Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wave X, Magnetar and NASA

Q. Lynn, I recall reading a few years ago (not sure where I saw it, so I cannot give a link) a report of some guy who works for NASA as an audio/visual specialist.  He sets up AV shows for the bigwigs and makes sure all the sound and images work correctly for whatever presentation is being given.  Anyway, he reported (probably on Godlike Productions) that he witnessed a presentation in which the audience was told that NASA had discovered something deep in space that was coming our way.  He said that this was treated as supersecret and they gave no more than a few details in the meeting, but it was apparent to him that this scared the hell out of those present.  It was not a planet or a sun, it was more like (for want of a better term) a large dust cloud, but it was obviously much more dangerous than that.

As I was reading about the magnetic forces approaching us from space, I thought back to this item.  I never saw anything else about it.  I wonder if that is what this magnetic force is that is coming our way.  I wondered also if the approaching force is what is called a magnetar, which, as I understand it, is like a sun but it is a great ball of magnetic energy instead a ball of fire.  A magnetar does not show up in the visible spectrum, so you cannot see it coming.  The description that I read said that it could slam into earth and never be visible, but when it hit it would wipe everything out.  So, one minute you are there living your life and the next minute you are gone, like someone turned a light out.

Does any of this resonate with you and what you have been sensing?  I may not have properly described a magnetar because I am not a physicist, but that was the gist of what I read.  I am wondering if what the NASA guys detected in deep space that is approaching us is something like a magnetar.

A. When I tune into this I do see waves of energy coming toward us, and they look to be coming from the sun.  I hear the word "burp" as if the sun is burping out these energetic blasts that go out in all directions, some are powerful, and some are not, and occasionally earth is in the location to receive some effects from these "burps"  

The thing that these scientists saw and discussed look to be wave X related.  We are currently going through some wave X action in which this ripple of energy lands on us like a blanket and it is then absorbed.  This looks to come from outer space, and as we (the solar system) spirals through space like a corkscrew, we approach these wave X pockets, and we are encountering it now.  It isn't a steady "beat down" on earth, but more like ripples onto earth.  We get a blanket of this energy, it absorbs, we get relief and then the cycle starts all over again.  

This wave X is partly energetic and partly magnetic (this was discussed some in the last Five for Friday reading). Many of you are feeling the effects of this wave X action.  It can create fatigue, nausea, and feeling like your mind and body are not in sync.  The more intense the wave, the more you will feel it (I also hear that many of you that NEVER feel headaches, are getting them now too as a result of this).  In more severe (or concentrated) interactions, I get you will hear a humming noise (like you have never heard before) and if you do get to the ground and lay down.  

I get we have been through this before, and it doesn't kill the earth, but rather stunts it for a short time. I get things are on "pause."  Plants don't die, but rather go dormant (don't really grow).  Electronics will behave strangely too, batteries die faster, and electric seems to have odd surges.  People can survive this, but you may encounter feelings of not feeling yourself. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Ryno said...

Lyyn, do you see this "Wave" as Gamma Ray's and will this help activate some of our dormant DNA? I got the sense when reading the post that it was little more of a negative outlook of it. I have heard that "they" are going to try and counteract the Galataic (Universal?) Wave with their own wave of sorts from Saturn. What do you see when you focus on "Saturn Matrix?"

wendy tascione said...

Lynn, does this kill and transfee souls to 5d? Is it considered to first wave of ascension? Is it causing quakes?

wendy tascione said...

Or is this the harvest like in Jupiter ascending disguised as wave x?

Juli T said...

Ohh now I'm pretty sure this is what I was feeling yesterday, like I was about to throw up all day and the headache was strange, like when you're with your head down and you feel your blood pressuring on, like being on a plane but 10 times worst.
Totally weird and EXTREMELY annoying. I never felt like that before.
I thought it might had something to do with the earthquake cause I'm close to Chile and we had some little replicas here.

Raymond G said...

How long can they hide this before other space agencies report the finding ?
Is it something that is detected using computerized infrared telescopes or can a casual backyard observer see it using a traditional telescope ?

( I deleted the other entries because they were double posts)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Well, Lynn and I are two who are definitely feeling the effects of this (to include: fatigue (sometimes extreme), nausea, fuzzy mindedness, mind/body disconnect, headache, heart racing, slurred speech, etc.), so it's very real. The symptoms can be confounding, as they mimic symptoms of other health problems, so you need to pay attention to what's going on. ERs must be doing bang-up business during Wave X peaks. I've been toying with setting up an alert, so if Lynn and I are both feeling like our noggins are in the blender, I'll put out a BLENDER alert -- or hopefully something a bit more eloquent.

Lynn: there is a profoundly POSITIVE aspect to this, right?

NOTE: there is also a high-pitched tone associated with this energy, what I call "the beacon." It's there to let you know something is happening. Concentrating on it seems to help get you aligned to best weather each wave.

Apparently, this energy peaks on Sept. 28th.

Lynn, are there any foods to avoid during this?

I recall one psychic said that the best way to endure the five days from the 23rd to the 28th was in bed!

siketa said...

Lynn, does this have anything to do with the Wave energy?

Jacob Hollar said...

Something like that could screw up a heart.

Juli T said...

@Dada I was also feeling pretty stupid, like walking asleep, but I thought it was just me. It was exactly that "fuzzy mindedness, mind/body disconnect". It was really hard to connect and talk to people.
At some point I really thought to go to the hospital, I thought there was something really wrong with me!
Is good to know I'm not the only one.
I tried different things but nothing worked. I guess it's just wait for it to go away.
I'm also sleeping a lot but not feeling rested.
So this stops after september?

Desi Simm said...

I am feeling all symptoms described including the high pitched tone, it's almost painful when it hits, alright very painful. Blessings to all who are riding the wave. ������

Flood said...

I'm sure the tones and ringing is closely associated with wave x and body/earth ascension and physical symptoms...but i swear sometimes if you get those tones it may be some sort of communication from the other side(higher self, spirit guide, etc.)...I had one of those tones come on exceedingly strong the other day...first one I've had in a few months...I swear sometimes they happen right at the beginning of some sort of possible drama or possible negative event that may be getting ready to just a heads up I think that sometimes they can be a warning from the other side...also I think they occur in different ears, sometimes left, sometimes right, and this may be related to what is actually occuring

Kiranasa said...

Blossom Goodchild. The Pillars of Light & The New Wave Energy

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Flood: Actually, I've always been able to hear this tone, but now it's more intense, more... insistent. It's also a communication, as you describe, primarily so.

@Juli T: I ALSO almost went to the hospital. So many of the symptoms mirror heart attack! This Wave X activity has been going on with me for about 12 months, with a few trips to the ER because I misunderstood the symptoms.

Hannon said...

Lynn, is there anything to this or maybe it's just me, but I find that swimming in a natural body of water, like a lake or river is a good cure all for these types of things. I've gone swimming in a lake everyday now, for the last five days. I've been feeling off lately, totally unmotivated, and my relationship with everyone around me has been suffering, but those swims have left me feeling reinvigorated.


Flowing bodies of water (or even walking over a garden hose) is said to [temporarily?] break psychic attachments.

EA RW said...

It was last wednesday that I suffered from these symptoms. Bad headache feeling a little nausea and some flu like symptoms. Feeling dehydrated. I was glad I got home. Drank filtered water and took a ibuprofen went to bed and slept whole afternoon. It looks like it's coming from nowhere all of a sudden. Ringing in the ears most of the time it is right and once in a while in the left wich are sometimes more powerfull seems to be in my case.

siketa said...

Let's do this together!

Unknown said...

Lynn I lost my phone.any idea where it is?

Bee E-lightened said...

Lol @ unknown...its in the psych ward where you left it 😂

Juli T said...

@Dada I didn't know much about this, just the other day I made the connection randomly with the earthquake.
What I can really point out of all the symptoms is the annoying of it, like it wasn't a 'bearable' thing, it wasn't much pain but confusion. Like having a loud speaker beside you only without the noise. Weird.
Is really good to know this so if there's a next time I wont think my number is up!

@EA RW it was on wednesday that it hit me too.

Anonymous said...

Love that come back Bee!!!

siketa said...

There are various software products that track phone location. I suggest you to install one next time.

Anonymous said...

Kiranasa, I felt very uncomfortable about the women in the youtube video shared a link with. Something feels really off to me about her.

joy said...

Dear Ones, I actually do not get any of your symptoms. The reason is, I found out how to maintain a high vibration all day long especially during all these roller-coaster energy rides.

I have been doing this for many years, so bear with me as I describe it for you. With focus and attention, you will get this exercise, easy.

First, imagine your mental, emotional and spirit bodies are made up of light rays emanating from up and down your spine, up your head. They get their life force from your pranic tube. Each ray of light looks like it is made up of particles,known as double tetrahedrons. (google what it looks like) Visualize a unit of these double tetrahedrons is made up of masculine tetrahedron that spins on a ratio with the feminine tetrahedron. Your etheric bodies (mental-emotional-spirit bodies)that are made up of light shafts; that are made up of double tetrahedrons.... make up your aura. If you see this structure, your whole body would look like an oval or egg shape.

Command these tetrahedrons to spin at 22 to 33 ratio (christed ratio) at near light speed. start at 1/3; up to 1/2; to 3/4; to 9/10 the speed of light.

Command these tetrahedrons to spin continuously 24/7. Check the spin by tuning into it every morning and evening. Remember, you are NOT spinning hither and yon. The tetrahedrons spin on a ratio,much like the heavenly bodies spin. Sometimes, in the beginning, you will notice that your head feels like it is under water. Tell the tetrahedrons to lower the speed of the spin.That should take care of it. Experiment at what high enough speed you are most comfortable with.

This will keep all your lower body vibrations way above the prevailing earth and human vibrations will just swim smoothly thru the magnetic turbulence.

Some of you will clairvoyantly see a tornado like dark energy spinning out of your body, and being sucked upwards towards your Higher Self. This spinning will straighten up and dissolve all dead spots or holes in your aura. And no lower level energies can come into your body to harm you.

If your mind refuse to let go of some nasty issue,or your negative feeling refuse to budge,.... command these tetrahedrons to specifically spin out and dissolve them . Stay with it..focus , in a few minutes, the magnetic tie to you will break, and your physical body will de-stress and will release serotonin. yay....bliss.
This will keep your head clear from low psychic and electromagnetic interference.

In time and with practice, you will be able to control your mental and emotional aberrations. I mean, our mental and emotional bodies have minds of their own. Now you will control them, tell them whoooo is the boss.

If you have a bad headache, deep breathe, relax, command the release of endorphins. Pay attention to the process. Endorphins are brain opiates, thousand times stronger than morphin. It is in your power to release it.


Blimpy Peach said...

I've been putting my off-ness down to just post natal depression but now I'm thinking it could be part this as well. We all seem to go feral in our household (even our dog) at the same time so it can't be all just me. It seems to be intensifying, and this weekend seemed worse.

A Man Called Da-da said...

This'll sound crazy, but Da-da put a small orgonite disk in one pocket and a finger-sized piece of citrine in the other. Seems to help maintain a positive bubble against the flow -- except for really heavy days when nothing helps.

Bee E-lightened said...

: - )

Eva Witte said... . Dr Atkins also shows how to prepare for wave x

joy said...

I actually have two devices that i keep in my personal space all the time.
One is a very powerful scalar pendant specially made by Chris Rinozo, eBay). Another one,a smaller pendant,..a tachyon pendant. (now you know, I overdo these things.. hah...ha...) Plus I sleep on a Tachyon Mat. These have an energy radius of 10 feet . I think one of it's effect is that it is an immune booster and electromagnatic protector. The tool I discussed above up there, Is also an immune booster. But, I've always had spontaneous healings and no genetic diseases even decades before I started acquiring these gizmos.
Those inclined to do the Tetrahedron Spin, you can also command this spin into all your genetic lineage past, present and future. That should take-off the extreme pressure from Wave X. From what I hear....we are inside the Wave X pressure cooker this week. Cosmic Awareness has some sensible info to share.

Batten down the hatches.

Eva Witte said...

The link you gave didn't work. So t his one should

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for sharing! I was traveling for the weekend, and just got back today. I really enjoyed reading through these!

Love and light-

A Man Called Da-da said...

A very big heads-up for all!

Here we go...

John Doe said...

@A Man Called Da-da
Hi this is from the link you posted:

"That the energies of this week will be quite extreme and for many who are sensitive to energy, that they may find this a challenging week, especially on the 27th of September when this Wave of Divine Consciousness engulfs the world, the planet itself."

Hi, looks nothing will happen that day according to COBRA, no Wave-X, no Wave of Divine Consciousness, it's just part of a hoax/meme like the end of the world

Here is the part from Cobra's blog:
"Also, the Light forces are waiting that September 28th mass Ascension / blood Moon tetrad eclipse / asteroid impact / end of the world / NWO inauguration meme collapses as nothing extremely drastic will happen on that day"

Here we have a video from Matt Kahn, saying the date Sept 27th

It looks anoooooooother mayan date, more hoaxes and fakes and bad channelings or maybe it's me who don't really understand the text, who knows

I will appreciate any clarification


PS: Lynn, you are making an amazing job, :D i check the site every day, thanks

Robert Schoen said...

I just wanted to report that I tried the reiki code on my poor swollen feet, which for 4 consecutive days swelled up at night after all day walking for weeks, and had the first evening in four days without the swelling. I'm going to do a google search for the reiki code for snoring!