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From the book series 'Ringing Cedars of Russia' by Vladimir Megre, about a girl named Anastacia living in the Siberian forest, is Anastacia a real girl or fictional? (There has been controversy about this) If she does still live in the forest with her grandparents, is she safe and still carrying out her great work? Thank you!!

8:25 PM-I am getting an image of a little girl running through the forest like she is really scared and in the background I see a little cottage that is made completely out of wood.  And this little girl that I am seeing is coming across to me as little red riding hood.  My impression is that this is a fictional story, however, it is based on shreds of truth that the author is pulling from his own life.  I also feel that the character in the story is either based on his daughter as a child or a granddaughter, and that is who he used as his inspiration.  But as far as Anastasia being a real person I think no, but she was just merely and inspired character based upon the authors daughter or grandchild.  I think I answered the question.
Q-What percentage of truth do you get vs fiction on this character?
A-25% truth, and that 25% truth is what inspired the 75% fiction.
Q-Is there anything else?  A-No 
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My daughter has a genetic disease that affects her blood. Do you see her symptoms getting better as she grows older?

My daughter has a genetic disease that affects her blood. Do you see her symptoms getting better as she grows older?

A - Please post more detailed information, preferable from your daughter, Name, DOB, City, Parents name, I need something more to go on.  - Thanks

Her name: Annique Sutherland DOB: 11/10/05 City: Long Island, NY Dad: Raphique Mom: Louanne

Sept 5 - 7:22 PM A -  Well what I first see is this little girls and she has what looks like sores on her arm, and it looks like she has quite a few like she is having a hard time getting them to heal.  My impression is that she has really thin blood, and any slight injury that she might get playing makes her bleed really easily.  And then she has a hard time trying to get the injury to clear up....When I ask myself do I see this condition getting better?, the image that I get is this little girl, but she is now 16-17 years old and it looks like she is showing me her arms and I see bruising on her arms but there are not open sores or any cuts, so it appears that the condition is getting better and that she might bruise easily but she does not have the problem of open cuts and risk of infection, and I think that she is on medication,  I am trying to get the name of it....I cannot see the very beginning or the very end, it will not show it to me, but the middle part of the name of the medication I see the letter TOLVIR, and I think at that time it will be an experimental one that will be a good success with her.  I am also hear Vitamin D, and also let me focus on other vitamins or herbs....Hmm....I am seeing a vivid picture of a flower that I believe is called a black-eyed Susan, and there is also a yellow jacket on it, the only real edible thing that I know of that is yellow is a dandelion. But when I said "Are you trying to show me a dandelion" it was adamant that it showed me the picture of a black-eyed Susan, but it also had a bee on it.  I would have to research what kind of herb derived from that, but there is something significant about it.   Specifically the pollen that comes out of it, because now I am getting a zoomed in picture of the bee's legs and it has pollen stuck on it's legs.  I am also getting a visual of an echinacea flower, a purple flower, if you are trying to look at some home remedy, remember I am not a doctor, but that may be a place to start to see if any of those items resonate with her your you.  That is kind of all I got.
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Where does the Rh- blood type come from, is it related to the Tribe of Dan & how are their bodies different to Rh+ blood types?

7:58 PM - To be honest, I do not know anything about this topic, and nothing is clearly coming through to me, and I am not sure I would even understand it if things were coming to me.
Q-Can you more simply focus on the difference in people / immunity etc, between those with Rh+ vs Rh-.
A-The only thing I can see is what looks like a chromosome, and it has a blank space and it looks like an empty hole, but I cannot determine what gene it is...When I think of Rh+, I see darker skinned people, they have a wide jaw line, like a very big jawbone, they have fairly large teeth and enormous afros, they look like a tribe, my impression is that they are cannibals, I am also gaining an understanding that this Rh+ factor was a result of consuming other humans, I am seeing a picture of a human's brain, and in my mind I am thinking about protein in a human's brain.  Now I am seeing this brain that is a little bit statically charged..Just go with me on this, this is kinda how it is being told to me, that your brain runs on a very small amount of electric current, but as a protein in your brain interacts with this electronic current it creates another protein that over a period of time isn't healthy for human consumption.  And as you ingest this protein over a period of time, it creates a sickness and as you have children or bear children while having this sickness it breads the Rh factor into the kid and then it goes from their.
Q-So both Rh+ and Rh- are associated with cannibals eating human brains.
A-I think it is just Rh+, I might have it reversed, but the other term is Rh- is just a way to distinguish who does not carry the trait.
Q-So to be clear, Rh+ blood types descended from cannibals?
A-That is how it is being shown to me.
Q-What affect does this have on people now?
A-None until you go to breed.
Q-Is their any distinguishable differences between + and - types? Mentally or physically?
A-Physically looking at them no, I am hearing the word sickle cell anemia, so I believe it completely and issue with the blood, nothing mental nothing physical.
Q-If you were to guess your type what would it be?
A-That is kind of an unfair question, because they test you when you are pregnant, so after four kids I know I am Rh-
Q-What about me?
A-You are negative or we would not have been able to have children.
Q-Can you focus on this Tribe of Dan?
A-They look dark skinned like African to me, they are wearing necklaces made out of teeth and they have big black fros.
Q-Can you get anything else?
A-No this was a really hard one.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Why are there reports of Russian soldiers all over America? Why have they come?

Why are there reports of Russian soldiers all over America? Why have they come?

7:45 PM - The first thing I see is a Russian Soldier and they are shaking hands with our US military, it looks as if we are forming some kind of ally with Russia, or we are working with them as a team on some kind of project.  And I am seeing Obama give a speech and their is a banner that is hanging behind him and it says election in BLUE letters and 2012 in RED letters and the audience is filled with both American, Russian, and it looks like another countries military also, and their uniforms are jet black.  Let me try to see if I can figure it out...I want to say maybe Chinese, but the ratio is like 10% or less Chinese and then 45% American and 45% Russian.  Yeah it was Chinese because I just saw someone wave their red Chinese flag at me.  I am getting an impression that they are here to help him through this election, and I am hearing the words "Campaign Dollars" and it is as if campaign dollar are floating in from higher ups associated or tied to the military on both the American and the Russian sides, and the Chinese too.  It is like the military is there trying to protect the money flow and protect that Obama gets it and that he gets elected again.  Now I am getting an image of Obama going into what looks like a snow covered cave in Russia and as he goes into the cave a door shuts behind him that looks like a bank vault door, and as I am trying to find out what it is and why he is there I hear the phrase "You Can't Know", like there is something secret going on in Russia, like in an underground cave covered with snow.  And whatever this cave is it is highly guarded, and the guards are wearing white snowsuits and they look exactly like the people off of Die Hard with Bruce Willis movie.  For some reason I am getting the words "SEEDS" and immediately jump to Monsanto or whatever that brand is called.  And it is almost like these two countries are trying to somehow manufacture these seeds to grow food.  It is like a triangle of thoughts in my mind, it is like I see food at the top, bottom I see Monsanto and seeds, and in the middle of this triangle I see the opening to this cave.  This is the image that I have got in my mind.  And I keep going back to that movie, Die Hard with Bruce Willis and I do not know why.  Maybe I need you to just ask me questions now.
Q-If Obama is elected will the Russians and Chinese leave?
A-Ok here's  what I see, some of the Russians will stay behind, they are going to stay in prefab cities that we have here and they are going to practice growing this new food.  The Chinese are going to leave, they are going to go and inhabit some of their prefab cities and practice growing the food their.  Most of the Russians will then leave with the exception of the ones staying behind and they will practice growing food in the Russian prefab cities.
Q-Do they wish ill will?
A-I got a clip art image of a stack of dollar bills so my impression is no, it is all about the money.
Q-Why does Russian and China want Obama reelected?
A-The way it played in my mind was because Obama is slightly more socialist and communist than the Republican party so it is easier for the countries to collaborate together if they have him in office.  And when people see this fake food manufacturing occurring it will be easier for Obama to sell the idea than a Republican.
Q-Why do you call it fake food?
A-Because it is genetically engineered seeds that can grow in unnatural environments with the absence of a lot of sun and water and it does not yield seeds that germinate, and I also get a slight impression that the food yielded from this will not generate the nutritional value of naturally grown food.
Q-Then why would these three countries want to practice growing this food?
A-For the money, it is low risk for the farmer, they do not have to worry about drought, the level of sunshine, and even though the seeds might cost more, it is like an insurance policy that they will yield a crop.  And in the event of a disaster they will have the know how, and between being able to generate seeds that will grow during a disaster and the cost of food, they will make a fortune.
Q-When do you see this food being grown?
A-Spring of 2013, it will start being tested, it will probably be really available commercial wise the following year.
Q-Is this food safe to eat?
A-I just got an image of Stoffers frozen lasagna, so I would say safe as a frozen meal but it is going to lack a certain level of nourishment.  You can survive on it.
Q-Why are the government involved, won't Monsanto be the only one profiting?
A-The name FDA came, like I could see it, and I do not know what branch of government that monitors the food, maybe it is the FDA, but my impression is that they get a huge kickback from the profits.
Q-Does any of this have anything to do with So Called Chem-trails?
A-Hmm..My impression is yes and I will tell you why.  I am seeing an image of a plane flying across the sky, it is leaving a chem-trail.  As it's sprinkled down on a crop of corn, I am watching the corn shrivel up, turn brown and die.  So my impression is that when farmers see the volatility in their crops, selling the a seed that is going to guarantee a crop is a fairly easy sell.
Q-So you are saying that they are trying to make an environment that is inhospitable to natural crops, in order push Genetically modified crops?

A-As it was mentally explained to me, the main priority is to be able to control the weather, as a result of trying to control the weather, they have created an unstable environment and hurt a lot of food sources.  Monsanto saw this problem, came up with a fix, presented it to the agricultural part of the government, and saw a huge way to make money, so it was a win win win for every government party participating.
Q-Do you see food prices increasing and when?
A-Food prices are on a steady rise now, but I think the big jump is going to occur next fall.  So fall 2013.
Q-What percentage increase?
A-The image I got was a bag of Doritos shrinking in size and then I saw the number 15%, so it looks like food prices will go up 15% but the size you are getting is also decreasing.
Q-Will people starve?
A-There will be a lot more soup kitchens, and what I see them handing out looks like a bowl of white grits.  I see people gathered around eating these grits like it is the best thing in the world, like these poor people.  My impression is that the government instead of letting people starve and creating upheaval, they supply these soup kitchens with ample, ample amounts to provide for anyone who needs it.  They are eating these white grits and they love it.
Q-Is there an agenda to replace all natural food sources GMOs?
A-It looks like they are clumping together naturally growing food with Organic food and all of that type of food will be sold places like whole foods and it is not that they are discouraging naturally growing food, but with the unstable weather and small crop yields the price of natural and organic food will skyrocket to where average people cannot afford to buy a lot of  it, so that is how the artificial food gets it foothold in the marketplace, because they are going to yield a good crop every year.
Q-If Chem-trails are causing crops to die and weather variability, why don't they stop spraying them?
A-I have this feeling because it is like a military weapon.   Other countries have the ability to control weather and we want to make sure out technology is up to par, so if there is ever a weather war we are able to be fully prepared and have top notch technology.
Q-With all the crazy weather, especially today, are there currently any weather wars going on now?
A-I do not think so.
Q-Is there anything we should know?   A-No  
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Have the Annunaki returned?

7:36 PM - Immediately I saw an image of what looked like a human form.  And they had a tall white hat, and it was square in shape, it almost looked like a top hat but without the rim, and it was decorated with like gold stitching and embellished with gold circular coins, but it was not a coin per say it was just a decoration.  Attached to the hat was long flowing veil that was like 2 feet long.  And the rest of their clothes they are wearing white, what kinda looks like robes, and as they are walking it is like they are making the motion of walking but their feet don't touch the ground, almost like the float 2-3 inches above the ground.  And in the background I see the pyramids and a lot of sand, but the strange thing is that behind the pyramids I see a rainbow that extends from behind the pyramid and goes straight up into the sky as far as you can see.  And it is very vividly showing each individual color.  I see this rainbow lines up in the center of the pyramid but I cannot tell if it is just behind it, or it is coming from the top of the pyramid.  And these semi-human forms they walk upright, and they have really tan super leathery skin like a lizard.  And as I look straight on at their face, it just appears kind of dark, but really stands out are these huge white eyes, like the whites of their eyes are huge.  Like their eyes are not recessed in like a humans, like they almost have ping pong balls where their eyes are.  Like they are protruding.  And my impression is that they are here and you cannot see them.  It i like they are on a different vibration from humans, like they are on a different layer of time.  I see them doing their float / walk, and they are observing and just looking around.  They are not disrupting our way of life they just want to see what we are doing.  And the ones I see are travelling specifically in a pack of three.  You can ask me questions now.
Q-Have they returned and if so when did they?
A-I am seeing early 1900's.
Q-Do they interact with us?
A-They do not interact, but I do see them trying to influence us.  And it looks like when they are doing it they are doing it through telepathy and you might get a thought or a feeling and you do not know why, but it them just kind of pushing you in a direction.  I do not feel they mean harm, I think what they are doing seems helpful.
Q-Where did originate?
A-The image is showing me and actual rainbow and they are riding this rainbow wave throughout our solar system and the wave stops at a moon, but it is not our moon.  But it is a moon of a planet that has several other moon, I cannot tell which one it is.  I want to say Jupiter but I do not know if that is right, that is what it feel like.
Q-Are they interested in gold.
A-They wear a lot of it.
Q-Can you distinguish male from female?
A-Hmm.. I cannot because for some reason their face is in big shadow, the only thing I can see on their face is their eyes.
Q-Are they wearing a hood?
A-They are wearing that hat, that long tall skinny hate with the veal that is behind them.  And of the three they are all dressed exactly the same.
Q-Do they interact with the Greys?
A-Hmm...A cartoon bird just shook it's head NO.
Q-Are they aware of each other?
A-OK, Now it shook it head YES.
Q-Do they have similar intentions?
A-OK, the cartoon bird just told me YES and NO.
Q-Are we genetically related to the Annunaki?
Q-Why do they try to influence us?
A-OK I will explain this to you as the cartoon bird mentally explained it to me.  Both the Greys and the Annunaki care about us and would like to see us succeed.  That is how they are similar.  The difference is that the Greys care about us more like a parent and want to see us do well and will intervene if they needed to but only at that last second.  Where as the Annunaki care about us, but not in a compassionate way of a parent, and they are kind of curious, and want to observe us, but I do not get the nurturing feeling like they Greys have towards us.
Q-Will they reveal themselves to us in the near future?
A-No I do not think so.
Q-Are they physical or spiritual beings, percentage wise?
A-I would say 75% spiritual, because you would really have to be spiritually open or evolved to be able to communicate or understand them at their layer in time on earth.
Q-Do our layers interact with each other?
A-YES, they are over top of one another.
Q-Did evolve on this planet?
A-I believe they evolved on the moon that they are from.
Q-How long do they live?
A-Like their lifespan?
A-I am getting the number 206, so maybe that is their average years.
Q-You recently tried channeling in your psychic development class.  Is it possible to channel the Annunaki?
A-I would not even be comfortable trying that,  that is a concept I am still working on.
Q-But is it possible for a human to channel one?
A-I would say yes with lost of practice and confidence.
Q-Do they technology?
A-I do not see them using anything special, but my impression is that they do.
Q-Are they confused with any characters in modern day religions?
A-Hmm..I am hearing something in my mind, about them thinking that we are overall kind of naive about all these religions that we believe in.  Because in the end, it all goes back to one universal god, like a universal god is how it is being said to me.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-No.  8:12 PM Link to Audio

What do you see regarding the Australian property market? Is there a crash coming soon? if so, how soon? how long will it last?

6:30 PM - Well the first image I see is a house and in front of that house there is a green arrow that is pointing upward, and it looks like an arrow you would see in clip art.  My impression is that the arrow represents the increase in the value of homes and just the general profitability in the housing market.  At this present point in time it looks to be stable, but let me try to get some future info.  I am seeing what looks like a zipper that is halfway zipped up, so the bottom portion is zipped, the top portion is unzipped.  As I see the zipper I am asking for more clarification, I see the mocking-jay pen or broach that she wore, and my impression is that the divide which seems symbolic of the zipper unzipping is going to be between the people and maybe the government and or your financial institutions because that is what the genre of the Hunger games meant to me.  It seems like a slow process that looks like it is already starting to happen, I just keep seeing a zipper being unzipped very slowly over and over.  So my impression is that your housing decline, even though not visible blatantly is starting now to head towards that direction.  The people that are behind your housing appear to be putting on the facade that it is still on the rise, that is what the green arrow represents now to me now that I am seeing a more full picture.  It looks to me that once the zipper reaches the halfway point they will not be able to hide it any longer and it will be obvious to the people.  I keep getting the number 11.  It seems to me around November, the 11th month is when people will really start to notice that something is going on with the housing.  That is kinda all I see.

Q-Is there a crash coming soon?
A-Not a crash but there is definitely going to be people needing to make smart investment choices and it seem like around November that is when there is definitely going to be issues with the housing market.  I mostly relate it to what we have experienced here in the United States.  I would not call it a complete crash but people may find themselves in situations where they have overextended their credit.
Q-How long will it last?
A-I immediately saw 2 1/2 years.
Q-So is housing values going up or down?
A-Values are going to go down, and it is definitely going to be a buyers market.
Q-When will values go up?
A-They will start to go up after the 2 1/2 years, around that time.
Q-How do you feel about this reading?
A-Pretty good.  
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will a scientist in NJ develop a new form of energy based on hydrogen and its electron within the next few years? Will I get to work with him? Chuck Valdez 2-21-63 Pennsylvania. Thanks, your work is appreciated and quite fascinating.

8:21 PM - Like I am but I am not, It is like I do not understand science enough to relay this into words.
Q-Just describe what you see.
A-Well image water being in like a big glass jar, and there is a little tiny hole in the top, and rather than heating it and making steam, there is like and outer shell to this jar, and that shell is being infused with some electronic charge.  Somehow the electronic charge is super exciting the water and it is breaking the water down in between oxygen and hydrogen.  It looks like the hydrogen weighs less than the oxygen so it floats to the top, the oxygen is siphoned out of this contraption and the hydrogen is used, I do not know what you do with the hydrogen after that process.
Q-Describe this shell around the jar.
A-It is like it is two layers one layer holds the water, and the outer layer is what gets electronically charged.
Q-How is it charged?
A-I see it zapping to the outer shell like a vandergraph generator.
Q-How is it powered?
A-How is what powered?
Q-Is this device connected to anything that power it?  Elctric, solar, sun, magnetic?
A-All I see is a jar with a shell around it, the shell is see through, that is all I can tell you.
Q-Will a NJ scientist build this or has he already?
A-I think he is already building it, it just is not done.
Q-When do you see it completed?
A-I am seeing 2016, and to answer your other question, it looks like a wind turbine that is powering the static charges.
Q-Will Chuck work with this scientist?
A-I do not know I am not getting anything.
Q-Can you get anything at all about Chuck Valdez born 2-21-63?
A-All I see is a beardy guy with glasses.
Q-Any confirmation for Chuck?
A-The only thing I am getting is maybe he does like auto manufacturing, or works in the industry or with people within the industry.
Q-How did you feel about this reading?
A-Terrible truthfully, I thought it was hard and what I saw did not make any sense to me.
Q-Do you see free energy as in non destructive in future and when?
A-I do  not see this anytime in the near future.
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What will happen or become of Julian Assange and are we getting the whole story from the media? Cheers

7:54 PM - I do see a guy running down the steps of a government building as if he is trying to run away from it.  My impression is that he has nothing to gain from what he is leaking.  I keep thinking the word freedom fighter.  I see what looks like military people guarding him, trying to protect him, as if he is going into hiding.  He was put into a plain black car and it is driving away.  I can see him and he has a desperate look on his face and he seems sincere and desperate and he is mouthing the word "Just listen to what I have to say".   My impression is that he is going into hiding, but yet he fully accepts or expects that he is going to be killed.  I am getting the word treason, people are accusing him of treason, but whatever the secrets he ratted out, and whoever he implicated, they would rather see him dead than have to be put on trial and go into any further details.  You can start asking me questions.
Q-Are we getting the whole story from the media?
A-I am getting that he posted something online and whatever the website is end in a .org.  If you search for the truth you will find it, but it is not going to be broadcast and spoon fed to you.
Q-Can you focus specifically on who wants him dead?
A-The name "Concrite" or something similar to that came to mind.
Q-Can you describe this person, male / female
A-Older male, white hair, short on sides, bald on top.  Average build, nothing distinguishing  about him, looks American.
Q-What did Julian reveal about this guy?
A-I am seeing a picture of a bright red neck tie, and then I heard the phrase, "Red Tie Scandal", whatever that means.
Q-What / Who does the Red Tie Scandal affect?
A-I got and image of a bunch of Indian men and they are dressed American but are Indian in nationality.
Q-What is this in regards to?
A-I am seeing big huge building, so it looks like international business, or some type of international business.
Q-What area or field does it relate to, finance, military, personal...
A-It looks financial to me, maybe some kind of banking system.
Q-Do you see Assange being murdered in the near future?
A-I would say withing the next six months.
Q-How will it happen?
A-I see him being shot like by a sniper.
Q-Based on what he knows or on what he already revealed.
Q-Is there anything else?  A-No, I did not feel like a lot came through to me on this reading.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Can you tell about the legendary island of Hy-Brasil in the Irish waters? Is it still there or does it still appear in this dimension? Thank you

8:42 PM- I see and Island and I see a brontosaurus dinosaur on it and it is eating leaves from what looks like a palm tree.  It looks sunny and warm, in the distance I see mountains, that look snow capped but only on the higher elevations.  Also in the foreground I see a lot of grass with thin green blades.  I am now seeing the ground kind of shake.  It was an unexpected shaking because the animals are surprised and they did not even have their animal instincts to run.  I am seeing a fireball come from the sky that looks like a comet.   My impression is that it hit earth which then caused the rumbling earthquake.  The result was flooding over this land.  My impression is that it is in the ocean, covered with water but still is semi shallow water above it.  At most like 25 feet below the surface.  I also get the impression that the mountain chain that I saw with the snow, some of the tall mountains slightly peak above the water creating little tiny islands, but the majority of this land is submerged.  I am also getting and image of stone caves, I am asking and it is showing me these caves on this island.  You want to ask me questions now?
Q-Do you see any people?
A-My first impression when I saw the caves was that people lived in them.  However, when I focused on it further, I could not see people, I could not make sense of people being their with dinosaurs.
Q-How many years ago did this asteroid hit?
A-I am seeing 12,000 BC.  I will say I also got the number 32,000 BC but my impression is that another earth event happened then as well.
Q-Does this island appear in this or other dimensions?
A-I feel it is in this dimension, the only visible part of it are some scattered islands created from the mountain range, but the rest of it is under water.
Q-In reference to an alternate time, similar to where you did a previous reading on the Bermuda triangle.  Does this island possibly still exist and can be accidentally accessed from this world?
A-I will say it is becoming clearer to me, on one path / timeline, I see dinosaurs inhabiting this island, a comet or whatever came down and submerged the island.  I think on another life plane on a different reality, there is like an Indian tribe that lived in like these stone caves.  I am seeing images referencing both, but they do not match, and I am thinking it is because they are on two different timelines.
Q-Which timeline are we on, Dinosaurs or Indians?
A-I think we are on the dinosaur one because I see it submerged present day.
Q-Could you find the area on Google Earth.
A-Yes I think I can...  I think it is more on the north western part.  I thought I would a see a defined Mt. Range but I do not.
Q-Is there anything else?   A-NO  
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Did Jesus really spend time with the Druids in England, and Yogis or Buddhists in India? Where else may he have travelled to and what did he learn? Thanks!

Did Jesus really spend time with the Druids in England, and Yogis or Buddhists in India? Where else may he have travelled to and what did he learn? Thanks!

7:47 PM - Hmm..I am seeing him on horseback, and he is accompanied by a small group of men, it looks like two possibly three, but two people for sure.  I am zooming out on a map and I am seeing what looks like a dotted line, one of those lines is taking me to the Northwestern part of Europe.  Then it is taking me to the Central part of Europe.  Now it is going to the Southwestern part of Europe toward Spain.  Now the line is heading eastward along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and it is following that same path along the coast, then it heading around the area of Greece.  It is then pivoting and heading east towards India through Turkey / Iran / Pakistan..  Then from there it heads back to it's origination which I believe is around to Iran / Iraq area, but I do not feel the Israel area, I know that does not jive, but I do not see Israel. I will have to confirm that on a map.
Q-Did he spend time with the Druids
A-I do not see him crossing any bodies of water, so if he did meet with them it would have had to been done during his visit to Northwestern Europe.
Q-druid was a member of the priestly class in Britain, Ireland, and Gaul (France) according to Wikipedia
A-Having knowledge of that definition yes he did meet with those individual throughout Europe.
Q-What did he learn from them?
A-When I see Jesus, listening to the priest talk, but in viewing their interaction it seem more about Jesus trying to pass knowledge to the priests, rather than him obtaining information from them.
Q-So Jesus was the teacher?
Q-Was the Druid belief system influenced by Jesus?
A-I am seeing a priest place some kind of necklace around Jesus's head, so it appears to be he is appreciated and respected.
Q-Did Jesus visit the Yogis and Buddhists in India?
A-I can see on my image of a map, that he did make it that far, however they did not seem as receptive to his knowledge as the Europeans were.  I can see and interaction between Jesus and what I think is a Buddhist, and it looks polite and respectful, but I can see a kind gesture from the Buddhist with his hand in a kind way of saying "It is time to leave now".
Q-Was Jesus a normal human, or a godlike deity?
A-I see him with a bright glow around his head, and it almost looks like a light beam that shoots up into the sky, so my impression is that he was a normal guy, but he was highly spiritually evolved.
Q-Did his teaching evolve the way he intended?
A-I keep hearing the phrase "Look Inward".  and the impression I am getting is that Jesus wanted you to have faith but be accountable for yourself and look to your inner self for the answers.  Churches and places to worship are there to keep you grounded and serve as a symbol for you to have you OWN faith and to look INWARD.  They are not there to solve your problems and you be at their mercy.  So in the beginning the intent was good, but rather than people becoming more self reliant, they almost relinquished their own ability to look inward and solve their own problems, and put that responsibility on the church and their religion and that was NEVER intended.
Q-Do you see Jesus returning?
A-Do you mean to walk the earth again?
Q-In the Christian sense to come and I guess rapture and all that.
A-Not to upset religious people, but I do not see that.
Q-Was he really crucified?
A-I am getting a vivid image of his crucifiction so yes I think he was.
Q-Has he ever reincarnated into human form since?
A-I do not see it, I do not think so.
Q-Is there any message you may have from Jesus to us?
A-Hmm...The only thing I heard was to look within yourself.  And to be honest I am not a religious person, but trying to focus on Jesus does creep me out.  I feel a little intimidated by it.  
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Hello I was wondering how the world will be changed after the earth events, civil unrest and economic problems? You have advised a few people about their future career, so it sounds like things will fairly go back to normal after the upheaval? Will our society and way of life change?

12:46 PM - Do you want to break that down for me?
Q-After the earth changes, will society go back to the same way a before, or will or way of life change?
A-The first thing I see when you read that question is a big flock of sheep.  But it has human faces on it.  And my impression is there will almost be a divide in society between the people that are like sheep and the free thinkers.  I feel like the government are going to take the people that are like sheep and keep them almost corralled together, because I see them like flocked together.  And the more free thinking people will go back to normal with some exceptions.  I see people trying to embrace things that do not necessarily require the technology that we currently have, for example, on the Mississippi river I am seeing like these old fashioned paddle boats and I just got and image of Tom Sawyer on his generic looking raft.  So I do think we will survive, I just think the way we live will be slightly modified, those that can embrace that change will do fine, those that can't will be the sheeple that will listen to the government and will have the government take care of them.  And I envisioning that Utah or Wyoming will be kinda where they will congregate these people that the government are taking care of.
Q-Do you see a split in our government, how are the free thinkers managed or are they?
A-My impression is that it is a situation where the government feels no threat by the people that are labeled as sheep, but they are scared to death of the free thinker people, they keep a close eye on the free thinkers, but they are very intimidated by them.  And the government still exists but they try not to make waves with the free thinkers for fear of a civil war.
Q-When do you see this transition beginning?
A-I see Obama and my impression is it is the middle of his next term.
Q-Will there be bloodshed during this transition phase?
A-I do not see that, I see the sheeple going willingly.
Q-What is the percentage of sheep vs thinkers?
A-I just saw the number 30 and the 70, So I think it is 30 sheep to 70 thinkers.
Q-So the majority is thinkers?
A-Yes, or at least open to embrace the new change.  It is the people who cannot take care of themselves or accept the new change will be the ones herded away.
Q-When herded, where do they stay.
A-I would not call it a camp because it seems like a nice place, it is more like little villages in Utah and Wyoming out there like that.
Q-I guess I am unclear of a village, can you describe one?
A-It is just like normal city, but the government supplies the food the clean water.  Like the welfare system.
Q-What do the people do?
A-They look like they do government jobs, like combinations of politicians, lawyers, military, they serve the government in exchange for being taken care of.
Q-What happens to our current welfare / nanny populations, example does welfare still exist?
A-I am not saying that it does not exist, but I do not see it occurring, it feels more like a fend for yourself type of nation.
Q-Can you see what triggers this change?
A-Well the first thing I see is the gradual flooding of California, I also can see on a map a lot of hurricane activity in the gulf.  I am also seeing the coastline on the east flooding and when things start to change something will happen that the government kinda knew about this and expected it, and the people get pissed off and the government gets scared because they do not want to get overthrown by the people, so they loosen up on the people and that is how the free thinkers are allowed to thrive and the people that cannot take care of themselves get shipped off to this villages to get government jobs.   And I actually feel out west it is almost like the new Washington DC.  Like I feel like the whole central government will be operating out of the Midwest.
Q-Do you see the economy collapsing or transitioning?
A-Here is what I see, people are still using money, however, I also see people trading with gold and silver, but the highest form is a barter system that people will start.  That is like the number one in the hierarchy of things.  Number one is bartering, number two is gold and silver, and number 3 is american dollar.
Q-Is this occur worldwide or just in the U.S.?
A-I just an image of gold coins so I think in general people are trying to get back to the value of gold.
Q-Again worldwide?
Q-Do bank still exist on every corner?
A-I do not see that.  In fact I am getting a visual of a bank, made out of stone blocks and it is called like the "US BANK" on the front, and my impression is that a lot of these goofy banks might eventually close up and we will just have A bank a US bank.
Q-What about stock market and financial institutions?
A-I am seeing someone, and I am just seeing their hand, in their hand they are holding like a passbook or savings account book, but it says stocks on the book, and when they open up their book, it looks like it has stickers on it, and they have a stamp mark on the stickers, and my impression from that is that stocks are going to go back to when you buy it you will actually hold it in your hand, like each stock that you buy is represented on like these stickers with these stamps on them to verify that you own it, and it will be yours in your possession and like this false electronic thing is slowly going to cease to exist and I feel like that was brought about by some people really getting burnt by something in this false stock market.
Q-Do you see a specific time in which people should exist this market?  Date, Month, or Year?
A-I am getting 2014, and I feel like it is early in 2014, like the first quarter.
Q-If you to recommend items to help with this transition what would your top three be?
A-You mean stuff to buy?
Q-Seeing the future, what is most valuable in descending order?
A-Well I got a picture of was a "Silver Cup" so I would say gold and silver.  And the 2nd thing that I got was a picture of a shovel, so possibly tools will be another important thing.  And that is all I saw.  Wait I did get a third thing too:  It was a picture of Charles Ingalls boots, so possibly literally leather boots are valuable or the know how to make leather goods would be valuable.
Q-You said silver is number one, the price is now 27.00 and ounce, what is the US dollar value in 2014?
A-Well the picture that I am getting is to buy this silver cup that looks like the size of a coffee mug, is equal to a stock of one dollar bills that looks about 3 inches deep.

Q-Can you focus and the amount in the stack?
A-It looks like I can see six of the white bands from the bank, so whatever that is.
Q-A quick Google search shows there are 223 bills in and inch, so using that number it would be $223*3 inchs = $669
A-I only saw 6 bands so maybe my number was off, I do not know they number they band them with.
Q-A quick Google search states there are $100 1$ bills in a band, so that would be $600 so very similar to 3 " stack
Q-Does the money stay the same or is a new US dollar come into existence?
A-It looks the same.
Q-When do you see silver increasing in price?  Month / Year ?
A-I am just getting early in 2014.
Q-Do you see any type of firearm control measure being implemented between then and now?
A-I will say the only guns I see people holding are hand guns and shotgun type things, I do not see anybody holding anything that looks like a military type of weapon.
Q-Where are all these military type of guns?
A-It looks like a huge cement bunker somewhere underground.
Q-Are the confiscated or given peacefully?
A-I do not know, but back to the bunker it has got like a concrete lid that is enormous, but it can slide on and off, and on top of the lid, there is some kind of a seal engraved in it, and it looks like a big huge sun.
Q-What is your impression?
A-I do not know, I think they are hidden in a state, whichever state has a sun as their flag or seal or whatever.
Q-Again, are they confiscated or turned in peacefully?
A-My impression is that they made some kind of a deal, like you can keep your hand guns and shotguns, but we are keeping the military type weapons, and the people were surprisingly OK with that.
Q-Even the free thinkers?
A-Shockingly yes, I think the government put a high price on them and paid for them.
Q-So they sold them back to the government?
A-Yes, but part of the deal is the other guns (hand guns and shotguns) will never be touched.
Q-Does the government retain military type arms?
A-I think yes.
Q-How does the world view this change in the US.
A-Well the first thing that I get is that I am hearing communist and socialist, but let me explain it deeper.  My impression is that other countries almost look at it like it is a big joke, because here is the country that promotes democracy and tried to shove their democracy on everyone else, but in the end, they are operating in almost a communist or socialist way themselves now and it is almost like hypocritical.  I also feel that they are compassionate towards the citizen, but this gives them even more dislike for our government.Q-Is there anything else?A-No.  1:44 PMLink to this sessions Audio : https://www.box.com/s/0bf73c0b76c0a0c2c42f
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Q-Will cars, planes and computers still be available to the free thinkers in the future? If not how will people travel and communicate?
6:24 PM A-I do see cars, and I do see planes, but I see it being stuff that can be worked on by people, for example the engines are mechanical and not electronic.  I have a visual of a small cog and larger cog with a belt interconnecting the two.  I think a lot of things are going to be belt driven.  I do not really see a lot of computers, it does not mean they are not there, I am just not seeing it.  People will still travel by cars planes but stuff will be mechanical vs electrical.  I can see a 1960s looking car, what I am seeing a very simple engines.  As far planes they look the way that they do now, the difference is that I see the pilots flying the planes and not just hitting buttons and the planes flying themselves.  I do NOT see any of those giagantic planes as far a the double deckers like that, I think the biggest ones will have an aisle down the middle with 3 seats down each side.
Q-Where has all the computers and electronics gone?
A-I am getting an image of the sun, my impression is the intensity of the sun is interfering with the way a lot of wireless devices are working, so hardwired computer items seem to work the same, but wireless has problems.  I am getting an image of nighttime so I am getting the impression that wireless works better at night than during the day but it still is not 100%.  So I think those items still exist but they are just not as reliable as they are today.
Q-Does the sun destroy and devices?
A-It just interrupts the signal.
Q-How does communication take place?
A-I see telephone lines, so hardwired communications is going to be your number one source.
Q-What about television, satellites, and GPS?
A-Like I said hardwired will be your reliable source so cable will work much better than a satellite.  The satellites and GPS and all that stuff will work better at night than during the day but it will only be 50/50 it depends on the day.
Q-Will this intensity from the sun interfere with the electrical grid?
A-I do not think it will.  I will say there is something with the electric though, I think you might be rationed on how much electric you are allowed to pull, and during certain times of high intensity from the sun you might be forced to reduce your pull of electric.  6:42 PM

I've been having heart and brain medical issues due to smart meter technology/exposure. Do you see me surviving the EMF radiation assault on my body this year and through out next year? Do you see me finding a way to protect myself from these energies? And finally, do you see me regaining my health within the next five years or passing on?

12:28 PM - Just ask me one at a time and let me think about that.
Q-Do you see Eileen surviving the EMF radiation?
A-Well I get an image of a lady and she is holding her hands over her ears, and she is sort of leaning over, and it looks like she is having a lot of headaches, because of what is going on.  Actually I can feel pain inside my ears.  I do see her surviving, but it looks like she may go through some rough times, but she should stick with it and better times will be coming for her.
Q-Do you see a way for her to protect herself from these energies?
A-I see her standing and it looks like she has rocks in her hand, maybe she believes in crystals..I do not know what the name of it is but it is a dark colored one.  And my impression is that it almost grounds her so whatever she is feeling transfers through her into the ground, rather than holding tight to her body and causing harm it passes through her.  So she might want to research what different crystals or rocks do, but the one I am seeing is dark colored almost black, I don't know what it is called.
Q-Do you see her regaining her health withing the next 5 years or passing on?
A-I will say when I answered the first question, I saw her in a wheel chair or sitting, but it looked like a wheel chair.  When I answered the second question she was actually standing up.  So my impression is that the spirit is trying to show me that she is improving and when she was standing and holding the black rocks, she looked very functional to me.  I think she is getting better.
Q-So you do not see her passing on in the next 5 years.
A-I do not.
Q-Is the direction she is heading in her current work going as can be expected, or are there avenues she has not explored?
A-I can see her standing in front of a small group of people, it looks like they are at a library.  And she is having a discussion, so possibly organizing small group get togethers and discussing books, or her journals, or her writings would be an avenue that would be of interest.
Q-Should she lean more on writing articles based on "Wisdom Teachings" or just posting on others forums.
A-She should do both, if that is what makes her happy.  Do not completely eliminate one if she enjoys doing it.
Q-Any confirmations for her?
A-Hmm.. Let me think..I am seeing a piano keyboard, I am also seeing a picture hanging on a wall, I cannot tell what it is of but it has red and blue in it.  It has got a velvet texture to it,  either what is in the picture has a velvet texture to it or the picture itself has a velvet texture to it.  I also see a big wooden staircase, it has big knobby ends on the banister, and I see a grandfather clock....a wooden antique wardrobe....I feel like I am being taken through some sort of old Victorian home...I do not think it is her house but maybe her grandparents house.  That is kinda all I got, but she came through pretty strong.  12:44 PM
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