Saturday, January 5, 2013

How did the dinosaurs become extinct? How did they come about in the first place?

9:00 PM - The first image I am seeing is either and asteroid or a meteor hitting earth, and when it hits it breaks apart and it looks like....something the consistency of mucus...and it is emitting a golden white light and I feel like there is something about it, like a chemical reaction when it mixes with the oxygen with our atmosphere.  And it allows life to begin so the dinosaurs look to be an evolution that evolved from the substance within that meteor or asteroid.
Q-Was the object directed towards earth intentionally, or coincidence?  Like was earth seeded?

A-Yes, it was intentional and it came from another alien race and I am trying to sort out who...they look like the Greys but they are slightly taller than how I usually see them.
Q-Why did they seed the earth?
A-I am seeing a bunch of microscopes, which is telling me that it was like a scientific experiment.
Q-What was the intention of the experiment?
A-It was something about trying to create a living thing from a combination of non living things...And I keep seeing either an alligator or a crocodile, like it is trying to tell me that the aquatic dinosaurs came first, followed by the land dinosaurs and then lastly the flying dinosaurs.  They did not all develop simultaneously, it was an evolution starting with the water based animals.
Q-What does this race of beings that seeded earth call themselves?
A-I am seeing the show Greys Anatomy, which is show that I do not even watch, so it is telling me it was the Greys.
Q-Was the extinction purposely done by the Greys to end the experiment or was it a natural occurrence?
A-It was natural, and to go back on what I said about they look like Greys but a little bit taller, I am hearing a message and they are kind of laughing, and it is like they are saying that they just keep getting shorter as they evolve.  Like "We used to be much taller"
Q-How tall then vs now?
A-They looked like they were closer to 7 feet tall then, and now they are between 5 and 6 feet tall.

Q-Was any other lifeforms seeded by the Greys, or relocated to earth from another planet?
A-I am not seeing lifeforms, but I am seeing some really weird jungle plants, one has bright orange flowers, that are really spiky, an another plant has really wide leaves that are bright pink.  So I think that they brought plant life for a way to try to seed some of what we would call exotic plants.
Q-Why what purpose do they serve?
A-I am getting a picture of a terrarium, and I feel like it just was all an experiment to them to see what they would be able to do.
Q-So what killed the Dinosaurs?
A-Ok, the first thing I am getting is I am smelling a lot of sulfur.....and I am seeing huge boulders flying through the air but I feel like it is NOT coming from space but it is earth based,  yeah it is earth based because i am seeing a picture of a parabola which I have not seen since college.  I feel like there was some kind of rumbling which caused several volcanoes to go off in a relatively short amount of time.  But it was like they were so potent the atmosphere had this think horrible layer of sulfur about it, and in my mind I am seeing an image of the whole world and it is like I am seeing a red dot show up in the central part of Africa, I am seeing red dots around China, I am seeing three red dots around Brazil, two in western Canada, and two in the mid-western part of the United States, and I looks like one around Antarctica.  And I feel like there was volcanic activity and some were like small eruptions, but some were like gigantic.  And they all happened within probably 4-6 weeks of each other.  Between the sulfur in the atmosphere and the piles of like dust and ash it was like the plants died, the water got contaminated and it eventually killed the dinosaurs out.  But I feel like above all it was the sulfur that caused the most harm.
Q-So they were poisoned with gas?
A-Yes, between breathing it, eating it, and drinking it, YES.

Q-What caused all these eruptions?
A-Hmmm....(Snickered)  I am seeing a witch flying through the air on her broomstick, and that image will not leave my mind so I just need to say that so I can continue.  Oh, ah I get it now.  So this witch is flying on her broomstick, and as she is flying and flying I realize there is a big like moon in background.  And she keeps flying in circles around this moon to where she gets the moon spinning around, so it has to do with the moon became unstable, which then affected the gravitational pull on earth and as a result it created all of these volcanic eruptions.  And I see the moon being much closer to us than it is now because this full moon is HUGE.  Like probably three times what we see now.  And so not only did it become unstable, but it actually increased it's distance from us.
Q-What caused this?
A-Ok...I keep seeing an image of Saturn, and then my mind keeps thinking about the other planets.  And then I feel as though the planets were a lot closer.  Like we could sit on earth and actually distinguish other planets and where they were in relation to us.  And I am seeing the sun and what looks like some kind of waves coming out of it, like there was some kind of boom that came out of the sun and this just kind of forced everything apart.  When that happened and the moon was forced further away from us, that is what created all the volcanic reactions on earth.
Q-Was gravity on earth less during the dinosaurs time allowing them to grow so large?
A-.....I keep getting the message that trees were much larger too.  So now let me focus on this gravity thing.....I feel like it was less than it was now, I am trying to get an exact number but it is not coming through to me.  But my overall impression is that it was much less and everything grew bigger.

Q-Was that due to the moon being closer, or the earth being much smaller, as in the expanding earth theory.  The earth having less mass, has less gravity?
A-Ok, your answer to that, both of those YES.  And I am feeling like I need to clarify to you that the earth did NOT grow taller, it only grew fatter as in east and west, it is like I have an image of a ball in my mind and I see it stretching on the east and west side to make more of spinning oval instead of spinning circle.  That is all I see.
Q-Where did the earth get it's additional mass from?
A-I keep seeing this fiery red hot core, so that is telling me that it is cycling from the core outward.  Like through cracks in the earth this core is seeping out.
Q-But is matter created within this core, or is it the expansion due to cooling like and ice cube?
A-I am seeing two main cracks in the earth, one is north and south right off the coast of Alaska, the other is north and south down the Atlantic Ocean.  And I see the core of the earth getting super hot and I am talking so hot it is like a pressure cooker hot (Like full of steam).  And these cracks spread open, this molten earth from the center escapes and fills these cracks and then the cycle starts all over again.  But it is like the earth is busting at the seams with those two cracks being the main source of where the pressure is exhausted.  I am seeing some are off the coast of Australia also, those are lighting up.
Q-Are these cracks under the ocean?
Q-Were the continents joined or apart, like when you mentioned the volcanoes you saw them on individual continents.
A-I did see them on individual continents, but that could be because that is how it relates to me today.  I actually think the Atlantic Ocean existed, but it was much more narrow...ah...I think that the Atlantic Ocean is where most of the growth happened.

Q-Do is matter created in the core getting its energy from the sun?  Or is the earth becoming more hallow and less dense?
A-I actually saw it as the earth becoming more hallow, and so I do not feel like all this volcanic activity can be put on a timeline to be predicted on a cycle because I feel like these natural disasters, the severe severe ones are gaining many more years with each cycle because the internal core of the earth is not as dense and or producing as much pressure build up.  Because with each release it loses some of that density.
Q-So do you see gravity being based off volume not matter?
A-Yes, volume and not weight.
Q-So the earth weighs as much now as it did then?  Or contains the same amount of matter?
A-Yes, I feel that is true.
Q-Has the earth slowed in it's growth?
A-Yes, I do think it is slowing, because the pressure is decreasing in the core.
Q-Did any of the dinosaurs survive, like the water base or ocean base ones?
A-I am getting an image of frogs, burying themselves in the I feel like the ones that were able to hibernate and provide shelter during all of this sulfur activity were able to survive, but the land based ones had nowhere really to go or hide from it.
Q-Were humans around at this time?
A-No, they were not.
Q-What are your thoughts on this reading?
A-It is actually kind of confusing to me, I feel like I am describing what I am seeing, but it does not necessarily make sense to me, um...I do not really know if there are any theories out there to support anything that I describes, and I hope after reading or listening to this reading it makes sense to the you and the audience and maybe you will understand it better than I did.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading. actually the sulfur and the volcanic eruptions are one theory that killed the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Great info as always. Thank you. Do you have any insight if the "other planet" Nibiru had anything to do with the volcanoes back then?
Do you see severe earth changes by June of this year due to that planet?

Psychic Focus said...

I always see things happening by March of this year 2013. I never see a planet, but rather a Red Comet. I have confirmed this multiple times in various readings. It first came to me in the form of a carved XLVII in stone. Then it came in seasons and weather, then I started getting months. So the end of the first quarter, beginning of 2nd in 2013. I hope I am wrong. I looked up XLVII and to me that means Superbowl. I was surprised to find it is Superbowl 47, to be played on Feb 3rd 2013. I am not saying that is the exact day, but that is the time frame. I have 90% of my preparations done. So used this date as a guide, and if nothing happens then you will still have the peace of mind that you are prepared.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever see the Reptilian Beings? They are supposed to be master geneticists that helped form dinosaurs & humans? I don't recall you mentioning reptilians before.. A very interesting reading!

Anonymous said...

You truly have a gift. I am trying to find the truth regarding The One Peoples Trust Account, Nesara, St. Germain Funds, and the Wanta Protocols. All of these claim that legal action has been taken to return the worlds wealth back to the people. Is it true? When is it most likely to happen? Thanks Jim

Psychic Focus said...

I actually did not see the Reptilians during this reading. I have seen them in the past in different readings - one I really remember was one in which I could see areas of the earth that were almost "hallow" and they lived in that space.. but I actually did not see them this time.
Thank you for the comments.

Psychic Focus said...

Jime - GREAT question.. Why don't you put a request outlying what you want to know..even list it out..on my Focus Request page. Sounds like an interesting reading!

Anonymous said...
Strange happen to those frog was still alive stuck inside vacuum outside limestone.