Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's George Soros connection to Obama and US.Politics?

6:11 AM

I first see a "Reality" sign, and get that he wants to buy or invest in real estate.  I also see buildings, as if they are huge business districts.  He wants to buy low, extremely low, and this area feels like it is bankrupt or near poverty.  I heard "Detroit".. He is trying to avoid some kind of tax or fee, and government wants his investment. In exchange for this break, he is offering his support to the government, and he has lots of money to do so.

I also see him as a wheeling and dealing businessman (I have an image of an auctioneer in my mind- constantly moving). He thrives financially in our type of government, and supports it and other countries that function like us.

Q.  How is he connected to Obama and Politics?
A. He is connected because he is a huge investor and has a lot of money.  In exchange for his loyalty, he wants tax breaks (loopholes) made available and his offshore accounts protected (I see him moving money all over the place as if it was a magic trick).I also see an image as him being the eyes and ears of the politician, however the politician is the one talking (He is standing directly behind this transparent politician, George is watching and listening to what is happening, and the politician is doing the speaking.) [I tried to find an image of this- Imagine the politician being the "clear" looking person, and George is standing behind the "clear" politician and he is doing the thinking, listening and watching].

And that is all I have.  It is 6:30 AM.  Thank you.  (No audio at this time.)


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