Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello, I was interested if you could see anything of the inner Earth civilization? There are said to be whole cities on the inside of the Earth crust, the capital is called Shamballah. Thank you

9:30 am. - Alright just let me talk to you, I don't know if I am blocked or if I am having trouble visualizing it because I do not necessarily believe it.  But when the question is posed to me I immediately think Indian Jones temple of doom.  But then my rational mind is trying to override that but..This is one like tripping me up.  Let me try again...The first thing that comes to mind Temple of Doom....have you over heard or seen of a race kinda what we would call bug like, maybe and insect.  I see the human almost like the workforce there, um...and I feel like this bug like alien are the more elite people there.  I feel like the bug people talk to each other through mental telepathy, but when they talk to the humans it with a weird clicking sound they make with their jaw, almost like Morris code clicks.  The humans are um..mostly dark skinned, like Indian not like African but..and the bug people are more Albino like.  This sort of feels barbaric to me, like the human species there is not as evolved and civilized as we are here.  I kinda feel like somehow the core of he earth almost serves as like and artificial sun down their.  I do not know how that works..I also feel like the cities are encapsulated in a big bubble.I feel like possibly, um the bug people use some type of vortex thing to teleport between there and surface to get like resources or something.  They not the humans travel back through a vortex teleport, I don't know....That is kinda all I am getting if you want to ask me questions.?
Q-Describe bug people.
A-Dark eyes, a, their eyes are big, I would image seeing and insect but it walks uprights, it has to back legs, its front legs are arms, but the two middle legs are like little tyrannosaurus rex arms.  And I think each of the bug people are both male and female, but it still takes two to reproduce but either can be in the male or female role.
Q-Are they wearing cloths:
A-Bug people no, 
Q-What about the humans?
A-It looks kinda like a loin cloth, and it is blue.
Q-Is there any transportation or roads?
A-No, I don't see anything like that.
Q-Do you see any technology?
A-As far as the people, the humans it is pretty primitive, The bug people seem like they have all of it, they are able to do the transporting and stuff.
Q-What does the environment look like?
A-Well it is like there are two parts, one in like the interiour part, the human do mining and it is like caves in temple of doom.  But then there is the more civilized city on top of the caves and that is where the bug people live.
Q-Have long have they lived there?
A-I want to say like forever, I feel like it is the most ancient civilization that ever existed.
Q-In the cities what are the structures like?
A-Look like most everything is made out of rusty metal.
Q-What the sun and the sky look like
A-It looks like a bright ball and it is never dark, like they dont have night they only have day.
Q-Do you see any water or clouds.
A-No clouds...I do not see any water which feels strange to me because I do not know how the humans would live without it.
Q-Do you see children, bug like or human?
A-Actually I don't I do not.
Q-Do they bugs ever show themselves on the surface of our earth?
A-I feel like when they come here, they use like a human disguised.  What is funny is I actually saw a um, like at the Halloween store they have all the presidents masks, and I pictured a George Bush Jr mask when I saw that.  Like one of those latex ones.
Q-Are you saying George Bush an insect
A-No, ha ha, that is just what came to me.
Q-Do bug people live among us?
A-..I do not know, I guess that is a possibility, but I do not know
Q-Why do they live underground?
A-So they can do what they want, they have full control.
Q-Have any surface humans, discovered on been inside the inner earth?
A-I do not feel like they have..
Q-How fare below the surface would you guess they are?
A-I feel like they are pretty central, pretty much near the middle.
Q-Did the bug people evolve on this planet, or from somewhere else and settle here?
A-I feel like they were part of another race and they were exiled from their race and they came here, and they started their own colony here.
Q-What do the bug people eat?
A-I do not know I am not getting anything.
Q-Do you see much vegetation?
A-I don't and I am almost wondering or thinking they come to the surface to get what they need and come back, and possibly the reason the human are mining are getting minerals that the bug people bring to the surface to do bartering, they buy what they need in exchange for whatever they have minded out from the middle and they take it back.
Q-Do the bug people have souls?
A-I think if what you are referring to as a universal consciousness I would say yes.
Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?
A-No,  End 10:05 am

Update:  You got my curiousity going with this reading, I to my surprise I ran across and article about ANT People living underground in the Hallow Earth. I do not know how this suff gets in my brain, if it is like bullshit or for real.


Anonymous said...

The reason I asked is because a while back one of the Ant People came to me in meditation to speak to me about the importance and power of thought-forms created with the mind.. I looked them up on the web and found a woman who sculpted the exact image of the Being I saw, and then you saw them too. So I'm quite amazed at your description. It's great getting confirmation of what you've seen with the inner senses.. Thanks for sharing your work :)

PsychicFocus said...

Thank you so much for you comment. I do not get much feedback from people who post and I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

You're most welcome! I also remembered that in my meditation the Being did speak to me in the clicking language you described seeing, then words just came to me in english in my mind. I found some information about very old African clicking languages (which may link to your feeling this is the oldest civilization on Earth):

I have directed a few people to your website who have found the information most interesting and helpful. Also, I noticed that someone has posted information promoting your site on Before It's News :)

craig said...

This is very interesting, as the Hopi, or some Southwestern tribes believe that they were taken in underground by the "ant people" (there are carvings depicting this)during a catastrophic period in the past on earth in that area.