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In relation to your post on hollow earth: Have you ever heard of Adama of Telos? Google him if you didn't, but in short, he is (allegedly) the high priest of the city of Telos, which is supposed to be right under mount Shasta, California. Two friends of mine claim they speak to him all the time while in trance. You think you could concentrate on him and see what happens, if you can connect too? Or maybe concentrate on Mount Shasta and see whats underneath first, then go on to see him? If you DO connect, could you ask about my friends, and whether Adama remembers them? Friends' names are Dieter and Daniel, they usually come on different days but with similar questions. And last but not least; ask him this: what is the most discussed topic in the last 4-5 months that these 2 guys came to ask about over and over again?

1:53 PM -.....1:58 - Well I stared to try to connect with the Adama guy and i do not really see anything, so I changed my focus to Mt. Shasta and I was able to see like a cave that is in it.  I see that it does go downward, and I think that after you travel in it so far like maybe a mile, it is really long, I cannot tell how many feet deep it goes as far as down, just length wise it is very long.  It opens into a huge cavern underneath....I do not see it being like an underground city...but for some reason when I stand at the entrance to the cave I find myself wanting to look up into the sky.  It is like this underground serves as some type of temporary housing for something that come out of the sky.  It is like as I  zone out of this, kinda looking at a cross section of what I am imagining, I am seeing this line being drawn from the sun to this cavern.  Something is drawing a line like back and forth and back and forth.  As if it is something that is around the sun is like coming there and taking refuge, but then turns around and goes right back toward the sun.  I feel like aliens that take refuge there, I am getting a picture of it, and they do look, let me just describe it to you.   They have big eyes, very dark eyes, they have  like 3 fingers, stand upright with two arms and two legs.  But rather than that normal kind of gray soft looking skin, they look like they have a tan crunchy exoskeleton...I do not see any leader, or their name.  I am not envisioning this as a hallow earth thing, but rather a really large cavern under this mountain.  So maybe I am not able to connect with it in the same way his friends are connecting to it.  Tell me his friends name again.

Q-Well maybe rather than focus on this mountain, focus on the experience that his two friends, Dieter and Daniel, and the being that they feel they communicated with.
A-Well the first thing I see when I think of his friend, I see the pyramids, and there is like and explosion of light coming off the top and off the sides, but shooting from the tip straight up.  I mean this light is so blinding you almost cannot think this is a pyramid because you almost cannot see what is underneath the light.  And I am getting an image of an alien's face up close, so maybe this is who they talked with.  It's eyes are really black and big, there is very small nose, and it's mouth it goes instead of horizontal it is vertical the way that it opens.  And it has got, these little claw things, I do not know what you call it, but too little tiny pincer claws.  It's head is horizontally oval.  That is really kinda the best way to describe it.
Q-Is this alien who Dieter and Daniel speak or communicate with?
A-Well he looked at me, and the little claw things on the sides of his mouth (two on each side), he kinda shook those up and down in a yes motion.
Q-Is this alien form that you see, the same image Dieter and Daniel are shown?  Do they see him in this same form?
A-My impression is yes..I feel like his friends also have some kind of fascination with the sun.  Like the sun's purpose.
Q-Can this being you see confirm communicating with his friends.
A-Wait a minute, just let me focus on something really quick...In my mind, it is like my brain did some kind of Google earth imaging thing, and what I could see was this really super thick forest, and then out of nowhere, there is like this fault line, or some kind of crack in the earth, and it looks like it is infinity deep.  I tried to zoom out to see where it is, but I cannot tell.  I know it is somewhere remote and has a thick forest surrounding it.  But I felt like it was a little North of California, like possibly in Washington State.  And I do not know if that relates at all either.
Q-Does this crack lead somewhere?
A-I really cannot tell it is like miles deep and it is black, the more I try to zoom through it there is nothingness.
Q-Can you find the area on Google Earth?
A-I can try.  Ah it make my eyes water.  It think it is around here.....The cascade ridge.

Q-What is this being you see, purpose?
A-I do not think he does have a purpose, he just is.
Q-What dimensional being would you think he is?
A-I do not know what that means.
Q-If humans are 3rd dimension, or physical, what would this being be.
A-Oh, I got you.  I would say slightly more advanced than us.  But not radically.  Because i do not see him doing a lot of the mind talking.  And that is usually how I distinguish how evolved something is.
Q-Does he remember Dieter and Daniel and if so what do you speak about?
A-I would say yes, he remembers, and I think what they talk about are the pyramids, the function of the pyramids, and then something about the sun.
Q-Are you getting anything else
Q-Do beings like this live among us on the surface?
A-No I feel they stay hidden from us, and they cannot change their outward appearance.
Q-Are they technologically superior.
A-Yes because they do use their space crafts to go back and forth between the sun and earth, and I feel like when they are here they stay in underground caverns.
Q-Are these beings what some describe as reptoids or insectoids?
A-I would say they are more insect like, their skin was more crunch.
Q-How do they regard humanity?
A-I think they are curious about it, but they kind of leave us alone.  I do not see them studying us, or doing things to us, they want to be left alone and they leave us alone.
Q-Why do they not live on the surface?
A-I do not know.
Q-Is Earth their native planet?
A-It is so cliche but I got a picture of a rainbow, and then I got the phrase "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" so I do not think earth is their native planet.
Q-Where do you think they are from?
A-The first thing that popped into my mind was the name Neptune and then I saw like a gray planet.
Q-How old is their race?
A-Hmm..I just saw 5000.  Maybe 5000 years I do not know.
Q-Is there anything else?  A- No 
2:37 PM. Link to Audio

Update: Trying to figure out what the feeler things on the side of this beings mouth, I found a picture that resembled him, except it's head was a little more oval shaped in the horizontal.  Oh, they are called Maxillary Papus.


Anonymous said...

as i said, google him perhaps ;)

Psychic Focus said...

I do not Google anything first, that would influence my reading. If you want me to just confirm the perception that is in your mind, then asking for a reading is pointless. I gave you a genuine reading, but remember, things come to everybody differently. People assign images that are familiar to them. I was suspect on the Praying Mantis being, but that is what came to me in it's raw pure form. Just like religion, the spirit comes to many in whichever form they wish to receive it. For example, I prefer images vs speech, because whenever I hear a voice in my ear it freaks me out, so I ask that I am not given messages in this form. Sounds or words in my mind are ok, but a whisper in my ear gives me the creeps. Who is to say that the beings beneath Mt. Shasta are not insect like, but they come to those in the form that is best suited to the viewer. This was an interesting reading and I thank you. I too am often surprised by what comes to me. I just report, and that is why I do not and will not Google a subject before a reading.

Psychic Focus said...

This is also the reason it is hard for me to do a reading on a family member, because my life experience with them and my perception, and emotions distort any information I get from them. I try to read into it. This is why I use this blog as practice, because I have no connection to any of the subject or individuals.

Anonymous said...

You have a gift, that i'm certain of.
My appologies if my my comment (seemingly) made you anxious, such was not my point.
Good luck in your endeavors, hope your gift keeps on giving :)

PS: is there a way to chat/mail with you in person? I have done much work in the field that you seem to be new to and I'm certain we may find a lot to discuss.
If interested, please mail to

Again, I apologize for my comments.

Kind regards

Rachel Throop said...

My name is rachel i live in glenwood washington, i live near this fault you speak of. ive experienced many undesirable feelings in the last few years does this have to do with the magnetism or vortexes shifting?

Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of the latest post on John Kettler's website. Just google 'john kettler'. There he is talking about (he gets telepathic alien messages), black eye'd children who are really bug aliens in disguise (and not to be triffled with).

Same aliens?

Here is a quote: "It was a triangular form with the top point being the head. Although I could not see the body details, I could see the sucking mechanism. Two tubes. The feel of them was insect, they verified they were insect."

here is that link (to this particular story)