything.  I see images compromised in the form of being hazy or feel confusing, but general ideas still connect.  I get many devices have been made regarding frequency emissions or electromagnetic alterations, but those really only have minimal effects- again some clarity or orientation issues, but most times something will still come through.

I get when someone can't see something, it comes from within and not because of something man made.  Your guiding force (can be spirit guides, higher self or subconscious) is designed to work in your greater good, so if you get into a situation where your greater good is compromised, you may not get clarity into what you are seeing (I instantly flash back to readings I did on the MH370 where I could not see the face of the "mean man" guarding the plane- he was scary, intimidating and had an unstable energy about it which instantly started to shut me down).  It is a defense that we have wired within ourselves as protection.

Sometimes we stumble upon disturbing things when we remote view and the emotion (or rational, conscious part of our mind) shuts down the image. But again, that is internally inflicted rather than a man made device.

Q. Can you get impressions from multiple specific sources, psychic-wise? How do you know which sources you can and cannot trust?
A. When people tune in you do get many sources.  When you first "connect" you put the intent out there that you want information from the highest vibrational source that is also in your (and your family's) greater good.  From that strong intent you  place someone or something will step forward and convey information.  While that exchange is happening many times people will have a feeling (mine comes from my solar plexus) that confirms that it "feels" right and the exchange continues.  If your intent is out there, and it doesn't feel right- stop and clear yourself and come back to it later (I have only had this happen a few times- your guides really will work if you put the intent / allow permission to do so).  If the positive intent is there, and it "feels" right, you can most generally trust your connection.

Then I get that remote viewers are actually disliked by many governments.  The government feels threatened by them.  Since they cannot completely block the communication, it is easier to label them as 'crazy" or use employees that have a sole job of spreading dis-information and leaving negative comments on websites, in the media, etc.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to Narrated reading on YouTube.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ISIS - Quick Update

Q. Please could you do a reading on ISIS? I just find it weird that during this Israeli-Gaza conflict, they have decided to come up and their atrocities have now taken over the news. Has ISIS been designed by the US to serve as another distraction?
Is there a plan against Muslims in general. Please if you could just look at this. Are they doing things to incite those 'terrorists' in Muslim countries, to get angry, so that they commit crimes that they can then broadcast? I am so hurt, and angry at the same time. These people are ruining the image of millions of Muslims, and the religion itself.  Is there anyone benefiting from this? 
A. What I see happening is a group trying to grow and strengthen and develop an area to rule.  This group looks to be independent of the US (I don't see the US funding it).  In fact, I see this group despises the US. It is as if the leaders in this group have realized that money systems are bound to fail, but those that control resources (especially oil) will have the ultimate control.  I get they are trying to take over larger parts of the geographic area that control and produce oil.

The ISIS leaders are actually very methodical in how to recruit.  There is an element of fear, promise of a better life and ISIS gets people to believe in their cause.  I get a lot of Hitler references in my mind as I go down that path- as if this power struggle, treatment of people and vision relates to how Hitler reigned.

The people benefiting are the leaders of ISIS.  They are gaining wealth and power by acquiring land and natural resources.  They are going to continue to grow until they are forced (physically) to stop.  I see this eventually ending up in a military conflict with other countries within the next 18 months to 2 years.

Link to previous reading: 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

Q.  Please do a reading on Robin Williams and his death.  I feel we are not being told what really happened.  
A.  When I think about Robin Williams, I see a guy with a big heart and a lot of positive energy.  He might have dealt with depression and abuse in his life, but overall he had a pretty good outlook on life and a support system of people that loved him.  He may slip and go back to old habits, but had enough strength or power within his subconscious to do what he needed to do in order to overcome his weakness (it was a struggle) and do the things he needed to stay grounded.

Even connecting to him on a subconscious level, he is laughing and joking now.  It feels genuine and not forced.  I get he did die by his own actions, but not out of sadness, but he was actually happy during this part of his life.  I see this more as a self inflicted accident resulting from actions that occurred during "some intimate alone time" (out of respect for him and his family my rational / conscious mind  won't allow me to spell this out clearer) and when he was found the embarrassment of the situation created all this precanned wording and quotes in the media.  I get we are never going to be told the "true" story because it is so sensitive.  In reality, I don't even see him caring if the truth gets out and in fact somehow he is laughing about it.

In closing, as I ended this "mental communication with him" he looked at me and said "nanu nanu" as if he was pretending to be Mork off of Mork and Mindy.  He wants to be remembered that way, because that is who he was and how he interacted with many people.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Updated 11-12-14.. Someone just sent this article to be.  William's wife noted the technique he used that caused his death, "autoerotic asphyxiation" was probably learned from a movie he was on... This was worded so much better than what I could have tried to respectfully describe.

Baltic Anomaly

Q. Hi there! Thanks for all your fascinating insights, I was hoping you could focus on the Baltic Sea anomaly and tell us more about it? Is it a downed UFO or some kind of man-made monument? if so what was it's purpose and what happened to it?
A.  When I first tuned into this, I got an image of Sherlock Holmes, and he said to me, "Who, what, when, why and how?  We already know the where." So that seems like how I am to handle this reading...

Q. Who put this there or who is responsible for this structure? 
A.  I get an ET association to this.  I see an image of what we call Greys when I tune into who is tied to this structure.

Q.  What is this?  What is the purpose? Why is it here?  How did it get there?
A  I see this as an escape hatch on a ship.  I get a visual of this circular structure opening and Grey aliens coming out of it.  It looks like there is an even bigger piece of this buried in the ocean floor (the rest of the ship) and over time it has been covered by sediment.  I see this ship flying down (I am getting references to different Norse gods- these ETs were viewed as gods) over the Norway / Sweden area to visit ancient vikings and some electromagnetic event occurred that fried the controls within the ship (I hear solar flare?).  At that exact moment the ship's exterior or a piece of it caught fire (I see fire and flames).  I also get that to the people below watching this the ship looked to have a purplish plasma glow about it while this element of fire exuded from a piece of it (there must be some kind of legend about this because I see people staring and talking in absolute awe - this was a sight that was hard to even put in words because nothing like this was ever witnessed before and hieroglyphs were used to show the story that was hard to explain).  It was terrifying and the people below had no idea what was going on.  As the ship hit the water, the energy dissipated (I hear a huge snapping and popping sounds) and the ETs within escaped through this top hatch that you see (I see the ship float on the top of the water for a moment before sinking and that is when they escaped).

Q. When did this happen?  
A.  When I put the intent for a time frame out there, I don't see a time, but I see the people and what they looked like.  I see vikings and they are building ships.  Then I get their inspiration for building ships came from seeing ETs float through the air and they wanted to mimic that same thing, but the medium they used was water.  I want to say around 500 AD was when this event happened.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Q & A XXXII: Souls, Death, Reincarnation and / or Spiritual [Group Post]

Q. Just wonder about the subject of soul mates. I believe that we may have more than one since we live many lives in this earth and that we have to learn different lessons each time. What is your take on this?
A. I see we have groups of people that we have "soul pacts" with.  Depending on what life lesson and experience you are here to have to have, different souls are drawn to be in your life in various capacities.  Basically we reincarnate with many of the same souls (not every life has the same group, but there is a basic core set of souls you are attached to).  In some lives you current mate may be your brother, sister, cousin or best friend (then I hear that is the true meaning of soul sisters- a connection on a soul level..).  Many souls are meant to be together, but the dynamics change from life to life.  So to answer the question, yes, you can have more than one soul mate and it just depends on the dynamics of your current incarnation.

Q. Why so some humans linger around in the world after they die and become ghosts? 
A.  I get there are many reasons why this happens.  Sometimes people die so abruptly (accidents) that they have a disconnect and don't realize they have passed and have the option- something feels jarring about this.  

There are also situations that people die traumatically and have some kind of energetic emotion tied to them (such as guilt, anger or sadness).  Those emotions leave them in a state of wanting to hang around to clear that emotion so the karma doesn't follow them into the next life.  

The last thing I see is people die and want by choice to stay here.  I see going to the light as more of an option than a requirement.  They chose to be here as guides, protectors or just don't chose to leave.

Q. Do they have free will to pick the time of their next reincarnation ?
A. I see people do have a free will, but I also hear that time is not what we think.  We see time linear, and our perspective of time is compared to our life span.  Once we die and we don't have that relative way of comparing. Some souls jump right back in almost instantly, and others wait until they can come back with the souls they regularly "pact" or incarnate with.

Q. In some cultures, the living will bring food to the tombs of their dead relatives. Can these ghosts actually consume the food? How do they eat without a physical mouth? Do they get weak if they don't have food to consume ?

A. I don't see a ghost or spirit eating food to sustain.  What I do see happening is spirits having the capability to consume energy to strengthen or they feed on emotion (which is a form of energy.)  It isn't a requirement to sustain, but it is an ability they do have.

Q. We already know there are two realms ie. human, animals. Are there any other distinct realms?
A. Yes, there is an entire ET realm.  I get that some older souls advance to the ET level (I see most - not all, but most ETs- have a higher vibration).  Once they are at the ET level they can go between human and ET during incarnations.  I hear the name "star child" which is being shown to me as someone that has past life experiences as being an ET.

Q. Which realms have a higher frequency than human ?
A. Most ETs have a higher vibration from humans.  Specifically the ETs from the moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Orion's belt. I also get that there are certain species (I see an image of Bigfoot) that have high vibrations and a capability to alter their vibration.

Q. Does meditation help to increase our frequency to ascend to the higher realm when we die?
A. Meditation helps to increase your vibration but most importantly helps people to communicate with their higher self.  Meditation is a great tool to tune into yourself, focus on your chakras and become closer to your higher self.  Meditation is a great tool to increase your vibration and help you to ascend.

Q. Do we normally reincarnate with people we love the most in this life? With the same family members and close friends over and over again.  Also what is the best and safest way to find out about our past lives? Do we need to see a psychic or a hypnotist.
A. We normally do incarnate with the same pact of souls.  They just are different to us in different lives.  Who you feel is your soul mate in this life may be your brother or cousin in a future life.  We do come together many times (not all, but many). 

You can go to a psychic if you would like to see what they are able to see regarding your previous lives.  If you want to experience it and see it for yourself, a hypnotist that is capable of doing a past life regression is someone you may want to seek out.

Q. Also, when we die are we conscious of our souls leaving the body?  Like do we feel the body shutting down, do we feel like we're moving out of our shell or do we just get knocked out and wake up on the other side, in the light?
A.  I get that sometimes we know instantly and go in this gradual steady state of passing and we are aware and make peace with it as we go.  Other times there is this delayed reaction and the person doesn't realize they have passed, but view or sense the situation from above.  You don't feel it shut down, but rather it just happens to you.  I also see it as you float up in the most weightless manor.  Sometimes it is this feeling like how you feel when you fall in your sleep (that feeling in your stomach) but in reverse.  Regardless of how it happens, you don't just wake up in the light- you are aware and going to the light is a conscious (or rather subconscious) decision.

Q. Murderers, rapist and molesters.  Do they have spirit guides and angels by their side??? Is this a life path chosen before birth or is it freewill?

A. I get when these people incarnate they are destined to have a difficult life path.  They are prewired to go against society norms.  They do have guides that help them to try to fight their natural sense of doing these negative deeds against society and there is a huge internal conflict of what they are compelled to do and what society says it acceptable.  Some people become weak to their urges and others are strong and actually live healthy lives (defeat this compulsion).  To do so (referred to committing these negative actions against society) is actually viewed as the freewill because it goes against how they are predestined.  

Q. Do you get that if someones trapped in a sort of limbo after a horrific death scene it takes someone who is incarnate to release them?  As in, someone's Grandmother, who'd passed on would not be able to assist that person.  But an untrapped person who'd passed on would be able to prompt a person incarnate to either do the healing or to somehow arrange for a capable p

erson to become aware of the situation.
A.  I see that a person that feels they are trapped can move on three ways.  All of them involve a certain amount of karmatic trauma that will have to be dealt with in the next life, but to heal the incarnation has to occur so the processing can begin.   A spirit needs to incarnate into a physical form for the karmatic trauma to completely heal.  First, I see they are able to move on their own- they chose to go to the light.  They feel their time is done, and there is nothing left for them on the spiritual plane of earth and just decide to leave.

The other way involves guidance from other spirits that reside here.  Spirits can communicate to other spirits and a stronger spirits can influence a "lost" one to move on to the light.

The last way is for a human to spiritually connect to a spirit (can be during meditation or a ritual like smudging) to encourage a spirit to move on.  Some spirits need to feel they are allowed or get permission from those they left behind.  They need a true feeling of their work tied to their once human existence is done here on earth. All ways are effective and aid a spirit onto the next phase of their spiritual existence.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Friday, August 8, 2014

China and Hollywood

I recently read a New York Times article about the Chinese having an increasingly powerful role in decisions about Hollywood casting, movies and television. Since reading this article I have noticed at least one Chinese character included in most of the movies and tv shows I enjoy. 

Q. Is this Chinese inclusion simply a technique to reach a larger market? Or it is evidence of China's growing power to dictate the world's media capitol, Hollywood? 
A.   China has a goal of being involved in many things (if not everything) to show their growing power and importance as a key player in the world- they want their fair share of influence..  The goal is to be the next superpower, and one way to enable that to happen is win over a certain amount of influence and create some level of acceptance of people all over the world- a good way to do that is through media outlets that are seen everywhere.  I get an image of Chinese government officials censoring shows that about to be released (as if they have a certain amount of say in how they or their citizens are allowed to be portrayed??) to make sure they are represented in a specific way.  Then I hear something about when it comes to the media out of Hollywood "free speech isn't as free as everyone thinks" and they are dictated on what is allowed to a certain point.

Q. Combine this with recent articles in Forbes and the Washington Post about Chinese buying up prime real estate in the U.S. and it makes one wonder if the Chinese are making a move to take over the U.S. And are they working alongside the Jewish people, who seem to have gained power over most global industries?
A. I don't see them teamed up with Jewish people, but the Chinese do have the attention of the wealthy. It doesn't look like a partnership, but more like a race (I see two people lined up side by side on a running track.)  It has the appearance that there are key locations (I see extreme financial districts, and also key farming land west of the Mississippi) that are targets. China has money (specifically a lot of gold in reserve) and the US has a lot of value and potential (we provide a market to sell their goods and also have land that is priceless in terms of farming).  The Chinese do have a goal of taking over much of the US and having Americans work for them (buying products and working for their companies).  

In closing, I got an image of Hollywood again, and how the things that occur in the media serve as a distraction while these major worldly transactions occur.  Bills are passed, laws get put into effect and major land / property transfers occur.  People are becoming more and more aware of these tactics, and the growing awareness is what will ultimately help us.

The person submitting this question also shared the following links that you may be interested in:
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 And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated link on YouTube.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Powers That Be and the Illuminati

Today I wanted to do a two part reading.  The first is regarding the "Powers that Be" and the second involving the Illuminati

Q. How long have the owners who rule the world, many call them "The powers that be", been around? Some think it started in America with the federal reserve but others suggest that these powerful families trace their roots back to ancient Egypt. Have they been controlling us this long? Do some of them live very long lives, or is their power passed down through family bloodlines?

A. I see the "Powers that Be" (I will call them PTB for simplicity sake) have been around since larger civilizations started.  Ancient Egypt does resonate as true with me.  Then I hear that most things started with good intentions that took a turn toward greed, power and corruption.  The PTB was no exception.  I see that in order for larger civilizations to exist, the society had to work like a well-oiled machine.  Everyone had their place and contributed in some way.  We needed a few great leaders and great group of followers (too much of one type of personality would never work).  In addition to the organization of the community, we needed a way to trade goods and services with other civilizations that were also on the rise, so the concept of mass trading for society needs (rather than trading on a small scale for individual use) was more and more popular.  I get in order to fund needs of the society, the very first rudimentary form of a banking system (which much different than today's system) was born, and thus so were the PTB.  

When I try to see how the first "banking system" worked, a large element of bartering was used with regard to work, services, natural resources, goods and loyalties (this is the part of it that is huge to the PTB). It wasn't as much gold (but that played a role too and evolved to the current banking system over hundreds and hundreds of years), but the promise of alliances, shared power and wealth.  (I feel I need to stop and define what I mean by banking system- it wasn't monetarily based, but rather a tally system of who owes who what.  It was a way to keep track of who was indebted and who was on top.  It attempted to keep a fairness between societies.)

It was really the promises, alliances, shared power and strategic plotting that gave birth to the more current day PTB that we recognize.  The gold naturally followed the people behind the above mentioned traits.

As you fast forward these hundreds of years, some of the same families (in addition to some new picked up along the way) maintained this control.  It isn't through longevity, but the vision and greed propelled it through the bloodlines that has kept this alive.  In the beginning people gained the title of what we call the PTB through wanting to help society to evolve and sustain, but a switch flipped along the way that made the current day PTB feel entitled.  

Q. Dear Psychic, I would really like to know of the Illuminati is real and exists. And are all the rumors true about all of these influential people and celebs being a part of it? What is their purpose? 

A. I see the Illuminati as a name given to an underground society that is very "in the know" of worldly events that are not broadcasted to the population.  Some Illuminati are very knowledgeable, and some just barely scratch the surface of what is to be known.  You have to prove yourself worthy and loyal to more forward, and once you go down the path, you can't reverse it (I see the screen shot of the Matrix where the pill of knowledge is offered and the pill to go back to normal life is offered, but if you take the one opening up knowledge you can't go back to normal life).  There are a wide range of people in this group ranging from CIA, PTB, Celebrities and Big Bankers- the common theme I get is they are all people of some kind of influence over a mass amount of people (either financially or physically).  

The purpose of this? I get an impression that these people or this group is somehow employed by the PTB.  They work for them in discrete ways to propel society a certain direction (I get an image of credit cards, and a currency system based on nothing but electrons.).  I also see a society of dependence- ranging from pharmaceuticals, food to materialistic items.  All of these things create a sense of loyalty and in a sense slavery to a larger government.

I think it is important to note that I don't see everyone that is affiliated to the Illuminati is bad- many don't even realize they are being used or realize they are even a pawn in this system. They are helping to fulfill a mission, but were manipulated into doing so.  It is the few at the top that are not working toward the greater good.

Q.  How do we protect ourselves or get away from it?

A.  More people are "waking up" and we are living in a time with the availability of information that we can find truth if we look for it.  I don't see it ever being voluntarily shared (no one is going to say that there is a master plan of manipulation behind this action or that action), but we have the ability to use our intuition, resources and find a lot of truth (if we work through the nonsense).  I see truth as a puzzle that we can figure out, but we have to "earn" the knowledge through hard work- it isn't just bestowed onto you.  We have a personal responsibility to share that truth once it is found.  Not everyone will be receptive, but to those who are, be open.  In time, more and more of us will "awaken" and when that happens the people will regain a lot of strength.  Focus on what is important, and work toward empowering yourself.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.