Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Random Short Q & A

Q. I hope you will do a group post:
Is long hair really as an extension of the nervous system? Does it mean that it's better to make my hair long?

A.  I do see hair as an extension of our body.  I hear it being called an "antennae or feelers" to the universe.  I also get that it is part of the reason that many Pagan people had long hair (then I see an image of a Native American).  It was a connection to the earth and the spiritual universe.

Q. What is the purpose of circumcision? Is it good or bad for the person?
A.  I get there is no real purpose.  It looks like this was something made up by the PTB (mainly the PTB tied to the church) to decrease male sensitivity to try to keep procreation more controlled.  They felt society was more civilized that way.  In their idea of a controlled society sex was viewed as a tool to reproduce, and not something used for enjoyment.

This idea became further reinforced when the medical industry got involved (I see circumcisions being done by the church??  Not sure if it was handled that way before??).  Medicine said it was more sanitary, but I don't see that as being true.  I hear that boys have to learn potty habits, and with proper self care, it is perfectly fine.  Then I hear the phrase, "What other part of your body is cut off when you are born?"  The ultimate creator (the Universe, Source, God, etc) makes us each the way we are suppose to be, so (I hear) "Why are we messing with that?"

Q. In your previous health posts you discussed the cure for hair loss, scar, etc. What about the cure for skin hyper-pigmentation?
A.  When I think of hyper-pigmentation, I see a freckle, and when that freckle is exposed to the sun, it grows.  If the person goes in the sun, it shrinks.  I get the way to get the skin to normalize is to try to avoid sunlight or overexposure.  I also get that applying coconut oil to the affected area will help with this adverse reaction to the sun (I looks like a mild allergy). 

Q. Is using microwave oven bad? Does it alter the vibration of the food? There are a lot of articles online on both sides.
A.  I do get that a microwave is bad for the food. I hear that it "kills the nutrition."  In small doses it doesn't hurt the user, but you aren't getting the full value of your food.

Q. Can you do a reading about the Apple logo? Is it just a flat picture of an apple or it means something?
A.  I see the Apple logo as very symbolic of the agenda of the company which will lead to power, control and money.  They have their products all over the world, and keep making the technology smaller, smarter and faster.  Customers share their information allowing them to create a huge data base.  

The apple in the logo looks to be symbolic of the apple from the tree of knowledge (as in the bible story), and Apple (the company) is taking a bite of the apple (as they extract  and gather all the knowledge). They are telling you exactly what they are doing.

Q. Is it possible to change eye color?
A. I get that if you were to look closely at an iris, it isn't one solid color, but rather a main color and other shades combined. The reflection of the light (sunny, dark, natural light, artificial light, etc) can all effect the overall color of the iris by intensifying or relaxing the "other shades" that are also present.  I also see that emotions can create subtle variations.  It looks like eye color can be influenced by doing things to bring out the "other shades" (such as wearing a certain color), but you cannot permanently change your eye color.

Q. I have a simian line on my right hand instead of having separate heart line and head line. What does it mean?

A. I first see someone put their right hand over their heart, and then I see the green, heart chakra light up.  It looks like in this life (or a previous life that may have residual karma tied to it) there was some kind of heart condition involved.  Specifically, it looks to be associated to the thin tissue sac that surrounds the heart (like a type of inflammation??).

Q. What is the real use of the appendix in our digestive system?
A.  I get a (very odd) image of a small, dormant brain. It looks as though this organ "sleeps" until it is necessary, and then awakens and goes to work if need be.  It looks as though the "awakening" is trauma induced by the immune system.  The immune system looks very weak, and needs the appendix support to rebuild.  (I can't seem to connect it to the digestive system, as it looks more immune system related.  I am curious of the comments as I have never seen anything like this, and it came through in a strange way.)

Q. In the 90’s I’ve seen some shows explaining backmasking in songs as a mind control tool, e.g., You will recognize some coherent sentences in some Beatles songs played in reverse and it is claimed that it reaches to the subconscious of the listeners. Is this true?
A. I do see this as true, and the Beatles became active (I get) at or around the time the "real" Paul died and was replaced.  The subconscious is intelligent, and even though in our 3D reality things are filtered, the subconscious runs freely.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


SB said...

I have a simian line on my right hand and as a child I dreamed constantly that a giant eye was right on that line. I would open my hand up and it would look at me. I have learned through research that many religious figures like Christ, Buddha and Shiva have a simian line on their hand in paintings and statues. Plus the Toltec people considered people with the line able to communicate with ETs. I had another 'dream' recently where I was being examined by some ETs that were shocked to see that I had the mark as they called it. And I said oh yea plus I have sectoral heterochromia and pointed to my eye. I guess I'm just a mutant. ;)

Anonymous said...

After having the Appendix out and with in a few years I was diagnosed with M.S.

Optic neuritis , numb fingers, the M.S. chest hug they call one symptom .
I refused treatment . I am not sure how but I just knew if I started all the interferon injections and pills I would be a goner . At the same time I became
friends with a lady who did everything the doctors told her to and tried everything
on the market nothing worked.Have also met all sorts of people with varying degrees of symptoms . It never sat right with me what I was being told and over the years all the seminars I went to the story changed from hereditary to now it is environmental.
Fatigue is overwhelming at times but everything else I can manage .

But one thing I know is there was no way the Appendix was staying the pain was through the roof.Have not had that type pain before or since and I have had broken bones,miscarriages,handful of operations, back problems . Nothing compared to Appendix attack.

Two of the other questions in the post about long hair and eye color hit home for me as well . Lately I have felt a real push to let my hair grow as long as possible while I have been trying to keep a meditation schedule and one of the things I kept focusing on in my meditations was trying to change my eye color just to see if it was possible . Guess I can stop with that .

Also I use coconut oil concoctions all the time now as lotion since getting tips from you Lynn with adding different essential oils .

Reading really intrigued me . Thank you.

Bee E-lightened said...

Great reading!! Of course the appendix has its purpose, man just havent figured it out as yet so they claim it is useless. The Creator doesnt create waste. I discovered the other day after witnessing a circumcision, that the rabbi (where it probably originated from - jews) sucks off the blood in the baby’s penis when doing a circumcision….talk about perversion. Am sure they are responsible for the circumcision craze. Circumcision is mutilation yet USA wants to make a big deal over mutilation in other countries. Hypocrites‼️‼️

chik_afrou said...

About the appendix, I read somewhere that long long ago it was connected I think to do the large intestine and this allowed to re-process food and somehow gave humans a much longer lifespan. So this disconnection supposedly happened because of genetic manipulation in order to control humankind better. Does any of this ring true?

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn thank you! If you did not answer it already what cure do you get for vitiligo (partial loss of the skin pigment)?Thanks!

Kalamota Kook said...

With regards to the appendix, there is a lot of interest and research going on about the microbiome (the necessary, good bacteria colony in our gut) and how the condition of that, as well as the lining of the gut itself, has a huge impact on our health. The guts have been referred to as a second brain in antiquity, and also some modern researchers. The gut is not just about digesting nutrients, it has an enormous role to play in our immune system and is much more sophisticated than previously thought by scientists. That's what I thought of when Lynn said she got a somewhat confusing sense of the immune system rather than digestion.

Stress, poor diet, antibiotics, environmental toxins all irritate or damage the gut lining or affect our gut flora, leading to inflammation, vulnerability to pathogens, the switching on of genetic predispositions, and the modern plague of chronic and autoimmune conditions. There's a new branch of medicine dedicated to a wholistic approach to these interconnected processes. It's also behind the gluten-free and Paleo trend. This stuff is increasingly mainstream.

(Erin Crook - you may or may not have heard of Dr Terry Wahls, who has had MS for years and developed a diet protocol which may help. She claims impressive results, although I'm not in a position to judge about MS. This style of diet healed me of a bunch of other chronic ailments, and it works across all inflammation/ autoimmune issues as it tackles the root causes rather than the specific end result. Worth a try, and apologies if that's old news to you.)

Anyway, the other day I read somewhere (can't remember, aaagh sorry) the hypothesis that the appendix acts as a kind of seed store for our gut bacteria colony, and that if for some reason our microbiome is impacted or wiped out, the appendix is there to kick off a new colony. That certainly fits with Lynn's vision here. It sits there doing nothing and then comes to life when there's a crisis. Unless you're living the modern life, in which case the damage just goes on and on.

Knowledge is moving on at a great pace, it's very exciting. And thanks again Lyn for such insightful and useful readings!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@SB: Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

@Erin: Thank you for sharing. I too was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago (still have my appendix though) and refused all the drugs. Manage everything homeopathic and am doing great (even ran a half marathon last fall). I would rather deal with the fatigue and odd nerve sensations than pump my body full of drugs. It just didn't resonate with me.

@Bee: I agree...

@Chik: Wow. I didn't get that connection, but that is an interesting theory. Could be some truth to it.

@Joao: I don't recall doing that. I will add that to another health posting. Thanks.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Kalamota: You are right. Diet (for me) is huge. When I am feeling symptoms or just know something isn't right, I have to REALLY hit the B12 and TONS of water with lemon essential oil. I also like turmeric and frankincense for the inflammation. At least in my personal experience that has been effective.

Bee E-lightened said...

Your post is quite insightful and informative. Thank you

Alice Liu said...

I don't know if this is true, but I would like to think so. The Native American Code Talkers in Vietnam seemed to have lost their tracking abilities when the army cut their hair: http://thespiritscience.net/2015/11/10/the-amazing-reason-native-americans-kept-their-hair-long/

@Lynn @Erin -- regarding MS and drinking water, fluoride in drinking water can contribute to MS as it is a nerve poison.

Hannon said...

My eyes change color like a chameleon, every time I get my licence renewed, it has a different. color listed. But when people look right at them close up, they usually comment on how many colors they are.

MorL W said...

Regarding long hair--I have heard it said that this is why military and other authoritarian groups make the men shave their heads. This is done to lessen a person's connection with Source, and make them more easily controllable and obedient. Perhaps this is also why the traditional Jesus is shown with long hair--it was to show his connection with Source, the Divine.

Anonymous said...


Is Turmeric in powder/capsule form and Frankincense essential oil for inflammation?

Kalamota Kook said...

I didn't know you'd been diagnosed with that Lynn. Wow, good for you to have kept it at bay via the alternative route. I try not to be evangelical about this topic 'cause it puts people off, but just living as an example, people then start to realise there might be something in it.

Turmeric capsules can also be called Curcumin, which is the active extract. It is recommended that you take it with some black pepper as that maximises absorption.

Raymond G said...

@ MorLW..........I have never heard that about short hair in the military. It's interesting though. But, I think it has more to do with standardization of personal grooming habits to maintain a professional and disciplined organization. And it's hard to seal a gas mask if you have hair hanging out the sides.

AR 670-1 covers Army grooming standards. Other nations have similar rules.

Chapter 3 Appearance and Grooming Policies
3–1. Personal appearance policies

a. Soldiers will present a professional image at all times and will continue to set the example in military presence, both on and off duty. Pride in appearance includes Soldiers’ physical fitness and adherence to acceptable weight standards in accordance with AR 600–9.

b. A vital ingredient of the Army’s strength and military effectiveness is the pride and self discipline that American Soldiers bring to their Service through a conservative military image.

tara said...

Lynn thanks for all your great readings. Could you do a reading on Fibromyalgia as some point? I have this and also chronic fatigue Thanks.

fair2share said...

The heart covering that Lynn mentioned regarding the Simian Line is called pericardium. People I know with Simian Line are very intelligent and seemed to be "movers and shakers".
About the appendix, it must be Alex Collier, the Andromedan contactee, or Simon Parkes who said that the Annunaki gods (yes, small G, and yes plural, like Elohim is plural gods) who decreed that the race of Adamu, or Adam ( meaning of the earth) should be circumsized to give them distinction that they are separate from, and are the lowly subjects of these Annunaki ( big-time racist).
And for the issue of fatigue for MS, a homeopathic preparation called Bioplasma could be of great help, because when I give them to my kids when they were sick, they were still energetic and active, without the malaise that is concurrent with being sick. It is very cheap, the 1000 tabs bottle that costs $11.00 to $18.00 in an online health store can go a long way. Just 3 tabs one to three times a day under the tongue.
Edgar Cayce also expounded on the relationship of the appendix to digestion and immune system, and he has advices on what to do if there is an inflammation.
Also, the very interesting Medical Medium is talking about how the mainstream medical sources are wrong about the autoimmune disease attacking the body itself. He, or his spirit guide talking to him (not through him), is saying that the real cause are microorganisms that are present in different locations in the body. Hmmm. So the nano silver could be a great help in these cases.
Thank you very much Lynn, for your insightful and helpful blogs that I found are mostly agreeing with what Will Berlinghoff of Cosmic Awareness ( rainbow-phoenix.com) is revealing.

icqgirl 2 said...

But what about monks who shave their heads? Perhaps connection to Source is greater through intention?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Erin: I do use both of those for their anti inflammatory properties.

@icqgirl: Monks do shave a circle to open the crown connection to source (but leave the rest longer).

Thanks for all the great comments!

Buddhist Lady said...

Good luck, Erin Crook, with your MS. I believe your reaction to refuse standard medical was unbelievably correct. Lynn serves as an excellent example of approaching and dealing with illness. First and always: do no harm. Do no harm.

Kalamota--great post. Great. I, too, have been encountering articles on Web equating microbiome as heart or "seat of knowledge." The human body is unbelievably remarkable--miraculous, in fact!! I have recently become fascinated with the healing of etheric self or body--now, once, we approach this level, we will truly be medically evolved!!!

fair2share said...

Hi Lynn:
Can you please do a reading on the Mandela effect?
Is another timeline or parallel universe seeping into our reality, as one of the reason why
1) Richard Chamberlain of Thorn Birds fame whose death has been announced years ago, is now alive?
2) McDonald's letter type on its street signs is not what it used to be . . . As Save A Lot used to be Sav-A-Lot.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@fair2share: I did do this a while back. :-)