Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Orlando, Florida / Earth Changes

1:42 PM
Q. I live in Orlando, Florida and was wanting to know if you see anything in the near future taking place in this area. With the submarines that have appeared in the Gulf of Mexico and along the East Coast. Do you see any man created disasters taking place? We are once again having a rough Winter, many countries are presently dealing with extreme flooding or extreme heat and drought. Do you see any hurricanes hitting the USA from the Atlantic this year? So many people have stopped taking hurricane preparation seriously because of the many weather reports that never came to fruition. Do you see that we should stock up this year or do you see if anything does happen it would only be one to two days until things got back to normal? Thank you for giving this your attention!!!


Anonymous said...

what part of Florida specifically?

Psychic Focus said...

I see it as the southeastern portion of Florida. Just pay attention to the weather warnings.. I feel like people hear so many they become numb, but just listen.

Richard Gumsley said...

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