Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is space the final frontier?

8:08 PM - Hmm...Of the physical realm Yes, but of the spiritual realm, No.
Q-How big is the universe, or it always expanding?
A-It feel infinite to my, as I view it you cannot even zoom to the edge, it is like you keep going.
Q-What is the spiritual you reference like?  Describe it.
A-...In my mind, it is like another layer on top of this physical realm.  But I feel like it's highest energy comes the closer you are to the Sun.  Meaning that I also feel that it's distance is kind of infinite also.  But the strength of it feel weaker, the further you get from the sun.
Q-Is  the sun made up of, or is the source or piece of the source of the Universal consciousness you describe in previous readings.

A-I feel like the sun is like in the middle of the Universal consciousness, I do not necessarily think it is the main source of it.  But it definitely feel stronger closer to the Sun as opposed to further from the sun.
Q-Theory:  The universe is made of up of billions of galaxies with billions and billions of stars.  Could possible these stars just be pools of this universal conscious and each is the source for it planetary bodies.  Just a theory.
A-I will say that it is possible, and often when people die they talk of this bright light, so then I am starting to question what that bright light is.  And when I do, I am getting an image of the Sun and I am seeing shadows of people being pulled up to it like a magnet.  And I am starting to feel like possibly the sun is a source of universal knowledge.  Like a collective, I am specifically seeing only people from earth, so it is for it's local planets.  That is how it feels to me.
Q-So when we die, we may return to the source, or in our case our Sun.
A-That is how I am seeing it.  I am feeling like when people say go towards the light, that is the source of the light.
Q-So when one reincarnates they do so from the Sun in spirit form and then enter matter on a planetary form?
A-Let me work on that a second....It does feel like that, like the souls are held there.  Then when you reincarnate your soul get cycle through into the physical form, back into the physical layer on earth.
Q-Can souls move or progress from one Sun to another?
A-I am not really seeing that happen.
Q-How would you explain soul that lived on other planets in other forms outside our solar system.
A-Maybe their soul was fueled by their own sun.  I mean this is concept that is even hard for me to understand, I have never thought this way.
Q-Can a soul travel from one system to another spiritually, or only in physical form.  Example, a man who's soul originated on earth, gets zapped via the Bermuda triangle to another planet in another solar system.  When that man dies, where does his soul go?
A-I feel like it is going to go to the sun in the solar system in which he died.  I do not feel our sun can pull him from that solar system.
Q-Could we look at each solar system, as a boundary to contain the soul from that system.
A-Yes that is how I am viewing it.
Q-Can more highly developed souls leaved this boundary on their own?  Or is there even a need to?
A-I do not see a need, and furthermore I am getting some kind of message that it is some kind of universal law like it does not work that way.
Q-Do these souls within the sun have the ability to influence our lives on earth?
A-Not once they go in the light.
Q-So if earth was wiped out by a huge solar flare, all souls on earth would return to the source of the sun?
A-Yes, and to be specific about that, I see them like on the outermost crust of the sun, I do not see them deep in the sun, it is like on the very edge of the sun, as if the sun were a magnet, not like it will suck them into it.
Q-Do you have anything else?
A-No I do  not, this was a hard reading for me. 8:31 PM

There's a lot of talk about celebrities sacrificing their love ones for fame and fortune. Do they really participate in human sacrifice and/or "sell" their souls for fame and fortune and to remain rich?!?

7:53 PM - Hm..I see celebrities like everybody else, some have high morals, and some do not.  I have an image of a little girl praying and her mom is standing over top of her as if they are praying for fame and fortune.  When I ask about human sacrifices, I am not getting any images regarding that.  I am seeing some kind of a money transaction where money is exchanging hands, this is giving me impression that some people can be bought off.  I am seeing a mom leave a little girl in a hallway, and she goes into this room and is trying to seduce some older guy.  I am seeing someone holding their fingers up to their mouth like they are trying to quite somebody.  Like there is some kind of blackmail activity going on.  My overall impression of the situation is that there are dirty deals that go on and there are some people involved with low morals, but I do not see any sacrificing of their own family going on.
Q-Do they sacrifice their family mentally and emotion maybe not physically.
A-Yes, that I could see with the mom standing over top of the little girl.
Q-Can people actually sell their souls?
A-I would not call it selling their souls, but they are consciously choosing NOT to follow their spiritual path or to do the right thing.
Q-First celebrity that comes to your mind.
A-The first one was Angelina Jolie.
Q-Do you see them making bargains with themselves or a perceived entity in order to gain their fame and fortune.  Like within their own minds.
A-Some of them do, but some of them also are not even that high of thinking and it more just trying to make dirty deals with people.
Q-What the percentage of lets say Good vs Evil celebrities.
A-Well it is kind of this flip flop thing going on.  I view the older celebrities to have a little more integrity, than the younger ones.  It is like the older ones worked to get where they are, but the younger ones do not always feel that they should have to work that hard.  So I would say under 40 it is like a 60 /40 with 60% with lower morals, but the older generations 40+, it is more like a 75/25 with the 25% is corrupt.
Q-But is that not the way society work now.
A-Maybe so, and it is carried over into that industry as well.  It is like I am getting a snapshot of that crazy Toddlers in Tiaras show, and it is like the mom's do not even expect the kids to have to work, they almost have that entitled feeling about them also.
Q-Is there anything else? A-No 8:07 PM

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Much success and luck as you develop your talent. Meanwhile I had a health question that I hoped you can help me with. I was born June 17, 1977 and my first name is Rick and Last name starts with the 3 letters SCH. I have been having liver issues, I believe, caused by an antidepressant which I am weaning off. Will I get better? And yes I know you are not a Doctor but would like to hear what the universe has to say. Thanks and God Bless!

9:05 PM - The first think I am seeing is some occasional drinking, and I feel like you need to stop that all together but I think that you already know that.  I am also getting an image of some kind of a tar substance on your liver as if you need to do some sort of a liver detox.  I think that there are certain herbs that promote a healthier liver and I would look into that.  I hearing something about those herbs will give you diarrhea, but not to be alarmed because it is the toxins leaving your body. I am getting an overall impression that if you take a holistic approach to your medical concerns and do a body cleansing treatment, that you will be ok.  But also remember that since you do have a liver that is sensitive to chemical that you put in your body you are going to be prone to have issues if you go back to your old habits.
Q-Do you have any confirmation for Rick SCH?
A-I am seeing a little tiny dog, and I just picked up on that he has not let many people in on his health issues, even people that are pretty close to him, and if he opens up about it, it will help him feel better and it will also give him more support to get off his antidepressants.  I am also picking up on that he also lives near power lines and he is always thinking about if they are going to have an effect on him or his family, and I feel like if he looks inward he is going to know the right answer to that.  That is all I really got. 9:17 PM

Anonymous said...
This is for Rick, but i too have had problems with liver and my chiropractor recommended NAC N-acetyl cysteine, it converts into Glutathione, an antioxidant that protects your liver, i have been feeling better since taking it. It has been shown to be effective, best to get from swanson, they are a good brand.

Hello, my name is Erin and I am curious about my current job/financial situation. Could you please focus on this and let me know of a direction that I should take?

Please provide more information for an accurate reading DOB and State,  If you are the ERIN in a previous reading please state that tool. 

What are the black eyed kids/black eyed people? Are they aliens impersonating children, interdimensional creatures, vampires, or demons? I am referring to the black eyed kids that have a completely pitch black eye with no pupil, iris, or whites to their eyes- and the sclera is all black. They ask to be let into people's homes/cars and don't speak like they are children. What are they? What do they want?

8:39 PM - I am trying to visualize what you are describing, and I feel that it is the spirits of someone who has passed on but they are either not accepting of the fact or they are not ready to move on.  It is like they are here but they are on a different layer of earth, they are not on the physical realm, even though some people can view them.  I feel like they are people that had a darkness around them at the time that they passed.  And maybe the have some unfinished business to do here on Earth.  I can hear them talking and it almost sounds like the teacher off of Charlie Brown cartoons.  I feel like they either need help with something here on Earth or they need encouraged to step toward the light and pass on and allow themselves to be absorbed by the universal light.
Q-What you decribes seem to be like ghosts?
A-Yes, I mean I will say I feel uneasy even talking about them because I definitely feel a darkness about them.
Q-Why would they ask to be let into cars and homes?
A-I am seeing a scene from the movie FRED (Kids Movie) and a vampire had to have permission to enter someone's home.  I feel they work the same way, that there is a boundary that cannot be crossed unless a human allows them access.
Q-Why do the appear as children?
A-I am hearing something about the innocense of children, visually children have an innocense about them.
Q-Are they souls of children, or spirits taking on the form for the illusion of innocense.
A-No, they just appear that way.
Q-Why do their eye appear black?
A-It has to do with some kind of emptiness that is within them.
Q-What do they want?
A-It is like they want help, but there is something unresolved here that they want help with regading their own personal life.
Q-Do mediums have the ability to help them?
A-I would say Yes, if you really connect with one.
Q-Do you have an interest in doing this?
A-No I am completely creeped out.
Q-Have you ever expererienced one?
A-No I have not.  I did not even know they existed until this reading.
Q-If a person encounters one, what would you reccommend they do.
A-I would NOT allow them in my home, and...I feel like you should sit and focus on the white light that is within you as a form of spiritual protection to keep them away and keep them from trying to vampire energy from you.
Q-So you feel they are energy vampires of sorts?
Q-Is there anything else you want to share? A-No that is it.  
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are we soon entering a 3rd world war? Problems in the middle east, Asia.....or is this simply a distraction made by the elite to hide the financial theft from the people and economic collapse. It's obvious now, governments worldwide express they will continue unprecedented money printing. How will society function? How will people eat? Already people are stressed out trying to get material possessions that seem unattainable. The future looks extremely for boding to anyone that understands basic math. You cannot create lasting prosperity from debt creation. Honestly, it seems 99% of people have not a clue the world is in a depression...what year does it finally wake people up. Next year? The American government feeds more then 50 million people on a daily basis..that's insanity! It can't go on forever...or am I wrong? What is the cost of a loaf of bread September 2014? Knowing people wages are not really rising....massive high prices would indicate great scary social unrest worldwide.

8:01 PM Q-Are we soon entering a 3rd World war?  If so when?
A-I do see us entering a 3rd World War, but it is almost like a peaceful takeover, what I see happening is people fighting over resources, and with the destructive technology available rather than destroying each other, and harming resources,  it is like other countries will invade other countries, I see countries taking over other countries but it is at such a slow rate that it does not seem invasive.  So it is like a very small incremental war, but it is not earth destroying in the process.  And I see this a lot around the Iran and Iraq area.
Q-So you see no major bombing, nuclear attacks, invasions or anything of that sort?
A-There maybe some small forceful takeovers, but I have a strong sense that they want to keep the farmland pure, and the oil access.
Q-Are the elite hiding any financial theft?  Why are they printing so much money?
A-I have an image of people pulling money off the printers and like throwing it up in the air like it is nothing.  And it make me feel like they are printing it to give the illusion that we have it and in reality they are creating a destructive amount of inflation.  But to the average person all they see is just tons of money in circulation and being lent out.
Q-When will this inflation hit?
A-It is hitting now, and it is just slowly going to show, it is like on a graph that keeps rising.  And I am getting a number in my head for a loaf of bread in 2014 of between 6-7 dollars.  So about a 4-5 times increase.
Q-How will society function, and how will people eat?
A-I see it as if you do not grow your own food, or do not have money saved for the price hikes, the rest of society is going to each the cheaper junkier and less nutritious food.  I see a lot of health problems in the future.
Q-Will the materialism of people change once this inflation hits?
A-Once there is no more credit to lend out, yes around late 2014.
Q-Will land and property prices rise as well?
A-It depends on the land, farmland will rise, but if it is not functional and useful land, it is going to go for cheap.
Q-What year do people realize we are in a depression?
A-I feel like after Obama gets back into office it will happen I would say like the 2nd quarter of next year 2013.
Q-Will the stock market prevail?
A-I feel like we got about 5-6 years on the stock market, it is like it is falsely inflated, I feel like during that time China is going to impose some kind of action towards the US that they want their debt paid, and they are going to want Gold or Silver.  And when that happens it is going to put us in an undeniable situation that we do not have money.  And we are going to feel like we are at China's mercy and when that starts happening that is when it is going to affect our stock market and also the realization of our inflated money is going to come forward.
Q-Then why does the Government just stop printing now and face the facts?
A-I am hearing the phrase "Their plan is not ready or done" like there is people in the banks or the stock market that are making a lot of money and they are waiting on whatever their goals are to be met before any action happens.  And I feel like when China starts wanting their money, their plans still are not quite done, but whatever it is they are not going to be affected like everyone else.
Q-If you were to pick and exact date to get out of the market what day would that be?
A-I am seeing the date of 3-13-13, like 31313.
Q-Is this date planed out already or are you just seeing the future?
A-I am really just seeing a date based on a question that I focused on.
Q-Are the elites aware of this date?
A-I feel like they are, but they have this false way of controlling the market to where it does not impact them, and they over the long run are able to make money.
Q-You can still make money if you can predict the market going down.
A-But not the normal person, only if you have control of it.
Q-So the average person should get out before March 2013?
A-I do not want to tell people what to do but be cautious.
Q-Will the market continue to rise between present time and March 2013?
A-I feel like it will be pretty steady, a slight increase but fairly stable.
Q-Will there be foreign troops on American soils, if so when?
A-I feel like there is a few now, but it is going to increase a lot around the end of 2014.
Q-Should American begin to prepare to fend for themselves?
A-I feel like that would be a wise choice.
Q-Will America continue to fee 50 million people?
A-No, not by choice, I feel like other countries are going to take over our land to fed themselves.
Q-How will they get control?
A-They are going to take our land as payment when we cannot pay China.
Q-Why do we not just pay them with food?
A-Because the land is more valuable and they can grow their own food and still own the land.
Q-And our government is OK with this?
A-Somehow I feel like they are, like they formed some kind of agreement...
Q-Will people wages rise with this inflation?
A-I see wages going slightly up, but not nearly at the rate of inflation.
Q-What are the top 3 things you can buy / do NOW to prepare for this possible future?
A-I have Silver in small increments, I have long barreled guns with bullets that you can reload, that you can reload the bullets, and then the next thing that is coming to me is well made leather goods that you can wear or trade.  I mean I am getting more than three if you want more.   One thing is to learn about herbal remedies and educate yourself, learning how to preserve food and dry out meat, either start a garden or save seeds that you can plant.  Now I am getting you should do both in case you had to be mobile you should have seeds.
Q-In previous history food was valued above all else, in present food is wasted and many are obese, what causes this shift to no longer have cheap food?
A-I feel like it is going to be a combination of natural disasters that increase the water level, and losing farmland to China.  We are going to have a greater value in what we have left and that is where the thought is going to reverse.
Q-What is the cause of these natural disasters?  When does the most detrimental one occur?
A-It has to do with the moon, and our gravitational pull gets interrupted.  And there is going to be a lot of flooding on coastal areas, a lot of unsteady water in the oceans, and I see this happening early in 2013, like 1st quarter.
Q-Who is affected the most in the US and then in the World?
A-West Coast in the US will be most affected, and in the World I would have to say Japan and areas close to Japan.
Q-Is there anything else we should know?  A-No 
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If the grays are a parent race why do they give advanced technology to the government & abduct people against their will? Is this true? Isn't that interference from the Galactic Federation perspective? Are they members of the Federation? Thanks for your time.

7:31 PM - Ok, I am going to kind of skip around, the first thing is I see this Galactic Federation as a group of higher evolved aliens and different aliens such as the Greys have a representative that they use to approach the Federation.  So they are not a member but they are allowed to interact and state grievances or get council.

Q-Do the Greys give advanced technology to our government?
A-I am getting an image of our Government stumbling upon some of their technology, for example i see a desert area and it is pitch black, and military people are out there in the desert and they have their headlight shining and these handheld lights as if they are looking for something.  And they stumble upon what looks like a aircraft, and they take that aircraft back to a highly sophisticated lab and they reverse engineer it.  And it takes months, like I see this as a slow process.  And through that process of reverse engineering that is how they have learned some of the alien technologies.  So it was not really bestowed on us, we kind of stole it.  And on a map I am seeing south eastern Asian lighting up, and a big part of Russia lighting up.  And I feel that they have also been involved in similar reverse engineering techniques.  So it is not that the whole world is privileged to that information it is only a very small select group within a few military establishments.
Q-Do the Greys loose track of these device intentionally so we can get our hands on them?
A-No I get a sense of both like a pissed off feeling towards us, and also I see a look of worry on their face.  Almost like they think we are going to hurt ourselves with it.
Q-Do the Greys abduct people, and if abductions do occur who is doing them?
A-I actually DO see them having a human laid out on a table inside of their ship, but I feel like it is being conveyed to me that it is not with malicious intent, but more to see how we are evolving.  And I am hearing the phrase "You won't remember this"  and it is like they are putting them in some sort of a twilight in which they are not supposed to remember any of the testing.
Q-Why does it seem they only abduct the stereo typical crazies?
A-They abduct a lot of different types of people, and like I said they put them in a twilight, but the different is the more rational of a mind that you have, you discount anything that seems odd and you also let your subconscious be overridden a lot, where as the people who are viewed as crazy, simply have a better ability to tap into their subconscious being.
Q-How many people a year on average are abducted?
A-I actually saw the number 250.
Q-How many since they began abductions?  When did they begin abducting?
A-As a date I am getting 1950s, and as a number I am getting 870 total, but a lot of those people are repeat people because they want to have a constant when they are doing their comparisons.
Q-What is the criteria they use in selecting an abductee ?
A-Ok, I will just list off different traits that they look for, they categorize people by blood type, IQ, sex, age, something about bone density as if everyone's is a little different, and I think that is just their base of all the things that they are studying.  I get this feel that if they find someone that develops any kind of oddity, like a disease, they exclude them because they want to know the norm of society, not the anything to do with any irregularities.
Q-Can someone request to be abducted, and if so how?
A-If you deeply meditate, or get into a hypnotic state you can get yourself into a communication plain where you can mentally communicate and you could request it, but it is like I am being told that it is very precise how they do it, so odds are you would not be chosen, but you could put that out there to them.  And then I am being told, remember you still will go back home, they are not taking you anywhere.
Q-Are they responsible for cattle mutilations and if so why do they do perform them?
A-Ok the Greys, do not know what I am talking about, so then when I said "Who is doing this?", it zoomed me up to the moon and it showed me that race of aliens, the Albino ones.  And I said "Why are you doing this?" and they laughed at me and then they showed me some kind of equipment that they have, and it is like it sends down some kind of a wave signal and it is like they are doing it to test their equipment, like to test their technology.
Q-Have they ever done it humans?
A-No I do not think they have ever done it to humans, I am getting a picture of some fish, I think they have done it to some fish as well.
Q-These are not the crop circle ones?
A-NO, These are not the crop circle ones  
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Please do a reading on the Alien Counsel. Who presides there? How long ago was it formed?

8:05 PM - The first thing that I am seeing is a long wooden table, and behind it are like 8 creatures and they remind me of gremlins.  It is almost being showed like they are something off the Muppets, so let me work on it.  The are really short, like 3 feet tall, and they do not look like any alien race I have ever seen...As I zone in and look at their faces they remind me of like a hairless cat.  They have pointy ears, big eyes, a small nose, and very fleshy skin.  I am sorry what is the question, I am getting crazy images...(Question repeated)....Hmm....I keep hearing the name, and this is how it sounds... N-Auk-Bawn.  I am feeling like they live on a silver space ship.  I do not know, you are going to have to prompt me with questions because I am not getting a lot.

Q-Describe the rest of the body of the fleshy gremlins?
A-The stand upright, they have two legs, two arms.  They have three fingers and a thumb, 3 toes.  I am trying to see what they are wearing but I cannot tell, it is like it is dark.
Q-Who is this N-Auk-Bawn?
A-I just got an image of um the Wizard on the Wizard of Oz, so I feel like this guy is like the head council person.
Q-What race of being does he belong to?
A-It is like I cannot get an answer to that, but I can tell you this, when I ask that question, I get this feeling of fear come about me, as if the other alien species are scared to death of this, I guess guy.  I will call it a feel like this council is so highly evolved I keep getting and image of like a Jedi, doing a Jedi mind trick as if the council is able to not only communicate with telepathically but they are also able to do physical actions a well.  I feel like they are here to promote good, I am hearing the the phrase, the Universal Balance, and I think they are not only in our solar system, but they monitor things on a much grander scale.  I keep getting this sense of they are here for harmony and balance, but if you disrupt this balance they can also take you out.
Q-What is his age.
A-Oh man he is am feeling like 700-800 years old, I mean old, old.
Q-Has he ever incarnated as a human being?  And if so who was he?
A-Hmm...Good question....Interesting, when he was on earth, and yes he was a human, I believe he came back as a human several times, but I am always getting an image of a humble nobody type of person, like a peasant.  And I always see him as a boy..And two specific snapshots I am getting of him, one he was a young boy with really dark hair, and then in the other one I am seeing a young man, dark hair, really skinny, wearing like white Muslim clothing, and he is just like a dirty peasant worker.   I do not think both of those people were the same person, I am getting two different images.
Q-Which time period did he live?
A-It feel really early to me like between 550-700 AD, like old.
Q-How many different races of beings are on this council?
A-I am just seeing this one odd race, and I feel like the way it happens, is that each alien race has their certain assigned representatives that approach this council, but they are not necessarily on this council.
Q-How long ago was it formed?
A-Ok here is what I am getting, I am getting like 1000's of years it was formed and the race of people that are on this council are from another planet in another solar system and from those people it is almost like they have to spiritually train and reach a certain heightened sense of awareness to become members of this council.  And really the only way to obtain a seat or for a seat to become vacant is for one of the council members to die.  And this N-Auk-Bawn guy is the oldest guy on the council right now.
Q-How to do monitor earth, or do they?
A-It is not that they monitor earth, what they monitor are the alien activities because their main goal is to maintain balance in the universe so they do not want to see someone interfere with earth, but is more the actions of the aliens they are worried about then earth itself.
Q-How do the view the aliens who make crop circles?
A-Hmm...I got an image of, and I do not know why, but a Steven Seagal, very angry pissed off face, so I feel like it makes them angry that it is being done, but they have not really crossed the line as far as creating an imbalance, so they have not really done anything but they definitely do not approve of that.
Q-If this N-Auk-Bawn had a message for the human in order progress what would it be.
A-I am getting weird image, I am seeing a human laying on their back and out of their chest is like this white light that looks like a tornado, in the shape of a tornado and moving like a tornado, and it is being told to me like "Free your mind and let go of your rational thought, release your body and take in all of the knowledge without questioning it, and use that knowledge as the Truth, and not what is around your and what everyone tells you, and if you do that you will grow"
Q-So like to trust your gut and instincts?
A-Yes but even a more deeper, it is not even like your gut, I feel like this knowledge and whirlwind of power is in your soul, not like instinct, but deep in there.  I mean the image is almost like the person is surrendering their own body in exchange for this knowledge and enlightenment.   And you have to make that conscious decision to turn your bias off and preconceived ideas off, and use what you learn to be the truth and not all the crap around you.  From that you can move forward.  But it is deep, it is not superficial.
Q-Why is so hard for mankind to do this, what is blocking him?
A-It is your conscious mind...I feel like all of the secrets to everything is within your subconscious but your conscious blocks it.  It is sort of being explained to me that your conscious mind does that as some kind of self defense, because most people cannot handle that absolute truth, it is like they need something else to believe in rather than looking in towards their self.  
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My name is Nicole B. I am a female, I am 25 years old, my my birthday is September 29th, 1986.I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I appreciate you taking the time to do a reading for me. I have always felt that my soul is not of this Earth/dimension. I have never felt in tune with the people around me, and always have felt out of step/different. Ever since I was a little girl, I have known that there are so many things that exist that we cannot see, and that there are other worlds/dimensions. My question is,am I purely human/human soul, or am I or my soul from somewhere else or of another type of entity? I promise you that no answer will be too far fetched to me-I have a very open mind.

7:53 PM - Well the first thing I feel is that she is an old soul that has be reincarnated several times.  And I feel like she is finally understanding why she is here and she is headed down a more spiritual path.  I feel like she might like nice things in life but she has learned to realize that most of the things around her are materialistic and does not really matter.   I feel like she has some type of artistic sense about her, I do not know if she draws or paints but she is good with her hands.  Definitely a free thinker, I keep hearing left handed...I think she wears glasses, they may be sunglasses but I am pretty sure they are reading glasses, I feel like she has sense that she is lost and does not know what her purpose is, I also see a big huge pile of books and she is doing a lot of reading.  And I do feel like she is a human soul, but she is evolving...I am seeing a clock, and it is reminding me of Cinderella, so I am feeling like she is having a race against time, like there is something about time that is giving her anxiety...

Q-Has her soul ever existed on another planet or dimension?
A-I feel that she has had several lifetimes on earth but not on a different dimension, but her evolved soul is what allows her to see the different dimensions that coexist on earth.
Q-Do you have any confirmations or messages for her?
A-I am seeing an older woman sitting on a embankment, and she has like chin length curly gray hair, wearing jeans and some kind of sleeveless sweater, and she is throwing bread out to some birds.  They look like seagulls. I am also seeing a pair of reading glasses and they have like one of those connecting chains that connect the ear portions together.  And I got the word Popsicles.  Thats it. 
8:03 PM Link to Audio

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are there groups like the Illuminati or Freemasons that pull the strings of the world?

8:43 PM - Hmm...I do not feel it is the Illuminati or the Freemasons, I feel like it has something to do with the banking system and I am trying to sort it out.  It is like I am seeing the banking system as a pyramid scheme and the money keeps getting funneled to the top.  The person standing on top of the pyramid looks like a cartoon character and they are wearing a crown like they are the king of it all.  And as I side note, I keep getting the name "Needlemeyer" or "Niedermeyer", and they are pretty high up on this banking pyramid...It is the people with all the money that have all the power.  It is like they have their own part of society that has nothing to do with a club or a group...I am seeing 18th century like this has started back then...You can ask me questions now cause I am kinda getting blocked.
Q-Is there any public figures, officials etc, who are part of this group?
A-I am seeing this group as a hidden part of society, I am looking at the group, and they are all wearing masks like they are at a masquerade party.  But what they do is use their money and influence to support the people that they want and the agenda that they want, but they try to remain anonymous.
Q-What percentage of US power do they possess and then World power?
A-I would say US is like 70-75%, and the world power is like 50-60%.  I feel like most of the people in the group like 75% of them are American.
Q-How many are there?
A-It is a small group like 150 or less.

Q-Does the name Bilderbergs mean anything to you?
A-Hmm...I feel like they would be one of the elite people, and mind you when I say 150, I mean family names, like Rockerfeller would take one space or 1 of 150.  So 150 groups or less, but 150 is on the high side.
Q-Do you see them gaining more or losing power in the next few years?
A-I see it kind of relatively unchanged.
Q-What is their main purpose or goal?  Or maybe vision?
A-I feel like it is money and control, and I get this internal feeling of arrogance, like "I am better than you"
Q-What is the best way or method to decrease their power and influence?
A-It is like I see them relying so much on banking and stock markets and financial institutions that if enough people began doing things like on a barter system, and handled money one on one without using a third party that would reduce their influence.  And then also I see them almost looking down at society and enjoying seeing people covet their materialistic crap that they own.  That if people stop buying in to their materialist stuff, that that too reduces their power over the population.  As a side note:  I see these people like the capital in the "Hunger Games" book with their outlandish possessions, and if normal society just quit buying into that, then they like the capitol would not have any power.  You just have resist whatever it is that they are offering.
Q-Do they finance presidential elections?
A-Absolutely, and I actually saw Mitt Romney at their masquerade party and he was the only one not wearing a mask.
Q-Are these people spiritual?
A-I get a very materialistic and selfish vibe from them.
Q-Are there any spiritual people who have infiltrated their group?
A-I see what I call like a false spiritual presence, meaning they go to church, but they do not necessarily practice good hearted work on a daily basis, it is more going through the motions to say they did it, not that they really believe it or act upon it in a true spiritual form.  And i keep going to that quote in the Kolbrin that references something about how god does not want you to just go to church on Sunday and go through the motions, that he would rather you acted godly and did the right thing daily, rather doing a false worshiping to him.
Q-Do you think they want people to blame the Illuminati and Freemasons so that they can remain anonymous?
A-Yes, I feel like if people knew who they were, the are afraid that they would be revealed and stopped.  Right now they are just hiding in the background.
Q-Do any defected from the group or had a change of heart?
A-I am getting an image of a like a mob, which is telling me you are born into it and defecting is not an option.
Q-Did this group establish the United States of America?
A-I am seeing them as big contributors to that establishment, but what I really noted was an image of George Washington so I think most importantly they funded the first presidential election backing George Washington and beginning their foothold of power.
Q-What do they call themselves?
A-Hmm..I do not know I cannot get anything on that.
Q-Will this group ever fall?
A-Actually I think yes, but it is going to be a long time, and what I got an image of was on the TV series prison break, how all "The Company" at the end got arrested and imprisoned.
Q-What year do you see that happening?
A-I feel like it is a far ways out like 2030s to 2040s.
Q-Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves in our time?
A-I would say invest in hard assets, and start bartering as much as possible.
Q-Do you have anything else? A-No 
9:22 PM. Link to Audio

Excerpt from the Kolbrin - Voice of God Link to Kolbrin

"Men bring Me meat and wine, fine flour and wheaten cakes, thinking I can
consume these, or that I have need of such sustenance. I would be far better
served were these to be given to the widow and orphan, to the multitudinous poor
whom you suffer to exist in your midst. Poverty is man-made and it is not
sufficient for the wealthy to give alms to the poor; those with power and
position, with wealth and plenty must strike at the roots of poverty. If they
fail to do this, then the alms they give have no merit in My sight".

"I do not deny you your rituals and ceremonials, worship Me if you will as you
will, but bear in mind that this cannot substitute for your obligations. Ritual
and worship cannot be an adjustment or payment for the things you have failed to
do, or be an apology for your own shortcomings. Neither do they compensate for
iniquities against your fellowmen. If you attach importance to ritual and
ceremonial let it be in a proper proportion, and never let them dull your
conscience against deeds of wickedness, of usury and injustice. Never let your
duty and obligations be neglected because you worship Me diligently, following a
formalised ritual and ceremonial. Let this not become an excuse for failing to
share your bread with the hungry or for neglecting the needs of the destitute or
weak. I am not deceived. A life dedicated to Me is not one preoccupied with
worship, that is more the life of a coward trembling before the unknown. He who
dedicates bis life to Me gives shelter to the homeless and succours those in
distress, but even these are not the ultimate in goodness, for they are
passively accepted. The ultimate in goodness is to actively combat all the root
causes of evil. Those who are my true followers live a life of service and
goodness. They live in harmony with their neighbours, harm none and do not shirk
the burdens and obligations of earthly existence".

Update:  JFK seemed to know the truth about these powers and we know what happened to him.
JFK Speech Link:

How does prophecy and free will work, seemingly they are contradictory.

8:20 PM - Hmm...When I look at Earth, I see it with multiple layers on top of it, like Photoshop, different layers of a picture.  And I feel like when someone sees something in the future, predicts something to happen, this done within one of these layers and it will actually will happen if there is not a great influence to change it, and then on top of the layer that is not altered there is another layer in which their is influence and people making choices and other factors, and free will, that can change what was previously predicted and create an alternate event.  So when someone predicts the future, and predicts and event, you are looking at an unaltered timeline.  Which is subject to change if free will and choices alter it big enough that that event cannot happen or it is altered.
Q-So would it be safe to say their are many paths, but you are viewing a particular area on a particular, but if free will or choice changes the path your are on you may never experience that area?
A-To go a step further, I might do a reading that has a specific outcome, but I might do a reading two months later on that same topic and it might have a different or altered outcome because some free will event has altered the first reading.
Q-Is that not just an out for predictions that do not come true?
A-It might be, I cannot say, but I have experienced different outcomes of a similar reading if there is time span in between the readings.
Q-So are you saying you can only view one possible outcome, but over time, another reading you may view an alternate outcome?
Q-Is there any way to pinpoint the future more exactly?
A-With my current experience I can only see what I am given, and that is all I really have to go on.
Q-So can an individual, if unhappy with a future reading use free will to change his or her course?
A-Absolutely, that happens a lot.
Q-So would an appropriate analogy be like a choose your own adventure book, the paths are already written, but your have free will to choose the path and outcome?
A-Yes, and example would be if I saw someone getting into a car accident, I could encourage them to wear a seat belt, or if I suspect health problems I might encourage them to see a doctor, it is still their choice and they can change the outcome.
Q-So in your opinion, do all outcomes exist, just on different layers?
Q-Give me another analogy rather than layer?
A-It is like the pages of a book stacked up on top of each other, and each page has a slightly different version of the the same story.  And all I can see based on what is going on right now is one of those versions.  The others exist, but based on what is going on I am tapped into the story that suits the current situation.
Q-I think this is similar to a "Multiverse" theory, in which it is theorized every possible outcome exists simultaneously.
A-I am not familiar with that term, but as you describe it I would say yes.
Q-Do you have anything else?  A-I do not. 
8:35 PM Link to Audio

I applied for a job... I really want to know if you see anything about me getting the job? My birthday is 11/19/76

7:58 PM - The first thing I see is you sitting at a desk, and you work or you deal with a lady that is slightly overweight, she has gray or a lot of gray in her hair, she has curly hair, and the most notable thing about her is that she has some very stinky perfume that smells like pepper.  I have a feeling that at your work people do not always take you seriously, and I do not necessarily think it is because of how you act, but it is because they know your age...I keep getting an image of you not being clean shaven, and I think to an extent they hold that against you..  I think you are going to get an interview for this job, they will probably highly consider you, but in the end they are going to pick a guy who fits their idealistic mold, but do not lose hope because after this interviewing process it is going to kind of irritate the hell out of you and their is going to be another job that you are even happier with that you are going to get.  And I think this is going to happen within the next six months or so.
Q-Should he bother interviewing at all?
A-Interviewing is always good practice, so definitely be optimistic and use it as a learning experience.
Q-Any suggestions on improving his odds of interviewing well?
A-The biggest thing that stuck out was more of a business like outward appearance.  Something about being clean shaven seems important.  And I keep hearing that phrase, "Dress for the Job you want not the job you have", so try stand out and be professional.
Q-Is there any messages or confirmation for this person?
A-Alright let me focus on that for a second...Ah...(Laugh), there is a woman that reminds me of Aunt Jemima, and she is swinging her arms and singing.  It is like a language I do not understand but it seems really cheerful.  And he is like a little kid while this is happening...That is kind of all I have got.  8:10 PM Link to Audio

Monday, September 17, 2012

Will the company cereplast, a bioplastics company recover from its position?

8:45 PM - Hm..Yes they will, and the first thing that comes to mind is artificial intelligence, like they are working on a big project with the government.  And it has something to do with trying to manufacture an artificial intelligence in a type of robot machine.
Q-When do you see this recovery happening?
A-It is going to be soon, before the end of 2012, like I can see the negotiation, if it has not happened yet it will happen soon. 8:50 PM Link to Audio

When and where will I find love and be in a relationship again? Will that person be a female or male? Born in San Antonio TX, in 1983, and my name is Erin

8:38 PM - Hmm..Ok I see a girl and she is at a bar and she is standing up near the bar by herself as if her friend have gone to the bathroom or she is waiting for them to get there.  And in the background there is a mechanical bull and people are riding on it, she is kind of watching that but standing at the bar, she's kind of flirting with the bar tender but then some dude shows up out of nowhere and she meet him, they start talking, and I feel like they really hit it off and they got a connection.  And to describe the guy he is wearing a black T Shirt, jeans, he has a tattoo on his bicep, he has dark thick curly hair and is really tall.  He reminds me of the guy they call carter on all of those TLC home improvement shows, and I feel like he uses some kind of pick up line like, "I like your necklace"  and you are wearing a shirt in which your cleavage is hanging out and you both look down at your necklace and you both start laughing because you will get the joke.  I feel like this will be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
8:46 PM Link to Audio