Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chakra Removal

Q. What is your view about the removal of the chakras..? Some people say they are an alien implant and they're quite a few people doing a removal of their chakras... And what about the Jehovah seals?.. Some people also doing the removal of these seals...What are they?
A.  Chakras are a beautiful gift given to humans.  It is a way to connect our physical body to our spiritual / higher self.  They also serve as a buffer between the physical and spiritual self to prevent us from frying our human, 3D systems. Keeping chakras in balance and harmony will align our physical body with our spiritual body.  If something is off, we feel it, and it is our way to know what we need to work on.  

For example, if in this life you felt that your voice wasn't being heard or you needed to work on your communication, your throat chakra would eventually become out of balance.  It could manifest in chronic sore throats, coughing, neck aches, etc.. When you get in tune with your higher self to determine the root cause, do energy work or seek out help and determine you are off in that chakra, you have an opportunity to do something about it (which is most likely a life lesson you are here to address).  Without a chakra as a guide, you could have challenges and unmet goals on your life path.  You would be faced with putting "band-aids" on your issues rather than truly solve them.

I see these "Jehovah seals" as being tied to the Book of Revelations (you can correct me in comments if I am wrong).  Using this understanding of the concept as a focus, I get that many people somehow feel connected and scared of this, and by creating a disconnect, they will be saved and protected.  I get that if someone wanted to disassociate from the "seals" to feel safe, they have all the tools they need using their own mind, they just need to believe what they tell themselves.  You do not need to pay money or go through a ceremony (unless that is your personal choice).  A ceremony or something official may help to strengthen your intent, but you really just need to believe you are safe, protected and surrounded by light (and you will be).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


The enlightened one said...


Infowars and Alex Jones will cover the third presidential debate tomorrow, Wednesday.
It will be a huge live broadcast to cover what is likely to become one of the most important events of US history.

Bee E-lightened said...

Is alex jones controlled opposition⁉️

Bee E-lightened said...

Is it even possible to remove chakras⁉️

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, any truth to the notion that our chakras are being upgraded/merged/replaced with a "light body"? I'm guessing jelly donuts don't help.

joy said...

Hehhh........So many silly ideas about CHAKRAS.
The 7 physical Chakras are etheric energy vortices that run along the front of the spinal cord as the nerve ganglias exit toward the body. They were originally just ONE pole of light that is where we are being supplied with life-force ....but....along the way, this PRANIC POLE was spliced into 7 parts and separated by plates and additional different programs were installed in each chakra so that each also became a lens by which we individually view reality.
So, I have no idea how anyone can continue living in the physical plane without chakras
this is where the non-physical life essence click into the physical body ,..to give it life and energy..
Besides,..these chakras are connected to 6 upper dimensional non-physical chakras...up to the level of ALL-THAT-IS ,....that completes us as "spark of the Divine." This is the UNIFIED FIELD, this is who we truly are..
These chakras or etheric vortices of energy-lifeforce is actually the SPINAL-CORD of the 10th chakra (in a 13 chakra model) ...or the SPIRIT body;(the body above the mental-emotional bodies) or the ASTRAL BODY, which is the aspect of soul that is directly connected to, and is animating the lower bodies. (so many confusing names)
This ASTRAL body is also....now...called the LIGHTBODY. the human's body of crystalline light.it has been upgraded with umpteen ascension codes, and exotic body parts. As of now, our chakras have unified back as a pranic pole of Light.We're returning to being etheric beings.
not presented as truth, but for information and entertainment only. :)

Bee E-lightened said...

Quite Informative

They Live said...

Are the Jehovah seals a code name for our chakras and the apocalypse is basically an unveiling of truths as well as an opening up of our chakras?
I feel those who've meddled with the Bible purposefully put fear based imagery to deter people not "In the Know" from realizing the true meaning.

Jacob Hollar said...

Chakra... Isn't that the albino bat worshiped by tribesmen on ace Ventura pet detective 2?

Bee E-lightened said...

Clearly the bible is distorted by christians

Jacob Hollar said...

Chakra... Isn't that the albino bat worshiped by tribesmen on ace Ventura pet detective 2?

Bee E-lightened said...

WARNING: spiritually advanced folks on this blog‼️

Alice Liu said...

@joy — Thanks for mentioning the "6 upper dimensional." I only just heard about them this week, and you've reminded me to do some digging.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Alex Jones feels like he started with a good purpose, but somehow the PTW are getting to him. There is something off, just not sure exactly what.

Regarding chakras, I cann't see how they would be removed, and if you tried, the result would not be good. I do see they can be upgraded, and vibrate higher, so they change, but do not leave.

@Joy: Thank you so much for this info. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I too have some reading to do. Much love-

joy said...

Alice Liu,
I was thinking , I did not go into detail about this upper dimensional chakras...
Here they are:
from the 7th Chakra...Crown
we have 8th Chakra....the Mental body
9th Chakra....the Emotional body
10th Chakra....Originally the "SPIRIT Body" Ihis is the "observer"
consciousness for many millions of years, we knew this as the
ASTRAL Body, and we go gadabouting in the galaxy with this body
when our physical bodies are sleep. During the 1987 planetary
Chakra was ignited and awakened by those superbeings (PRIME
CREATOR)in charge of
ascending humanity. It then, was massively reprogrammed with
lightcodes and became "DA LIGHTBODY".
11th Chakra ..the Angelic Body,....the ANGELIC REALM ...This is where we KNOW
ourselves as angels...
12 Chakra,.....the PRIME CREATOR LEVEL OF WHO YOU ARE...yay...! You are
continuously designing, manifesting, systems of worlds.(planets
galaxies, universes....)
13 Chakra.....This is YOU, totally NON-DUAL, like a SUN, loving everything YOU
created. In this level, the hebrews call you EIN-SOPH INFINITE.
We can't wrap our puny human mind around this "YOU"
PRIME CREATOR is an office. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEING, ALL-THAT-IS.PRIME CREATOR IS AN ASPECT OF ALL-THAT-Is, tasked to deal with CREATION. The functions of this ONE aspect was divided into so many departments...and there is a consciousness that does a particular job in a particular department.Prime Creator stays in the 12th and 13 chakras or dimensions ,...and they can be NON-DUAL Elohims or ..dual as ARCHANGELS. We give them names here, like RAPTURE. This being is in charge of the last leg of our ascension to 5D. she will put a tremendous spin on our physical-mental-emotional bodies........and transmute them into a DOUBLE-TETRAHEDRON MERKABAH...Your Chariot of FIRE............
hehhh....you'd love what we are transitioning to literally in days....This 3D will be dissolved we'll all be prancing about in our LIGHTBODIES.
OK :)

joy said...

what I know..........is that we can't ascend our carbon based bodies up to 5D. It will
burn up........... SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION.
So, PRIME CREATOR ( PC) decided to increase the light quotient in our physical bodies ...made it CRYSTALLINE. Our FIRST LEG of our ASCENSION JOURNEY is to HEAVEN. This is the heaven that is so popular among the religious.. You know,...where St Peter has a key.?
Well,..we are going to METAMORPHOSE from Carbon to CRYSTALLINE, right here,.. and that will increase our vibration to match the HIGH ASTRAL (Heaven)or Shamballah. At the same
time, PC will collapse 3D. Collapse means the electromagnetics that is holding up 3D will dissipate and be replaced with Crystalline Frequency. Where we are metamorphosing to, is called the 1000 YEARS OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY or the GOLDEN AGE, right here. No more electric grid, no more money, no more nasty NWO and their ET masters..
ALL ENSOULED HUMANS will ascend, including your funny uncle and your mother-in-law.
It's like this.....In the wide-angle of things, there is no such thing as linear time. NO PAST, NO FUTURE. We live in the ETERNAL NOW. Every timeline, PAST, FUTURE is cycling in the NOW. ..and EVERYTHING that PC wants to explore in what we know as FUTURE has already been explored. done. Go to YouTube,as an example, Al Bielek has explored the future created by the Wingmakers. In this thought, all bad guys,..by the time this EVENT rolls around,....all of them will have returned to ONENESS. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. This is done synchronistically by PC, PRIME CREATOR.

All parallel realities /timelines/earths / universes will MERGE, and ONLY ONE REALITY WILL EMERGE........The reality of SPIRIT.
We will be in this glorious world for perhaps over 1000 years because the vacuum left by the collapsed 3D will be replaced by 5D energy. We have to go. In 5D you have no body. You are the most potent MIND, with a vehicle.....!
Now, since you are no longer human you will get back all your psychic and AVATAR abilities. We will have control of our metabolism, and we will NOT EAT other beings anymore.
Last word......This EVENT is EARTH_SHAKING. EARTH will shake, rattle and roll for half a day, then as the light particles increase, it will grow dark and cold.The SUN will be covered with DENSE BLACKNESS of LIGHT. There will be 3 lightnings that will cause the EM to collapse and to activate our Lightbodies.


Prepare 10 day supply of candles, lighter or matches,.. water. Your blankets and sweaters. When you wake up....yay.....
You know , since I was a kid, I'm a frequent visitor of this NEW EARTH....?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Bwahaaha! Watch this!

"CNN Asks Its Focus Group Who Won the Final Debate… Then INSTANTLY Regrets It"


Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn, you wrote:

"Chakras are a beautiful gift given to humans." What a wonderful viewpoint!!

A work I trust mentions that our shamanistic traditions most effectively serve healing by entering into a world which examines and determines illness by primarily working with the etheric body. So, I just ordered two books on beginnning shamanism. I need to "journey" as they say. I was thinking, perhaps, I could accompany my cat to the spirit world when she passes.

Shamanism appears extremely potent. Movies always portray dying as an incident occurring in an instant. In actuality, dying is a process. My cat continues the process. She's adamant. I see that they enter, I believe, the spirit world on sleeping...which she does more and more. She awoke this morning and seemed quite pleased to be still in the physical realm and to hear my voice. I have asked my dear friend, who lived with me and her, to take her upon entry into the spirit realm...for lack of a better description.

mike farley said...


Chicago kid said...

Joy, this sounds amazing. When will this New Earth take place? Any timetables? It sounds like Dolores Cannons version of the New Earth. Any signs that will foretell? Dolores mentioned when you see the red sun in the sky its happening.