Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I want to remote view the underground pyramid in Alaska

I see Nome Alaska.  I see an area where the snow is not accumulating in the immediate area around it, When I think of that area I hear a buzzing noise, that reminds me of electric static.  The area smells cleaner, it has a clean smell to it.  When I see the snow not accumulating there it makes me feel like the ground temperature is slightly warmer and they cannot explain it.  I just heard a snapping, popping sound, I see spark of lighting from where the tip would be extending up to space.  I am seeing lightening storms in the immediate area.  I see ropes quarantining it off, like they do not want you in the area in which it is located.  I am still hearing buzzing sound like the land and surrounding area is always making a humming noise.  I just pictured an analog tri-field meter going full scale, and you could prove its electric  or magnetic if you were really there.  That is really all the immediate images that I see.   The biggest thing is I sense that humming noise, like a constant low hum all the time.
Q-Who built this pyramid?
A-All I can see is these super scrawny white people with white loin clothes, that look like linen.  They are like Ethiopian people but white.
Q-When was it built?
A-I saw 17 BC but I do not know if that means anything, it might have been 170 BC, but I think it was 17.
Q-Why was it built?
A-..As soon as you say this, I see a white beam that shoots into outer space, like it is a radio to outer space.   Like it is making a broadcast of something.
Q-Is it always active?
A-It is like it is always turned on, but not always shoved up to full force.  I think the humming noise is kinda like the sound of it charging, I do not know how, I just feel like it is charging up.
Q-What material is it made from?
A-It is made out of rock, but it has a lot irion withing the rock itself, I see it oxidizing and turning orangish.
Q-How was it buried and or why?
A-..I think there was naturally a fault line, or canyon and they built it there, it was already lower than the surface.
Q-Who knows about it today?
A-I got a picture of an Eskimo, so I think people who have a long native tie to that area know about it, only because of folklore, not because they have seen it.
Q-What do the Eskimos feel it purpose is?
A-I actually saw one Eskimos say star beings.  I think it to talk to star beings.
Q-How is it activated?
A-I don't really understand it, but I see these magnets, and they are configure in a tee-pee, and then in the middle there is like a ball of iron that gets super heated and I see it glowing red hot.  And when it glows red hot, it starts to spin as fast you are can imagine, but here is the weird thing, when it starts spinning and glowing red hot, it begins to levitate within this triangle of magnets, and when it get to a certain point it activates and starts.
Q-Who creates the message to be sent?
A-I do not know who it is, I see a guy with these big huge horns on his head, they are like circular ram horns on a headdress.  He is tall fit guy, no facial hair, he is tan like a native american, he is wearing a necklace made of hundreds of animals teeth, all sizes.  He is bare chested, he has red ink around his nipple kind of like a tattoo.  He has a leather fringed skirt on, bare legs, leather moccasins.  Around his ankles it is like really thick and bushy like rabbit fur.  He standing at the base of this pyramid thing, possibly he live near it or in it, I feel it is like a status, like he is highly respected.
Q-Does the government know about this pyramid
A-Absolutely, I completely feel they know about it, I see that roped off thing again, I feel like it is a military area that is blocked off from the people.
Q-Why do they hide it?
A-To keep the resource for themselves.  I see a crazy scientist trying to figure out how to make the damn thing work.  They have no idea how to use it, they want to use it for their own gain, but they cannot figure out how to power it up.
Q-Can it be use for destructive purposes?
A-I do not think so,.. going back on how to fire it it, when I was saying how the government was trying to figure it out, I kinda saw how the old dude with the teeth necklace did it.  It was like they suspended the iron core by some type of fishnet looking thing, they drilled a hole in the middle, they inserted limestone inside the iron core, like limestone rod, they put another chemical that they mix with the limestone, and from there it created this exothermic reaction, it heated up, and heated up and go so fucking hot and by the time it so it that it melted the little net that was holding it up, it had already started the levitating process and could sustain it's own weight, and from their it kept spinning and spinning and spinning, and that is how the teeth necklace dude got it to work.
Q-Where is the Magnet / Iron configuration located?
A-In the base of the pyramid centrally.
Q-How large is this configuration?
A-I am looking at it, just let me look at it,  I would say it would be an equilateral triangle each side 4-5 feet long, the iron core in middle probably has a diameter of about 2 feet.  Image in square 5 feet by 5 feet, with a smaller 1 ft by 1 ft equilateral triangle the center.  Connect the corners with a line,  this would be the view from the top.  It is like a smaller version of the large pyramid structure, but only three sides. A net was placed in the smaller triangular opening of the top and it held the ball.  I think it was a mirror image of the larger outside pyramid, I am a little unsure of the outside if it was 3 or four sides, but i am confident on the inner pyramid having only 3 sides.  I do not even know if iron is magnetic
Q-What was the chemical?
A-Immediately I heard the word obsidian, I see a crunched up power, I think one component was obsidian, but I do not know if anything else was added to it.  It was a power that used, and then I just heard the word conk-shell.
Q-Again, how was the message sent, what form was used?
A-I just see one continuous stream, my impression was that it mean that we wanted to speak with you.  I do not think there is a message being transmitted, it is more like indicator beacon.   I immediately saw the batman symbol over Gotham city.
Q-How the contact us?
A-They come hear?
Q-Who are they?
A-The star people or star beings, or whatever?
Q-Can you describe them or see them?
A-...I think they look like what we call the traditional alien, big round eyes, 7-8 feet tall, they are very light like pale green to white, thin, 3 fingers, I do not see a thumb, They stand upright, I would call them our traditional aliens.
Q-I think those are called greys
A-It was more like light green to me.
Q-How do these aliens communicate?
A-Through thought
Q-How to they travel?
A-..I am just seeing a traditional silver saucer, I do not see anything significant about it.
Q-Where do they come from?
A-The word Neptune just came in my mind, I never would have thought that, It just popped in.
Q-What is their purpose?
A-I see them as an ally.  They have our best interest in mind and want to see us succeed.
Q-Do they abduct people?
A-I do not think so, I don't think they mean to cause us harm.
Q-Do they have souls?
A-I think everything has a universal consciousness consciousness, and that everything melts back into one thing, that is just the impression that I got.
Q-Can you contact them telepathically?
A-I think I could probably meditate if I got in that place, yes.
Q-When was the last time the pyramid was activated?
A-I just saw the number 542, I get the impression 543 A.D....I am kinda done anyway
Q-Is there anything else
A-No that is it.

UPDATE Out of curiosity I Googled "Pyramid Beacon to Space" and the fourth entry had some supporting information.  I did not understand what a Conk-shell would be use for especially in Alaska.  The link says it is made from calcite.  I guess there is a theory that calcite is what used to cover the Egyptian pyramids. http://planetxtownhall.com/index.php?topic=2625.0  Next I need to figure out the reaction between calcite and limestone with iron?  Any science guys out there?

Monday, July 30, 2012

I would like to know more about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

When I first picture it, I actually see a triangle, um..and the weird thing is the perimeter of the triangle I see red, blue, and green.  It is almost like it is electric or magnetic.  In the center of it I see a white light, and it is spinning.  I see the white light in the middle spinning around like a hurricane.  I get this feeling like I am going to be drawn physically into it.  It is drawing me in, it feels like a vacuum.  I do not know if they find any wreckage in this area, but I see the plane and boats that go down appear sucked through and flushed out into a parallel place that looks like earth.  That is why I question the wrecked finds in that area because it is not just the people but the things that they are in get pulled through too.  I am actually seeing a lady looking out the window, and she is thinking, the plane is going down, the plane is going down, and then it hits the vortex and gets pulled through, and she is saying to other people on the plane wtf just happened, and everybody is really disoriented and confused.  They just continue flying, but they are not here at earth.  What I am trying to figure out, it is like....like... multiple time frames are occurring at once, like they slipped into the future or the past, it is difficult to explain it because.  I see it how you see layers, like layers in a drawing program.  It is shown to me like a drawing or transparencies with layers, earth current day is what is being worked with but you have these other layers popping up randomly, like past and future.  It is like they go through the vortex and end up in a different time.

Q-Is it the same planet?
A-Yes it looks like earth, I believe it is earth
Q-Earth in the same reality history, or and alternate earth?
A-I think it is current day earth, but somehow maybe the past and the present all occur simultaneously in different layers, and they shifted into one of those layers.
Q-Do the people survive and land.
A-Some yes, some no,  in my example they made it through it, I saw they lady say "What the heck just happened"
Q-What happened after that point?
A-I see them continue to fly, the pilot trying to rein the controls in...Alright this is strange...when these people land and their different layer of time, and they start to talk about their experience they sound completely crazy to the people on the ground, because their current day life, homes, jobs, family do not exist, and they have actually called it and have a name for that illness, they call it boonshock or boonshoft, is the name that came to me.  They then put the people in these hospitals.  They are trying to help get acclimated to the current day.  So the people within these layers are familiar with this phenomenon so when it happens the term it boonshock.  I do not know that is the word that came to me,  I saw a doctor say it, he said oh, they are suffering from boonshock.  Then it is like they have to go through this mental rehab.  It is let them know they are not crazy, but second to acclimate them to their situation....I did get something weird, somewhere over by China, no more South toward Australia, there is another triangle,  here is the weird thing about it, it is outlined in pure black and in the middle it is like a black darkness swirling around and here is the thing too, instead of vortex that goes in towards earth, it spins up like it is charging up, and then it shoots straight out into space like it is taking it somewhere completely different, like and alternate planet or galaxy, it is out of here, it charges and then puff it is tube of smoke.  That is all I got, ask me questions if you want.
Q-Where does the China one take the people?
A-To be honest, from space looking at it, it looks like earth.
Q-Is it earth or earth like, can you recognize continents, the moon.
A-It looks earth like, there is way more land than water.
Q-Is it a planet we have discovered?
A-I don't even think it is our solar system.
Q-Do people survive the transit there.
A-Yes, I structures built out of wood, very primitive, um..they remind me of how you would see and Indian tribe, materialistic, hand made, use their environment.  It is like and Indian tribe.  They have a hugh wooden fence built around their village for protection.
Q-What technology that was brought there.
A-It looks like they have incorporated junk parts within their dwellings. Like one persons house is a nose of an airplane, like they use bits and pieces as they could.
Q-How do they dress.
A-They wear fairly normal clothes but they are raggedy, they are worn thin.
Q-Are all the people in this place from earth and the china triangle?
A-In this place yes...Something else to note about their clothes, there is a big variety of clothes, you will see woman's dresses from like the 50's and then 1980's lady with tight hot pants, then you will see super bright colored T-Shirt of the 90's.  It seems like a complete hodgepodge of clothes they got because they use what they have.  Two things I got, one, as new people are introduced to their group, they are happy, they love having new people show up.  The second thing, they have these weird trees there they look like pine trees but they grow these grape vines like you would swing on, and they are bright orange, and they use them for everything, they are really strong, and you can take them apart and they are really fibrous and they make clothing out them.  They also use them for ropes.  They also figured out how to cook them down and they taste like sweet potato.  But you know how you can un-braid a rope, it like that it is a bunch of fibers within the vine.
Q-Do these suffer boon-shock illness, or it the environment so different they accept it.
A-No I feel like once they get off the planes and boats, they think that they have been in an accident.  Then the people there explain what happens and it just goes from there.
Q-Is there any children that you see
A-Yes, it is full thriving village, there is at least a couple hundred people there.
Q-Do you see any wildlife or animals?
A-Well the first thing I seen was a Macaw parrot but it had a sharp long pointy beak that was sharp, it was huge it had a wingspan I would say of about 6 feet....a lot of lizards, like the bearded dragon type.
Q-Anything we do not have here on earth?
A-When I ask that question, what I saw was a pig looking, but it had horns like one of those mountain goats that curls up on his head....That's all I am getting.
Q-Going back triangles, particularly the Bermuda, what cause this phenomenon, and is constant random or timely.
A-When I ask that question, I saw a line go from the core of our earth to the moon, and to the sun, and then back to the core of out earth, earth is on the right, moon is on the left, the sun is the top and their is white line connecting core of earth to sun, to the moon, back to earth forming a kind of isosceles triangle....I am not getting any time so possibly it is random, I am not getting any time.
Q-Is there a pyramid under the Bermuda triangle?
A-Hmm...I do not see that, I just see the white light.  I do not see that.
Q-Has anyone travel back our direction from either triangle?
A-I am not seeing that, I am not saying it ever had, I am just not seeing that?  I think I am pretty much tapped out.
Update: Link to Youtube Video

Hi can you describe anything about the ancient Land of Mu? Like their lifestyle and healing methods? Also, were they connected to the Indus Valley civilization?

The think that pops in my mind when you say that, it is like I see a vast grassy areas, like some kind of open plain, and in the background I see what at first I thought were pyramids, but possibly a mountain range, but it very precise like pyramids.  I see um, kinda like wheat grass huts, a lot of those, and I see people carrying totem poles.  Within the totem pole there is brown cat's eye like marble and I feel as though they used that for kinda protection.  I see a shaman (like in warcraft videogame) and I think that is how a lot of healing was done through shaman, they were highly respected.  I see the shamans faces painted white, with red designs.  I feel like they ate mostly vegetation, things they were able to gather, and they ate meat for like special occasions, like for a special feast.  They had a high regard for living things...I see hunters in the woods with big long spears, but I feel like it was not that they were hunting animals, it was like they were after another tribe.  Possibly the Indus Valley that you mentioned.
Q-What healing methods did the Shamans use.
A-Um, the one thing I see, they are using and herb concoction and they are inhaling the smoke from it.  Another thing I see is that they have rocks that they place in a circle on a guys chest, and they are like chanting to that.  Also seeing like a thick black tea that they are drinking.  I see this one where they have a tee-pee thing made, there is like 3 guys in it, and the way that it is done, their is black pot in middle of tee-pee, they make some concoction and they seal the tee-pee up.  I cannot tell if they are trying to sweat out or breath what they have in this potion.
Q-Do you see any females, what are their dress, and how are they regarded in society.
A-I am getting this Hawaiian skirt feel, like grass skirts, and um..I think they kept their hair mostly braided, and they had tons of jewelry hanging around their necks and that is what covers their breast up, they are mostly exposed.  I feel like they are regarded as, respected like the mom, nanny figure of society.  Not as high of a regard as men....They have some kind of strange, like a, scarf thing they wrap around their head, not a turban, more like a head wrap type of thing.
Q-Are the people dark skinned, dark haired or are they more variety.
A-More dark native American like.
Q-What happened to their culture?
A-The strange thing was I think that, what I saw in the background originally, I think their may had been a volcano, I think they sensed it was going to go off.   I see it smoking profusely and people running into the woods.  I see people carrying items on their heads as they flee.  Like a portable basket, Moses like basket with their crap in it.
Q-Ultimately what happened to their lands.
A-I think it got destroyed by a volcano.
Q-Do you see any other disasters?
A-I kinda see the earth vibrating, I cannot tell if it was the volcano or in addition to that.
Q-How is this civilization related to the Indus valley?
A-Now that I see everybody fleeing, I think they may have fled and met up with that civilization in the process and they evolved and meshed together.
Q-From your readings, on which continent would you say their ancestors are?
A-The first thing I saw as Northern part of South America, then my mind jumped to Africa, it didn't feel right, and then I snapped back to the South American picture...I am seeing a body of water that looks like the shape of a tulip flower.
Q-What was their writing / communication like?
A-I see them using sticks to write in mud tablets, and they let them dry.  They have form, filled with mud, they let it get to certain consistency to where they can write in it, they write, sit in sun and let it dry like a brick, a 2 ft by 2ft square, like a coach cushion size.  Many straight lines, not pictures.
Q-What about speech?
A-I would call it tribal...
Q-If you were to look at the whole land, what would the landscape look like?
A-Pretty, mountain range in background, some volcanoes, forest off in distance, but where there are no trees, it is dry little grass, but where the trees are it is lush.
Q-Can you describe the weather?
A-Summer all year round, hot, I do not see winters, does not go below 50 degrees.  I can get up to 110 to 120, it is like hot.
Q-Anything else?
A-No that's it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Desperate for help said... I have and special needs child and he is becoming terribly hateful. I do not know what he needs and he has a deep rooted hatred. I do not know what to do for him. Should I take him out of his special needs school and transistion him to public school. I just want what is best for him, and nothing seems be working. Can you help. Angela 32 - Columbus OH.

So when I stop and really think about your son, it is not that he angry but he has a lot of pent up frustration.  I think his mind constantly going, but his lack of verbal and written abilities makes it hard for him to get his thoughts out.  And for whatever reason, if he had activities that worked his mind to release some of the buildup, it would be like sending you child outside to run to burn up energy, except his mind need to burn up energy.  I think that even though he, or I think he enjoys watching certain shows on TV, that does not expel his mental energy, it just occupies it.  That ball of energy is still in his mind festering.. And I know that reading, which he probably cannot do to work his imagination, but I feel like there is one specific optical illusion that when he looks at it, it will work his imagination, and actually create a calming affect on him.  I will give you that optical illusion, and I feel like if you possibly put it on the ceiling about his bed, he will sit their and look at it and it will calm him.  In regards to school, I almost think it might be a good change for him to try to go to public school, because where he is at he is not really exposed to typical children to know how they act.  And..Also in a public school he will get exposed to typical children, will have role models on behavior, and then still be able to obtain therapy, but he can be more focused on, rather than just being a number in his current school.  I feel like in his current situation, maybe part of his frustration, and I "visualizing a hamster in cage, and the cage has a handle, and they are living this hamster in a cage, but caring by the handle from place to place"  I feel like he feels like that hamster he is being suffocated or trapped from one location to the next.  He never gets out of that situation and feels confined.  Possibly a public school, would help him feel not so trapped.  I just a picture of him standing on the sidewalk, and he is scanning left and right, and he has this exhilarated feeling of like freedom.  And then he just picks somewhere to run.  I feel like that is why he runs off.  Then I just heard "Run Forrest, Run" in my mind.  Like this kid is craving some freedom.  I think he loves being outside...I can see him running around a field, um and he is holding a ball, he is not kicking it or throwing it, but in his mind he is playing a game.  I do not know if you can take him to a place like that which is safe, but if you can, give him a ball and let him think they are playing a game, I think he would love that freedom....I kinda think he fascinated with stuff in the sky, airplanes...I actually see him looking up at toy airplane in the sky, it is outside not inside.  And my mind is flashing to that place by Alum Creek in Lewis Center Ohio where they fly remote controlled airplanes.  I think he would love it... I don't know if she ever incorporates him into your cooking or preparing food, but I see him smashing or mixing food in a bowl, and he is loving it.  It is stimulating some type of sensory thing with him.  I feel likes things that he can touch and experience, rather than have someone constantly telling him what to do, he feels like he cannot get enough sensory experiences.  And I also feel like um, it is kinda, once he experiences it, for most people it forms like a memory in your mind, but in his case as soon as he is done with it, he loses that memory.  I am getting that movie 30 first dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, so that is what causes a lot of his repetition is because he is trying to regain that memory and experience it again.  I just got an image of him liking your living room floor, and I felt like because most people might have an assumption of what that experience would be like, but he does not, and does not have boundaries, he is just wanting to experience all of life.  It is more of a curiosity thing, he is not trying to upset you.  I just got a weird feeling like something is wrong with my grandma.  One of the points I am trying to make is that I feel like a lot of things are done to pacify him, rather than just fulfilling his need.  Other visions:  I see him in a lap swimming pool with lines in the bottom, he is swimming and he is happy.  I see him on a playground in this specific playground has a metal chain link fence around the perimeter and he cannot get out, and he is on the swings trying to go as high as he can, and he is happy.  Another image I am getting is, possibly Alum Creek, but it has sand,  he is jamming his feet in the sand and he is loving the texture on his feet.  I am seeing and enormousness park, tons of green space, there is wooden split rail fence around the part, the part is huge, and you guys are making a game of how many dandelions you can pick, and it the time of year when the dandelions have the white ball on the top, because he is seeing the white things float off and he is loving that too.  In that exact same park, I am going back to image of airplane in sky, he is running around with his arms outstretched like and airplane, running as free as can be and he is happy.  I think there might be a tree there he can climb because I see him sitting in a tree and he is happy.  As I side note, I see a sibling involved in all these activities and it is beneficial for her as well.  I think she needs this too.  I see him watching young boys a little older than him on Rollerblade playing hockey and he thinks that is really cool, and he mesmerized by that and thinks the roller blade thing is really cool.  I also see a tree with a big thick brown climbing rope, it was tied at the top and it had 3 knots at the bottom probably about 1 foot apart, and I see him hauling balls and running with everything he had and grab it and swing and he loved it.  He did it over and over to the point where I felt that you could sit back and let him do it, like it would be a break for you.  I see this in your back yard, it is very distinctive, I see him doing this many times over and over again.
Here is a much better version my husband made in paint.  
Print this out and put on his ceiling, I feel if you put it where he can reach it he will take it down.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello, I was interested if you could see anything of the inner Earth civilization? There are said to be whole cities on the inside of the Earth crust, the capital is called Shamballah. Thank you

9:30 am. - Alright just let me talk to you, I don't know if I am blocked or if I am having trouble visualizing it because I do not necessarily believe it.  But when the question is posed to me I immediately think Indian Jones temple of doom.  But then my rational mind is trying to override that but..This is one like tripping me up.  Let me try again...The first thing that comes to mind Temple of Doom....have you over heard or seen of a race kinda what we would call bug like, maybe and insect.  I see the human almost like the workforce there, um...and I feel like this bug like alien are the more elite people there.  I feel like the bug people talk to each other through mental telepathy, but when they talk to the humans it with a weird clicking sound they make with their jaw, almost like Morris code clicks.  The humans are um..mostly dark skinned, like Indian not like African but..and the bug people are more Albino like.  This sort of feels barbaric to me, like the human species there is not as evolved and civilized as we are here.  I kinda feel like somehow the core of he earth almost serves as like and artificial sun down their.  I do not know how that works..I also feel like the cities are encapsulated in a big bubble.I feel like possibly, um the bug people use some type of vortex thing to teleport between there and surface to get like resources or something.  They not the humans travel back through a vortex teleport, I don't know....That is kinda all I am getting if you want to ask me questions.?
Q-Describe bug people.
A-Dark eyes, a, their eyes are big, I would image seeing and insect but it walks uprights, it has to back legs, its front legs are arms, but the two middle legs are like little tyrannosaurus rex arms.  And I think each of the bug people are both male and female, but it still takes two to reproduce but either can be in the male or female role.
Q-Are they wearing cloths:
A-Bug people no, 
Q-What about the humans?
A-It looks kinda like a loin cloth, and it is blue.
Q-Is there any transportation or roads?
A-No, I don't see anything like that.
Q-Do you see any technology?
A-As far as the people, the humans it is pretty primitive, The bug people seem like they have all of it, they are able to do the transporting and stuff.
Q-What does the environment look like?
A-Well it is like there are two parts, one in like the interiour part, the human do mining and it is like caves in temple of doom.  But then there is the more civilized city on top of the caves and that is where the bug people live.
Q-Have long have they lived there?
A-I want to say like forever, I feel like it is the most ancient civilization that ever existed.
Q-In the cities what are the structures like?
A-Look like most everything is made out of rusty metal.
Q-What the sun and the sky look like
A-It looks like a bright ball and it is never dark, like they dont have night they only have day.
Q-Do you see any water or clouds.
A-No clouds...I do not see any water which feels strange to me because I do not know how the humans would live without it.
Q-Do you see children, bug like or human?
A-Actually I don't I do not.
Q-Do they bugs ever show themselves on the surface of our earth?
A-I feel like when they come here, they use like a human disguised.  What is funny is I actually saw a um, like at the Halloween store they have all the presidents masks, and I pictured a George Bush Jr mask when I saw that.  Like one of those latex ones.
Q-Are you saying George Bush Jr.is an insect
A-No, ha ha, that is just what came to me.
Q-Do bug people live among us?
A-..I do not know, I guess that is a possibility, but I do not know
Q-Why do they live underground?
A-So they can do what they want, they have full control.
Q-Have any surface humans, discovered on been inside the inner earth?
A-I do not feel like they have..
Q-How fare below the surface would you guess they are?
A-I feel like they are pretty central, pretty much near the middle.
Q-Did the bug people evolve on this planet, or from somewhere else and settle here?
A-I feel like they were part of another race and they were exiled from their race and they came here, and they started their own colony here.
Q-What do the bug people eat?
A-I do not know I am not getting anything.
Q-Do you see much vegetation?
A-I don't and I am almost wondering or thinking they come to the surface to get what they need and come back, and possibly the reason the human are mining are getting minerals that the bug people bring to the surface to do bartering, they buy what they need in exchange for whatever they have minded out from the middle and they take it back.
Q-Do the bug people have souls?
A-I think if what you are referring to as a universal consciousness I would say yes.
Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?
A-No,  End 10:05 am

Update:  You got my curiousity going with this reading, I to my surprise I ran across and article about ANT People living underground in the Hallow Earth. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Love-Shamans-The-Elders-Of-Humanity/2018308 I do not know how this suff gets in my brain, if it is like bullshit or for real.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I want you to focus on the Next 6 months and tell me if you see any Major Financial Problems or Major news that will affect us, Is the dollar going to collapse? Run on banks, War with Iran based on Israel?

A-Well as soon as you said that, I focus on one idea it works for me, I was picturing American Banks, thinking like wall street and like the banks and out of nowhere I saw a PINK piggy bank.
Q-OK, Does that represent to save your money or put it the bank?
A-Well, for me that would mean, save your money but save it at home, in your piggy bank, like stick it in your mattress.
Q-Ok, not like a bank vault
A-Right, because it was a pink ceramic piggy bank like you would put on your dresser, that is what that would mean to me.
Q-What about like gold and silver?
A-Alright, let me focus on that then......Well..I think silver is definitively going to maintain it's value if not go up more, I a..I got a visual of people melting down like the bullion in a big cauldron and making coins out of it, so I almost think you are going to want like increments of it that you can buy shit with, it like it's gonna be of value but I see it more of value in a coin form and not the bullion.  I don't know why.....I have a feeling that um....Like for some reason..people are hiding that they have gold and silver from the government like not wanting people to know, because as I am watching this whole scenario of them like melting it down it's like they are doing it out in the middle of field hiding, like..almost like a having it is some dirty thing like, but it's of value, people want it.  Mostly want it in a coin form that you could spend, but for some reason they are hiding out, it is like how like during the prohibition people made moonshine and they hid out in shacks to do it, it is almost like you are kinda like hiding the fact that you own these assets.....
Q-Does any of that resonate with you
A-Yeah, I just would like to have a little more insight as to whether I should start pulling out of the stock market slowly or riding it, it is going up.  Should I spend more money on silver or put it in a Roth IRA.
A-It is so freaking hard because um I just not, when your talking like that I don't feel confident enough in what I am seeing to like
Q-Did you see a chart going up.
A-Actually did see a chart going up, but it had a red arrow on and a blue arrow on it, I do not know why there is two, but both the red and the blue are going up in a jig jag motion, but overall up.
A-......I do know if this mean anything, but I also got, you know how they at the beginning they clap their hands and they ring that bell, I a, kinda saw this image of the people that are standing there you know how they clap their hands, it was like they were smiling fakely, and you know how like on a cartoon, like their teeth will move like really fast and they were going ha ha ha ha, like it was almost like a fake laugh, like something is happening that they are lying to people, but then the truth going to come out eventually, but I did see the red and the blue line both going up, but I am wondering if it is artificial thing that's something is going come to a bubble again.  Have you read anything like that?
Q-Yeah, I have read that they are planning a default of Greece and they are supposed to do it this month on the 21st.
A-Can you just pull some money out and sit it in limbo, and ride that out a little, I would hate to lose, I am not saying get it out, but get it out of what would be losing the money.
Q-If Greece defaults then all the stocks are going to go plummeting, but all you hear on the news is how housing returning, unemployment is going down, things are great.
A-What is the red and the blue line, what are the two.
Q-Typically it just shows like, I don't know, I do not know what red and blue mean.
A-They were going like this, yeah, I got this thing, I mean like know trading and stuff happens but it was like wall street how when they ring the bell and then clap their hands and everybody smiling, I was like watching them and, but it was, like they were like chattering their teeth like those fake teeth that you twist up, it was like their teeth were doing that, almost like they were laughing, but in their mind they were like ah fuck, but they were doing this fake ha ha ha laughing and clapping, but in their mind they were like knowing that this shit was going to hit the fan, you know what I mean.  So I absolutely got that feeling.  But you how you can kinda pull it out and leave it sit there, like you can't cash it out, but you can pull it out of whatever it is, just ride it out.
A-I am actually ahead now. And that the thing
Q-You do not want to be reset back again. Well just one day of bad news, see they just did a new bailout for Greece and everyone is happy. Like just make everyone happy.
A-Who did the bailout for Greece
Q-Greece got another seven hundred and some Billions Dollars, and I think about billions of dollars, and there are all these naysayers saying look the governments are just printing the hell out of money, that bubble is going to pop next, and there is going to be run on banks and a couple of countries are going to go and default on their debt, and I am like man...So that's all you got.
Q-What is Sirius stock going to do
A-What the ticker
A-...It is strange, I got a picture of a red diamond...
Q-Red Diamond?
A-Yeah, what the fuck would that mean?
Q-Who is going to win the election
A-I think Obama is going to win again as crazy as that is.  I would love to see Ron Paul go in there and shake things up.  You gave me stuff to think about.  I may get more.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What are the Pyramids in Egypt for?

Mmm..Good Question
Q-While you are on that, how were all the areas within the pyramids lit?  Since they found no smoke, and their was not enough oxygen deep down in order to support fire?
A-Well as cheesy as this sounds, when you were asking about pyramid, when I ask the question "What were they for", my intial picture I get in my mind, I see them not how they are now, but how they used to be when they were flat and shiny, um they were like smooth, not like steps, not like they are now.  That was my first image. And then I got this impression of how hard they are, like just you know, to touch them the stone they were made out of was not anything that was like sandstone, it was made out of what I would equate to like diamonds and then as see them lined up, I am looking at the three that are in Egypt, the middle one, it almost looked like a lighting bolt was coming out of the top into the sky, almost like, like a  lighting rod and a I don't know if that process is being done to extract energy from the atmosphere that way, or if it is actually like.
I cannot tell if it is drawing in energy in through it or if it is opening up like a gateway to communicate with other people because I do believe in the whole alien thing to but just in my initial like looking at it that is what I am seeing.  It looks like a lighting bolt shooting out of the very top of the biggest one...
Q-Whats on the top, whats on the tip, it is gone now, but what does it look like?  What I call the capstone?
A-Yes, that is what I am trying to see...It is clear but I can't tell what it is made out of.  And I think if you got up on it you would find that the top was not like..like the sides are hard and like chiseled perfectly. You know what I mean, perfectly flat, perfectly angled, whatever, but the top, I sense it almost like slightly like a little bit of a dome and it's clear, only just at the top, not like this big huge circle but this most center part I do not think they have it chiseled like perfect pyramid like a jagged point.
Q-What is the capstone made out of
A-It is clear, I want to say like diamonds, some kind of something, but the way that it is cut can..it can be very reflective depending on how certain lights are hitting it.  You know how when you turn my diamond upside down it has all the points, well this one internally has got like different a..things cut within it, like I don't know how you cut inside diamond or whatever you do to make it reflective on the outside, you know what I am saying
Q-There is nothing cut on the inside
A-Then how does mine reflect out.
Q-Internal refection, the internal refraction of light it will reflect off the cut sides
A-Well then that is what it is, with nothing is done to it, I thought something was done to it to make it be or have that property to it...I think it is a diamond on the top honestly.
Q-How do they see inside the pyramid?
A-......I just want to throw something out their did they ever find, ever, a human skeleton deep in there?  Down in the tunnels...I do not think humans were down in those tunnels.
Q-Are you saying like we were told they were burial chambers for dead kings.
A-I think aliens helped us build them..I think the people the people that did the deep heavy work on the internal part..could see in the dark, and their lungs did not require the oxygen capacity that we had, we did the exterior work, but we had help from aliens to build those.  That is why I am asking if the ever find a human skeleton in their.
Q-I am not sure if they did, but there are a lot of carvings and writings on the walls.  All they are saying is that if someone would take a room deep inside like the kinds chamber,  I cannot say for sure what has what, what I was getting at was did they have any form of artificial light with out asking you that to see what you would come up with without..
A-And I got that that was what you were asking but I do not feel that they did.  I don't know why.
Q-Well what was the electric that you saw coming out of the top of pyramid used for?
A-....To be honest I don't, I don't know.  I am not seeing it.   I am seeing it shoot out of the top, I am not seeing what is going to or what is being charged, like I do not know, I don't know....I don't think it did it all the time, but I think when it did it made it this really loud humming noise when it was going on.
Q-Have you ever heard of the Ark of the Covenant?
A-No, what is that?
Q-You know like the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
A-Oh yeah, like Noah's ark?
Q-Noah's Ark was a boat.  The Ark of the Covenant was like the thing Indian Jones was looking for, like some golden thing supposedly.  Think about it. 
A-Yeah I know what you saying now.
Q-Focus on that...What was it?
A-You know the only thing I really know about about a is the pit he dropped in.  I am hearing words but I do not know what it is enough to answer that.  Like you keep telling me to focus on some electronic thing that I do not know what it is, I do not understand it.
Q-That is understandable.

UPDATE Out of curiosity I found some supporting information on this link  I do not know how this stuff comes to me.  http://planetxtownhall.com/index.php?topic=2625.0

What do the Indian Mounds mean in Newark Ohio?

Um, a the first thing that I saw a picture of the sun, and then you know how when you shoot a gun it will have like your sights on a whatever, it is like, some reason we are aimed at the sun..So I think it has something to do with the sun.
Q-Are they aligned with the sun?
A-I am just talking random thought right now.  When I thought "Indian Mounds in Newark OH", the first thing I saw was a  an image of the sun, and then I saw like the sight of a gun right in the middle of the sun, like a bulls eye on the sun.  Then I am gonna try to figure out how that ties into what the mound are.
Q-What is inside of the mounds, what is buried in them?  Anything?
A-I feel a little jaded in this because growing up in Newark, they always told us in school they were burial mounds and a.
Q-Well, yeah and they also told you the pyramids were tombs.
A-Yeah this is true, but I think sometimes it just so growing up in Newark..Um.......Hmm.....Just had a weird idea ok, in Newark their are two different mounds, one they call the serpent mound, and one is just a big circular mound, and I thought of suddenly and egg and a sperm, then I thought they were built for the gods of fertility.  Some kind of a....like the way to worship the Gods of fertility or whatever,...that would be.
Q-Well alright, that would make sense.  So the sperm and fertility
A-Yeah, I don't think it is alien really or anything like that, I think the Indians actually did make that.
Q-Makes sense.
A-And like you buried your dead in it as a form of like reincarnating or whatever.
Q-So they actually buried people in it?
A-I think they did, that was weird because saw like, I thought a serpent mound, then a circular mound, then I thought egg and a sperm, then I thought fertility, and that would relate it back to the gods in the sky and the sun.
Q-So they were like worshiping the fertility gods.
Q-I wonder if the a..tribes at that time actually did worship the sun?  Seems like most the primitive tribes did just because you know you need the sun grow.  Now when the sun goes away shit dies.  That makes sense.

A close family friend (Jeff) died last nite. He had MD and really was one of Jerry's kids that grew up to exceed 50+ in age. I could not be at the hospital with my husband and our friends family due to family obligations. Since I could not be with our friend, I tried to be there with him in spirit. I spoke to him and let him know that it was ok to go...to cross over. I also asked him to help my husband and our family from time to time. I spoke of the good times and the bad that we experienced as friends over the years, and asked him to take care of my grieving husband until he returned safely back home to his family. I focused on our friend and the hospital that he was at and some strange things happened. I felt a tightening in my chest that felt like fear. I told our friend that he needed to let go of the fear and slowly felt the heaviness of the fear in my chest leave..slowly...slowly....I thanked him for the time that we had together and reminded him that he would now know of the mysteries that we had spoken about in the past and that he was starting on a wonderful journey. Additionally, I assured him that his Mother would be there to meet him from the veil, and most importantly, that he would be able to walk again with no more pain to endure. As soon as the heaviness left my chest, I suddently heard police sirens, as if a big accident had occurred, and my cell phone lit up. I answered and heard my crying husband tell me that his best friend since childhood had just passed. I told him that I already knew and that our friend was no longer in pain, but my husband was just heartbroken. Earlier that evening, I had joked with our friend, in our private spirit talk, as to whether singing "Happy Trails" would be morbidly ironic. After the call, as I sat by myself in my back yard, slowly humming the song. I looked up at the night sky and saw a strange looking shooting star, which I felt was his life force, as well as a sign that he heard me and that I assisted him in this transition from the physical existence back to spirit. Do you feel that I did help him to cross over, and will this experience help my husband (Tim) to be more spiritually awakened? Thanks, Deb, Oct. 15th, 1965, Kansas

I think that she absolutely did.  Um..Let me think how I want to say this...I mean that I think that when she told him that it was OK, even though she was not their, that in the spiritual world their is a certain oneness and they are connected.  I feel like your spiritual body tries to hold onto their physical body for the ones that are here, so the thing that you did for your friend is a wonderful thing.  And I also think that since her husband and her were friends with this person and they (her and her husband) are already on a spiritual journey, I feel like if they keep their minds open and meditate that they will see signs from him.  When I focus on the question "Jeff to give me something for Tim"  I see a really green golf course....I see super white golfing shoes with little cleats on them, I don't know if that has any significance or not.  I am also seeing a red flag, it feels like a sport pennant.  It is read but I cannot tell what is on it.  I think possibly they used to play pranks on each other and had something to do with a pair of glasses.  I fell like um... How it is coming to me is he is saying focus on the fun times and you are going to be OK.  Like he is always going to be with him, just to look for it.  I almost see him floating like a genie in their living room.  That is kinda all I got.

Hello, My name is Nicole, and I have a question about my career. Should I stay and focus on what I am currently doing, or go in a different career path completely? Thank you!

Just going on a first name, not knowing a city or something specific, I don't know if I am in the right vibe when I am getting what I am getting.  But I am picturing a woman and I see her in like a business suit, and she has on a thick gold necklace...And I feel a lot of anxiety for her, and I image that she is in a very fast paced career and that she has a lot of stresses and deadlines etc... I keep.. and then I see her late at night coming home, it is dark, she is kicking off her shoes... She is totally exhausted, she is sitting down drinking a glass of wine.  Then I see her taking like a prescription bottle and she is taking medication from it, so I am feeling anxiety so I feel it is anxiety related.  I may be something else but it is attributed to stress and what is going on in her life.  Then I ask "Should she change jobs"  Then I see the same woman in like a very um, structured but yet laid back, almost I do not know if it working with kids or a social worker.  I might have deadlines but it is not as pressing and their is a lot more human interaction.  I feel like she is happier and she is happier with herself. But the one thing that I notice is that she is not wearing the big thick gold change, so what I am thinking is that this change will lead to less money but more fulfillment, and I also feel like that if she doesn't take an opportunity that presents itself she is going to have regrets, and that later in life she is going want to kick herself for not taking her chance.  I think this is centered around money, but I feel like she is going to fell much more enriched if she takes her chance and does it, and the money won't matter.  She will still be OK and she will not care about the money.

Hi I'm located in Cairns in north-eastern Queensland Australia and wondered if you can see how this area will fare during the future earth changes. We live very close to the coast but are planning to relocate higher inland this year. Will our new home be safe from the waters? Thank you, from Renee N. 3rd June 1987.

8:28 PM - I think their move is definitely going to be a smart move, I think they are going to be safe.  I feel like wherever they are at now initially might get hit with either really big waves, possibly titlewaveish, and I think, yeah i definitely think they are going to be safe after they make their move.  I think she sill be happier and more content after they make this move.  I think now they are really worried about it.  I think they are having financial worries about it but after the move all that will be lifted off of them.  I think I see her with a little white dog, and I also see a little girl, whether it is her little girl, or maybe she is going to have a baby, but I see a little girl age about 3-4, so I cannot tell if that is current or that's what to come.  But they are definitely happy, they are at peace, and I will say after all this is done and the waters settle back down.  I sense their area to be really, really hot.  Really hot.  Like I see a lot or really dry clay or dirt with cracks in it.  And their house when they find it, I feel like, the one that will be right for them will have windows on the North and the South sides, because when they open their windows that will be the direction of the breath.  It will not be east and west like it is no.  I feel like North and South is how they are going to want their house lined up.  The majority of windows on North and South sides.  Yeah I see a lot of wind, I fell it is really windy, but that is a good thing.

Q-Is water going to be an issue?
A-I feel like this place that they have or I they are going to find, will have some natural water source, but I feel like I need to say, That even though that good, make sure they know how and properly filter it.  It will be fine, they just need to know how to process it.
Q-What will their old place look like?
A-I think it is going to flood out, the waters will retreat, but when talking North East, specifically near the coast line it definitely is going to flood.
Q-When you stated direction such as North and South, are these the same as today?
A-Yes I am referring to current day North, South, East, West.
Q-Is there anything specifically that they may not have thought about that they should pay attention to in regards to what they will need at their new place?
A-A couple things I got, I got a, when they get to their new place plant drought resistant trees, what those would be I do not know.  The next thing I got is um.. to have really generic seed packets.  I am seeing little envelopes of seeds, like you would get at Walmart, nothing big.  And then, the last thing which seems off the wall, are big sheets of clear plastic tarps.  I actually see them draping a clear plastic tarp over some kind of a porch or what not,  I mean it doesn't have a roof, or maybe they tore it off to make this greenhouse thing that is connected to their house.  I feel like people are underestimating the uses of clear plastic.  And I just got one more thing that popped in my brain.  Alright I see them taking plants that they want to plant in the ground that are not in the greenhouse and what they are doing, they are making a small trench, like a line, then they take like a foot wide sheet of plastic for the length of the trench, and then what they do they poke a small hole about the size of a 50 cent piece, they plant their plant in the middle of that hole and then when they water it it is like the water goes specifically where it needs to go, but the plastic also keep the water from evaporating.  It is kinda like an ingenious way of planting.  Yeah, it is no waste of water, all it goes to the plant and none is wasted where it is not needed.
Q-Anything else?
A-No I do not see anything. 8:49 PM

Updated, my husband found this map based on Gordon Michael Scallion's Future Maps
I am unsure where you live, but if this map is correct it looks like there will be new land very near Australia.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My family and I reside in Salina, Kansas. We are having a rough time of it right now, but are supportive and close, and are there for each other. Are we safe in the future, and will we deal with the coming changes in our world as well as we are now?

July 24th, Well when I think about them, I see a big vast farmland with a big red silo....I feel like.....I feel like their whole family as a whole might not have a very defined leader who is a take charge kind of person, I feel like they will be ok yes, but they need to adopt some more stronger dominate people into their inner circle. I feel like they are nervous of outside people and they want to rely only on their family, but they don't necessarily have the deep down confidence to do so.  So allowing people in that they trust willl just enchance their situation later.

As far as financially, possibly pick the family member who already has the best resources as far as house, land whatever.  Whoever withing your circle that you trust who has most resources and most easily accessible to support that person and kinda help boost them to be like greener, as green as you can.
I see them with Goats and rabbits.....I also see a greenhouse where they are and I think they need to put all their farming inside this greenhouse.   I don't really see them growing anything outside this greenhouse.

I also see them with a lot of leather cow hides, I don't know what they are doing with them, or how they acquired them.

I see them using them to make things they use for their own personal use and they are also selling some of these things they make with the leather....I also see on this piece of land what... I will describe it.
It looks like a windmill, it is as tall as the house, it is made out of wood, and it has a hand crank on it, and it weird, the way that it works, when they twist the hand crank, it has several buckets on it that go down in a hole, like a well, it gets water and comes back up.  You can take the buckets off.  I may draw a picture later.  I am staring to think the windmill at the top is a decorative thing, or may be attached to the hand crank.  It seem like kinda a cool system.  It is like a continual loop of filling water into buckets.

Yes, I think you are going to be fine, but I think if they pool their resources and incorporate other more dominate people into their group, I think they will increase their confidence as a whole and be more prepared for any changes to come.

My son, who has been missing for 21 years now..... is he alive???? where is he living???? does he intend to ever make contact with us??? Andrea

July 24th 5:46 PM
Andrea-I feel like he is alive....I feel like he may somehow be affiliated with the military or may have some type of military in his family.  I can almost see him flying in a helicopter in some lush woodsy area with rolling hills filled with trees.  There is a river.....I am seeing like green, I am unsure if it is a name of the rivers, or a code name, it has something to do with the area they are at.  Like the name where there at, like green river or something.

I also got the name Esposito.   He seems kinda tall and dark.  He chews tobacco, the type that you spit.  I feel like most people would feel he is handsome, he feels like a good looking guy....

I see the symbol HLC215, I don't know if that means anything....I feel like he would want to maybe make contact with his family, but he feels nervous because after so much time he is unsure of your expectations.  He is reserved, and held back and insecure with that regard.  Around his friends he would seem macho but in respect to his own self and self image he is very insecure.  As long as he stays where he is at, he can be the macho guy, but if he initiates contact he would be exposed to his insecurities.

He definitely, definitively thingks about you.

(My husband transcribes my readings while I am doing them, below is question and answer session between us in regards to your son)

Q-Does he live in the United States?
A-My initial impression is South America, but I feel he is in the American Military, and I am unsure what role the American military would be doing in South America.
Q-What do you think his age is?
A-I am seeing his age at late 30s early 40s, he has a few gray springs in his hair and that is why I am dating him that age.
Q-Does he have any children?
A-I don't think he does, I think he has some type of commitment issues, he will have girlfriends but not a serious commitment.
Q-If you were to try to get his name, what would it be?
A-I keep seeing the words ESPOSITO.  Whether that is his real name or not, that's is what people call him...I then heard the phrase "Esposito Incognito".....Then I just hear the lyrics to the song "Bad to the Bone".........I see a Harley motorcycle....Thats pretty much it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I just saw my first Aura. This is the conversation that followed.

A-I think I just saw your aura, it looks like it is super white really thing, followed by a pale yellow,  It is like two layers.  The white layer touches you about an inch wide all around, the yellow one much thicker probably three inches.  
Q-Can you see it right now
A-Yes, but I have to keep my eyes not focused like I am looking at one of those magic eye books.
A-We were talking about it that it is easiest of you are up against the white wall,  the hardest part is to try not to focus on it once you get it, but when you try to get the details. If you focus on it then you lose it.
Q-Is it spikey or anything
A-No it's smooth,  The yellow one keeps moving, the white pretty static.  The outershell the yellow one is like a blob.  I thought they were talking shit in those books....It is almost like you are glowing.
Q-Tell me if you see any changes in it.
A-Right around the front of your face it got much bigger the yellow one, like your face and the back of your head.  That is so wild.  Now the white one is glowing glowing as white,  are you trying to do somehting to it.
Q-Nods yes,
A-The white one is starting to get fuzzy like it is fire,  I will say the yellow one is mimicking your hearbeat on the top of your head.  The yellow one seem thicker on this side of your body than the other.   Ah, it is making my eyes water.
Q-Can you see it if you get closer?
A-I dont think I can it make my eyes water.

Here is a link I looked up for what various Aura colors mean http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/auracolormeanings.html

I want you to focus on a number 222 that I keep seeing this multiple times a day.

A-I get an image of the sun, and greek god with sandles.  Togas.
Q-Can you concentrate on the number 222 in reference to me and why it is important to me?
A-Numbers when I first see them they are all white, white usually like purity or naive, naive in something your trying to find out.  Then I get an image of an eyeball, but only one eyeball and it is really hugh eyeball like maybe you looking over.  Maybe its,  when I see an eyeball like that I think of the all seeing all on top of the pyramid on the paper money.  I just now flashed back to like old times, but it is really sandy where its at and it is hot, theirs something with the sun, the heat, something kinda ancient history feel about it.  Some kinda like naiveness......
I just got an image of three camels walking in a sandy area, but they are headed towards this place that reminds me of the wizard of oz, this green lush city in the middle of no where.
Q-Are there people there, or are they just roaming?
A-I can't tell....Man it is like a community, it is like a coveted community that everybody wants to be a part of but only select members are allowed in, its like the wizard of oz trying to get through the gate, like you go there and there is the dude with the big furry hat, but its not per say that dude, but that feeling like you got to be invited to be in because everybody wants to be a part of it.
Q-Is this in reference to the masons
A-I will say I did not get that vibe, but I did get that All seeing eye so that may mean something different to you than it would normally mean to me.
Q-I am just saying it is more a select group of ancient knowledge vs.
A-I never even thought of that, that is why I am saying it out loud, cause I can say what I interpret and what I say may mean something completely different to you.
Q-Just say what you have and not what it means to you.
A-Inside the city it seems like stuff runs mechanically not computerized it that makes sense, like things run off gears more old time since.  More like how terranova should be written not necessarily how it is written.  Like fans running off gears and belts and shit like that,  Cars run more, not really cars but carts, you know people can push them and pull them, but the way they are mechanically done, its requires little force because the way the gears are.  You know what I mean,  you might have a wheel barrow piled like a normal person would never be able to move it, but the gear ratio, you can do a lot of work with a lot less because they are smart about how they reinvented these old time things, that do require motors and what not.
I don't see anything running off of gasoline, it is green town, green and lush, but like really great....
Q-Is this a place in the future?
A-I feel like it is in the future yes... its like in the middle of this desert.  Fucking Wizard of Oz.
Q-Is there plants?
A-Not in the desert but inside this village yes, it is very green, green grass.
Q-Is this village a modern village, What are the building made out of?
A-Wood, it is like this old time place right in the middle of nothing, but it is almost build in a terrarium, like you know what I mean and all enclosed type thing, like a self-sustaining ecosystem.  I think that is how it able to thrive out in middle of the desert, because whatever moisture whatever it gets it can, it like your living inside this terrarium thing.
Q-Is it on this planet?
Yeah I feel like it is
Q-Where is it located?
A-I feel like the one I am looking at is in Egypt, like where the hell you would have camels and sand.
Q-What kind of people are there?
A-It reminds me of like hearing the story in the bible of the three wise mean on these horses with their big turbans, like that kinda stuff.  It is like something like Egyptian feel or whatever...Or maybe they are experimenting with some kind of city like this and its a....  Maybe the wave of the future, I don't know, but it is highly coveted and people want to be part of it but only a very select few are allowed.
Q-What kind of people are there?
A-you know it is weird it is like American looking people are within this city, but I don't feel like this is happening in America....Like the people on the outskirts are looking in, wanting in, but the people on the camels that are in the desert are wearing their turbans dirt skin, like pubic hair beards, like all those like long scraggly beards, but the people inside of the the city are like.
Q-How is the city protected, or is it?
A-Um its got some weird encapsulated thing that surrounds it that makes it like the terrarium, like whatever the membrain is that holds it in that keeps the moisture recirculating. I mean the outskirts, theirs like a wood barrier around it, but it like whatever this membrane is, it is super like protective,  or something.  it is like in a bubble.  Thas why I said It reminds me of the wizard of oz and like when your looking and see the Emerald city and you see like the bubble in it. That was the first image I got. Like..
Q-So it is not like a glass dome.
A-No it is some weird material that very.
Q-Is it physical or force fields
A-No I think it is physical, I think you could touch it, but it wont hurt you if you do touch but whatever the hell the material is that it is made out of is like really strong, like you are not going to be able to bomb it and break in,  It is impenetrable, you got to be allowed in in order to get in.
Q-Is this within our lifetime?
A-I would say yes, I think the plans are in motion for something to be erected like this now....I am not sure how this would be possible, but, when I look in there the thing that strikes me weird is there is like no animals.  It is all people, tons of vegetation, green grass very lush, but I don't see like cows, chickens, and shit like that running around it like a....
Q-That is not self sustaining then, animals require a lot of
A-No I am saying like we are living off of vegetation and not
Q-I know, I am saying no meat, we don't need to live off of meat.  Sounds like a futurist village where people  become one with nature, I will say that I am very oriented towards having a little community of self sustaining.
A-We could live and not eat meat and have that kind of protein and stuff? Like I see crops, I see trees, I see GREEN grass, it is green.
Q-There soy, do you not think a brontosaurus grew as big as it was by not eating other dinosaurs. I a cow healthy, it does not eat meat.
A-But yeah, I noted that it strikes me as odd.
A-And I feel like we went that way because we didn't want to have to feed the animals to feed us, we would rather just go straight to the source and eat the plants.  Not take the room the space or whatever so we just skipped it but.
Q-Is there families
A-Families? Yeah, it is like a community, it is like a city
Q-Is there roads and streets or is it dirt?
A-It is dirt, it is dirt paths, but lush um.. Like as green as green can be.  Like in the middle of spring when you have your yard fertilized and it is as green as the pinnacle point.  It is like everything is that green.
But everything is so natural like..you can't more organic than that.
Q-Do you think it people living within God's plan at being at one.
A-Yeah, people arre happy, it is like happy.  If feels like some wholesome environment where there's not like crime you dont have.
Q-Are their gadgets, Ipods, Ipads
A-No, theres not like computer, nothing
Q-How do people communicate?
A-They talk.  Hehe...Almost back to old school.  But they know how to use their gears.  I see a lot of things being, a run off a gearing thing, where you have you know what I mean sprockets, and little.
Q-What runs these
A-People, but it takes so much less power because, it is done so much smarter.
Q-So it is like the bicycle, it is very efficient.
A-Yeah that type of stuff, but even more so intricate than that.  The one thing that I saw was like, like the cart or wheelbarrow or whatever.  People hauling shit but it seemed effortless because it was so well designed it didn't create, you know.  You can do so much more work with less if you design it ingenious.
Q-Do you see insects?  Bees to pollinating the crop?  Or is it just blowing around through the enclose membrane, like self pollinating?
Q-Question what type of dress do people where, are they wearing robes or tennis shoes.
They are wearing leather shoes, they dress kinda Amish.  Only women are not wearing big fluffy dresses, I mean like.. You could but, it is not required of the culture.  Like a woman can wear pants.  Leather shoes, leather like purses, leather belts.  Stuff was made durable, made to be, it was like everything was Eco friendly you know what I mean, they a...
Q-So you don't see any plastic?
A-No, and I do not see rubber tires on stuff.  Stuff is made out of wood.  Wood disks are like what the tires are.
Q-Then where do the gears come from?
A-It is like carved out of wood.  But they do have belts on stuff.
Q-Are the belt leather, made out of cloth?  Chain driven, nylon cloth?  Is this a place that we will live?
A-No, I sure would love to,  maybe that is why I am drawn to little house on the prairy.
Q-Is more fulfilling?
A-Like I said people are happy.  Like people are smiling, friendly, neighborly...No fat people.  I am not saying everybody is like buff, but their like healthy you know.
Q-What about disease, do you see a hospital
A-I don't and I don't ever see a doctor?
Q-Do you see schools?...Parks...Police
A-I don't think that city is that sophisticated...I don't see it I don't.
Q-How is it run, is it done by collective, by group...by committee?
Q-Do people stay for fear of banishment if they don't follow rules and then ?
A-I kinda feel like that's what it is, it is so highly coveted to get into this that you don't want to fuck up once your in it.  And people just obey their rules, I don't know how they know, I don't understand, I not saying their is not some sort of  Law enforcement, I don't see it, I don't feel that their is.  I mean I would almost common senses, think like you would have to have some kind of boundaries, but because people just in society are gonna....You gonna always have those people want to push it the limit or steal or whatever, so you have to have the checks and balances, but I don't see or feel how that's worked out
Q-How is the dome or the membrane, does it got a skeleton, or is it all it's own self?
A-It is all it's own self, self supporting.
Q-What's the sky look like, is the membrane clear, the dome
A-Yes, you can see outside.
Q-What does it look like outside?
A-I do see blue skies, it feels sunny to me.  Like the white clouds...Whats weird is that as I feel the sun on my back, and I look straight out, I see a full moon, and I don't ever recall ever seeing the sun and a full moon at the same time, so..
Q-It happens all the time.
A-Really, like the sun beating on you right here, and you are seeing this full moon right here.
Q-I have seen a full moon in daytime all the time, it is white looking in a blue sky.
Q-What does that have to do with the number 222?
A-I am trying to make sense of this
Q-Do not make sense of it, just say it.
A-It is like I saw it on a white mile marker, almost like it is a...When I am like "What is 222, What is 222".
Q-Is it mile marker two hundred and twenty two?
A-Yeah, wonder it there is a highway with that number on it
Q-I am sure there are many highways with that number on it....Is there any other numbers that you see that are significant?
A-There is a white sign..black letters..and I think I can see a billboard, but let me.....There is a billboard close to it, it's got a horse on it, it's got some dude sitting on the horse wearing a vest, and it is like advertising some kind of a ranch, so it is somewhere here in the United States cause it is written in English, but I cant tell if the name of a......He is sitting on the horse, he has his arm up like this, lassoing a circle, and it like I can't, it is like a ranch and I cannot read the top word, but it is like, in the spelling of the word, theirs two mountain peaks with white snow on them, but those on are in the letters.  You know how you will take a word and have some type of icon representing the letter.  But it is two mountain tips with white snow on the top is in the first name, and it is some kind of ranch, and then it's got like this dude sitting on a horse with his lasso up...Oh man I wish I could see that word.
Q-Don't see the word, say what is the word, listen for the word, if you have the ability to hear the word, hear the word.
A-..................It's saying like mountain top or mountain peak or like some kind a...I am feeling like this is in the mid-west here (United States).
Q-Is this a place I am supposed to go?
A-I don't know, but then just out of nowhere, I thought of that stupid airport, that Denver airport with that wacka-do horse, that crazy ass horse.  That wasn't the picture I saw, but that, it's bringing me to that.
Q-That is the first thing I thought when you mentioned it, when you said the mountains, I kept thinking Denver, but I didn't want to plant the seed in your head.
A-Hmm, then I got, After I got that, like after I thought that, chills just went up and down my whole body, like it was made to go full circle in my mind to bring me to that..That would explain the eyeball...  What would those lush cities be about, I mean it seems like an awesome place, like it would seem like somewhere if you had the opportunity to go you would go like not even one second, you would be like I am going right now just take everything I have and send me their.  Like you would just seem happy, it the simple life you just...But it seems like something that is just new and starting, because their is no old people their, there is like.. people are working and functional in society younger but you don't see any older people. - (This was a 27 minute session)

Can you please focus on my daughter? Will she be able to acquire language and normalize her language?

For more personal requests, please provide me more additional information such as name, birthday or age, city or state for your daughter.  Thanks
I prefer to have a name, but I will give you what I got...
Um when I sat and focused on the question I saw a little girl, she had like a halo of light around her head, and inside that halo of light I saw little tiny cartoon birds chirping like you would see in a Cinderella or Snow White movie, it reminded me of the songs, singing and cheerfulness.  It made me feel like maybe to enhance her verbal skill she need music, to listen to it, maybe start humming to the music, but practice doing that alot.  Then I saw a little girl holding a bunny rabbit petting it, so possibly animals are another way for her to make that connection.  That is all I have for now.  If you give me your name and stuff I will try again.

Follow Up from Comment: Thank you so much! She does love music and animals! Her name is Nikki and she has a language disorder.
I see her blowing on one of those train whistles, she is laughing at the sound that it makes.  I feel like she is really bright and knows what she wants to say, but she has a hard time getting it to come out clearly.  She remind me of my son who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  When I think of the question, How do I help Nikki with her speech?,  the following is the sequence I of images I see her doing:  I think that part of it is that her frustration and anxiety might make it more difficult to get things out clearly.  Encourage her to go SLOW and PATIENT.  And when she talks try to have her do it with her EYES CLOSED to eliminate the visual stimulus, encourage her to put her hands on YOUR face kinda like a blind person would do.  Have her close her eyes, you speak a word while she has her hands on your mouth, and then put her hands on her own face with her eyes still closed and then speak.  That way she is focused only on the movements of her mouth.  I would start with simple sounds first to build her confidence which would reduce her frustration and anxiety.  Build upon that.  I still feel like music, and making simple sounds, even as simple as humming to a song, then graduating to the actual words will connect with her, but try doing it with her eyes closed so she can really focus on the sounds and music itself.  Just have faith that she will get there and do not give up.  This is not medical advice, I just report what I see.  I hope this helps you and your daughter.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I would like you to focus on the moon and if there is life on it.

I feel like there are structures on the moon, we can see them but we dismiss them. They glaring at us but we feel they are only craters.  I see tiles like around a pool, but I think these around the edge of the craters.  Like maybe the craters are not craters but mining pits and they grow as they mine.  I feel like there are race of really white maybe albino people living on the moon.  I feel like our government knows they are there.  I feel like there is some agreement like if we don't mess with them they wont mess with us.  I think that is why we abandoned our space program.  The people on the moon do no want to mix with us, they want to keep their race pure.  I feel like they are searching for something, that is why they are mining.  I see a block letter L but with jagged edges on each end of the L.  They are searching for this object because it has some type of high knowledge or high power.  Overall I think that there are structures along the crater edges.  I do not know if any of this is true or not, I just report.

Update:  I got the impression that our moon was not always here, I see a ribbon, kinda like the magnetic ones people put on their cars for war or breast cancer.  I feel the moon was brought here, or came here, and it followed the ribbon path, like a cursive letter L but with the earth in the loop of the L.  I do not think the moon was always with the earth, but came from some other location.

Your Question: My family is in Olympia Washington, about 300 feet up. Do you see my kids surviving here, or do we need to go inland?

Please take this with and open mind, you should make your own conclusion from it.  When I think about the situation I feel very nervous, my hand and feet start sweating, I have a nervous anxiety.  I feel like when the waters rise, they will rise fast, but not so fast you cannot get out.  I feel that where you are specifically I feel that everybody that is displaced west of there, there will be hugh inflood of people and there will be fighting over resources.  If you have family further inland you should go there for more definite security, and the further east you go the more resources will be available as far as clean water, food, gas.  Your specific area may be safe as far as water, but you will have trouble getting fuel, electric.  I feel like when I envision you, i see grocery stores in complete panic and chaos.  Almost rioting, fighting over dumb stuff like salt.  I feel the resources in your area will get depleted really quick due to the displaced population.

This reading is based soley on your City and State.  In the future if you provide me your name and birthdate, I can do a more personal reading on you to see if I am picking up on your vibration.

This may or may not be you since I dont have a name, but a few minutes later I got this tightness in my chest as though you have trouble breathing, I envision a garage or building possibly behind your house, I see your house as yellow and white, basketball court, picnic table, picket or wooden fence around your yard or on one side of your yard where the garage would be.  This may be you, or someone close to you, but I feel like when you look out your back yard you see a wooden slat fence, maybe not picket.  Big time tightness in my chest.  I really feel that you are a guy and you have breathing issues.  Possibly the number 63 means something to you, or 6/3 as in June third.

Update: My husband found a Gordon Michael Scallion future map. Based on his map it looks like eventually Olympia will be covered by water.

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 18, 2012 - Question "Focus on Retirement Funds"

Q-Are my retirement funds safe or should we liquidate them?
A-All I am getting is a picture of white clouds and super bright sun.  Wait a second, now I am getting and Ice cream Sundae...
Q-What does an ice cream sundae mean to you?
A-A happy treat that makes me feel good..., I will say I see it in a silver dish...You know what, I think what it was telling me was bright yellow sun Golden, then silver dish as in the sundae.  Maybe gold and silver is way to be.  Then I saw a red Microsoft clip art "up" arrow.

Q-Is there anything we should purchase in the near future?
A-I got a picture of a very strange motor powered by hand?... I may have to draw it.
Image ball cut in half horizontally and separated.  Three tubes coming into top of half of sphere with teeth on flat part of top sphere and teeth on flat part of bottom half of sphere.  Single tube connecting the two spheres and single tube on bottom sphere.  top sphear spins right bottom sphere spins left.  Bottom part has pizza stone?  Inside hallow with moving parts inside.

A-It feels like a hand made generator?...  Made out of stainless steel.  Whatever it is called you should buy one.
Q-Is it expensive?
A-No I think it is something you (Questioner) thought we needed.  You hand crank it like an old fashioned egg beater.  It is 1 ft tall.  Whole thing made out of stainless steel.  What is it, what do you do with it.
Q-Can you focus on me using it or its purpose?
A-I am getting all weirded out, this is strange.
Q-Don't read into it even if you feel weird just tell me what you see.
A-I feel like you are crunching up coffee beans to sell them.  I didn't smell them but I saw what looked like coffee beans.

Update: After Google search the only coffee grinder I have found that resembles the drawing is a Pharos  See below

July 20th, 2012 11:05 am Colorado Batman Shooting – She has no idea this occurred.

Q-In Colorado, There is a shooting in movie theater at a Batman premier, do you get anything from that?
A-yeah – First thing that comes to mind is Abraham Lincoln and John Wilcox booth due to the theater.  I think this guy knew he is like the setup guy, he knew he did it, he didn’t think he would get caught, when the guy did it, they guy was so fucking wet he was sweating bullets.  My hands are so fucking wet right now.  So immediately I think it is government related.
I don’t know if the guy that got shot was a science geek or militarish.  I think he got shot in the back of the head.
Q-do you think it was a hit on a particular person.
A-yes, I don’t think it will ever get traced back to the origin, he didn’t think he would get caught.
Q-Was there any collateral damage?  Or you see only one guy?
A-…..I feel like he got shot, in the back of the head, I feel like he only got one shot off, and the bullet went through him.  I think only one person died, but possibley there were injuries from that.  Maybe it came through out through his nose because I feel pain in my nose like eyeball socket.  I can feel heartbeat in my ears.
Q-To give you more information, There is over 10 people dead,
A-Really I didn’t feel like like.
Q-Going back to what you thought earlier, do you think that it was planned to kill a particular person, but the rest were to cover up the intial crime.
A-I don’t know, I feel like I am sucking.
Q-Don’t second guess, you may only be focusing on a single person.
Q-he arrived at the place in a car, what color do you feel the car is.
A-Green jacket, keep thinking he is affiliated with the army, it is army greenish.  I see pins on his lapel, if he is not in the military is related to some guy in the military,  I keep seeing jet black hair and sunglasses.  As far a car I would have to guess, but I am not getting a good impression, its shape it is dark, not a PT cruiser but has that shape of it.  It is not super strong coming through that is my intial if I had to go with my gut. (Note this is the victims car)
Q-Can you and I have never asked asked you this before, pickup the name of the shooter?
A-Oh, gosh…. Firths thing that came to mind and it is not super strong, Ka sound carlton or Carson.  Then the phrase, “Uncle Bob”
Q-What type of weapon / weapons were used
A-Totally ridiculous, but I am seeing, you know how in batman you have a top hat and a cane, I got an image of that but I don’t know what that has to do with that.  But if I got it, it may mean something.  As far as weapon it is longer than a shotgun, but it is not a shotgun.  I feel it is cane shaped.  I don’t know if people were wearing suits, or weird close there but I keep seing people wearing pinquine off of batman and hes got a tuxedo coat on, black and white and has a cane.
Q-Well maybe people dress up as characters for this premier.
A-Oh, I thought it was superman….
Q-No I  said Batman
A-Well that makes sense because I keep seeing penguin.  But that could be an usher
Q-If you focus on the guy that was doing the shooting what does his head, facial features hair, stuff like that?
A-Ok, believe it or not this has happened and I haven’t gotten this for a long time but a word was whispered in my ear.  Tall or Tao, Towel, I don’t know, what but sounds like that.  I don’t  know why you would wear sunglasses in a theater, but I picture dark glasses and a scraggly goatee. And it may or may not have been a real gotee.  I think possibly this guy may have been disguised to go in there.
Q-Was his intent to hurt people?
A-No his intent was to hurt this one specific guy.
Q-Can you focus on the target?
A-I don’t know if it is the name or physically resembles this person, or if because it resembles this person but I keep getting an image of Clark Kent wavy dark hair glasses the target looks like superman.
Q-Why was this target selected?
A-I don’t know if he knew something, or was in the military, but I feel like he was a whistle blower. And earlier when I imaged this guy I saw the army jacket with different type of pins.  I don’t know if is his or he knew someone.
Again when I focus on him I get this weird pain in my ear.
Q-Is the target dead?
A-yeah I think so.
Q-Why would he kill other people than just the target
A-He was going to make for damn sure he got the job done,  And totally unrelated, something to put in the back of your mind, my right nostril is burning, I don’t know if the shooter or the victim, but one of the two I am trying to tune into did a line of coke before this happened.  I don’t know it is is coke, but something you would put in your nose.  They were in an altered state when this happened.  Can you clue me in on some of it now.  I feel like I have answered a million questions.
Q-I dont know much, I turned off the news so you could not read into what I knew.  Here lets turn on CNN.
Q-What is the motivation of the killer
A-I think he was coached and motivated.  I dont know why, I do think the shooter had to get his game face on, did a line or something like that.

Followed Up - Possibly Uncle Bob's Storage Denver Colorado.