Sunday, July 12, 2015

MAJOR China and Russia Concerns..

Q. I am very worried about Russia-China alliance and the coming war against USA. I will provide the following facts for your future reading.....
  • There are 40000-50000 Chinese immigrants in Vancouver Canada. They are from the military.
  • They are ready to invade southwards, expecting America can not airbomb her own citizen.
  • Chinese are secretly holding the port logistics of west coast. Chinese are waiting to invade together with Russian Air force/Oil supply.
  • Canada plays neutral role as you said, however they stopped the process of new Chinese immigrants in west coast. It seems Canada is providing info to USA too.
  • USA already noticed this danger, putting many infantry/weaponry/drone into Oregon. You can see it on youtube.
  • Russia is kind of wild card......they want to go with the winner. They may betray Chinese in some case. The shadow founding fathers of Russia are Jewish people, very close to Jewish people behind USA.....
Here is also an interesting video regarding predictions made around World War III.  What do you see happening with this?  
A. I get that many things have led up to this point, and the people aren't really being told who is doing what, only what the media reveals.  I get that these countries are like children fighting behind closed doors, and the people / general population are like the parents, knowing something is going on, but not exactly sure who is doing what, and who is the instigator.  We get glimpses through the media, but never the full picture.  I also see that World War III has already started, but it is via passive aggressive attacks (like weather manipulation) rather than blatant attacks.

Many "exercises" are emerging all over the world in which military are aligning who is on whose side, and positioning themselves accordingly.  Jade Helm is the massive one about to begin in the US, but other countries are having some form of similar activity. I hear that it is no coincidence that Jade Helm is happening at the same time China is pooling together in Canada.

I have always seen China and Russia having a presence in the US to the west of the Mississippi, therefore, what was described in the question does resonate as true and having a high probability.  I see this further reinforced by the fact that earth changes are happening, we are having irregular weather, and the food supplies are suffering (due to the erratic earth wobble that is occurring).  Many countries realize this is happening even if they don't disclose it, and China is very aware.  This is why they are building Ghost Cities more inland and also why they need land in the US (which is still a stable location for growing food that they need for their massive amounts of population).  In my mind it looks like a puzzle of events that are all fitting together perfectly. 

I also get that living in fear just feeds into this.  Fighting amongst ourselves and creating divides (black vs white, gay vs straight, republican vs democrat) only helps those at the top (Powers that Be).  Divides create weakness rather than unity.  Ideally those in power create obstacles to keep us from uniting as people because if we destroy ourselves in some way, then there are left that they need to control.  Rather than getting into these manufactured issues they are creating, see us all as people and focus on the greater good of humanity.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Dante said...

Based on the way things are currently, when do you see China or Russia attacking United States?

Robert Schoen said...

I think the best attitude that can be adopted to these insane events is that of the native Americans and Sasquatch (I'm reminded of "Nobody,"the Indian from the movie Dead Man, who would say whenever he encountered an atrocity "Stupid f*cking white people.")

I'm doing a morning meditation even though it's not scheduled. Da-da came up with a great notion of visualing a white ball of light around the heads of all those on the dark side and projecting pure love to them. I think that's the best course, and not to live in fear.

AS said...

Angels please surround this situation and assist us in every way that there will be the best most positive outcome for all.

They Live said...

Many thanks for mentioning the manufactured divide issues. This white vs. black thing has really gotten out of hand. I feel they are trying to create a race war and I send out love and positive vibrations to all of these situations and issues so they will fail to come to fruition.

Unknown said...

As an ordinary Canadian, I am wondering is there anything that can be done about the invading horde of Chinese on the west coast, or is this a done deal and they are here to stay?

AS said...

@ Unknown ~ What do you mean by invading it a military installation or lots of new families showing up in neighborhoods? What exactly are they doing. I'm just trying to understand what the situation actually looks like. Thank you so much...AS (smile)

Baku Matsumoto said...

@AS After 2009, 4 digits of Chinese immigrants are coming in to Vancouver every year. They are making conflicts with local residents, started ruining the local culture in bad way, the property price almost doubling because of these demands as well.

Unknown said...

@AS, I am afraid that the influx of Chinese isn't just millionaires driving up the Vancouver property prices (though that is bad enough), I think that some are PLA military people infiltrating along with the civilians, sort of like sleeper cells that will be activated by the Chinese government at some future date.

Juli T said...

Those ghost cities remind me of 'Wayward Pines'.

The other day I was telling about a totally illegal chinese base being build in our country, where our government gave China the use of the land for fifty years with NO legal control at all, this means China can do whatever they want in our own territory.
The 'satellite station' was proved to be a total bullsh* by a journalist's investigation. It's a big fat military base under chinese on laws.

I found this article in english so you can check further

Anyway, as bad it looks I'm not scared at all. Besides we as a country don't feel in the middle of this dispute (we just find out now that we are in some way with this base) and it helps.
This feels so cold war again, so vintage, so 50's. They kept people in fear for decades and in the end nothing happened!
It reminds me of this movie
You can live in fear hiding in your basement or you can keep living your life.

I wanna quote Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
It doesn't matter what happens here in the gutter while we're focusing on something bigger and better. Let them keep fighting for a bigger place in the gutter and they will never be out of it.

So WHATEVER! For those in the US and Canada I send you my best thoughts, you live in great big powerful safe countries, don't let a bunch of a*sholes take your tranquility away.

(I realize I have to work on my cursing. Sorry! :p)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dante: I get it is totally related to Jade Helm.... So late 2015...

@Everyone: Thanks so much for the great comments. Love and light-

AS said...

@Baku and Unknown ~ Thank you (smile), this is very interesting. I can't help but wonder if the non-military folks coming to Canada were offered by their govt. some kind of lucrative financial incentive they couldn't turn down. China from what I understand does not allow their people to leave the country freely, apparently this has changed. I wonder if many of them know exactly why they've been allowed to leave, perhaps given reasons that are quite different from the truth. (?) Peace and Light to all!

Jacob Hollar said...

These topics are bringing my vibration down.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I keep looking at it as I am here for the experience. I do not see as good or bad it just is. Although! I get busy an lose perspective and or forget sometimes. It Seems when I check into this website and read all perspective here I remember what is all about. Just reading your comments calmed me down:)

Juli T said...

@Erin glad it helped! Good to know you read it :)

Once I went to Palestine and I as shocked kids would play in the streets at 11 pm while their families visited each other planning a wedding, and I could hear them laughing and screaming in the dark streets of that refugee camp (the israelis cut the lights off at a certain time so you can barely see your own feet).
I told about this to one of the adults there, that I couldn't believe there would be so much life and the kids would be playing like that.

The guy told me they didn't know if they were going to be alive the next day so they lived every day as the last one. At the time I was like a monkey trying to understand mathematics. Of course I thought 'Maybe they're in denial...' *squints her eyes*

But then with the time I got it, it's the most logical thing to do!
They take away our freedom, our health, our lives, even our clean air, am I gonna let them take the peace of mind I have left? F* it! If they wanna put me away it's gonna be kicking and screaming, but just to piss them off cause I know my life didn't start here and it's not gonna end here either, and up there it's gonna be so much cooler.

So keep it up! Hugs :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for all the great comments.