Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Operation High Jump

Q. Hi Lynn, Love your work & I check this site almost every day. 

Would you please do a brief reading on Operation High Jump? It was a rather substantial military operation to Antarctica in or around 1946. It seemed to be very unusual, not only being conducted immediately after WW2, but to such a remote location. It also appeared to end abruptly. What was the real reason for this operation? What did they find, if anything? And why did it end? Also, was Adm Richard Byrd part of this expedition? 

Thanks for sharing your awesome gift!
A.  I get that during the war the US obtained intel from another country (Germany?) that there was an alien artifact (it looks like a pyramid) located in Antarctica.  I see that Hitler very much believed in star people, UFOs and outside life.  He was also very open to the psychic ream, and through those types of channels he learned of the existence of this "artifact" and the US intercepted this knowledge during the war.  The US, knowing that Hitler discovered this and knowing that he intended to learn and investigate more, decided that they too wanted a piece of this "prize."  Operation High Jump was created under the guise of being a training base, and in reality they were looking for this UFO artifact.

I do get the Germans did find the artifact.  They started this hunt before the US was on board with it.  They kept it very secret, and were able to reverse engineer some of it to obtain some advanced technology.  This technology also helped to create (and inspire) some advanced weaponry during the war. 

The US, not realizing it was already found, worked hard at finding it.  It was then learned that the Germans already had possession of it, and therefore, quit and abandoned the mission.  

Admiral Richard Byrd was very much a part of this mission.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Dante said...

Did Operation Highjump have anything to do with Hollow Earth? I heard that Admiral Byrd got sent to Antarctica to go to the Hollow Earth and do something there.

siketa said...

Was there any battle between US fleet and German/UFO crafts?

A Man Called Da-da said...

[sigh] Countless beings and whole civilizations have wasted their entire lives searching for more advanced beings' technology, looking for a shortcut rather than using that time to work on themselves. It is one path, albeit a much longer one. There is no shortcut, save for a different way of thinking.

Raymond G said...

Is there anything significant about Mercury (other than using it for thermometers) ?
The Nazis were using it to power their version of a flying saucer.

jana said...

Hi, Lynn,

Can you please do a reading on the mysterious rash of deaths of holistic doctors and practitioners, mostly from Florida:

This is truly worrisome - many are outspoken anti-vaccine advocates.

Thanks so much for your time and fascinating work.

Juliana Miles said...

I just saw a documentary recently called "Sirius" with Dr. Alan Greer definitely worth the watch, it's about UFO's etc..if you see it Lynn please tell me if that skeleton is real.....and if you like documentaries "I am" is another one that shouldn't be missed.

Love and light everyone!!

John Casey said...

What a thought-provoking reading. Why Byrd, I wonder, and how did the Germans know it was there in the first place? Also, where is this object/artifact now?


Anonymous said...

I was curious about Sirius as well. That tiny figure reminded me for some reason of Mark Hoffman who faked documents and sold to Mormon church. It would be cool if it is real . I was giving a picture on loan of a small being walking in what looked like a lighted tunnel to one of the first Disclosure conferences in Seattle that Dr Greer hosted years ago. Did not feel right to show it to them so I did not.I think sometimes they are trying to control all info on the subject. Been to other conferences were it seemed the conference was information gathering only to see what folks already know. Think it is a interesting subject and part of the human experience . Get to know your neighbors:)

playfulmonk said...

Hi Lynn I read your blog all the time. Big fan. Have you done a reading on monatomic gold before? I was wondering if all l the nastiest properties they speak about is true? Is this the substance that sumerian and Egyptians ingested?
Thanks Lynn!! Lonts of love and light to your family and youxxxx

playfulmonk said...

Typo not nastiest but mystical.

Headintheclouds said...

Hi Lynn. Interesting reading! I have a question related to Admiral Byrd. Apparently there is a diary floating around in which he documented what happened on this operation. Long story short: He said that he flew to the North Pole and inside the Earth where he met some aliens. The aliens gave him a message to tell all the people of Earth. This diary has now been published. Excerpts can be found here:

Did this meeting actually happen? And was the diary published in its entirety?

Juli T said...

I join @Dante and @Headintheclouds!
Can you tell us more about Admiral Byrd's testimony on his trip to the hollow earth and the message he said they gave him?

Here's his account

@jana Lynn made this reading a couple of weeks ago

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dante: It is very related. At the very most south pole, (and north pole) there is a portal that leads to the hallow earth.

@siketa: No, I cannot see that battle. The Germans were advanced, got what they wanted, and got out first.

@Dada: So true…

@jana: I will plan on a reading on this early this coming week. I did do one on Dr. Bradstreet, but this feels even bigger with the number of people going missing or found dead.

@John: I get that the Germans took it, and it isn’t on earth now. I also get that the Germans have a base on a small part of the moon.

@playfulmonk: I have not done a reading, but sounds fascinating. I will save this.

@Headintheclouds and Juli: I need to do a reading on Byrd. It does look interesting, and several people have asked. Thanks for the idea.

playfulmonk said...

Thanks Lynn!! Would love to read your take on it. Much love to you

PimpMyBrain said...

Did the artefact the nazis find and go out with it out of earth, is linked with the artefact that the "white nordic" or "albinos" try to find on moon by minning there ?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PimpMyBrain: Yes, I do get there is a connection. I do see it being near or even on the moon.