Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Inner Earth / Hollow Earth Theory

8:27 PM
Q I am curious about the idea of inner Earth and the hollow Earth theory. Are there humans that live permanently down there who used to live above, such as the Mayans?
A I do see humans, but it feels completely opposite there in comparison to the surface.  The humans look almost like slaves to the alien life that live in earth.  I keep seeing the Indiana Jones movie in which there are human slaves underground mining for gold.  These slaves are given enough to get by, but overall are worked very hard. The humans look like peasants.

The alien life look like insect type people.  I would equate their appearance to ants.  Insect looking face, texture of their skin has the appearance of a crocodile, and dark eyes.  I even see the antennae on their heads.  The "ants" talk telepathically to one another, and occasionally make clicking sounds in their throat (sounds like some kind of morse code) to communicate.  Their appearance seems so primitive, but their intellect is so advanced.

When I try to figure how the humans got there, I see what looks like an Indian Tribe running up to Alaska.  What is strange is that Alaska doesn't look snow-covered, or cold.  It looks green and lush. It looks like the first human inhabitants of this part of earth were most primitive indian tribes. 

Then I get an image of these "ants" coming to the surface trough different locations, and doing this motion from their ships that looks like they are "plucking" up random humans.  As their current slave force dies, they have to replenish their workers.

Q  If so, how long have they been there and how do they survive? 
A They have been there for thousands of years. I cannot put a date, but it feels like forever when I try to view a timeline.  

It looks like there is a sun in the very center of this hallow earth, and the inner earth spins around it.  I see an image of a Gravitron ride at a carnival, as if that is how the people, structures, everything rotates and maintain position. There is its own sun on the inside.

Q Are they friendly?
A  I do not get positive energy from these alien forms.  Some aliens are kind, others are neutral, but these feel very cruel.  They don't have much regard for human life. They don't get a sense of emotion, everything is handled with a robotic mentality. 

Q Are there any main entrances from the surface that they use/we know about? 
A I get that there is one entrance in a huge cavern around Washington state.  I also get that in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there is a very deep crack, and they know how to emerge from there.  

I have also been drawn to the north pole, but that area functions very differently.  It is as if there is an energy field there (directly north) and it can be manipulated to almost "teleport" these "ants" back to the center.  I get the most common way for them to emerge to the surface is through this north pole portal.

If they want to use the Atlantic Ocean, they are limited with certain phases of the moon and gravitational pull, so this is not efficient for them.

Q Will we be living underground in the future?
A I see that far into the future by about 200 years.  I see that a ET type of war will occur when this happens.  I also get that we want to get there for the resources, not so much to live.  I see that this area of earth is very mineral rich. 

Q. Will the inner Earth people (the Agarthans) help with revealing inner Earth or help to bring forth new technologies?
A. I can't get a name of this alien life, but I can say they look like ants with some kind of crocodile skin (there is the square pattern / texture to their skin).  I tend to fixate on their eyes when i see them- they are like dark holes.  I do see they are filled with technology, and are very intellectually advanced.  I see them taunting those on the surface with their technology, and we want it so bad with make negotiations with certain governments to trade people (basically turn the other check) in exchange for learning some of their advanced technology.  We have something they need, and they have something we want.  

Thank you.  It is 8:55 PM.

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idontwanttolivehereanymore said...

Why would our creator put us on this earth to share it with these horrible creatures!? Its bad enough we have horrible humans on the surface! Can't we get rid of these parasites!?

Anonymous said...

Well I find this fascinating and perplexing... I'm the one who asked the question about the inner Earth July 2012 because as I stated in the comments, two Ant People came to me clearly and suddenly during a normal meditation. They seemed neutral to friendly to me, and they appeared, made a series of clicking sounds, then after a split-second delay, I got their message in English & the exact message was "Thought-forms are everything" which was only the tip of the iceburg of the information they actually gave me. They showed me a telepathic image of a brain shooting out laser-beams sort of like with a clear focused conscious intent, and how powerful that is. I then said mentally "Who are you??" and they answered very proudly "We are Ant People" I got a sense of a group mind.

I've since remembered past lives as a Native American & when I did a google search after this meditation, I came across this ET scupptor and this is EXACTLY what I saw: http://etsculptor.com/about/the-vortexes-and-the-portals/ The Hopis claim the Ant People actually saved and helped them during a previous Earth cataclysm and taught them how to sprout beans underground.

Another interesting thing is there are African tribes who traditionally speak in a clicking language and there are supposed to be ancient mines (up to 200,00 years old) in South Africa showing sophisticated mine shafts...

Do you think these Ant People are actually also enslaved along with the Inner Earth Humans for some other race or group?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Frightening :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, what sort of slave type work are the humans required to do? And is there an approximate population size?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they really care about ET.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago on coast to coast a guest was talking about how an unusual amount of people go missing from the national parks and this fact is suppressed....he also was of the theory that the gov't has made an agreement with aliens that National Parks are free range for abducting humans. I will not be camping at the National Parks anymore!

Anonymous said...

So were the Hopi "duped" by the Ant People?

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for this interesting reading! I've been doing a lot of research on inner Earth recently. This is the first time I've come across the mention of "ant people", and it sounds pretty fascinating. Thanks for this new perspective!

Anonymous said...

thank you for doing this reading.

Anonymous said...

PF please do another reading :( I miss you!

Psychic Focus said...

@8:23 PM I'll be back in full force Monday :-)

Psychic Focus said...

A couple folks posted some blog requests here.. They are deleted, I just transferred them to my request queue. :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you get that this is genuine?

If so, where is it located and is it an entrance to Hollow Earth, or a portal?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 8:07 AM: Thank you for sharing that YouTube! I just viewed this. I do see this at the north pole. I feel like if you were are ground zero of the north pole you would see this. It isn't always open, but with transportation is ready to happen, this is "turned on" in a sense. It is a portal to the center (not physically open). Even if this video isn't the real thing- in my minds eye, this is EXACTLY how I see this functioning. -Thank you again!