Friday, January 27, 2017

A Look Around the World

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you again for your answers. Here in Colombia there is a TV program that sometimes shows paranormal cases, They were investigating an abandoned neighborhood in Bogotá where atrocious things took place. The video below shows what "supposedly" happened during the filming of that program, it is in Spanish, sorry about that but please watch the last 3 minutes of the video it will show something that seems to be a creature or a being that climbs a wall, later something falls on reporter from the top of the building and then when he focuses the camera to the top a kind of hand or claw is trying to hide, is that real? what is that? it is human?

Thank you again, love and light

A. I get there wasn't just atrocious activity, but people were tortured and killed either in that building or very close to it.  It feels like a popular location where gangs would hang out and carry out their intimidation tactics.  It feels like between the trauma and negative energetic activities, some attachments have connected to that place.  It doesn't feel like the entities that are attached are malicious, but rather seeking some kind of justice (for the criminal activities they endured), and then later peace.  The place is in desperate need to be cleared to encourage these entities to move to where they are better served (as this resting place in not one of peace).   

Q. Hi Lynn, I just want to know what will actually happen in Indonesia under the governance Jokowi as president. I got the feel that he doesn't really get any sufficient help from the people in the cabinet, but rather being repressed by the political party that used to support him.  He looks to be losing track on how to rule the country. Can you see how long he will endure as president and what kind of obstacles that will bring the great impact to the nation because I sense that he is becoming weaker and the opponent is trying as hard as possible to bring him down. Thank you.

A. It looks as though he got into office due to his promise and goals he had for the country.  The people felt he would be refreshing, and guide Indonesia toward a vision that they wanted.  After he got into office, it seems as though there is a layer of corruption that is beneath him.  This "layer" of government says they also share in his vision, but their actions don't match (because they don't truly share in the vision and want more aggressive approach of governing).  Jakowi's biggest challenge is the passive aggressive behavior of his underlying government.  It looks as though his opponent will will succeed in his takeover because Jakowi starts to get worn down which translates into a lack of confidence from the people. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have asked you about this before, but due to ongoing events in Poland which seem connected to this event, I want to refresh this topic. Perhaps it will be worthy of your analysis. Some years ago, an airplane carrying aboard most of the Polish government crashed at a site in Russia killing all aboard.

The mystery remains pretty much unsolved. The president and his wife died and today, his twin brother rose to power in Poland. Jaroslaw Kaczynski rose to power based on his very conservative views and with the Catholic Church as pretty much the platform for his decision making. He's now changing many laws in Poland to criminalize abortion and contraception, antagonizing a very Catholic nation against anyone non-white, non-Polish and non-Catholic. He even wants to bring back the death penalty. I think he manipulates people based on fear and religious beliefs. He's replacing all in power, including judges, with his own people, all in the name of 'sovereign' nation and 'god'. I think this is very scary. He's also decided to exhume the bodies of the people who died in the plane crash to 'get to the bottom' of what happened in Smolensk. As you can imagine, this decision is also very controversial. Needless to say, the nation is divided, and many people are very, very angry. I can see a civil unrest happening.

What do you think was a cause of the plane crash? Was the twin brother currently in power involved? What is the trajectory of the current government? Is there hope for Poland to move forward instead of backward? Any and all insight would be tremendously appreciated. I come from Poland but I haven't lived there in over a quarter of a century, yet, I care and I follow the news and belong to some interest groups who passionately discuss various topics. My own family is very divided, my mother, an avid Catholic, supporting the current government, me... well... not at all.
Lots of love from awesomely egalitarian Sweden :)

A. When I tune into the accident itself, I see an image of a pilot. I get that the pilot was under the influence of something that led to poor judgment.  I cannot see what he was on.  It does not feel like an illegal substance (feels more like some kind of prescription medication he had a reaction to). I get combining the meds with the altitude fluctuation created "unclear" thinking and poor reaction time.  The impaired thinking and inability to react led to the crash.  

I do not see the brother being involved.  I get that he does not like the rumors, talk and speculation of the accident.  He wants the mystery of the crash put to rest (and that is what is driving the investigation.)   

He has a dictator type of feel, and wants to take Poland in that direction.  He feels he could make Poland very strong if he had more control and could pull everyone together.  He is working hard to get people to follow him (even if it is through fear).  I see Poland going more in that (controlling) direction before a full revolt occurs.  Then I hear that "things will have to get worse before they get better."

Q. The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, the longest and deepest tunnel in the world, was fully operational in December 2016. What's the true purpose of this? Is this related to CERN? Is this a portal to another dimension? Is this a door to the inner earth? The opening ceremony performance last June 1 has a lot of references to the powers that were:
A. I do not get a connection to CERN, but I do see this as a pathway to some underground bases (used for ceremonies and sacrifices).  This opening ceremony was a "blessing" of sorts. The Powers That once Were (PTW) look to use the tunnel to access "secret" rooms and I hear that it is "private and sound proof."  I look to see times when the tunnel is "shut down or not operational" when these ceremonies / sacrifices are going on. There is also something about the fact that the moonlight never shines in these "rooms". ??  

Q  People are acting unlike themselves in my town in Australia. I have woken up doing the strangest things and have even stranger memories from my past.  I did not go outside for a good 12 months plus for no apparent reason. I also believe I was unconsciously involved in a laser war of sorts. Can you please tell me who is behind these things affecting me (and these strange memories)?
A.  People that are sensitive, are very sensitive to their environment.  I get the constant heavy spraying of chemtrails in the sky combined with energetic shifts are really affecting people.  Each person reacts differently depending on their sensitivity and their exposure.  Some people feel ill, and others are tired, but in your case it is awakening your subconscious.  You may want to consider focusing on meditating to harness what feels like an uncontrollable subconscious behavior to provide insight and clarity on who you are and even your past.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond G said...

I wonder how many people saw the image of the Indonesian president and their first impression was that it was a younger Obama?

What kind of ceremonies would they be practicing in a tunnel, even if the rooms are sound proof? If it is a secret cult ritual, it seems that it would be safer to perform in a private home. What makes a tunnel so special? Who are the people that participate? Is it a generational thing passed down from families or do you get tapped on the shoulder?

Thanks for the time you dedicate to your blog Lynn. It is always interesting to read.

wendy tascione said...

What is the significance of rituals....what do they achieve? Will this behavior stop soon?

icqgirl 2 said...

And the moonlight thing. Moonlight seems to have mystical properties. Lynn has mentioned water being charged under moonlight. Astrology connects the lunar phases with our emotional tides, and can drive us "loony" ("lunar").

Buddhist Lady said...

Thanks to the poster for the query about the Gotthard Tunnel and the opening ceremonies. I looked online for the general reaction at that time--and, of course, most people thought the entire spectacle peculiar. Even if you discard all the Christian/Satan imagery and interpretation, the whole show was definitely odd and dark.

Moonlight is enchanting. Nowadays though, after being told the moon is artificial and not a real planetary body, I believe in that enchantment less. I do remember reading somewhere...Dolores Cannon...I can't remember...about a very powerful civilization on Earth which had a huge crystalline arc or sphere (can't remember now) which captured the energy of the moon, which was then used for healing?

Sean Nash said...

Buddhist Lady,

I remember reading insights about the moon in the context you have inferred. I did some research on that idea both inner and outer inquiry. There is some truth to that. Reasons to why we haven't been able to go back to the moon. We are not our emotions, we are feeling creatures of course but our emotions are an action to feelings. I found in my research that the moon's purpose is too Perturb feelings into Emotions expressed. The moon has been since deactivated from say dark intent to control and is now in the positive light effect. We are after all 70-90 percent water and the moon perturbs water. Perturbation is the intent of the moon.

They Live said...

I'm one of those people who saw a young Obama in the Indonesian president. They definitely love to put their clones/genetic manipulations to good use.

They Live said...

The moon is also associated with the female. The PTW hate females and femininity unless they have a man doing it.

The Beanpod said...

Thank you Lynn for the reading about Poland.